The Favorite Food Diet Reviews by Diziti – is this dieting guide by Chrissie Mitchel really worth the money? Is it a scam or does it really work? In today’s review, we will be answering all your questions regarding the course.

My friend- Meliora, recently knew a special weight loss diet called Favorit Food Diet. I know Meliora is a person who hates diets because she can’t eat according to the foods she doesn’t like in the diet. But she asked me to write a review for the Favorit Food Diet program. I asked, “why you want to know more about this diet ?”. She said that she read the introduction of this program on the internet. This is a diet program, but a customer can eat whatever he or she likes. Including ice cream, pizza, but this something recommended by all other shows should not appear during meals. So she was very curious about the Favorit Food Diet program and wanted me to write a review about it so that she could decide whether to buy this product or not.

I’m with Meliora are very close, so I decided to help her have more useful information about this product. And I spent two days learning about it, from which I could complete this Favorite Food Diet Reviews.

It was too long, and I hope you will read it all. It surely helps you a lot.

What Is The Favorite Food Diet?

The Favorite Food Diet Review- Book

The diet program is essentially a weight loss plan that helps you become fitter and slimmer in a healthy way. Available in the e-book format, it packs in all the information you require to get started with a healthy diet and achieve desired results. Unlike traditional diet programs, this diet plan doesn’t ban certain “anti-diet” food items such as pizzas and steaks. You can eat all your favorite foods, except canned or packaged food items.

The plan starts with a 21-day metabolic reconstruction followed by a diet plan that keeps your body on a healthy path in the long run. Basically, you can eat whatever you want, without the need for counting calories, and achieve your goals. Revolutionary methods that have split in the industry into two – believers and nonbelievers.

Put simply, The Favorite Food Diet is a web-based weight loss program that lets one eat whatever they want. It is true! The key is doing it accordingly while working on the parts of the body that are actually causing it to store fat.

This program comes with everything one needs to enjoy food while also achieving weight loss targets – from important information about how one can savor the flavors while losing weight, along with a 30-day exercise challenge, recipes and more.

About Chrissie Mitchell- The Author Of The Favorite Food Diet

On the official web of the product, the content introduced by the author in the video. In that, she also said that she is not a scientist in a lab coat or a doctor. Chrissie Mitchell is a 43-year-old mom who is a physical fitness expert.

Chrissie is a well-known name in the fitness industry for her effective strategies. She has years of experience as a wellness expert. Through the years, Chrissie struggled with her weight, and after her third child, the weight didn’t want to leave despite trying out several diet plans.

One of the main reasons for those diet plans not working is that they just restricted the foods she could eat. As a result, she and her husband came up with something that works. It took a lot of research and effort, but they figured out what works and what doesn’t. The new diet plan has garnered widespread acclaim for its simplicity and effectiveness.

According To Diziti’s Searching

I searched the internet and didn’t find any photos of Chrissie or her information except on the official of the product. I was a bit disappointed because she didn’t post her information on the internet or social networks. So I don’t trust her much. I need to find more information about the product to make a decision on whether to believe it or not.

If you see some more information about the author, pease let me know. I will add to this review for the better.

However, you can hear what she shared and make the review on her!


Benefits Of Using The Favorite Food Diet

There are some awesome benefits regarding the use of The Favorite Food Diet, including:

Eating whatever you like:

Not having to starve yourself is definitely a plus when it comes to diets. With The Favorite Food Diet, you can eat plenty of the meals you love without the fear of gaining extra pounds.

Gathering information:

Find out what the weight loss industry has kept away from your knowledge. Myths have caused many people to miss their fitness goals and you will now find out how and why.

Fight against obesity:

Obesity is a condition that doesn’t discriminate and you need to be careful what and in which quantities you eat. A chapter of this guide explains the main cause of obesity in order to take action.

Learn healthy recipes:

In this guide, you will also find healthy and tasty recipes. Each recipe is very easy to understand, so even if you’re not a master chef you’ll be able to prepare them.

How Does It Work?

This diet works for all those who are serious about weight loss without going through a rigorous diet plan. No need of a training regimen either. When there are no restrictions over food that you choose to eat then you do not have mental pressure to deal with. Just go with the flow.

Keeping in mind the before said components it can be said that The Favorite Food Diet takes the dieter through four phases.

First, Weight loss industry deception

Second, The true cause of obesity

Third, The program

Fourth, Recipes

This program takes you to the root cause of the existing problem, helps you gather enough information to tackle it and then gives a practical solution to implement the same in your daily life. The fun begins when you purchase the program. Download and get started. Go places and the program shall stay with you.

