The Online Dog Trainer Review – Does It Really Work?

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For all those dog lovers, I know to train your dogs is important but not easy. There are many dog training services nowadays. However many look for an online dog training course due to a lot of reasons. Therefore today I will give you The Online Dog Trainer review. This is the most famous online course recently founded by Doggy Dan.

How Do I Know About Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer?

On my 40th birthday, my husband gifted me with a Boxer puppy. We named it Max. Everything was nice at first. I was so much happy playing with the puppy all the time. But problems came not later after that. I just didn’t know how to tell my dog to stop doing bad behaviors. Max barked a lot. It also jumped up and couldn’t help stopping. It did dig in the garden. Moreover, it didn’t listen to me at all. I and my husband were so much helpless with it.

However, everything turned out so well when I used Dan’s Online Dog training course. When my brother introduced me to that online program, I was like “An online course?”. Honesty this surprised me at first. An online course seemed untrustworthy so much. However, I decided to search for this course to see how it is. That’s how I began to know about Dan and his online training course.


How I Search For Doggy Dan And His Online Training Program?

I looked for help from the best help-answer site, Quora. Surprisingly, a lot of people recommended me Doggy Dan’s online training program to train my dog. Therefore I decided to look for any information about Dan and his course. From ques-answer sites to network articles or social network groups. I search for information everywhere. I have searched as much as sources I could. Even did I read all the comments people talk about Dan and his course. I watched all the videos he shared on youtube also.

This took me about 10 days to finish. However, I have gained a base knowledge and opinions on this course. There are both pros and cons I have found. So I decided to share this with you in case you are considering to use this course or not.

This writing tends to be 3000 words long. This would be the most detail review you ever read I promise. I would like to separate it into smaller main parts. Below is the table of contents of the online dog trainer review.

In addition to product information and author’s, you also need to know more about the thoughts or opinions of those who have used Dan’s methods. Luckily I have had 2000 word posts to rview his videos as well as customer comments on various websites.


Table Of Contents

This Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer review will have the separation as below.

  • Who is Doggy Dan?
  • What does his training course talk about?
  • How is Dan’s course generated?
  • Price
  • Pros and cons
  • Who should use and who shouldn’t use the program?
  • My own opinions and advice

So I guess I prepared enough detail to begin right now. Let’s go.

Who Is Doggy Dan?

His full name is Dan Abdelnoor. He is known as a New Zealand full-time dog trainer. He is an active animal rights campaigner. And he has been active for many years. Dan and The Online Dog Trainer program is Endorsed by The New Zealand SPCA. SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The trainer has been appearing on lots of TV and radio shows. These are a real plus point on his career.

doggy dan review tv interview1

“A TV One interview with Doggy Dan about his new book.”


Oh! It seems that you only know the author of the website I’m talking about named Doggy Dan. Why did he become the author of the dog training course? Why did I introduce him to you?

In fact, there are many questions that you still wonder! I am a curious person, knowing what products or methods or when I have to find the author to see if he is trustworthy or not. Then I think you also need to know about Doggy Dan.

You can read it here if you don’t know him well!

Why Is An SPCA Endorsement A Good Thing?

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals does not take endorsement lightly. As their name implies, they are doing not support anything that’s deemed harmful or cruel, in any way, to animals.

Dan may be a proponent of adoption, having adopted a minimum of 3 dogs from the SPCA. Originally from the united kingdom, he didn’t begin to become a dog trainer.

In fact, like my very own story, he came by it accidentally. On his main dog training site Dan provides a timeline of his experience.

His mother was scared of dogs; therefore, he wasn’t allowed to possess one as a toddler. He writes “I always loved dogs and located them regardless of where we were”.

His mother was afraid of dogs. Therefore, he didn’t get permission to have one as a child. He writes “I always loved dogs and found them no matter where we lived”. He joined the school to be a civil engineer. And he worked in several fields before he found his calling. It was after several life-changing events to set on the path to dog training stardom. Specifically, after he did move to New Zealand and marry his wife.

