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Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Welcome to Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews! We’re Diziti and I’m Hailey. How are you doing? If you find yourself constantly struggling to gain girls’ interest, you should definitely give Unlock Her Legs Program a try.

While some men were born with the magical gift of attraction, others weren’t lucky enough to be blessed with natures that can help them seduce the opposite sex. Getting women’s attention is not an easy task especially when it comes to relationship initiation. In fact, there are numerous men who have been dealing with chronic problems of having no clue how to approach women. Many of them have given up and started losing hope in themselves. Well, the good news is, getting girls’ attention is a skill and like every skill, you can always learn and master it. 

Bob Wilson is in the same situation. Bob is one of my longtime readers. I received a letter from him a few days ago. He told me that last month he met a girl at the bar he came to. Bob really liked that girl and wanted to overnight with her, but things didn’t go as he thought. That girl refused bluntly and it made him very sad. Then a friend recommended a program for him called Unlock Her Legs Program. He seems very interested in this program but not sure about its quality. Bob sent a letter and asked me to review this product for you

Well I don’t know whether this program works or not. After hearing the description that this is a program that can help men flirt and atract women, I didn’t have much faith. I’m just like him but by information search skills, I will help him research and make his decision. 


I decided to write Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews to give him and my readers helpful advice. I can say that Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews contains all you need and it’s quite long, 3607 words. If you aren’t interested in the program, I think you shouldn’t read Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews. But if you are concerned about it, please keep reading. I believe that Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviewswill provide my readers the clearest view about this program.

What Is Unlock Her Legs Program?

Unlock Her Legs

Before going deeply to the program, I think you should understand what it is. According to the official video, this program is a guidebook which is written by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. This revolutionary program will provide you with tons of informative and creative approaches to girls. With a wide-range coverage of the most important principles relating to dating, sex and relationship, Unlock Her Legs promises to be of great help.

Not only will it guild the way to get girls’ fall for you, but Unlock Her Legs will also boost your confidence and masculinity. After finishing this program, you will likely understand how to come up with the right tactic when approaching girls.

There are two parts in the program: psychological and tactical. In the  psychological section, there are  the Scrambler report, Weapons of Seduction videos, and audio roadmap.

The second part of the program called The Lust System shows you the tactics explaining ways to communicate and keep the conversation. The Lust System contains an 80 page ebook and 10 video modules.

There are also MP3s and PFDs included.

Who Are The Program’s Authors?

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge
Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

As what Diziti learnt from the official site, behind this groundbreaking program are two masterminds named Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. The combination of their creativity, as well as their real-life experiences, will be clearly portrayed in the stories they tell and advice they give. The Scrambler Technique introduced in the programs not only aims at the butterfingered but also breaks the glass for those who want to level up their skills.

Apart from Unlock her legs Program, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are also the brains behind TSB Magazine blogs and Make Small Talk Sexy program which has gained huge recognition. Here is lots of other articles of Bobby Rio before he write Unlock Her Legs Program.

Collection of Bobby Rio
Collection of Bobby Rio. Source: TSB Magazine

Besides the official page, I have also searched for more information of the two authors on other sites but have not found much. If you know anything about the author, please comment down below for me and my readers.

What Are The Benefits?

After learning about the program in the video, I see that it has 4 benefits and I will list them to you down here:

Unlock Her Legs Program outlines the most effective strategies with a view to getting you out of making terrible mistakes. Without hesitation, Bobby Rio reveals some parts of his intimate life, providing a deeper understanding of the life-changing tactic that he’s discovered. The author – Bobby Rio used to be one of those guys who constantly struggle to get the dream woman. Thanks to the tactic he figured out, later on, the whole game changed. More than just getting women’s interest, Unlock Her Legs Program helps you start down the path of self-discovery to your inner world.  

In most cases, men with little knowledge about women will stumble in the wrong path and end up having no chance with the one they like. With that being said, overlooking feminine psychology usually leads to flirting fails. Unlock Her Legs Program takes you to the journey inside women’s minds, gives you the insights you need to develop proper tactics. 

The program is not only filled with interesting stories but also full of examples given by two masterminds. In this journey with Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, you will learn the essential techniques to take the lead in a relationship and get her to do what you want. Being “friend-zoned” would no longer be one of your problems after this program. With a profound knowledge and a clever implementation, nothing can’t stop you from getting that girl.

The Scrambler Technique that the two authors introduce in the program will show you how to gradually turn your dating disaster into success.   


What Will This Program Teach You?

So what does this book include? As what Diziti learnt from the video, a ladies magnet is the final goal that this program has defined for you. Having women line up outside doors is the ultimate desire of almost every man in the world. A ladies magnet has what those men want because he can get girl crazy for him without even making moves. Sadly, not every guy has that seductive nature. That’s the reason the authors have worked hard come up with the Scramble Technique that guild you to become a true ladies magnet.

