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The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews – Really Work?

Welcome back to another honest review. Today we are looking at and Review a product called The Amazing You Program.

Very often people face problems they think are too hard to handle or solve or they just dismiss the problems away because they are either too lazy to deal with them or they think there is no need to deal with them. You may also see other people achieving success in everything they do and wonder how they do it when you try all you can and still get nowhere.

Thinking so much about your failures can lead to mental and physical health problems. Some people may also lose faith in their spiritual beliefs. The thing is you are not alone.



Edward Job lives in the US, 30 years old. He sent a letter to Diziti saying that he is currently stuck in his work. He currently works in a company with a low salary. His wife is very worried about money to pay for life, so they have a lot of arguments about this. He was really pressured and depressed. And during his vacation time, he went out with some of his college friends. And surprisingly, these friends are all very happy with their lives and their work is progressing very well.

After asking for their experiences, they introduced Edward to a program called The Amazing You by Marion Neubronner. He was very excited and immediately went online to find information about it. But it seems that Amazing You review does not have enough information for him to understand this program. So he sent a letter to Diziti seeking help.

Diziti is one of the websites that gives readers the most honest reviews. So we spent a lot of time looking for information about the product and finally finished this The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews.

What Exactly Is This Amazing You Program?

Many other people face the same dilemma and have absolutely no idea how to deal with the problems. The Amazing You program helps to train your mind so that you can first of all start thinking positively before moving to the next level in your life. It is not something you apply or drink but The Amazing You program is actually a book that helps you to control your mind to go to the next level and stop getting stuck on a rut. I think it like a movie which is based on the lives of normal people and the problems they go through daily. It follows up on their passions and what makes them different from other people.

Developed by a Harvard trained psychologist, Marion Neubronner, the book is all about happiness and success. The creator points out that the two are not brought about because of how much money you have or how educated you are.

You do not need drugs or anyone pushing you to gain happiness and success. Everything you do to achieve the two all lies within your mind, through arose from cutting-edge research in sociology, psychology, and other behavioral disciplines.


It also combines findings from all the included disciplines to provide a simple set of techniques that can help you harness your mental, psychological and physical energies. As a result, the program helps you to increase your brain performance, improve your psychological well-being, enhance your physical health and thus increase your overall efficiency.

The Amazing You program is packaged in the form of a pdf booklet and a series of videos that contain all the techniques and guides. Once you acquire the guidebook and videos, Neubronner will walk you through a step-by-step implementation process of the program. And the author said that she developed the steps based on her experiences, those of her family as well as clients.

So let’s see what you’re getting:

First, 21 Day Remapping Protocol Ebook

Amazing You Review- book 1

Second, Soundscape Recordings

Amazing You Review- DVD

Third, Amazing You Workbook

Amazing You Review- book 2

Who Is Marion Neubronner?

On The Official Web Of Product,

Amazing You Review- AUTHOR

Marion Neubronner

She said that she is the Harvard Psychologist that peak performers come to when they desperately need to win.

She has trained Olympic Athletes who were secretly scared their winning streak was about to end and CEO’s, Olympians, and Elite Military…

But she came from a very hard upbringing- a very poor in Singapore, and her parents struggled with sickness. And she knew it would be up to her to create her life, so she decided she was going to make it Harvard… one way or another.

She somehow managed to get in, but she couldn’t get a scholarship. In fact, it was even more expensive, because she had to pay the international rate of tuition. She was able to “pay as you go”… but that still meant she had to create money on the spot…

It was an unbelievable struggle, but she managed to do it… and it started her on the path to mastering the human potential for success. While at Harvard, she became obsessed with cracking the code for Peak Performance. And she devoted her Master work to Psychology…So, over the years of research, she discovered that are 3 Keys to Masterful Performance… in this product.

From Diziti’s Searching

On The Goodreads Web,

Marion Neubronner graduated from Harvard University. She is a learning specialist with over 18 years of experience, a trainer of over 2,500 adult learners, a lifestyle entrepreneur, an angel investor, a journalist, an author, and an international nomad. She is in the business of training, coaching, writing, and consulting about leadership, mindfulness, and peak performance.

From Singapore, Marion often travels around the world – particularly to the U.S. and India – to lead workshops, coach peak performers, attend conferences, and write.

According To Her Web-,

Amazing You Review- AUTHOR 2

Marion Neubronner’s people skills are extraordinary, she is greatly empathetic and can read people amazingly well. Her strongest interest lies in being a catalyst of change in other people. She is focused on being responsive and supportive of client’s needs.

