The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews – Really Worth And Legit?

Welcome back to Diziti and I’m Hailey. You are having troubles with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend? I believe that The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews can help you.

This time it’s a letter from my friend Phoebe in New York. Your letter is quite long so I will summarize the letter itself here.

Dear Diziti

First of all I’d like to thank you for your very helpful posts. I have been following your site for quite some time so today I would like to ask you to review a product. First I want to tell my story to you. 

Me and my boyfriend, Jack, have known each other for nearly 2 years. We were very happy until he had to go to college in another city about 200 kilometers away from me. We were unable to see each other every day like before and couldn’t even talk to each other due to the different schedules of the two of us. He was becoming more and more cold and distant  from me. I thought as people often say, out of sight out of mind. I’m sad for months, I don’t know how to get our relationship back to the way things were. Then one of my close friend, Cindy, introduced a program called The Ex Factor Guide. She said that this could make Jack want to be with me again.

I am very confused as to what this product is really like. So I want to ask you to review the program so that I can have the most specific look.

I’m veryy greatful to you! Thank you so muchhh! 

Phoebe Hudson

Thanks Phoebe for sending me this letter. I have to say that I don’t know whether this program works or not. After hearing that The Ex Factor Guide can help her boyfriend back with her, I had not much faith in this product. I think that love or relationship is an emotional field of humans which is so hard to explain. What does this program have to help Phoebe deal with this problem?

So I decided to write The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews to give Phoebe and my readers helpful advice. I will help her research and make her own decision through my information search skills . I can say that The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews contains all you need and it’s quite long, 3715 words. If you aren’t interested in love and relationship, I think you shouldn’t read The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews. But if you are concerned about it, please keep reading. I believe that The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews will provide my readers the clearest view about this program. 

What Is The Ex Factor Guide?


From what Diziti read on the official site, The Ex Factor Guide is an online book which is created by Brad Browning. It shows you how to get your ex back and what you should or shouldn’t do to keep your chances in winning him/her back. 

This program is for people who have just left a serious relationship. In this book, you will find out some common mistakes that many others make when experiencing a breakup and how to avoid it. Moreover, The Ex Factor Guide will give you some advice to do in your recovery time. In case you want to be over your previous relationship and move on to find a new one, the book may help you. Not to mention, this guide also helps you in your interpersonal aspect. You need to learn what you do wrong in your relationship and improve it. The above are just the most basic knowledge about the program. If you want to know more about it you can watch it in the official video.

When I first came to this program, I had to tell the truth that I didn’t really believe it. Because I thought the relationship between two people is decided by their own feelings. In my opinion, a book can’t tell if they should get back together or not. So I became more curious and had a reason to dig deeper into it.

About The Author 

Brad Browning


Before finding out about the product, I think you should be concerned about the author because of his significant role. The author’s information on the official site is not much so I have to search from other sources. 

From what I learnt, Brad Browning is a relationship coach and expert from Vancouver, Canada. He has been studying the intricacies of relationships and the psychology of breakups for many years. He has 10 years of experience working with marriage related issues to improve and repair relationships. So I think it’s understandable to say that Brad Browning is an expert in this field.

Brad also has his own a Youtube channel where he usually posts videos about relationship issues and breakup tips with over 421,000 subscribers. The videos on his YouTube channel seem to attract a large number of viewers and followers. 

Brad owns a Youtube channel with over 147,000 subscribers
Brad owns a Youtube channel with over 447,000 subscribers

While most people view break-ups as a challenge or something bad in life, Brad has another opinion. He sees breakups as a chance to improve your relationship by understanding the reasons behind your breakup. He thought that if you can understand it clearly, you will have the ability to develop a long lasting relationship.

The author seems to be a person with deep knowledge and experience in this field. Whether what he brings to us in the book is useful knowledge or just a scam?

What Are The Benefits?

From the video on its website, Diziti found out that The Ex Factor Guide has 4 benefits below:

  • It shows you common mistakes that people often make when they are heartbroken from a breakup. The program will prevent you from doing embarrassing stuff so that you can get out of those bad things and step forward. 
  • The program will teach you how to build a healthier and stronger relationship. Brad pledges that if you follow the techniques in the guidebook, you will be happier and you won’t need to go through another breakup.
  • This program is for both men and women. Brad divided the instructions on the official page into for men and women. The book will base on your gender and age to give the most appropriate advice.
  • The program is clear and easy for users to read and follow. It is divided into sections which allows you to go through the material much easier.

It seems that The Ex Factor Guide has a lot of benefits by helping both men and women improve themselves in relationships. If it does, I think it will be a very useful book. But what will happen if it doesn’t?

How Does The Ex Factor Guide Work?

From the video, I see that Brad split up the book into several topics which deal with almost every situation. His techniques are based on numerous psychological tactics that will break down your ex defense mechanism. They will make him/her forget all the negative feelings in their minds. As I said, Brad divided the program into 2 separate parts so that it can be suitable for almost everyone. They are The Ex Factor Guide For Men’s and The Ex Factor Guide For Women’s. There are many chapters in each guide, I’ve found some images of its table of content. So you can find out what content is in the book right below:

The ex factor guide for men
The ex factor guide for men
The ex factor guide for women
The ex factor guide for women

Whether for men or for women, the book goes in the following direction:

  • Forget The Past

This is the first step so that it can help you move forward. You cannot develop a relationship and develop yourself if you keep sticking to the past. 