Review On What Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Is About

There is a touching story about Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. To be honest, I felt more empathy after I know about this.

Dan is the owner of 4 dogs. And all those 4 appeared in his training video a lot. He shows the problems he found in his dogs. Then he introduces the solutions for these issues. However in 2018, one of those 4, Peanut passed away. This was so much heard breaking to him. The Online Dog Training course means to dedicate to Peanut. Even you find these dedicated lines when you access the web site of The Online Dog Trainer program.

About The Online Dog Trainer Program

When you access his homepage, you see an introduction video first. In this video, Dan introduces himself and his experiences with a lot of breeds. Then you will see a top menu bar, in which you will find solutions for many types of dog problems. He gives training tips for those issues from big ones like dominant dogs’ behaviors to the smallest ones like calming dogs that are afraid of firework. Honestly, he amazed me by the big amount of videos. There are so many training videos he will give you.

Online Dog Trainer

visit official website

How Is The Online Dog Trainer Course Generated?

As I said, you will see a top menu bar on the homepage. He generates his solutions and training tips into 4 sections. Let’s discover these 4 now.

1. Pack Leader

Pack Leader Section Contains the foremost important part of the Doggy Dan Trainer program. It’s Important for your dog to possess a picture of a pack leader of you.

You Shall be considered an individual who is very respected and authoritative. Most Dog Owners or I might say 90% of them fail to coach their dog as they miss this step.

As you’ll Observe there are Various Rules to Becoming the pack leader for your pet and Doggy Dan Describes and Teaches each and each point using Videos together with his pet dog ( He has three pet dogs).

His Techniques are specialized. Golden Rules are Taught one by one during this section.

2. Puppy Training

These are the Categories within the Puppy Training Section and each and every category further contains subcategories and every one Tutorial is rich in content and informative value. Dan teaches everything in his videos. And his videos really contain Techniques and Tactics that I personally haven’t seen or heard anywhere.

They are just Mind Blowing!. This Section focuses on Puppy Training and any new dog owner or someone who just adopted a puppy can start training his dog at the proper time using these videos (I regret to not start training my Alasko once we were a pup). Puppies tend to find out techniques and stuff faster than elder dogs.

Referring to this content, the author has shared a lot of it. In fact, I think the problem of training a potty dog is really not an easy experience. The reason is that the puppy is young and not by traditional methods will make the puppy obedient and obedient. You can be very tired of dog walking training. And the good news is that Doggy Dan has shared this with a number of free videos, you can watch them right here!

puppy potty training video free

3. Project Moses

This Category contains Dog Training Tutorials consistent with your loved dog’s age. Moses is that the name of his pet dog and Dan shows you ways he trains Moses consistent with various age stages within the lifetime of his pet. Basically, he shows the members what’s important to show your dog as per his age.

Moses is an SPCA Border collie x Labrador puppy and Dan shows you ways he cares and trains him from day one till Moses is 8 months old. This just gives a thought of the Timeline to be followed together with your own pet. This area of “Project Moses” covers the subsequent topics.

  • Bringing a replacement puppy to your home
  • How to Introduce your puppy to relations
  • What to try to when your puppy cries in the dark
  • How to set about with House and Crate Training of your Puppy
  • Kind of toys to urge for your pup
  • Teaching your puppy to affect separation anxiety
  • Obedience training tactics for the later part…

It’s a wonderful section of The Online Dog Trainer. In there you can observe a small newborn puppy turn into a wonderfully civilized. Your dog will become well mannered and well behaved. This has to be the best training for anyone who is yet to get a dog home or has just brought a newly born puppy to his house.

4. Dog Problems

This is the most Section of the Menu Bar. These are the most problems that your dog could also be facing. Every problem is roofed thoroughly and therefore the solutions of every and each problem is taught by our trainer using various techniques and tactics and video tutorials really help tons in learning and practicing them with our own dogs.