Marion Neubronner graduated with Honours from the National University of Singapore and a Distinction from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She obtained her Specialist Diploma in Counselling and Guidance from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, and her Masters in Education in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. As an applied psychologist and researcher from a human development and training background, Marion is able to advise on recruitment, interviewing techniques, testing and selecting to fill vacant positions as well as training needs. She ensures organizations plan and conduct employee development which foster positive attitudes toward company goals.

With over 20 years of experience in coaching, teaching, mentoring, training and development, she has transformed over 7000 clients with her expertise in leadership, multi-generational workforce, business growth, positive psychology and resilience.

In my opinion,

I can say that I would never trust a program created by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, which luckily, in this case, is not so. She is reliable and has much experience, more than 20 years. She also trained a lot of people successfully.

We are believe in her but we still need to find more information about the product to reach the final conclusion. Keep reading the following sections of The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews!

If you know more information about the author, leave a comment below! We will add them to this The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews.

What Do You Receive When Purchasing This Program?

The core of the course is delivered in PDF format, and it’s divided into several different sections which share all of the methods and techniques that Marion provides in an easy-to-understand way. The creation of the product was born out of personal experience of quite a number of people. As such, when you use the techniques and the step by step instructions, you are guaranteed difference in terms of personal development or success system that you may have given a try before.

With This In Mind, Let’s Take A Closer Look At What You’ll Learn Inside

The REBT System:

Helps you understand your personality (including the very fine details that you have never discovered) and guides you on how you can use it to achieve success.

Prime spot of happiness: assists you to investigate your personal life and use the information to determine your perfect spot of happiness. That is essential because happiness leads to success.

12 Steps To Happiness:

The Amazing You program will guide you through a 12-step, crucial process that will result in you replacing your bank of sad memories with happy ones. That will help you to overcome emotional instability and distress.

Tap In The Bank:

The program will teach you how to utilize your bank of happiness to the maximum.

Gratitude Letter:

This two-step module will give you the ultimate secrets that top executives use in order to perform as well as they do. It is a kind of motivation that you cannot get anywhere else.

Mindfulness Hack:

This trick will teach you how to use all your brain power when performing tasks. Consequently, your productivity level will be at its optimum level constantly.

Rewriting Personality:

The program contains some ABC tricks that you can use to rewrite your personality and thus view things from a different and success-prone perspective.

Strengths Inventory Sorting:

This is a roadmap to happiness and fulfillment. It outlines the six most important habits that will definitely get you to happiness and fulfillment.

Integrity Mirror:

Helps you channel your energy to particular activities that are guaranteed to relieve stress and enhance your well-being without asking you to create more time in your schedule.

Overall, this course covers a wealth of vital psychological information, and it is much more comprehensive than the typical self-help courses available online these days…

How Does The Amazing You Proram Works?

Let’s find the way this product work in my The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews.

It works for the way which was written by many stories. Exactly it likes a movie.

It does not matter what you are or what your passion is. You may be a singer, an actor, a painter, a professional doctor, a scientist or a spiritual leader. The movie in spite of what you are, will show you how to discover your inner self and bring it out to make you an amazing person.

The movie based on an intensive research is one of those very few movies you will watch that have enough clinical evidence to support everything in it.

Every line uttered and all the methods in the movie are easy to grasp which makes it easier for you as the person watching and in this case as the user, gain and take total control of what you see and hear to change your life. It challenges you to live your life the way you have always wanted to.


The creator of the movie who also doubles up as one of the cast members narrates how he had a hopeless and hard background. This however did not stop him from becoming what he wanted to become and fulfill his dreams. Other notable people that make the movie a great one to watch are NASA legends, some rock starts, the creator of Angry Birds and other notable entrepreneurs.

The story is interesting, obviously it might be a fiction that Marion created to teach things in a way that you can relate to it and you will because the characters are so much like most of us and the way they solve their life issues has a lot to teach about how to deal with various life situations.

That’s right, this book is not like the other ones that makes you dream of so many glittery things, instead it gives you a step by step instruction on how to set the goals and take the necessary actions to achieve them.

Present moment awareness and gratefulness is the theme of the final few chapters, which tells you how your life can transform when you learn to stay focused, I know many of you must have already learned about it in many other books but viewing it in the story mode makes a lot of difference.