You need to make sure that you eliminate all the negative thoughts and actions. This may be a little difficult, but you need to do it to prepare for your relationship.

  • Embrace The Future

The Ex Factor Guide shows you how to identify the mistakes in your relationship. Then it will give you a mechanism to fix them to improve yours.

In this part, the most important thing you need to do is be honest with yourself. Honesty will help you  forget the past and move into the future.

  • Accept Change But Do Not Panic

The essence of maintaining a healthy relationship is to accept the other partner with open arms. For this reason, Brad recommends healing the wound with time.

So we have just learned how The Ex Factor Guide this program works. So what pros and cons does this book have? Let’s explore in the next section of this article.



What Are The Pros And Cons?


As far as I find out from the video of The Ex Factor Guide, there are 4 Pros as follows:

  • The first pro I have to tell you is that The Ex Factor Guide teaches you how to win your ex back by following its guide systematically. As I said in the previous part, the program’s techniques will teach you how to overcome the past and move forward.
  • Each and every strategy present in The Ex Factor Guidehas been tried and tested, as Brad said.
  • The program is divided into separate sections for men and women so it is suitable for most people.
  • It is written easily to understand and apply. Moreover, because it is an online product, you can save it in your device and use it anywhere and anytime.


The crux of any product is its positives and negatives. After searching carefully, I saw that The Ex Factor Guide has 2 following Cons:

  • This relationship is for people who want to be better in their relationship and promote themselves. So if you want to win your ex back simply because you wish to satisfy your ego then, this guide is useless for you.
  • This is a product related to human emotion so there is no instant cure to your relationship issues. So, you need to be patient to reach your desired effect.

The above are the pros and cons of The Ex Factor Guide that I have listed. I think you should read these words carefully before you decide to buy the book. If you feel its advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you can set the points aside and continue reading the next section.

What Do Customers Say About The Ex Factor Guide? Does It Realy Work?

Real Reviews On The Website

When I watched the video on The Ex Factor Guide’s official page, I went through the opinion of a customer who used the program. Her name is DanieIle, she sent an email to Brad after using his program. I took a screenshot of that letter and I’ll write down its content below.

Hi Brad, 

I just wanted to e-mail to say that… I can’t believe it worked! I’ll admit… when I first watched your video, I thought it was just too good to be true and I really thought that I had no chance. My boyfriend had broken up with me about 6 and a half months ago. And despite my best efforts to win him back into my life… he continued ignoring me and was acting really distant. It was so hard for me cope that I decided to seek help and that’s when I discovered your site and decided to try your program. 

Well just 3 days after I started using your stuff… my boyfriend began sending me cute messages! I think he was quite moved by what I was saying to him… and then, out of the blue, a week later… he actually asked me out for a drink to ‘talk things over’… The rest is history and I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.

Thank you, Brad, thank you!”

The Ex Factor Guide
Source: The Ex Factor Guide

Danielle was very pleased with the results that The Ex Factor Guide brought to her. She won her boyfriend back and made him want to go on a date with her again. Then on the video for men, I also listened to one more story from Patrick through his phone call. Patrick and his girlfriend split up in different cities and he also really enjoys the result after applying The Ex Factor Guide. You can visit the video to listen to his full story here. 

The Ex Factor Guide
Source: The Ex Factor Guide


Real Reviews On Goodread

What about the other customers? On the official site I do not see many customer reviews, so I looked for a few other reputable sites like Let’s see what they have to say!

The Ex Factor Guide works well, based on my experiences. I have employed the techniques explained by Brad Browning to my ex-wife and 2 of my ex-girlfriend. Before it, they never give me attention at all, never reply my text or pick up my call, even I think they hate me because of my fault in the past. Slow but sure, they started open communication with me. Now I often make warm conversations with them. My ex-wife told me that she wants me back to her life, while I keep building interactions with 2 of my ex-girlfriend, also flirting with other women haha… Thanks Brad 😀

Andre Nawls

The Ex Factor Guide is a program that is designed for people who have just left a serious relationship and who want to conduct themselves in an attractive way when they are interacting with their ex. It helps you to avoid making some of the huge mistakes that many people do when they experience a breakup – which will only make the situation work and drive your ex farther away. One of the most important parts of The Ex Factor Guide is that it teaches you how to have a cooling off period from your ex.

Marvin Figueroa

Essentially The Ex Factor Guide is about helping you win back an ex that you have not gotten over yet. At the same time, it’s about much more than that. For example, one of the aspects taught in the book is that you have to spend 31 days having no contact with your ex. This can help you not only get your life together, but it can also help you seem less desperate for this person to talk to you again. The book describes what you can do during this time, and of course, at any reason, you can choose to move on with your life.

