Have you ever wonder how to change from having a woman’s number to having a date with her? And what should you do after that to strengthen your connections? Stick around till the end and you’ll find out how to text a girl messages and make her fall in love


These tips will show you how you can get a woman wholly attracted by you.
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This guy is Bobby Rio. He is editor-in-chief and founder of TSB Magazine, a leading dating and lifestyle website for men. For more than six years, Bobby has been teaching men how to flirt, attract women, improve their inner game, and social life. He is recognized for his ability to help men who may be considered boring or timid, to improve their conversation skills and have better interactions with women.

And today he’s going to reveal the secret and teach you exactly how to use these three texts. This secret can pull your phone out and use immediately. So make sure you watch the entire presentation.

A dangerous myth of attraction that’s stopping you from scoring more women right now

Most people think that attraction is back or white. That a woman either wants you or she doesn’t. That a woman will sleep with you or she don’t want that. However, that thought is completely wrong. A woman’s opinion of you can change by the year, month, week, day and even by the hour now.  The good news is that even if you didn’t make a stellar first impression, you can still win her over and get her wanting you. Even if you’re not her type or she only sees you as a friend. Even if you’ve sent her a horribly embarrassing text. And even if she’s dating someone else and acts like you don’t even exist.

Now here comes the bad news. When a woman hands you her number, she secretly wants you to win.  Just don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking that once a woman gives you her number it’s game over: you win. Because the game is actually just beginning. In fact, there is a windows of opportunity that begins closing the minute she gives you her number.

Women expect things to happen quick when there is chemistry. They expect to get swept away. So the longer it takes to get her out, the more she starts thinking there must not be anything there. All the time texting back and forth is murdering your chances. In fact, you have a limited number of texts before this window closes for good.

Critical things to make her fall in love by text messages

Any time you create an emotional state in a woman, you momentarily have her attention. And the window opens back up. When a woman decides that she wants to meet up for a date, text you naked pictures of herself, or just come over for some sex, it was not some logical decision she made based on careful thinking. It was an emotional reaction she had to the text you sent. Your goal is to spark an emotion, get her attention and turn that attention into a meet up as quickly as possible.

In fact, guys are making a lot of mistakes. They think that the more texts they send, the more of her attention they’ll get. They keep on sending her the texts that creates no sort of emotion. But they don’t know that these texts can do nothing more than annoy her. You must know that keeping her attention is not about bombarding her phone with messages. Gripping her attention is not about sending her a lot of texts and it’s not about following stupid rules. That’s why the “Key Lock Sequence” can help you text a woman messages and make her quickly fall in love with you.

The powerful Key Lock Sequence will show you how to text her the right way

First, you send her an emotional text that stops her dead in her tracks and captures her attention. And as her anticipating what comes next. This text shows her that you’re different and exciting. And gets her seeing you as an attractive, fun, charismatic guy. And draws out her flirtatious side setting the tone for all your future interactions.

Next, you need to bond with her in a way that has her imagining spending time with you in the future. And feeling an emotional connection that goes beyond a casual flirtation. This texts shows her that she’s not just some random number in your phone. It lets her know that you get her and has her associationg these warm good feelings to you.

And finally, you plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind. So that she begins to crave and imagine it. This texts shows her that you’re the type of guy who makes it happen, has her desperate to spend time with you and easily transitions to a meet up.

But what you actually write to make a woman fall in love by texting messages?

That is the big questions I bet that you’re all asking. Bobby also has an answer to you.


send messages to make her fall in love

The Magnetic Messaging System

Magnetic Messaging is a step-by-step system that will show you how to craft magnetic text messages to quickly engage, connect with and turn on a woman. They are the texts that stand out and shatter to pieces all the other messages she gets from other guys. You can get her mind racing with excitement, wondering what you’re going to message her next. And it allows you to quickly and easily pull the trigger and get her out with you, close the deal and get her back to your bedroom.

The program is jam packed with step by step instructions and word-for-word examples of exactly what to send. Inside, you’ll discover how to craft your language so that it stops a woman cold, sparks and emotion and makes her interested in what you have to say. You will also know how to cram your text full of your personality to get her laughing or giggling. Plus, you will know the perfect “Radar Texts”, the initial texts you’ll send just to get on her radar and have her thinking about you. And so much more thing to completely make her fall in love with you.

The cool bonuses go along with the system

Bobby also gives you  the special bonuses to help you with all the things you will face in your relationship.

bonus 1

Bonus 1: Infatuation Formula

The first is a video program called “The Infatuation Formula”. It is like a specific emotional cocktail you can give a woman to make her fall in love with you. You’ll become the guy that she must chase. Here you’ll discover how to get women emotionally addicted to be around you. Plus the tips to make yourself more enchanting to any woman you’re dating.

send messages to make her fall in love

Bonus 2: 30 day free trial of “Magnetic Mastermind Kit

This is an in-depth video analysis of text transcripts. So you can learn by watching them doctor up ordinary text and make them magnetic. Plus you’re going to get the most advanced stuff to have fast-track seduction. And you can hear the world’s biggest players share their secrets for domination various social scenes.

send messages to make her fall in love

Bonus 3: The 99 Best Texts of All Time

In the “99 Best Texts of All Time” you’ll discover the absolute best texts to send the day after you first meet her. Plus the “jaw dropping” effective texts for getting her to respond and the sneaky texts for getting sexual and making it seem like she started it.

So don’t wait to learn the amazing things included in this system along with these bonuses and start text messages to make a woman fall in love with you.
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