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 “Dear Diziti,

Whenever I have concern of any product, the first website that I look for is Diziti. You guys always try to bring out the best quality of each review blog so that readers like me can clear up our consideration. And today, I have a product for you.

My name is Alan and I’m currently working in an office. You may think it’s a pretty stable job but unfortunately, it’s not. Due to this pandemic affair, the company decided to let employees work online which was perfectly appropriate at first. Then, also because of this working method and the pandemic itself, our sales dramatically dropped. It led to a serious deduction on every employees’ salary and push my financial condition to a really hard time. My budget was not enough to carry tons of bills stuck in my mailbox. That was when I decided to figure another way to earn additional income. And online work was the only option.

A friend of mine introduced me to Super Affiliate System. As you can see right in the name, it is a system that would do with affiliate. And I looked further to conclude that it was a course that helps people to start their online business, specifically affiliate marketing, more effectively and conveniently. Such a pinpoint from the first glance. This system seemed to give me exacly what I’m searching. What really temporarily stopped me in between is what kind of lessons it provides and how different it is from other similarly functional program.

I hope Diziti can solve and come back with an honest Super Affiliate System Review. Look forward to seeing a new post soon.

Thanks Diziti!

Alan Walter

Thank you Alan for writing to Diziti. As you wish, now we are here with this Super Affiliate System Review. It will be long but detailed enough for not only Alan but also everyone who is interested in this product to read and understand it better.

What is Super Affiliate System (SAS)?

Super Affiliate System is a system that provides training courses to teach beginners how to start their own affiliate marketing business so that they can make money online as an additional income stream or your alternative one. Affiliate marketing is convenient in the way it gives you freedom to enjoy your life while money still goes into your pocket. The point is that you should learn how to take full advantage of affilate marketing. And Super Affiliate System is founded by John Crestani with such an aim.

For newbies to affiliate marketing, they might just know the basic process: promoting a variety of products until customers buy them then they’ll earn their equivalent commissions. But the technique to draw customers’ attention asks for more than just a simple process. It is common knowledge that people don’t usually purchase a product they have first ever seen. They would rather choose some familiar brand names that they have already experienced. This customer psychology is a norm. No one wants to be at risk by buying something that they have no idea of. There comes affiliate marketing to provide sufficient and appealing information about the product so that customers will be curious and click to find out more. Getting the right product of customers’ need, there’s a high chance that they will pick it. SAS is built to teach you how to generate as much commission as possible.

Here is the official web of SAS:

Super Affiliate System website

SAS official web

Who John Crestani and is he reliable?

As far as Super Affiliate System Review can find, John Crestani is known as an expert in affiliate marketing. He now insprires others by teaching aspiring marketers how they can start with affiliate marketing successfully too. He has been active as an internet marketer since 2011 by putting effort in lots of things. Finally he succeeded to make $100,000 and built up his steady finance with nearly $5 million per year. You must be amazed by this number but it not yet clarifies his identity without social media presence. An internet marketer with such a system should be recognized by people in the same field so that he will become much more reliable, don’t you think. This recognition includes social media public.

On one of the most common social network in presence, Facebook, he doesn’t have as many followers as he does on Twitter. Specifically, he has got more than 1,700 ones on Facebook while the number of followers reach more than 105,000 on Twitter.

John Crestani's Facebook

John Crestani’s Facebook

John Crestani's Twitter

John Crestani’s Twitter

Surprisingly, he even has his own Youtube channel with a massive number of subscribers, over 380 thousands people. To an internet marketer, those numbers partially prove his reputation.

John Crestani's Youtube channel

John Crestani’s Youtube channel

I also found a Facebook page that has the name Super Affiliate System but I’m not sure it’s the official one that John created or not. Even though the page has over 1,500 followers, it hasn’t been active since 2016.

Super Affiliate System Facebook page

SAS Facebook page

Well, from what you can see, John Crestani is undoubtedly a real person and it seems that he truly has reputation according to his obvious social media presence. However, the system itself is not as popular as the founder’s name. That’s why the identity of this program still leaves a big question mark.

>>>Click to see more about the founder on the official web<<<

What can you gain from Super Affiliate System?

