The Online Dog Trainer Overview – Is It Worth?

The Online Dog Trainer Overview - is It worth?

More than 25,000 dog owners have been joining The Online Dog Trainer site to learn how to train their dogs in a gentle, positive way. However, the on-going trend still makes people raise numerous questions regarding its contents and quality.

If you are a dog owner, you may glance at the founders’ name somewhere: on Youtube, Facebook, or in a TV show in the morning. Doggy Dan is a dog trainer and behaviorist well-known for his soft methods in the dog training field. With his great love for humans’ best friend species, he created The Online Dog Trainer with an aim to share with people all over the world the strategies to win the dogs’ mind rather than forcing them to do what we want. Most dog owners who embrace their lovely pets agree with his methods and many of them succeeded in creating a calm home for the whole families in which dogs are members.

Let’s take a look at this video to see some real results that his customers got: 


Now, we start discovering all points of this program that attract thousands of followers.

The Online Dog Trainer Overview – What is it, and for whom?

This site is like a profound dog training program applicable to all dogs’ ages, periods or breeds. Particularly, there are 6 courses designed for each basic steps of dog training and each period (the puppy or mature dog). As Dan promises, this program will remove all our frustration because he works with dogs’ nature to permanently change their behaviors rather than just applying a bandage.

Here’s a review and preview of inside the site, click to play video:

Because of its mobility, it is suitable for all dog owners or dog-owner-to-be people around the world to join. Dan supposes creating the program for the majority. That is why his courses are designed in a simple, effective but lively way through hundred videos of real consultation he has made over the decade.

What The Online Dog Trainer can help you?

Relieve stress when raising a dog

For the dog-owner-to-be side, it may surprise them with the fact that dogs’ obedience is not for granted.

Owning a dog or a puppy can be one of our most stressful experiences. Dog owners – you name it, because you experiences every day. For instance, you may probably be scared that one day your dog is going to harm someone around you. They may drive you crazy by just not listening or you may feel too embarrassed of their behaviors to take them out on a walk or get to a spot of coffee stores. Or, our puppy suddenly jumps up your visitors when they come into your house, and continuously barks even though you yell at them.

puppy biting - bad behavior

If you are worried about those bad things could happen day by day, this program is for you. Now you can relax because this program is the solution that works for a long term.

Understand thoroughly your best friendsUnderstand human best friend - dogs

After having relaxed, take a wise thought about your puppy’s mind. Why sometimes they do not listen to you? There might be some missing pieces in the whole picture. Dogs and humans do not have the same psychology. Our brains and bodies act differently from dogs’. Therefore, the more you yell at them and talk to them, the more confused they get.

However, don’t worry too much. The Online Dog Trainer will provide you essential knowledge about catching dogs’ mind.

Train a dog without force

Dog Training with Food

As Dan said: “We live in the world of dog training with commands”, that’s sadly true. In addition, as dog lovers, you apparently oppose the violent methods, but you cannot let your dogs get used to bad behaviors because you just cannot stand with the situation for the whole life.

Then, it is not impossible to train a dog without hurting them. In fact, training a dog is simple when you know exactly how. Having trained thousands of dogs over the years, Dan really has seen all problems so he ensures you to remove all frustration. He will show you the way to work with dog’s nature to permanently change their behavior rather than just applying a bandage.

How the site help you?

 In order to meet all needs of dog owners, Dan designs the program including 6 different courses:

1. The Dog Calming Code

If you want to train a dog, you have to learn how to calm them first. This course is the essential foundation that will transform the relationship between you and your dogs. You will gradually be able to win the dog’s mind after learning 5 emotional control exercises of the course.

2. Everyday Tools & TechniquesStop Puppy biting - Puppy training course

This is so helpful for puppy owners as it contains all tips and techniques Dan has used for his clients everyday over the past decade. 18 videos of live consultation, articles and PDF files are found here.

3. Puppy Training

Every step that you should know when raising a puppy, from general health issues to common behavioural issues (toilet training, biting…). This includes 31 videos and related articles.

Watch Video Puppy Training Here!

4. Project Moses

This is a diary that Dan recorded over the time raising his puppy, from 8 week old through to 1 year. You can observe the whole process of training a puppy in details with this course.

5. Dog Problems

Stop dog barking - Doggy Dan's tipsNumerous behavioral issues of your dogs are in this course. Simple, quick and effective solutions are provided to help you solve almost all of the dog problems (even urgent ones), including barking, jumping up at visitors, and so on.

6. Dog Training

After mastering all basic steps like calming the dog and controlling the dog’s mind, you’d better to move on with this advanced course. Here, you can get access to all tips and lessons to turn your dog into a happy and well-mannered member of the family.

Why people choose The Online Dog Trainer?

Real Result

There are a large number of The Online Dog Trainer reviews from clients who has experienced the program. An old Kiwi man said through Dan’s video above: “It was no fun. It was just stress and we had stress every day. And now we have a really lovely dog. We have fun together, the dog is happy. Thank you very much we have got a new dog”.

And on social network…

Read more 2292 comments here…

Fair Money Guarantee

Refund Guarantee PolicyIf you are not satisfied with the program, just let Dan know via email and he will refund your money. He doesn’t want to take people’s money if they do not receive any benefit from his program. From the whole package of all course to the trial course, the guarantee policy stays the same.


3-Day Trial Option

After searching all information but you still hesitate about paying for a course, just simply try the most suitable one: 3-Day Trial option. Within 3 days and paying only 1$, you can enjoy all materials of the program including 6 courses mentioned above.

Don’t decide yet if you still “think”. Join this to have your own answer for the question “Is it worth?”. 

3-Day Trial The Online Dog Trainer


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