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Strikepen Black Program Reviews – Really Work To Help Protect From Bad Guys?

I really excited to show you today’s post of Diziti- Strikepen Black Program Reviews. Oh! I am sure that you will enjoy this review as well as know more about Strikepen Black Program. Before getting to know the Strikepen Black Program, let me tell you why I am writing this review. First, thank Norma R. Bush for demand Diziti helping. Norma R. Bush is a mom who has 3 daughters and she actually scares when they come home late. Because now having many bad guys who attack and rape girls in the dark night.

Norma R. Bush discusses with her husband to buy his daughter’s weapons for self-defense. They want a small, handy, camouflage weapon that can be carried around. And after hours of searching the internet, Norma R. Bush and his wife finally found a product called Strikepen Black program. And Norma R. Bush immediately sent a letter to Diziti hoping to receive a full review of Strikepen Black program. From there Mrs. Norma will decide whether to buy it or not. And thanks to Mrs. Norma R. Bush, Diziti had a review on the special topic today. Diziti hopes that everyone, especially girls, should read this article because it is very relevant and helpful to them.

Diziti has spent 14 hours searching and writing this review, so we look forward to receiving the comments below to give Diziti even more motivation in the following articles.

What Is Strikepen Black Program?

It is actually a pen but it is a self- defense weapon.

Strikepen Black program is discreet but can be deadly weapon that can help you protect yourself from bad guys or attackers that want to harm you. And It has a discreet design that your enemies won’t see it coming.

It looks like a regular pen but can double as a weapon and emergency glass breaker. It has been proven and tested time and time again. This tool is used by survivalists that will have you ready and confident when danger strikes.

Who Created This Program?

According To Diziti Searching,

The original manufacturer of strike Pen is Apesurvival company. This is a company that produces books, guides, and weapons for personal defense.

Below is the website of Apesurvival.

Strikepen Black Review- website of company

Web of company

I also found the Facebook of Apesurvival with more than 1k followers.

Strikepen Black Review- facebook of company

Facebook of company

It can be seen that Apesurvival is a reputable and famous company. Apesurvival Facebook page has lots of followers and comments. From there I assess this is a reliable company. But I need to find out more information about the product and customer feedback, thus leading to the conclusion of whether or not to trust the product.

If you know more information about the company, leave a comment below! We will add them to this Strikepen Black Program Reviews.

What AreThe Benefits?

Strikepen Black Review- benefits

Let’s see some benefits of product in my Strikepen Black Program Reviews below:

The strike pen is used for striking an attacker, even though you must know where to strike to be safe.

You can use a strikepen to write anything like a ballpoint.

If an escape path has a glass you can use the tip of the strikepen to smash the glass.

It can also help you collect the DNA of an attacker. Since it has a tip that you use to stab you have made contact with the assailant.

LED Flashlight – Having a flashlight on a pen might not seem like a big thing, but it actually is. With the Strikepen being a tactical, self-defense tool, there is no other product like it.

Instructions – Each Strikepen comes with a guide of instructions to help you harness all the features of this product. Take some time to read them carefully, so you are able to understand everything you need to know.

When you have it, you will confident more when you come home late. The bad guys cannot predict it.

Besides, it has other added benefits apart from using it for self-defense, you can use it for lighting and writing.

How Does Strikepen Black Program Work?

One Hand, Let’s Together Find The Feature Of This Product.

There are many features included in the StrikePen Black program…

First of all,

It is a fully functional pen. It also writes very smoothly, and it comes with replacement ink.


The StrikePen is also very durable. The main body of the pen is a milled alloy, and it has a sleek design and ergonomic grip pattern that makes it comfortable to hold.


It’s called the StrikePen because it has something called a ‘striker’…

The striker is a reinforced part of the pen that can be used to strike in self-defense or to do something like break a car window in an emergency. The striker on the StrikePen is tungsten steel and is very strong. So, whatever situation you’re in, the tungsten steel tip of the ApeSurvival Strikpen may just get you out of trouble…


The Strike Pen also includes a small flashlight which they call a bright LED emitter…If you have this pen, don’t worry if you are in the dark since the pen will give you a light for you to see; it is really useful, isn’t it?


You also get 2 interchangeable tools that come with the StrikePen.

Including a small knife and a small multi-tool which can be screwed into the pen.

The small knife is extremely sharp and can handle some stress. The same goes for the multi-tool, although not designed to be as sharp as the interchangeable knife, it can certainly get you out of trouble.