1 word: lessons. SAS provides you a kickstart to affiliate marketing in details. The lessons are taught by John Crestani himself with multiple videos. Once being a member of this community, you will have full access to these training courses and widen your own knowledge about affiliate marketing. To newbies, this is such a huge advantage. Aside from the lessons, there is a list of bonuses going along which will be discussed below. Continue reading Super Affiliate System Review to discover more.

What is in Super Affiliate System?

SAS includes a 6-week training session that is delivered through sets of videos. You will start with the basics of affiliate marketing to a more-indepth knowledge base all the way to week 6. Here is the content of each week.

Week 1 – The system setup

The first week is all about setups. To earn commission, first you need an account right? The lessons will teach you to set up an account on multiple platforms. You will be watching how to create an website, Facebook ads, affiliate links and many more. Tips are also available to faciliate your process.

Week 2 – Google ads setup

Starting from week 2, the setup goes more into further details with each platform. Week 2 is about Google ads. This is a hugely advantaged platform. Once a person searches the right keyword, the product you’re promoting can pop up naturally. Not to mention Google is the most valuable search engine on the internet. But the product choice is yours. The art of getting as many customers as possible is bringing the right niche in front of them, not choosing the ones you like to sell none after that. Participants will learn how to identify the niche in need.

Week 3 – Youtube ads setup

Youtube is one of the spreading platform that John orients you to. He has the lesson started with forming a Youtube channel to be ready for advertising. A good kickstart for newbies. And then he walks you through running your Youtube ad compaign with A to Z steps.

Week 4 – Advanced ad tactics

This module is a combination of Facebook ads, ad compliance, general affiliate advice and copywriting. It basically accumualates useful advice and tips in order to boost your process and effectiveness of the making.

Week 5 – Presell pages & Scaling

You’ll be learning about how internet marketers call to action so that people can make the purchase. What seems to be most interesting in this module is the way to split test pre-sell pages and other optimization tactics leading traffic to sales pages. Clickfunnels will be your tool with the explanation of Clickfunnel Tracking Ids for you to know your conversion coming from which pre-sell page.

Final week – Product selection

Right from the title, you can already tell it will be about niches that you should get your hand on. There are definitely a variety of niches and it will confuse you if you are indecisive. A lesson on choosing your matching ones is on the module.

Pros and cons of Super Affiliate System

This pros and cons part is definitely the most-read part as most customers tend to evaluate a product based on the benefits and the drawbacks it bring. If the pros outweighs the cons, their determination will go up and vice versa. The value that a product offers is what set it apart from any other products.


  • Flexibility: SAS is a system that operates online so you can work on it anytime and anywhere with internet access.
  • Simple teaching style for beginners.
  • A forum for members to interact.
  • Email list or email marketing is not necessary.
  • People in different age range and gender can all join in.
  • Specifically having concentration on how to get traffic.
  • A 3-month payment plan is available


  • The course only use one niche and affiliate program as an example.
  • Some parts of the lessons still lack of details (Google Ads module).
  • A 3-month payment will cost you more than 1 time payment.
  • The results they show in videos are just for show because they can be variable.

What about customers’ feedbacks?

Here comes one of the most valuable parts that helps you determine your hesitation: customers’ feedbacks. This is like a buzz marketing strategy that a positive look from one person can possibly lead to another’s purchase. Some reviews will be listed below.

Steve, a member of SAS

”John’s courses are probably the most comprehensive that I’ve seen, for the beginning of an affiliate marketer. Laying out the fundamentals in that way is going to cut off years of your learning curve. If you’re trying to get all of your information, distributed from all different places, that’s helpful. But you end up missing lots of connections between all of that information, and especially when it comes to affiliate marketing, digital legits that you need to make sure everything connects correctly. That’s the biggest advantage going in.”

Super Affiliate System feedback

Steve, a member of SAS

 Robert Navas from Colombia shared his result on Facebook

“I want to thank John Crestani because two weeks ago I knew nothing about making money from the scratch, now I have 6 sales with almost no effort but to study what he says and do the exercises. Once again thank you John, and I hope to meet you someday in the future.”