And This program supports you to treat the root cause of weight gain and at the same time boosts the metabolism to a stage wherein you can burn all the extra calories every day without accumulating them in your body. With this reliable program, you can cut short the extra weight, drop it along the way as time passes and maintain it all along for years ahead. So get ready to purchase The Favorite Food Diet and get going.

Favorite Food Diet- Table

The table of contents for Chrissie Mitchel’s The Favorite Food Diet PDF.

About Pros And Cons

What Are The Pros?

First, Easy to follow

The greatest advantage of The Favorite Food Diet is that you don’t have to starve yourself, nor do you have to deprive your meals of delicious flavors. Meliora, you can even eat desserts if that’s what your taste buds are calling for. This instantly makes it easy to follow the regime, and more importantly, achieve your weight loss goals because you aren’t suffering. Not only that but fixing your gut flora will make you feel a million times better. You’ll be surprised how much it was affecting you.

Secondly, Proper Guidance

Besides helping you eat food the proper way, you would also be guided on the kind of or specific foods to avoid. Do not worry, as the list is limited and the chances of your favorite food featuring in the “banned food” list are fairly minimal. This focus on food is to help you boost your metabolism.

Third, You get guidance on how to stay away from a fake product.


The Favorite Food Diet works for both women and men. Beside, As a user of this product, you will no longer have to worry about counting calories all the time.

What Are The Cons?

Favorite Food Diet Review- Pros

First, One of the only negative things that could be said about the Favorite Food Diet is that there is no physical book, but rather just digital versions. Following this program requires a lot of discipline, hard work and commitment. This is not a “cheat” or shortcut to getting fit, because you still have to put a lot of effort into it.

Second, Not available as audio or video

It would also be a nice addition to have the program in audio form. Although I understand it would be difficult to follow recipes and a 30-day meal through audio files, some people simply don’t like to read.

Third, Requires consistency and effort for it to work.

Finally, All product information on the website is only in the form of 1 video. So I have to listen to the entire video to get the information I need.

What Do Customers Say?

In my Favorite Food Diet Review, I will show you some feedback from customers about it.

On the youtube of Best review 2020

“This product is great and I mean it is actually a combination of PDFs and really really interesting videos and after going through everything, I learn about metabolic rates according to my body weight height and age and this made planning the diet extremely needless to say I was shocked. I mean I wasn’t having much success in keeping my weight off. So it helps me a lot!”

Favorite Food Diet Review- feedbacks

Source: Youtube

On the


I say nothing better because i had tried very many methods before i came across this guide. And for the time i have been using it, i am happy it is working very well.


I really never thought that there could be a guide like this one! I just thought to lose weight i need workouts and supplements. But this one has done it well for me!


Favorite Food Diet Review- Feedbacks

Source: Regionvavid site

Mark H.

The favorite food diet is very unique. It is a diet recipe that i have never seen before. I find all the tips recommended here easy to use. And it helps burn all the fats in the body. My sister has also bought the same.


The foundation of the diet is similar to other healthy diet plans that promote plenty of non-starchy vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and healthy fats in controlled portions and combinations.

Source: Regionvavid site

On the Sloppi site


This is a really wonderful diet package. I’ve struggled to deal with my obesity for years, then, fortunately, I found this. It has helped me in choosing a healthy food plan for daily eating. Following this book is a great choice, I have lost my body weight about 8 kg in the first month and it keeps going. Chrissie Mitchell has provided interesting information on what constitutes healthy eating, well written and easy read. I am very happy with this book.

Source: Sloppi site

Andrea Precisilia

I just read this book yesterday. Not bad, it could be a good source for beginners who want to start healthy eating, you can find many healthy food recipes here, well documented and interesting.

Source: Sloppi site

But on the site, I also found one negative feedback

Source: Regionvavid site

In my opinion, after I searching on some websites to found about Favorite Food Diet Review, I think it almost has a good view. A lot of people also get good results. But on the other hand, I found one complaint feedback about the product on the this web. I must show you both good and negative feedback in my Favorite Food Diet Review. So that you will have the best view of the product. I hope it is good for you.

If you see more negative review of a product, let me know. I will add to this review for the better.

Is The Favorite Food Diet Worth To Try?

Like you, I used to worry the same way before finding this product. I also wonder myself that Is this a scam?

I found the product has a lot of good reviews and one negative feedback, I recommend you take a closer look and then decide to buy it.

And we will also contact the author to reflect this negative feedback so the author can improve his product. At the same time after receiving the author’s feedback, we will also write more information about the product in this Favorite Food Diet Review.