The interchangeable multi-tool consists of no less than 4 parts: a flat head driver, a HEX wrench, a bottle opener and a knife. Yes, also a knife..The first tool is a conventional knife blade…


The StrikePen comes with a steel clip to keep it secure in your pocket or secure in a bag or purse if you prefer keeping it there.

On The Other Hand, About How It Works,

The Strikepen is perfect for hand-to-hand combat. It was created to last, as well as being efficient when you need it the most. With its many features, the Strikepen can double as a writing utensil and can be used for self-defense.

Innovative: In some cases, the attacker is too fast or even unnoticed, but with this Attack pen, you can easily get a DNA sample and pass it on to researchers. All you need to do is a penknife. The only attack is enough to beat the perpetrator’s DNA, and the police can finally defeat him.

The Main Pros And Cons

Whatever product also has pros and cons of its own, Strikepen as well.

So, What Are The Advantage?

In my Strikepen Black Program Reviews, I will mention below in detail of pros:

Firstly, The material used to make the Apesurvival Strike Pen is sturdy and durable. It will last a long time and can be effectively deployed as a weapon of self-defense.

Secondly, The product is a fantastic multi-use tool.

Thirdly, Strikepen Black Program is lightweight, handy and powerful that you can just insert it in your pocket or purse.

Fourth, It’s a functional smooth pen that comes with a replacement ink and batteries.

Fifth, It has a blunt end that can use to break barriers, even glass.

Sixth, The LED torch is bright and efficient.

Finally, It comes with an accessory case, ideal for storing the pen and its parts.

 What Are The Disadvantage?

In addition to the amazing advantages, Strikepen Black Program has some side effects that are explained below:

Firstly, This strike pen is only available online. You’ll need to email opt in to get it free and purchase any future accessories with a credit/debit card.

Secondly, While a strike pen can be used for self-defense, you’ll need a basic knowledge of hand to hand combat to execute the moves effectively. Ideally, signing up for some self-defense classes will give you the experience you need to use this strike pen decisively and effectively.

Finally, Once used, it may not write as flawlessly as before

What Are Customers Saying About Strikepen Black Program?

I don’t see the company mentioning customer feedback.

So in my opinion, the company should revise the content of his website. Especially, there is one more section that gives customer feedback on the product. As well as has a comment section in bottom of the product. That is why it makes readers more confident about it.

According To Diziti’s Searching,

In The Quora Site,

Bunty Sahota

“If you want to purchase a decent gear for self defense then do check ApeSurvival Strikepen Black because this tactical strikepen is easy to use and carry. So it really help you to protect your self from any bad condition.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback

Customer’s feedback on the Quora site

Davinder Saini

“If you want to purchase a decent gear for self defence then do check survival strikepen black because this tactical strikepen is easy to use and carry.

So it really you to protect your self from any bad.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback2

Customer’s feedback on the Quora site

In The Regionvavid Site,

Moore,  Rating: 4 /5 stars

“Great pen for security

The structure of the pen itself is really amazing. It is made in a way that it will remain a simple pen in the eyes but a great defense tool on the inside. It has strong material and an ergonomic design. In addition to this, the strike pen is very easy to use and handle. It is not like other tools which become difficult to deal with.

It is light on the hand but still strong enough for a tool to defend yourself. I have used it and it is amazing.”

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site


Rating: 5 /5 stars

“A great and special tool

I like the pen. I have used the strike pen and it is really useful. Thanks to the creators of this tool. It is easy to carry. You can use it anywhere without any problem and when it comes to defense it is the best. The pen is well made with a smart, ergonomic design and strong material.”

Bonnie S. Smith

Rating: 4 /5 stars

“Eventually, I Got

You cannot imagine how much i have struggled to get to this smart pen. I wanted something i could use for my own defense. Something that would be hidden and still assure me some security. I was also looking for something affordable. I am happy that i got the strike pen.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback4

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site

Peggy Wyman, rating 5/5 stars

“To be completely honest, I didn’t even know a product like this existed. It is amazing what people came up with. Anyhow, I bought this for my daughter; clearly, the world we live in is not safe. We tested it and it works perfectly and is very durable. The best thing about this weapon is that no one will think it is a weapon, but it can be a deadly weapon if needed. It is a self-defense weapon, so use it that way.”

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site

In Sloppi Site,

Dave Mathew

“I received it yesterday, it arrived at my home within 3 days. And I liked it, the design is very cool and the material looks strength. But I already didn’t know how to use it for defense, protection or fighting in case any bad situation, so I searched and watch the tutorial on youtube, amazing, this tactical pen has multifunction, efficient and effective. Guys, you should get it too, get it now while it’s free! This is a cool stuff to be owned.”