Any problems and questions are often asked and clarified on the Course Forum where all the members interact with one another and Dan also answers to each question asked.

The Forum

Doggy Dan offers a forum where pet parents can ask questions. He claims that he’s available to reply also as “experts”.

I didn’t dive too deep into the forum, but I might wish to skills often Dan responds personally to his client’s questions. While I’m sure he’s busy, accessibility to the trainer providing the program is a crucial factor on behalf of me.

There will always be things that come up that are unique to your situation and your dog.

While having the ability to observe videos and see training “in action” is certainly better than trying to interpret what the right behavior will appear as if from a book, even videos can’t cover every possible troubleshooting scenario.

Outstanding $1 Trial?

One important factor I wanna share in the online dog trainer review is the price.

  • 3 day trial for $1
  • $37 per month
  • $147 for 6 months

What do you think about these prices? For me, these are super cheap. Just imagine what you can do with 1 dollar? Some candies maybe. This sounds a bit funny that you just eat less some candies and you can know if you can trust a course or not. And 37 dollars a month, it’s just like you eat less one medium meal.

In fact, the price of a dog training service nowadays falls into about 1000-1500 dollars a month. So if we consider the price of Dan’s course with the dog training service cost, it’s magically cheaper. This is evidence that there is no commerce in his online training course. And I highly appropriate this point.



Refund Guarantee Of Doggy Dan’s Online Course

The program comes with a 60-day refund guarantee. If you’re within the least bit nervous about giving this course a try, then this could assist you to make a choice.

Watch as many videos as you’ll within the 60 day period and if you discover it hard to follow, cancel.

$1 trials and a refund guarantees are a show of confidence within the product. I’m likely to pay more attention to a product that provides me an opportunity to undertake it and obtain my a refund if I decide it’s not on behalf of me, it’s an excellent harmless deal!

Online Dog Trainer
Watch as many videos from the online dog training course as you can within the 60 day period. Then if you find it hard, they will refund you but 1 dollar for trial.

Pros And Cons

Below are good points I found at the course I wanna share in this Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer review.

  • Doggy Dan has the ability to train any dogs he’s been faced with
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 250 Videos filled with rich content on professional dog training and solutions to varied quite a dog behavior problems
  • There is a fanatical forum for answering the user’s questions and queries on various dog problems and bad habits and where people share their personal stories also
  • Any program endorsed by Government Funded Body like SPCA means tons
  • Learning to coach your dog online is far cheaper than training him offline
  • There is a 3 Day Trial just for $1. Hence, you’ll choose to not pay after 3 days if you are doing not like Dan or his training tactics

However, there are still limitations at the course

  • Users can’t Download the Videos. This ensures that members don’t download all the videos during the 3 Day Trial Period
  • Some Videos are a bit outdated and old but the techniques in it still works wonderfully well
  • If you tend to Read stuff instead of Videos, you might have a look at brain training for dogs program

Key Features At The Course Of Online Dog Trainer Program

I would like to share some features of the course that I found.

  • 60-day “no questions asked” Money-Back Guarantee
  • Forum to ask Doggy Dan and his team any questions – you’ll even send photos and videos
  • 5 Golden Rules are designed to assist every dog owner to be the alpha in their pack
  • “Project Moses” is his hottest section. It shows you ways Dan trained his own puppy from 8 weeks old to eight months, while you watch and learn from Moses’ progress in real-time
  • Pay $37 a month for access to all or any of Dan’s online resources
  • Also, most significantly, there’s a 60-Day Money-Back guarantee. So you’ll invite a refund if you didn’t just like the training after you purchased it

How The Online Dog Trainer Course Changed My Dog?

Doggy Dan’s online dog training course made big changes in my dog. The puppy gained better behaviors. When my husband came home, he thought it would jump upon him as it had done before. However, It didn’t. It surprised him a bit at first. Before Max usually barked continuously when we made a loud noise. But this time, no.

