You want to know 5 Exercises To Train Dog Not To Pull On Leash?

Is your dog dragging you down the street? Pulling your arm out of its socket, lunging towards other dogs or people, or yarking at you cause it wants to smell something on the grass?

Training your dog to walk on the leash


Do you feel like you have no control and watch with envy as other people walk their dog with a loose leash and a relaxed arm? Do you sometimes feel like your dog is taking you for a walk as he’s choking himself on the leash and pulling you around?

Worst of all, perhaps you have a dog who is becoming dangerous to walk, and every time you attach him to his leash, he jumps around, too excited and it’s impossible to calm him down. And you have to worry about being pulled down and getting injured, or you’re worried about the safety of those around you, if your dog were to actually get loose.

Popular on Way to Train Dog Not To Pull on Leash!

Walking time’s supposed to be a relaxing time, but it often becomes a frustrating, annoying, or even dangerous chore. If you’ve spent a lot of money and tried all sorts of harnesses and leashes and haven’t found a solution, you may lose hope that your dog will ever be able to walk with a leash calmly and quietly.

I know what a nightmare this problem can be, and I know it is likely you’ve already tried all sorts of training, tools, gadgets, and nothing’s really worked to curb your dog’s desire to yank on the leash.

In fact, it’s entirely possible this frustrating problem keeps getting worse despite your best efforts to find a solution.

This sounds familiar?

I want to share with you that thousands of dogs over the last decade, many of which struggled initially on leash, and I know that there is a solution and it’s not complicated.

I believe that within every dog is a good dog and within every good dog is a great dog waiting to be nurtured, discovered and enjoyed to their fullest potential.

What Happened?

First, let me explain a little more about what actually happens in your dog’s brain and body when he pulls on the leash.
There’s a physiological reaction that can occur in dogs which goes way back to their survival days in the wild called the fight or flight response.

It’s basically an acute stress response to danger. This causes your dog to release a whole load of chemicals into their bodies, such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, that flips them into an overdrive state where suddenly nothing else matters. They’re on a mission, ad the stress levels rise. All that training you’ve done to stop your dog from pulling on the leash goes out the window.

You might as well not be there. Sound familiar?

Now, back in the day, this rush of adrenaline was useful for the flight or fight response. However, walking past the corner coffee, it’s not useful anymore.

Yet many dogs are triggered into a bolting and pulling on a leash action when they see another dog or small animal running by. And when your dog’s triggered, these chemicals quickly start pumping around the dog’s bloodstream, and that makes it incredibly hard for him to calm down and listen to you.

Good News To Train Dog Not To Pull On Leash!

Dogs can’t just calm down once they’re fired up, and that’s why the dog’s bad leash behavior tendencies flare-up.
The pattern leads to a surge of adrenaline. It becomes like a vicious circle with that stress firing them up even more, and it becomes hard-wired.

However, the good news is that training dog not to pull on the leash is possible and it’s not complicated.

It’s all about getting your dog to develop the skills of remaining calm, controlling these emotions, and then looking to you for cues, using five very simple exercises that will retrain what goes on in your dog’s brain.


When these exercises are in place, your dog will watch how you react to situations. If you’re calm and collected, your dog won’t feel the need to push past you, and pull on the leash like they have in the past.

You’ll able to train dog. It’ll be able to use that self-control to assess the situation, calmly look to you. There’s no danger, no need to go crazy and charge ahead like their life depended on it.

It’ll be more relaxed, more patient, less reactive and less emotional about everything.

You definitely can’t whisper promises of treats, if dog follow your instruction and walk next to you, because lots of talking often just confused the dog.
So, you can’t just think like a human basically and apply to your dog. You can see the world through your dog’s eyes, and once you uncover how to connect with your dog on a psychological level in a way that they understand, everything changes.


So how do you think like a dog, you can help your dog remain calm, and then put an end to his inappropriate leash pulling.
Well, it’s easy. Start introducing the five exercises and games that I share with you in The Online Dog Trainer program.

The first step is uncovering how to help dogs develop the skill for remaining calm and avoiding emotional overload, so we can get their attention.
The second step is starting actually dog training.


