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Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews – Legit And Worth Money?

If you are having issues with texting in a relationship, you are at the right place for you. I’m so glad to introduce a really helpful review – Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews by Diziti

For now, technology is more and more developed. Obviously technology is playing an important role in our life, especially in couple relationship. Couples now can keep in touch with each other easier than couples 20 years ago did. They can text messages, make a phone call or video chat instead of seeing each other every single day. It is extremely common that men and women can communicate to each other by texting. That is so convenient!

Texting has benefits, but it also has negative effects. What if your boyfriend doesn’t want to reply to your message? What if he ignores you on purpose because of some reasons that you don’t know? I’m pretty sure you need a measure to help you fix your situation. 


My friend Linda was in exactly the same situation. She said that she and her boyfriend had to split up because he moved to another city for work. Everything was fine in the first 2 weeks, but things happened strangely after that. He did not call her and text her usually anymore and Linda was so upset about it. She asked people for advice and they recommended her for Text Chemistry. Then she looked for Text Chemistry’s information on the internet. However, Linda just saw nothing but some general information that is useless for her. So she asked me to review it. And to be honest, when I heard Text Chemistry, I was a little skeptical with this product’s practicality. I mean, what product can obsess men just by a strange text?

Then I decided to write the Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews to help ladies who are in trouble like my friend. I spent 2 days finding all websites and videos to finish Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews. So I have to warn you that my review is so long because it has all the information related to the product. Diziti hope that based on my Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews you can make your right decision before you buy it. 

What Is Text Chemistry Program?

Text Chemistry Review - Diziti

As the information on the program’s site, the Text Chemistry program is an online program that shows women how to use a simple text message to make their men obsess over them. 

It is created entirely by Amy North. This online dating guide focuses on the basics of texting while you are getting to know someone. It also lets you begin a communication and make the other curious about you through texts.

The book is based on Amy North’s experiences in studying emotions of a relationship between couples, especially in the initial stage of dating. 

The author wrote this Text Chemistry program for women and its purpose is to teach them how to use a simple text to draw the attention of men. 

Who Is Amy North? 

Amy North -Text Chemistry Review

The official site describes quite much Amy North is a professional relationship counselor and a best-selling author from Vancouver Canada. She specialized in helping women from around the world to find and keep the man of their dreams.

She owns a Youtube channel where she has over 140 videos and almost 550 000 subscribers. That’s a dreaming number of other Youtubers! She often shares her knowledge of relationship issues on Youtube and receives lots of viewers’ support.

Before writing this book, she spent 2 years researching relationships and teaching women to use text messages like their weapon then the book is her final result. 

Bisides these information, I also sought for the author on some other sources. However, I did not gain much. Text Chemistry’s author is full of expertise and experience, so will the book bring me some useful information?

How Does Text Chemistry Program Work?

Text Chemistry - Table of Contents
Text Chemistry program – Table of Contents

This program works by capturing men’s attention and forcing them to always miss you in their mind. These text messages were proven to work on even the coldest man. It sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? Keep reading, I will explain how it works in details.

Basically, there are some keywords that you need to remember, one of them is ATTENTION. This online book concentrates on drawing men’s full attention, so that you are always in their mind. So they constantly thinking about you, wondering what you are doing, who do you think of etc. So the point is once you can occupy his full attention, “you will have complete control over him in a way you never thought possible”.

It shows you how to use PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS which is called Attention Hook to grab a man’s attention. They are really powerful since they force the man to spend the whole time thinking about you, paying attention to you. 

The power of Attention Hook will tap in directly to your man’s focus and make him think about you. As a result, it will create excitement and a desperate feeling of love, care and also an obsession for you.

What Does It Include?

From what I learnt from the website, the program incudes the main book and 13 videos in the program. I believe that you are  so excited about a short preview of what you will from Text Chemistry:

Do Men Ignore Your Messages?

You will learn how to use her effective technique to make your man reply to your text usually without hesitation. No more ignored feeling anymore! 

E-Glow Text

The book will show you the way to stick his mind with loving and adoring you no matter how difficult things might get while texting. Once he receives these messages from you, his mind will always be thinking about only you.