The puppy ran to check what we were doing. It barked for some. But when I told him so stop, it obeyed immediately. “How could this happen?” Are you wondering? The dog became so nice and gentle. This made me and my husband love it more. Also, I say that it didn’t dig holes in the garden no more. It’s hard to believe my dog has changed its behaviors that fast.

Honestly, my husband was surprised and proud of me a lot. A 01 dollars course could turn a dog into much nicer behavior. Not only that but also did I have chance to join a big forum of him. In there I can with a huge amount dog lovers discuss and share their stories as well as dog problems. Whenever I had problems with Max, I got a lot of support from Dan and other members. Isn’t this pretty awesome?



Who Should Use And Who Shouldn’t Use The Course Of Online Dog Trainer?

The next point I wanna share in the online dog trainer review is about who should and shouldn’t buy this course.

For those who love to learn and train your dog on your own, The Online Dog Trainer course of Doggy Dan is a good choice. Also for those with limited financial sources, the course will be a good option as well. The price of this course is truly much cheaper than using a dog training service. In fact, there are situations after sending the dog to the training service, the dog turns out to love the trainer more than the owner. This would be terrible, isn’t it?

However, if you are too much busy and don’t have enough time to train your dogs, you better use the dog training service. Also if you can pay that amount of money for your puppy and you are not good with training a dog, you better not buy this course. It would be a waste. One more thing, using dog training instead would be better for those grandparents who own a dog.

My Own Opinions And Advice

I will express my opinions about The Online Dog Trainer Course first. Then I will have some advice for you if you are considering to buy it.

My Opinions

His technique is “natural” which some dog owners may find a touch frustrating. Dan’s videos include real dogs and thus he’s flexible.

An experienced dog owner may find a number of the videos a touch tedious. The format is conversational as he’s often working with real clients and therefore the videos are a glimpse into a true training session.

One reason Dan’s training works is because he teaches follow through. This key concept is significant to a dog who is well-behaved future.

This educational program isn’t a fast fix the way some others are, but your relationship together with your dog is going to be the envy of all if you’re taking the time to follow his steps.

The above content that I share is not really all. What Dan shares is more than that. He provided some free videos and good knowledge. In addition to the above, he has other golden rules that you know of that will find it incredibly interesting and effective! They are Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules!

Read The Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules here!

My Advice

I am not saying this training can be a magic wand and can make your dog get obviate all the issues he has in his life. But, working for just 10-30 minutes each day together with your dog can improve him.

I did spend 10 minutes each day initially to enhance his habit of barking incessantly at strangers and gradually increased the time as I kept spending time with him in his training.

You need to be mentally prepared for the very fact that you simply would wish to place touch diligence if you’re serious about improving certain bad habits of your dog. Spending just 10 minutes each day doesn’t harm much, isn’t it?

I have put a lot of time searching to make the online dog trainer review. Believe my words, all of your time and energy are going to be worthwhile once you observe your dog obeying your commands and getting obviate his bad habits.


Many people find The Online Dog Training course is the best online course. Well, I’m don’t disagree. However, to be objective, I won’t say any course is the best choice. But I highly appreciate his course. Through the online dog trainer review, I have shown you a lot of details about the program. Doggy Dan’s online course has a huge source of videos to help users find their problems and follow his tips more easily.

Dan also has a rich experience with various breeds. So you needn’t worry if your dog is not on the breeds list. Moreover, the ask forum he built is a plus point. You can ask about your problems or even send videos or pictures there. And one more trustworthy point is the training course has the endorsement of SPCA. Therefore Dan’s training course is worth to use for me.

One more thing I would like to remind you is about the price. The price of this course is super reasonable. Just $1 for 3 days trial, $37 per month and $147 for 6 months. Doggy Dan even guarantees to refund users if you find it hard to follow after a period of 6 months. You just gotta pay $1 for trial instead.


My final word for you is that you should consider carefully before you make your decision. For safety, trying the trial is a good choice.

I hope this Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer review will be useful to you. Follow me for more topics.

Thank you.

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