I really loved this way of learning; you will find it interesting and that will help you remember what they taught you.

The Main Pros And Cons 

Whatever product also has pros and cons of its own. The Amazing You program too. Let’s together me to look them that I tried to found and wrote my opinion in my The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews.

What Are The Pros?

There are uncountable benefits to using this product. In this The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews, some of which includes:

Backed By Scientific Psychological Discoveries

The information offered in the Amazing You program is all backed by the latest scientific psychological discoveries, so you don’t need to rely on blind faith to see the improvements you’re looking for.

Reliable Author

It was created by an experienced and specialized person.

Simple To Understand

The Amazing You program is very simple to understand and mostly delivered in a ‘step-by-step’ format that makes it easy to follow along with.

It is easy to follow

There are no drugs involved. Besides, The Amazing You program does not need any archaic meditations or tantrums.

Practical System

The Amazing You program gives you a wide range of highly practical techniques, rather than loading you with pointless theories that don’t help in your day-to-day life.

What Are The Cons?

As we all know no program is perfect which is true for the Amazing You program too. Among these are the following:

Real Commitment Is Required

You must commit to do seriously. And you have to apply the methods Marion Neubronner teaches on a regular basis.

Consistent Lifestyle Changes

This system is not a “magic pill” and it does require some consistent lifestyle changes in order to work (remember that changing your lifestyle is the main point, after all!)

Only Digital Version For Now

At the moment, Marion Neubronner offers the Amazing You program only in the digital version. This means that once you purchase it, you will have immediate access to all the material.

This can become a pro or con to you, based on your own preferences… But for me, I don’t like a 0digital book so I consider it in cons.

What Are Customers Saying About Amazing You Program?

In my The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews, I will show you some feedback from customers about it that I was tried to found on the internet.

First, On The Official Web Of Product,

“Marion is daring to explore the subconscious process without mincing words, yet it is done with so much compassion and kindness. She left me feeling enabled and rewarded”

Kimberly L.

“You’ve helped our business tremendously. Your insight and the hard questions you posed us was key to our development and playing a significant role in moving our company to where it is today.”

Adam W

“I’ve come out of the course feeling like a new man, with a heightened awareness of what I want to do as a person”

Vir D.

Amazing You Review- feedback

Source: On the official of product

On The Goodreads Web,

James Jeffrey rated it 5 stars

“Your mind is the source of your strengths and your weaknesses. Learning how to increase your strengths and decrease your weaknesses will make you invincible. This book shows you how to do just that. Great for personal development and self-improvement. If you are ready to change your life this is a great book to get you started on that path.”

Source: Goodreads

Matthew Brayden rated it 4 stars

“It delivers the kind of hard-hitting and brutally effective information you need if you want to unlock your true power in life.”

amazing you review- feedback 2

Source: Goodreads

On The,

Jannie Serrano rated it 5 stars

“Your mind is the source of your strengths and your weaknesses. Learning how to increase your strengths and decrease your weaknesses will make you invincible. This book shows you how to do just that. Great for personal development and self-improvement. If you are ready to change your life this is a great book to get you started on that path.”

Leonard Passmore rated it 5 stars

“Unlock the power in you by going through this amazing program. Your brains will feel motivated to pursue your dreams to completion. The fact that this is a natural product makes it safe for you. No side effects whatsoever. If you want to unleash your full potential, grab a copy of this book and get started.”

To sum up, through the feedback I found above, I can evaluate the product that received a lot of compliments. The customers have tried and succeeded. On, a lot of people rate 4.5 stars for the product. Now I really believe in this product.

If you see some more negative reviews of a product, let me know. I will add to this review for the better. And I want it to become a best honest The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews.

Is It Reliable And Legit?

Before I knew about this product, I didn’t have faith in it. I think it just like many books which are sold on the internet. But after looking at customer feedback and getting to know the author, I totally trusted this product. I’m sure you also believe this product as well.

Based on these good feedback, I absolutely told that it is a reliable product. It is not a scam. And it actually worth trying. You can buy to get the product.

Now Let’s keep going on reading the price of products in this Amazing You Review.

How Much Does The Amazing You Program Cost?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, this is a premium personal development product. Therefore, this is a cost involved with getting access. With a total of 3 products inside the Amazing You program, the regular price is $221.

But as it stands right now, you can purchase your own copy of The Amazing You program for $39.