Customer’s feedback on the Sloppi site

Wilson Mollison

“I actually liked the design and the materials used to make. However, it’s not so spectacular compared to other tactical pens. But, I am pleased can get it for free. Overall, 3 stars!”

Customer’s feedback on the Sloppi site

To sum up, After I searching on some websites to found about Strikepen Black Review, I found all good feedback. A lot of people also get good results on many sites. Customers are so satisfied with this product. Many parent buy it for their daughter.

And I totally believe in this product. I recommend all people in general and woman, in particular, should buy this to defend your self.

If you see some more negative reviews of a product, let me know. I will add to this review for the better.

Is It Legit And Worth?

Absolutely it is not a cheat. Because a lot of customers have bought and used it. They leave their comment on many sites which I mentioned for you.

It is worth your money and it actually helps you confident when you come on the road.

If you or your relatives are using this product, please leave your comments in the comment section so people can refer more to this product.

And now let’s keep reading the price of the product and its bonuses in this Strikepen Black Program Reviews.

How Much Does Strikepen Black Program Cost?

According to the Ape Survival website, the value of the Strikepen is $54.95 but now it totally FREE.

You see, ApeSurvival is giving away their Strikpen as part of their National Survival Awareness Campaign, claiming that their goal is to:

“Educate and inform American families and provide them with the tactics to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks plus improve self-defense and wilderness skills.”

The only catch is that you have to pay a little bit of shipping.

Personally, I think the small amount of shipping that you pay is worth it, and I think this is a really cool deal.

Furthermore, they probably also see this Strikpen giveaway as a good way of promoting their survival shop…

This only means that you may just have a chance to get yourself one of the best self-defense tactical pens for free…

But when you buy the second pen, it will be $19 for this. And if you want to buy extra a Q5 Taclite or a Folding Money Clip Knife, each of them is $19 as well.

I can’t say anymore with $0, everyone can get this weapon for defense. The risk is 0%. You should buy now because the sale will end when it has 500 customers buy it.

So if you feel the price is great and it suitable for you, you can buy the product as soon as posible!


Who Can Use Strikepen Black Program?

Everyone included males and females can use this product. Even children also can carry on in pocket to defense themself from bad guys.

I can say it actually suitable for people who:

plan to use this weapon throughout the year to protect themself.

Want a light and sharp to carry on in the dark night.

Who Is It Not For?

Strikepen Black program is not for people who:

Want a big weapon such as gun or something like that.

Pities to pay some dollars for the shipping cost.

Does It Have A Money-Back Policy?

The good news though is that your order is backed with a money-back guarantee for 60 days. This means that if you are not content with the solution, then you can have your money back within about two months of placing your order.

But with the first order, the cost is $0. If you buy the second product, you are dissatisfied, you can receive your money for 60 days.

My Final Conclusion About Strikepen Black Program Reviews

Before searching for information about Strikepen Black program, I don’t know anything about it, includes form, color, material… and feature.

Then I search this name on the internet, I said ” Oh! It is a pen.” I surprise because I don’t think a pen can protect people from bad guys.

Next, I tried to search for the benefit of the product and feedbacks of the customers on many websites. I see all the good reviews. And I have believed it. The company is famous and sell everything about survival. Customers satisfied with this product. And I extremely impressed with this little weapon.

The price shocks more. I can’t believe that the cost is $0. FREE. But it also has limited. When the number of 500 buyers is reached, the price of the product will return to $ 54.95.

Furthermore, the program also has a 60-day money-back program.

I have advised Norma R. Bush that she should buy for her daughter. And she did because she believes in the company. Especially with $0, she ready to buy it.

I recommend all you guys should buy it at $0.


It is so important to be able to defend yourself in times of difficult and dangerous situations and Strikepen Black program can help you protect yourself. Having a Strikepen Black program is a smart choice for people who prioritize their safety, for people who refuse to become victims, for people who want to fight back and defend their rights to feel safe. It gives you the advantage when put in a difficult situation.

Thank You

Surely you have read all Strikepen Black Program Reviews. I believe that you have enough information about this product. Because I spent a lot of time to learn, with such time and this article has many shortcomings and if you have any contribution, as well as if you feel that it is not good, please leave a question and comment below. If you know which products are similar and interesting and want me to review, please leave the information below. I will review them for you. Thank you!

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