You will can have a training leash to exchange your regular leash for a training leash. And you adjust your behavior quickly and effectively by fixing him on a new leash.

Then keep him calm! Your dog may not be able to control the leash, so you can use a leash at home for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

After that, Pulling! You can take him out the door like a walk and if he goes crazy with excitement, come back and re-enter the house. Repeat this until he is really bored and is able to calmly get out the door.

So, Come to a standstill! You can stop suddenly as soon as he pulls. Stop and don’t budge until he calms down. I hope you feel patient because it can take quite a while.
After all, reward him when he walks calmly.

That’s what I understand, actually you need to see it and apply it firsthand to see if these dog training exercises are effective or not!

Actually, there are a lot of interesting things that I’ve found that I have read and applied.
Of course, what I share with you above is not my own thought, all the above information is thanks to the reference of a famous author named Doggy Dan.

So who is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan, also known as Dan Abdelnoor, is an expert dog trainer for many years. He was born in the US. But then moved to New Zealand and started his career here. He is the founder of “The Online Dog Trainer Course”. 

You can hear his voice below if you don’t already!

Video that Dan shares the tips

Moreover, he is an active animal campaigner for years. He appears on many shows and radio shows. Especially, Doggy Dan and the online course have received endorsement by The New Zealand SPCA. (SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Actually, the information is not enough about the author Doggy Dan. Diziti has had a 2000-word review about him, you can read and hear him share right here!

Doggy Dan’s course

We’ll discuss a little bit about “The Online Dog Trainer Course” where we know about training dog to walk on leash!

This online Dog training is a program that allows people to learn training tips online containing more than 250 training videos. Moreover, these videos are about almost dog issues in every breed. The course include:

The Dog Calming Code

  •  The foundation that will transform the relationship that you have with your dog. 
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Everyday Tools & Techniques

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  • The Short Line, the Energy Meter, the Stick Trick, the Long Line, the Calm Freeze, and many more…

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  • General health, getting started, socializing, behavioral issues such as toilet training, mouthing, biting and command training.
  • How to make sure your puppy becomes a pleasure to you and your family.

Project Moses

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  • A revolutionary way of training your puppy. Follow the Video Diary of an 8 week old puppy through to 1 year.
  • Everything you need to know first hand about raising your puppy is here.

Dog Problems

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Dog Training

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Where you really start to understand what your dog is and how to connect. Apply these tips and you’ll see how easy it is to turn your dog into a happy, respectful and well-mannered member of the family.

Total 236 videos!

Unlike many costly dog training programs or that give you information that doesn’t really get you the results you want, The Online Dog Training website will give you the methods you can take. Learn step by step to successfully train your dog.

How people think?

There have been many comments and reviews about the program, you can read and see how effective this program really is.

These comments may help you consider “Does The Online Dog Trainer work?”. Almost all of them implement the results his course brought to them. Plus, you can find stories of those people on the website as well. They shared about how their dogs change after using Doggy Dan’s course. Not only comments but also videos and pictures from users can you find on the website. You can easily find dog problems the same as yours there.

Jenny and Geof Arscott talked about Doggy Dan’s Course!

Jenny and Geof Arscott talked about Doggy Dan's Course

(Watch full video here)

Besides, there are a lot of comments in Doggy Dan’s website!

train dog not to pull on leash

Train dog not to pull on leash review

Train dog not to pull on leash review

In general, people have a lot of thoughts and comments on the course, the information will be very useful to you, you will use it to evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of the program!

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So To Train Dog Not To Pull On Leash!

I am very happy to be able to share some good knowledge with you. In addition, you also know 1 famous dog trainer and author is Doggy Dan. Fortunately I shared with you about his course, which is also a time when you can try and experience it for just 1 dollar. There really are not many opportunities and this is wonderful. There were no such incentives before. Dan has deals right now but I do not know when his $ 1 trial ends. So let take advantage of this opportunity!

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Finally, I hope that it will be helpful, helping you to calm your dog, make it not aggressive anymore!

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