Get Your Ex Back

Your ex said that everything was over, but you still want him to come back. Her “Satellite Text” will help you. Send them, he will instantly regret breaking up with you and beg you to forgive him.

Your Relationship Has Become Stale And Boring

This is normal in relationships, especially with longtime lovers. The book teaches you how to fill his body with the kind of nervous excitement, which he got when you two met the first time.

Make Him Passionate About You

You will learn how to fill up his mind with thoughts of you all the time and make him crave over your touch.

Simple Cheat Sheet

This part allows you to analyze his messages and figure out what he REALLY means. Everything will be clear so that you don’t need to guess what he means anymore.

Getting Him To Propose

Are you worried that your boyfriend won’t propose to you? The part Crystal Ball” will cause him to be ready for the commitment. He will think about the serious commitment and settling down with you.

Make Him Miss You

Learn how to make him feel a burst of excitement and lust and counting downs the days until he meets you again.

Taking The Right Picture

You want to send him some images to make the conversation comfortable? This guidebook will show you how to choose the silly and cute pictures to be expressive that can be better than the naked ones. 

Bang His Head

Let’s figure out how to bang his head with just some texts in the amazing part “Big Bang”! He’ll have to start making up a silly excuse just to see you as soon as he can!

How To Talk To Him On The Phone?

Do you feel silly or awkward when talking with a guy on the phone? This program is written for you!

Shooting For The Stars

Learn how to occupy his loyalty, to become the only woman in his life. Using this text to make a monogamous environment is what you need to do so that he will stay with you forever.

Pros And Cons

This book is based on men’s psychology so I can’t expect it to be a perfect method. So let’s see the pros and cons of this program in this part of Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews.

The Pros

Increase Your Opportunity Of Finding Your Love

This book is so easy to follow and straight to the point because all the guides and videos are organized suitably and bring important messages. So it can significantly improve your chance to seek for you dream partner.

Deal With All The Problems

As I said, what if he ignores you or your messages? Almost dating or relationship issues are analysed in Text Chemistry Program so that you can easily relate to your own situation. 

Remove Insecurities

In Text Chemistry, you will learn a lot how to speak to him in a way that he wants to listen to you. You are not angry and jealous anymore, which means your insecurities do not exist anymore. Then absolutely he just wants to spend more time with you. 

The Cons

This Book Is Not Suitable For Every Body

There are many situations in the book but may be none of it matches with you. It depends on what type of person you are and what your situation is. Some of you like the author’s method and agree with her, but some do not. It’s totally your call. If you don’t like a method, let’s keep reading and trying another one. 

Online Product

Text Chemistry Program in an online product, you can not find it at any store. It requires an online purchase method so make sure that your internet connection is always available.  

If you see that those Cons are just a small issue to you, then you can skip it and continue to read my review.

What Do Customers Say About Text Chemistry Program? 

Real Reviews On The Program’s Website

The official site has not many comments of customers. So I searched the information of Text Chemistry Program on another reliable site, Goodread.com. I read lots of comments of customers who tried the program. Let’s see their feedbacks:

This book really answered some of my curiosity about man’s heart, especially the man who I want to be my spouse. I recently get met with a man who works near to my office, I really liked him and I want to be closer to him but I have no idea how to make it happens. He seems has no the same feeling as me even though we often meet in our work area. Lucky me found this guide book, this was surprisingly on point. Text Chemistry teaches you how to text a man genuinely and meaningful so it can trigger his feeling to you. I have applied some tricks and some text samples to him, and I have seen the difference. It’s a great book!

-Jasmine Gonzalez-

It could be your good resource if you have no good experiences in texting a

man romantically. Inside the Text Chemistry guide book, you’ll find everything you need to do and to type on your texting in order that the guy you liked can be attracted or at least give you a better response. Give it a try, I am sure enough you’ll find many useful tips and tricks inside 🙂

-Katia Wish-

Really useful, I’ve learnt so much from this book. Amy North has made this book in an easy to read and straight to the point. Recommended!

