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The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews – Really Work To Make Men Faithful?

Welcome back to Diziti and I’m Hailey! You are having troubles in dating with your men? The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews is the right choice for you. 

Today I’m going to give you the review of a new program. But before you get to The Devotion Review, let me tell you why I decided to write it. 

I have a very close friend from college. Her name is Zoey Miller and she is 26 years old. Zoey is my best friend and we usually have chit chat, sometimes we go out for coffee and shopping on weekends. I share with her everything happy or sad in my life and so does she. Zoey told me that she has a boyfriend that has been nearly 1 year, his name is Jamie. In the first few months, I found her very happy with him. They often went to parties together and showed intimate gestures to each other. But lately I’ve felt something has changed.

“The newness of our relationship started wearing off. I’m so disappointed, Hailey”, Zoey told me in depression. “He was getting colder and more distant. He started ignoring my phone call and text messages. And when he was beside me, OMG his eyes seemed to be directed at another woman. I mean, what did I do? Was I wrong?” 


My friend’s sister could not see her in such a spiritual crisis, so she suggested The Devotion System By Amy North to Zoey. Her sister said that this program could help her over him partially. But Zoey wasn’t so sure about the program. So she wanted me to review it to give her the best advice. And there it is!

Okay, I have to say that I don’t know whether this program works or not. After hearing that The Devotion System By Amy North can help my friend over a man, I had not much faith in this product. I think that love or relationship is an emotional field of humans which is so hard to explain. What does this program have to save Zoey’s depression? 

So I decided to write The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews to give Zoey and my readers helpful advice. I will help her research and make her own decision through my information search skills . I can say that The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews contains all you need and it’s quite long, 3053 words. If you aren’t interested in love and relationship, I think you shouldn’t read The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews. But if you are concerned about it, please keep reading. I believe that The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews will provide my readers the clearest view about this program. 

What Is The Devotion System?

The Devotion System

From the official video, The Devotion System is a digital program which is created totally by Amy North. The ebook includes many advice on every aspect of dating for women. It will show you how to start from getting a guy’s number then sending him your first text message. It was designed to offer advice for every woman at any stage in a relationship.

It’s also a program for someone who’s constantly facing difficulties in their relationship. Keeping fall and fall in a relationship is hard, it breaks your heart, lessens your self-confidence and you’ll be emotionally disturbed.

So to avoid this situation happening, you need a guidance from someone professional. I won’t say that this program will 100% work for every woman. But personally, I think it can open your eyes to see your own self from a different angle. 

About The Author – Who Is Amy North?

Amy North
Amy North

I believe that some of my readers already knew who Amy North is. Since I had a chance to review one of her famous programs – Text Chemistry Review about 1 month ago. You can go to my earlier review to know more about Amy North. But for people who have no idea about her, this is some Amy North’s information.

Amy North is a dating counselor and a relationship expert from Vancouver, Canada. She is also the author of some other best-selling books like Text Chemistry.

Amy North has experience in both local and global clients for over 5 years. She is an expert in dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce. Amy North has spent 2 years researching relationships and teaching women to use text messages like their weapon then the book is her final result. 

Amy North also has her own a channel Youtube with 558,000 Subscribers. This is where she posts her video and shares her knowledge about dating coach for girls and women so that they can follow her and get useful advice.

Amy North - the auther of The Devotion System
Amy North own a channel Youtube with 558,000 Subscribers

Well the author is an experienced person in this field. So will she bring us useful knowledge or just a trick?

What Are The Benefits?

After learning about the program in the video, Diziti sees that it has 3 benefits and I will show them to you down here:

The program is written to teach you how to manipulate the mind of your man so that they will always think of you and only you. You will learn how to draw your man’s attention so that he can not think about any other women.

Moreover, The Devotion System shows you how to boost your intimacy, love, and emotional connection in your relationship so that you can be able to keep your man.

The program also teaches you the common emotional, irrational mistakes that push him away. You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes which many women make unconsciously that drives their men away.

These are the benefits of the product that I have learnt. If it really brings these benefits, this will certainly be an extremely useful product and I’m sure that it’ll help many women. But what will happen if all these are just a scam? That’s why I found out the way it works.

How Does the Devotion System Work?

The Devotion System Table of Contents
The Devotion System By Amy North – Table of Contents

I guess you are wondering how the program works and what it includes inside. Please continue to follow this part to figure it out. 