Super Affiliate System feedbacks

Source: Facebook

Jan Vargas also shared on his Facebook

“I have the utmost respect and thanks to John Crestani and Ronnie Sandlin (John’s former teammate) for the hard work and knowledge they have poured into these courses. Before I was only able to make $200 per day and now have reached $1,276 in an hour!!! Much love out there to all the students who are trying hard and constantly making it in this game. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I would love to give you some tips and recommendations.”

Super Affiliate System feedbacks

Source: Facebook

As you can see, direct reviews from people who have actually experienced the program shows more of its trustworthy side. So if you happen to see any negative reviews, let me know and investigate more to give out a more complete blog.

>>>Click here to read more feedbacks from members of SAS<<<

How is the price of Super Affiliate System?

Well, I have to say first, it’s not cheap at all. A full course costs you $997. Nearly a thousand for a course of 6 weeks, quite expensive, right? However, SAS does offer you a 3-month payment plan which means that you can pay only $397 each month for the course. The drawback of this plan is obviously a higher total price of more than a thousand. But for a tight budget, it is an available choice.

>>>Click here to see what is in this $397 package<<<

Any bonuses for participants?

  • Bonus #1: The $10,000 challenge ($1,997)

If you succeed with the system and generate $10K in sales they will give you your entire course investment back.

  • Bonus #2: Tried, tested & perfected traffic strategies ($647)

When you sign up, they’re going to show you free traffic strategies that you can use to start earning as soon as you join without spending a dime more.

  • Bonus #3: Free ad credits ($1,245)

Free ad money will be given to start.

  • Bonus #4: Buyer data for al-driven ads ($1,997)

They’re going to give you data to upload to Facebook, and Artificial Intelligence will do all the heavy lifting for you. It’ll pinpoint exactly who you need to target in the mass of users making your life 100x times simpler.

  • Bonus #5: High ticket commissions ($1,950)

If you join SAS PRO you’ll be automatically entitled to them.

  • Bonus #6: Student case studies ($747)

They’ll show you the exact ads, pages, and systems they used so you can replicate it for yourself.

  • Bonus #7: Extra login

You can bring someone else to the program with you so that they will have a new pathway as you do.

  • Bonus #8: 1:1 call with John Crestani ($5,000)

He’ll help you iron out any concerns or confusion you might have and make your journey as smooth as possible.

Who is it for?                                  

SAS is for anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing and willing to learn how to make money online effectively. This program is beginner-friendly, which means that newbies can join in without any difficulties. People who have already known or experienced affiliate marketing before can also participate to get more knowledge and improvement in their business.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 100% money-back guarantee is offered if your need is not satisfied with the courses. Within 30 days of purchasing, for whatever reason that makes you change your mind, feel free to ask for a refund.

Super Affiliate System guarantee

Source: official web

My conclusion of Super Affiliate System Review

To conclude, it is for sure that Super Affiliate System is not a scam. A clear social media presence of the founder, John Crestani and the positive feedbacks from customers prove that SAS truly has its own reputation in the field.

The bonuses are massive with up to 8 ones of over 10 thousands worth. However, the price of each seems to be a bit exaggerated when a call with John Crestani costs $5000? He is obviously a famous internet marketer but such a call is too much. Apart from that point, all bonuses are going to help you accelerate your learning process and result.

About the price, $997 for one payment is expensive. Many other affiliate programs only cost over $100 to $200. But then they offer you a 3-month payment of $397, which costs you even more in total. However, with a limited budget, it sounds more affordable. And it is risk free because of the 30-day money back guarantee. Within 30 days, you can ask for a refund if the program lets you down. They are willing to pay all the fee back to you.

To be honest, the program will not be my number one choice due to the price. So consider your budget and have a try if you are ready. You can try different programs and ask for refund, right? If your budget is on the ride, don’t hesitate to try. The more experience you have with different programs, the best one you will find soon.

Thank you

If you read to this section, I’m sure you get all my points in this Super Affiliate System Review. I hope the information provided is sufficient to your understanding. If you have any question or contribution, leave your thought in the comment down below. And also, interested in any products and want us to write a review about them, let me know.

Thank you all!