-Pennelope Beckles-
Customers' Feedback of Text Chemistry on Goodread.com
Customers’ Feedback of Text Chemistry Program on Goodread.com

Real Reviews On Goodread.com

Source: Goodread.com

I also witness many users left their 5-star rating to the book on this site. Clearly Text Chemistry helped them a lot in their relationship. They seem to be really satisfied with the Text Chemistry.

Is This Legit And Worth Trying?

At first, I was so suspicious about Text Chemistry. I thought that relationships and dating depend on human’s emotion, you can not change it through a text message. I even thought this was  a scam. 

But now, after learning about the book, I understand that everything happens for a reason. Amy has worked with men and women’s emotion for years, so obviously what she shares on Text Chemistry Program based on her knowledge and experiences. And I realized that you can completely change a man’s thought by a message as this is the result of researching and analyzing men’s psychology of Amy. 

This is a real product and it is totally well worth you money to buy it. I think you should try it at least once.

How Much Is Text Chemistry Program By Amy North? Free Download?

The regular price of this program is $349. It seems to be a little high price with a program. 

But when I visited Text Chemistry’s website, surprisingly it is running a discount that just $49.95 for the entire program for the next 160 women!

Let’s see, the original price is $349, but if I get it now, I just have to pay almost $50. That means I can get an 80% discount.  What a bargain! 

But the discounted price is just available for the next 160 women. I think this is a good price that rarely has the second chance. If you decide to get Text Chemistry, you should be quick! 

I think you should click here to access the program as soon as possible because this price is just for 160 more people. Tomorrow may be the good price is not there anymore. 

Text Chemistry

Exclusive Bonus eBooks

Besides the main book, if you buy Text Chemistry, you will also receive 3 bonus eBooks from Amy for free. These are:

#1 Tinder Success Secret E-Book

In this eBook, Amy will show you how to build an attractive profile on Tinder to draw the attention of the hottest guys. She will even teach you how to make them crave you by using just 3 steps.

#2 Why Men Leave E-Book

Have you ever wondered why some men could leave his perfect relationship? This book will give you the answer and also how to avoid them.

#3 The Phone Game E-Book

This book will teach you how to make your man be addicted to you voice that he can’t get enough of! The secrets of what men can’t resist when it comes to a woman’s voice are coming to the light!

3 bonus eBooks

The 3 bonus books above have cost $29.95 each, but if you buy the main book Text Chemistry, you can get them at no extra cost. 

After analysing the cost and the free bonus books, I advised my friend Linda to buy them. If you decide to buy Text Chemistry Program like Linda, try it soon.

Who Should Or Should Not Use Text Chemistry Program?

Despite its amazing tips and tricks, Text Chemistry program is still not suitable for everyone.

Should Use Text Chemistry Program

People who are not in a relationship and want to find the love of your life. I believe with these useful tips, you will find the man of your life soon.

People who are having relationship troubles like your boyfriends are ignoring your text. Don’t worry, all you need is available in the book.

If you are one of them, I think this product might be suitable with you. Why don’t you try using it now?

Should not

People who do not have the same idea with Amy and do not like her method. It is common because this book is based on psychological knowledge. It can’t be right for 100% of people. 

People who do not have international payment cards or unstable internet connection. This is an online product, so every steps require to be performed online too. 

Does It Have A Refund?

If you still hesitate to buy or not, you should know that the product has a 100% refund policy. You are allowed to download and experience it in 60 days. Then if you see that this book is not for you, you will receive you money back. That is so convenient, isn’t it?

Diziti’s conclusion of Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews

To be honest, when Linda told me about Text Chemistry, my mind was full of doubt about it. But after researching its benefits and the way it works, now I totally trust it. I think it’s very necessary with many women in recent years. With all the advantages that Text Chemistry Program  and the 3 bonus books have, I think this is a product worth trying. Moreover, $49.95 is an affordable and reasonable cost. Text Chemistry Program is organized easily to understand so that anyone can follow step-by-step. 

I think you should not dismiss this chance. If you want to own Text Chemistry program, get the eBook and the bonus here. 

Text Chemistry Review

I hope that the Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading the Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. 

If you like the article, please like and share my Text Chemistry Program By Amy North Reviews by Diziti. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I will be pleased to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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