According to the official video, I see that The Devotion System works in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Forget everything you think you know about men.

This part will show you how women were often wrong about the male brain. In order to make your man fall for you, you have to make him desire you and love you deeply.

  • Step 2: Make him know you don’t need him.

In this part, The Devotion System will show you some subtle tactics to make men go crazy about you. 

  • Step 3: Plant a seed of devotion in his mind.

You will learn a technique named “Devotion Sequence” in this last section. It has just simple but very powerful words which  can trigger emotions in you in the mind of your man. 

And you know what? One special thing of this program is that it can work with any woman at any age, regardless you’re a beautiful 20 or overweight 40. Are you curious when Amy North tells that to you? Well I was, and I even had a little suspicion about it. 

The Devotion System Amy North

The Pros and Cons


After watching the video carefully, Diziti found The Devotion System has a total 4 Pros. They are:

First, it is suitable for anyone. It doesn’t matter how old or new your relationship is. The Devotion System will help you make your man worship you and be blinded to all other girls.

Next, it contains many techniques which helps you attract any man’s attention.

I’ll give one more point for the well-structured ebook. The information and knowledge in it is easy to understand and follow.

And the last is that the program will help you improve yourself. After using all the techniques in this guidebook, you will see a new “you” and move forward for a better future.


Besides these above pros, The Devotion System also has 2 Cons:

This is a digital program so obviously it’s not convenient for everyone. If you are not willing to read online, I’m afraid that the book might not for you.

It requires a complete commitment to see your desired results. You must be ready to spend your time and patience to follow the system and then apply the techniques.

What Do Customers Say About The Devotion System By Amy North?

Customers Review In The Video

When I watched the video on the official website, I read a customer’s feedback in a short time. So I decided to capture it and post it here as I think you must be concerned about it so much.

Hi Amy!!

my name is Jessica… you probably don’t remember this but like 6 months ago I emailed you a couple times and signed up for your program… Well after that, I gave a few of your techniques a try… like the stuff about texting and your “Love Buzz Mindset”… and honestly, they worked like a MAGIC!

Long story short, I had met this amazing, amazing guy just over a year ago… at first he wouldn’t really give me the time of day. He said he wasn’t looking for a relationship and just kind of…ignored my messages. But as soon as I tried some of the stuff you teach in your course, he began calling and texting me out of the blue… asking ME out on a date… at first I was kind of skeptical…like, is this guy for real? Is he just playing me?

But it’s been about 4 months now and we’ve been dating and I’ve never felt so loved in my entire life… I feel like I’m living in a dream world.

Anyway just wanted to share that with you, and say thanks again!


It seems she is very happy in her relationship after using the program. Then I also listened to one more story from Jennifer through her phone call. Jennifer is in her late 40’s and she also really enjoys her new life after applying The Devotion System. 

Besides Jessica’s thought and Jennifer’s story, I also saw some successful stories of customers at the end of the video.

Jennifer's feedback through a phone call
Source: The Devotion System By Amy North

Clearly those women who are at many ages have experienced this program very well. The Devotion System helped them understand men’s brains brought back energy in their life.

Customers Review On

I think on the official site, the manufacturer always put up good ideas for the program. So I searched for some more feedback from other large sites like Goodread. Let’s see what they say.

It worked for me better than I expected. Just have some faith in this book and what it offers, and the results will soon come; at least the did come for me.

Azalea Julia

I think the devotion system is a program that every couple should consider having. I have benefited so much from this system. It is a training program that will train you on how to devote yourself to a relationship and the end results is a happy life.

Crystal Mansi

It is more difficult and more important to keep your man with you than to just have him. This guide can help women both to have the man they love and to keep them forever with them. I’ve tried this guide. It really worked and is still working undoubtedly.

Hillary Alyssaanita


Wow there are many amazing comments on the program! It is obvious that these women have successfully applied the knowledge in the ebook into their life. I see that they are very happy and satisfied with the effect. It seems that this book really helps those women. If you want to experience it too, you can try the program and see how it works.

Is It A Cheat?

At first I didn’t believe in The Devotion System honestly. Because I thought human’s emotion is something that can only be felt but cannot be communicated to each other. We also can not understand what men think in their mind. But after learning about the program’s information and its benefits, now I know that I was wrong about it. It not only helps you attract your man but improves yourself as well. I can totally say that The Devotion System is not a cheat and it’s really worth trying at least once. If you see it useful, you can try it.