Bruce Blake

Wow there are many amazing comments on the program! It is obvious that these men have successfully applied the knowledge in the ebook into their life. I see that they are very happy and satisfied with the effect. It seems that The Ex Factor Guide really helps those people. If you want to experience it too, you can try the program and see how it works.

Is It A Cheat?

At first I didn’t have much faith in The Ex Factor Guide honestly. Because I thought human’s emotion is something that cannot be communicated to each other. We also can not understand what men or women think in their mind. But after learning about the program’s information and its benefits, now I can say that I was wrong about it. It not only helps you win your ex back but improves yourself as well. I can totally say that The Ex Factor Guide is not a scam and it’s really worth trying. If you see that it’s a helpful program, try it soon.

How Much Is The Ex Factor Guide?

Let’s see, if you go to counseling services and request emotional counseling, I’m sure that it’s not cheap. As I researched before, you need to shell out a huge fee of $150 an hour. That is not a small number for everyone. It means that if you follow a long process, it will cost you a lot of money. Not everybody can have the ability to afford it.

The price of The Ex Factor Guide is $129 but right now The Ex Factor Guide has a price of $47. You don’t need to spend a huge number of money on expensive services anymore. This is a very rare chance for you to get this emotional guide which is now only $47!  I think you will be ready to skip a pair of shoes or a normal purse to get your ex back with you.

I think this is a good chance to get a bargain like this because with the discounted price you can save around 64% and it is only available in limited time. If you come back tomorrow and you see the price of the program go back to $129, you’ll regret about it. So I advised Phoebe to get The Ex Factor Guide to keep the good price for herself. 


Extra Presents

One more surprise for you is that if you buy The Ex Factor Guide during the special relaunch event, you will receive 4 more FREE bonuses which worth $310! Let me introduce what they are.

the bonus video and audio

Bonus #1 A MP3 Version Of The Guide Worth $49

If you act now, Brad’ll give you the audio version of the program at no additional cost. That means that you’ll be able to  upload my training course you devices so you can learn techniques anywhere, anytime you want.

Bonus #2 Make Him/Her Fall In Love Again Video Series Worth $145

It shows you how to learn exercises that will mentally prepare you for any encounter with your ex. You will also know the way to “re-wire” your mind and then your ex’s. This  $145 bonus is free with the purchase The Ex Factor Guide today. 

Bonus #3 Simple/Seven Steps to Sex Appeal Worth $47

This bonus will give you a step-by-step plan to lose weight and sculpt a fit, sexy physique that will blow your ex’s mind the next time you see him/her. This  $47 bonus is free with the purchase The Ex Factor Guide today. 

Bonus #4 10 Commandments Of Sexual Attraction worth $47

This bonus is only available in the men video. This e-book was written by world-class dating expert, Derek Lamont. This best-selling book will teach you the 10 most attractive traits a man can possess. Apply these 10 simple rules to your life, and you’ll develop a magnetic personality that women can barely resist and your ex girlfriend is no exception. The book sells for $47 on its own, but you’re getting it for free with The Ex Factor Guide.

These 4 bonuses are worth more than $200, but they are all yours free if you sign up for The Ex Factor Guide now. Since the manufacturer is running this special promotion, you get everything for just $47. I need to remind you again that the offer won’t last forever. This is a bargain any way you look at it! 

Who Should Buy It?

This ebook is for all men and women who are having a desire to win their ex back and improve themselves in relationships. 

It is also for people who want to attract their ex, step out from their breakup and refresh themselves. You know, refresh yourself is one of the most effective way to draw your ex’s attention.

You see yourself in those cases? And you wanna try it? 

Who Should Not Buy This Program?

This is an online product so people who don’t have international payment or stable internet connection shouldn’t get this book. 

You must be ready to spend your time and patience to follow the system and then apply the techniques.

Does It Have A Refund Policy?

The Ex Factor Guide 60 day Moneyback-PNG-Image

You can return the package if you are not contented with the results it gives you. It offers a 60-day money back guarantee that will help you determine if the package provides your desired results. Coming with this $47 full package is a 60-day-money-back guarantee, so in case you find this program unsatisfied, you can always get your full money back.    

You have an opportunity to use the system for 60 days, you can put it to the test in your own time. Then after that time, if you’re not satisfied with the program, they will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t exceed them, no questions asked… I think you should catch this chance so that you can experience the system with no financial risk to yourself. 

My Conclusion About The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews

To be honest, when I heard about The Ex Factor Guide the first time, I didn’t believe in its function and equality. But after researching its advantages and what it brings, now I totally believe that The Ex Factor Guide is not a scam. I think The Ex Factor Guide is a very helpful product for people who want to win their ex back and move forward. With all the advantages that The Ex Factor Guide and the 4 bonuses have, I think this is a product 100% worth trying. Furthermore, its price is also very low, just $47 for the whole program but just in limited time.

I really don’t want you to miss this rare opportunity. I advised Phoebe to get the program to enjoy the discounted cost and the money back guarantee. If you want to own the good price of The Ex Factor Guide like Phoebe, please go to the website and get the eBook and the bonus. 

Buy the program with $47

Diziti hopes that The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. If you like the article, please like and share my The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning Reviews. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I’m so happy to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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