The previously mentioned ‘Chase flex’ tactic also plays a fundamental role in ensuring the effectiveness of the Scrambler technique. According to it, you should never chase a girl, let them chase you. So, how can you do that? Following these principles and you will find the answer:

 1. Create Uncertainty

 Women are different but they usually share a common thing and it is curiosity. Mystery and drama will definitely attract her attention. One of the most serious mistakes when approaching girls is telling them everything about you. A girl would love to discover things by herself, so it would be better if you know how to keep things uncertain. This will not only leave her with a bunch of questions but also make sure she will stick around you longer.

 2. Take Power

Another terrible mistake that men usually make is letting women take control over the relationship. This is absolutely unbeneficial to your relationship as she will gradually drift away from you. Instead of letting her take control, try to shift the power to your side and you will get her full attention.

3. Validation

The key factor to keep her head over heels in love is making her always look for approval from you. Make sure your validation is essential in the relationship.

4.  Anticipation

In this section, you will learn how to get your girl to anticipate what you will do next. This principle plays an important role in turning sex into favor and level up your relationship. 

How you communicate with a girl says a lot about your chances of winning her heart. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have nicely put alpha male’s strategies together to come up with the ultimate Scramble Technique. If you know how to apply these principles appropriately, getting the woman of your dream will no longer be a difficult task.

How Does The Scrambler Technique Work?

Unlock Her Legs Table of Contents
Unlock Her Legs Program Table of Contents

In this part, Diziti will show how the program works and what it includes inside. Please keep following to figure it out.

The Scrambler Technique is the most prominent content of the program. The technique combines four strategic principles that suggest an effective way to deal with your dream girl. Rio and Judge set the tone for the flirting game and guild you on how to grab girls’ attention. Staying enigmatic is one of the key factors the program teach you in order to always keep a girl enthusiastic. It’s true that women are not the same and their minds are difficult to read. However, if you know how to apply these tactics, girls would do everything for you. And that’s exactly what the Scrambler Technique will break down for you.


The authors build this technique based on the very idea of a “ladies magnet”. In other words, the Scrambler Technique shows you how you can wake up sexuality in women, make you become irresistible for them. When you become a ladies magnet, you wouldn’t have to proactively approach girls, they would chase you. Rio and Judge call the idea ‘chase flex’ and this has laid the foundation for the author to come up with the final Scrambler Technique.

To elaborate on the Scrambler Technique, the authors divide it into 4 different principles and put them in a vertical complexity: 

  • The first stage of initiating a relationship with a girl is keeping her interested. To achieve that, you have to maintain the mystery, which will activate her curiosity and make sure she always wants to know more about you. 
  • The second principle requires your ability to shift powers and have her full focus on you. The goal is that you take full control of that relationship.
    In the last two-step, you will learn what to do to get her constantly look for validation and make anticipation. This is the trump card to take your relationship to another level. With this technique, sex will become a pleasurable favor that makes her fall head over heels for you. 

Okay we have just learned how Unlock Her Legs Program works. I guess you’re wondering what pros and cons it has. Let me show you in the next section.

The Pros & Cons


After watching the video carefully, I found The Unlock Her Legs Program has a total 5 Pros. They are:

  • These principles can be applied to every girl you meet. Girls are not the same but the Scramble Technique will be equally effective. By using alpha male strategies, your masculinity will be boosted up.
  • Unlock her legs Program also helps you know how to spark a dialogue with girls and make them keep curious about you. It guides you the way to catch the signals women give. 
  • It also gives you the key factors to become a ladies magnet keeping girls around. 
  • The full package includes other materials that benefit your dating and sex life. 
  • Free shipping: You won’t have to pay any extra for the delivery.


Besides these above pros, The Unlock Her Legs Program also has 3 Cons:

  • These techniques require a certain period of time practicing in order for you to feel natural.
  • If you have problems with insecurity, you have to put much more effort into mastering these techniques.
  • It is unsuitable for men who are looking for imminent results. 

As far as I can see, no book is perfect. You should read carefully the pros and cons I mentioned above before buying it. If you accept the pros and cons then have fun and continue to read my Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews.

What Do Customers Say About The Unlock Her Legs Program?

In the official video, I don’t see any customer reviews. So I searched for more reviews at other reputable sites like Goodread.com. Let’s see what they have to say.

“Bobby I’m sick of seeing your ad on YouTube. The description of this book is terrible. Women are not objects to control or break. I think the only method that is scrambled is your approach to living a normal life.”


I think this is an idea that you should read and consider carefully. The techniques in this book may not be suitable for some people, depending on personal ideas. However, there are also some positive comments. Let’s take a look!

“ it was amazing

System I got is good so far.

Quick success story for the scrambler…

Met a girl on Tinder when I got relocated for my job, went out couple dates, got her into bed.

She ended up wanted to move things to being my girlfriend.

However, just got out of a relationship so that was not in the cards for me.

Told her I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

We had sex one more time after that.

Since then we just have been talking back and forth, but shes blown me off every time I would try to set up dates or drinks.

After listening to your program, I sent her this simple text “I really just hate being friends with you!” and then never validated any of her response as to why.

3 days later and she is hitting me up to set up a date.

Which is great cause she is actually girlfriend hot.

Amazing how stuff works.

I look forward to read more of the program.” 