How Much Is The Devotion System By Amy North?

They are opening so many new services out there like emotional counseling and I know it’s not cheap. As I researched before, a consultation can cost you from $100 to $120 a session. That is not a small number for everyone. It means that if you follow a long process, it will cost you a lot of money. Not everybody can have the ability to afford it.

The regular price of The Devotion System is $310 but right now The Devotion System has a price of $48.25. You don’t need to spend a large number of money on expensive services anymore. This is a very good chance for you to get this emotional guide which is now only $48.25!  This price is not expensive, you just need to skip a normal dinner at a restaurant with your man, and you can have a chance to make his mind full of your face forever. 

I think this is a rare chance to get a bargain like this because with the discounted price you can save 84% and it is only available in limited time. If you come back tomorrow and you see the price of the program go back to $310, you’ll regret about it. So I advised Zoey to get The Devotion System to keep the good price for herself. If you want to keep the good deal for you like her, click here to get the best price.

Buy the Devotion System

Extra Presents For You

The Devotion System

I was so surprised when I found out if you buy The Devotion System during the special relaunch event, you will receive 6 more FREE bonuses which worth $310! Let me introduce what they are.

Bonus #1 Textual Chemistry Worth $29.95

In this book, you will learn texting secrets that will make a man crazy with lust and desire for you, just by sending a few short lines. If you want a man to feel an addictive cocktail of love for you just by using the smartphone, then this book is an absolute must read. This  $29.95 bonus is free with the purchase The Devotion System today. 

Bonus #2 Make Him Loyal Forever worth $35

It shows you how to make sure that once you land the man of your dreams, you’ll be able to make him feel devoted, faithful and loyal to you. Once you learn the secrets in this program, your man will experience the love that lasts forever. This  $35 bonus is free with the purchase The Devotion System today. 

Bonus #3 Finding Your Soulmate Online Worth $19.95

This bonus will teach you exactly how to find the man of your life online and what to message them. They will become so intrigued by you and they’ll have no choice but want to meet you. This  $19.95 bonus is free with the purchase The Devotion System today. 

Bonus #4 13-Part Video Training Series

Bonus #5 3-Part Adaptive Quiz System

These 5 bonuses above have a total price of $394, but they are all yours free if you get The Devotion System now. Since the manufacturer is running this special promotion, you get everything for just $48.25. I need to remind you again that the offer won’t last forever. This is a bargain any way you look at it! If you want to take this chance of good price, you should get the program on the official website.

Who Should Buy The Program?

This ebook is for all women who are having troubles in relationships. It is for people who want to attract men, find their love or make men obsessed with them. 

People who want to improve themselves. You know, refresh yourself is one of the most effective way to draw men’s attention.

If you see that the program is suitable for you, then you can try it.

Who Should Not Buy The Devotion System?

This is an online product so people who don’t have international payment or stable internet connection shouldn’t get this book. 

You must be ready to spend your time and patience to follow the system and then apply the techniques.

Does It Have A Refund Policy?

You can return the package if you are not contented with the results it gives you. It offers a 60-day money back guarantee that will help you determine if the package provides your desired results.

You have an opportunity to use the system for 60 days, you can put it to the test in your own time. Then after that time, if you’re not satisfied with the program, they will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t exceed them, no questions asked… I think you should catch this chance so that you can experience the system with no financial risk to yourself. 

My Conclusion Of The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews

To be honest, when I heard about The Devotion System the first time, I didn’t believe in its function and equality. But after researching its benefits and the way it works, now I totally believe that The Devotion System is not a cheat. I think The Devotion System is a very helpful product for people who want to improve their relationship situation. With all the advantages that The Devotion System and the 3 bonus books have, I think this is a product 100% worth trying. Furthermore, its price is also very low, just $48.25 for the whole program but just in limited time.

Diziti really doesn’t want you to miss this rare opportunity. I advised Zoey to get the program to enjoy the discounted cost and the money back guarantee. If you want to own the good price of The Devotion System like Zoey, please go to the website and get the eBook and the bonus. 

Buy the Devotion System

I hope that The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. If you like the article, please like and share my The Devotion System By Amy North Reviews. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I’m so happy to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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