I think just as with almost every other digital information product out there – and the personal development niche is a real killer for this kind of behavior – the product vendors basically create an impression of artificial value by pulling some inflated price out of thin air, and then marking down against it to create better perception.

Moreover, with this product, you can pay with all major credit cards or Paypal.

Before you buy a product, have you ever wondered if you can buy whatever replaces it with that much money?

And for $ 39, what can you buy? Of course, you can buy a lot of things. But I think those are trivial things, or you can use them to buy food. But think about the benefits you get when you buy this program. I think you’ve made the decision yourself.


About The Bonus?

I don’t think the customer can get some bonuses when buying the product. Because this cost that you must pay so cheap. Let’s see bonuses below:

First, Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains

Minimal Effort, Maximum Gains

VALUED AT $47, but now it free.

This is an interview with celebrity performance coach, Michael McNeil. He’s literally trained royalty (Think Princes and Kings)…As well as CEO’s, movie stars, and more successful people than you can imagine.

In this bonus, he’ll show you how he can tap into a mysterious power…That seems to grant amazing luck and success to his clients.

It can get a little woo-woo, but I’ve never been the same since trying it out.

Second, The Success Multiplier

Amazing You Review- bonus 2

Success Multiplier

VALUED AT $47. Now it also free.

The author was somehow able to get Yanik Silver to share his hidden secrets…For starting a business and turning it into millions.

If you haven’t heard of Yanik… he may have created more internet millionaires than any other coach. While he works hard, his real secret is “multiplying efforts”… Taking what you do in one hour, and giving you 10x or even 50x the results.

If you’ve always wanted to grow a business, even in your spare time, this is a MUST-listen.

Third, Ultimate Restoration Secrets

Amazing You Review- bonus 2


Ultimate Restoration Secrets

VALUED AT $47, but you will get it free.

This is the author incredible talk with Matt Rieman, one of the most cutting-edge master health coaches I have ever seen.

He struggled with a rare genetic disease, until he discovered something called the “genetic switch”…Where you can manually switch off the DNA that is causing you health problems.

If that sounds incredible, it absolutely is. He explained to the author how this works and how we all can start doing it ourselves.

These bonuses actually helpful and valuable.

Who Is The Amazing You Program For?

In my The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews, I will give you some of my advice.

The Amazing You program is not for any particular class of people. Anyone that is struggling to find themselves can get into the program and read the guidelines.

Most of the regular people that have no idea how the rich got where they are and how the most successful people keep going from better too much better should follow the guidelines on this eBook and watch the movie.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to build a business, find your ideal partner, lose weight, or generally achieve a deeper sense of happiness and contentment – The Amazing You proram will provide you with all the tools and advice you need to change your life for the good.

All in all, if you feel like your life has become stuck in a rut – or even if you’re simply a person who’s committed to self-improvement and growing into their full potential, The Amazing You program can become a great option for you.

Who Is It Not For?

If you are perfectly happy in every area of your life… then it is not for you.

There’s no reason to buy if you’re already rich, beautifully fit and have all your relationships working great.

Does It Have Money Policy?

I must say that it totally have money back guarantee. Marion Neubronner provides 60 days money back guarantee for the Amazing You program. Considering that you should see at least some results in 3-5 weeks, we believe that this is a risk-free offer.

This guarantee also shows the incredible confidence that Marion has in her course, and this is something that many other authors of similar courses don’t provide…

My Final Conclusion For The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews

After spending a lot of time learning a lot of information about the product, I draw my own conclusion below.

Before searching for information about The Amazing You Program to write a review, I don’t believe this product. I think this is just a program advertised on the internet and is of no value.

Therefore, I tried to search for information about the author and feedbacks of the customers on many websites. I found that the author is reliable and has much experience. She get many qualifications and especially at Harvard University. I also see all the good reviews for the product. And I believe it.

Furthermore, you can purchase at a steal of a price, costing just $39, attached 3 useful bonuses.

And the program also has a 60-day money-back program. At any time within 60 days of your purchasing but it did not work, you can have all your money back.

I have advised Edward Job that he should buy it to try. And he did because he believes in the author as well as the program.

Last Words

Surely you have read all my The Amazing You Program By Marion Neubronner Reviews. I believe that you have enough information about this product. Because I spent a lot of time to learn, with such time and this article has many shortcomings and if you have any contribution, as well as if you feel that it is not good, please leave a question and comment below. If you know which products are similar and interesting and want me to review, please leave the information below. I will review them for you. Thank you!

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