Martin McEwan 

“I got a lot out of Unlock Her Legs, just because it showed me a lot of what I’ve been doing wrong and how even I’ve been looking at these girls and their signals the wrong way. It’s made me kind of shudder at all the things I did in the past and even the way I was thinking about it all.”

Joseph Mason                                                                    

“There are two main focuses in Unlock Her Legs: psychology and techniques. You really need to understand the psychology and get this right before you try and attempt any of the techniques.”

Bill Harrington
Source: Goodread.com
Source: Goodread.com

The aforementioned men have found an interesting and satisfying point in this book. I think this book can help men in the field of dating to a certain extent. But I still recommend that you think carefully before making your decision. I advised Bob to buy this book. 

Is It Reliable Or A Cheat?

In regard to the novelty of these techniques, there is no guarantee that it will help you succeed in getting every girl in bed. However, Unlock her legs Program indeed opens our eyes to a whole new method to approach girls. Taking advantage of typical feminine characteristics is also a smart move to win girls’ hearts.  

The scrambler technique is of no complexity whatsoever so everyone can give it a try. In fact, it is understandable and straightforward enough to easily put into practice. The core value of the program is more of a boosting confidence process than just a trick to get girls to bed. Effective implementation of the program is likely to bring about a long-term positive effect on your love and sex life.

Based on real-life experience with women of the two authors, Unlock her legs Program will help men who struggle with relationships step out of their comfort zone and wake up the hidden alpha male inside them. Not only does Unlock Her Legs Program teach you how to approach a girl, it also shows you ways to make her fall head over heels for you. 

How Much Is Unlock Her Legs Program?

Let’s imagine, a session of emotional counseling services can cost you from $100 to $150. That is not a small number for everyone. It means that if you follow a long process, it will cost you a lot of money. Not everybody can have the ability to afford it.

The regular price of Unlock Her Legs Program is $79.00. You don’t need to spend a large number of money on expensive services anymore. With only $79.00, you can get full access to the program that will possibly reverse your entire fortune. This is a very good chance for you to get this emotional guide which is now only $79.00!  This price is not expensive, you just need to skip a normal dinner at a restaurant with your partner, and you can have a chance to make her comfortable in bed!

I think this is a rare chance to get a bargain like this because the bargain price is only available in limited time. So I advised Bob to get The Unlock Her Legs Program to keep the good price for himself. If you want to keep the good deal for you like him, click to get the best price from the manufacturer.

Click to order Unlock Her Legs

Extra Pesents 

One more surprise for you! When you order Unlock Her Legs Program, you also get access to plenty of Bonus Material. Included are e-books that cover topics ranging from texting, attracting women who have boyfriends, conversation help, and more–6 total extra e-books. There’s also a long interview between Rob and another dating expert on how to physically escalate “under the radar”. To get the book and the bonuses, you should go to the website.

Who Should Buy Unlock Her Legs Program?

  • Guys who have been dealing with relationship problems for years and don’t know how to approach girls in the right way.
  • Unlock her legs Program provides brand-new strategies which are absolutely perfect for those who wants to discover things and gain new experiences.
  • Shy and timid men should also purchase this program since it will help reverse your fortune and wake up your alpha male. 
  • For those who have already been in a relationship but want to take it to the next level, you should buy it, too.

If you see that you’re one of them and want to experience the program, you can get it.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Program? 

  • This program is only available online so for those who don’t have international payment or have limited access to the internet, this might not be the right choice.
  • These methods mentioned in the program take time to show efficacy, so for those who are looking for instant result, this might not live up to your expectation. 

Does It Have A Refund Policy?

Unlock Her Legs 60 day Moneyback-PNG-Image

You can return the package if you are not contented with the results it gives you. It offers a 60-day money back guarantee that will help you determine if the package provides your desired results. Coming with this $79.00 full package is a 60-day-money-back guarantee, so in case you find this program unsatisfied, you can always get your full money back.    

You have an opportunity to use the system for 60 days, you can put it to the test in your own time. Then after that time, if you’re not satisfied with the program, they will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t exceed them, no questions asked… I think you should catch this chance so that you can experience the system with no financial risk to yourself. 

Conclusion Of Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews

Honestly, when I heard about Unlock Her Legs Program the first time, I didn’t have much faith in it. But after researching the way it works, now I can say that Unlock Her Legs Program is not a cheat. This program offers a whole new ball game to guys who have been worn out from dating failure. It shows you that staying in a dating loop is not enough, you need to be in the position of power.

Although these techniques will definitely be a challenge for timid guys, it will encourage them to broaden their horizons. The two masterminds behind Unlock Her Legs Program give you a comprehensive tour-de-force so that you can easily get the idea of what to put into practice. Diziti thinks this is a product worth trying once. Furthermore, its price is also very low, just $79.00 for the whole program but just in limited time.


I really don’t want you to miss this rare opportunity. I advised Bob to get the program to enjoy the low cost and the money back guarantee. If you want to own the good price of Unlock Her Legs Program like Bob, please go to the website and get the eBook and the bonus. 

Click to order Unlock Her Legs

I hope that the Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading theUnlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. If you like the article, please like and share my Unlock Her Legs Program By Bobby Rio Reviews. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I’m so happy to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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