If you or your relatives are using this product, please leave your comments in the comment section so people can refer more to this product.

How Much Does Favorite Food Diet Have To Cost You?

The regular price is $200. But in case you are interested in buying this program which I know you already do, then you can do so through the brand’s website. The program is currently priced at just $37, down from the original $200. The diet program is available for purchase on its official website.

I searched it on the Amazon and Goodreads but I could not found this product. I mean you just can buy it on the main web of products.

With one good personal trainer, you must pay no less than $300 for one month and more $100 in the gym. It is expensive more than this program.

And now just $37 you can buy something at the supermarket. You can be thinking more to decide on buying it.

Favorite Food Diet Review- price

Does The Favorite Food Diet Provide Any Bonuses?

Favorite Food Diet Review- Bonus

The Bonuses

An eBook for $37 is not everything you get. Of course, there are bonuses and that too, three. I was very surprised to find out that the customer also received 3 bonuses for their purchases. This is something I never thought of.

You get the following 3 eBooks as the bonuses:

Firstly, Favorite Recipes

With this guidebook, you will learn about different recipes which are delicious and keeps you fat free. You can easily prepare them and remain satisfied all through the day.

Secondly, Favorite Wardrobe

When deciding what to wear becomes a challenge because of extra weight, this guidebook becomes your savior. Whatever be your figure, this program will help you find the best flattering options.

Thirdly, Favorite Detox Cleanse

This guidebook helps you prepare different body cleansing beverages and smoothies. When consumed, they clean your body from impurities.

These bonuses combine each other so customers can get result success more.


Who Should Buy The Favorite Food Diet?

People who wish to lose weight while still eating their favorite food. You will be eating a lot of cheat meals without any problems. This diet is perfect for those not willing to starve to death for a smaller pants size.

Anyone who is serious about losing weight but has had difficulty getting results in the past should look into this product. It can help anyone who wants to start shedding extra pounds quickly and effectively. Those who haven’t had much success with diet and exercise will most likely find this guide to be a highly useful resource. Even if you are just 10 or 15 pounds overweight, this product can be of great help.

Who This Book Is Not For?

If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight or a “miracle pill”, this program may not be for you.

Second, If you don’t follow the program or misuse the steps, you won’t see the results promised.

Third, If you felt lazy, whiners or wimps.

Finally, you are a person who pities to pay money and don’t want to invest in themselves and their health.

You can get good results with this program, but you have to follow the instructions diligently.

Does It Have A Guarantee Program?

You will be happy to learn that the program does come with a satisfaction guarantee. The author behind the program decided to introduce the program with a 60-day money-back guarantee. What this means is that you will be able to download the entire program and try the methods described for a period of 60 days in total.

If you feel unhappy with the information that is shared with you in the program, you can get in touch with the author, and he will provide you with a 100% refund on the purchase that you have made. The refund will be made to the specific payment method that was used to make the initial purchase.

My Final Conclusion About Favorite Food Diet Reviews

Thank you for your patience in reading all Favorite Food Diet Reviews of Diziti

First I search on the official website of product. Information about the product was introduced by the author on the video. Then  I searched for the information about the author. I can’t found much information of the author on the internet. So I don’t believe the author much.

And finally, I read the feedback of the customers on many websites, I see more good feedback.

Moreover, It is just $37 for 1 e-book. And attach 3 value bonuses.


I recommend you to buy this product because it has a 60-day money-back program. So you can try buying and using it. If you are not comfortable with this program, you can completely return and receive your money.

The fact that you get to still eat your favorite foods (pizzas, steaks, etc.) makes this diet easy to follow, which isn’t something you can say for other available diet plans. Getting rid of the unnecessary fat is a challenge that is tough, but so is living being overweight. You could develop health issues and from there on any day-to-day life task would become harder. The Favorite Food Diet lets you enjoy the food you love while losing weight. There are some negative reviews on the Internet claiming that the whole process is a scam, but for just $37, Diziti believe you should check it out for yourself. Especially with so many others claiming that this diet improved their life.

I have advised my friend- Meliora that should buy it to try. And she did because she believes in the 60 money back program. She also wants to get more knowledge about the tea and weight loss field.

Moreover, I have the last advice for you when you buy the product back. You should read the product instructions carefully before doing follow. And if you have some disease and you really want to follow the guidelines of this book, please consult your treating physician for the most appropriate guide and method.

The Last Word

Surely you have read all my Favorite Food Diet Reviews. I believe that you have enough information about this product. If you know which products are similar and interesting and want me to review, please leave the information below. Diziti will review them for you. Thank you!

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