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Strikepen Black Program Reviews – Does It Really Work?

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I’m really pleased to share with you today’s Diziti- Strikepen Black Program Reviews post. Oh! I am confident that you will appreciate this review and learn more about the Strikepen Black Program. Before we go into the Strikepen Black Program, let me explain why I’m writing this review. First and foremost, thank you to Norma R. Bush for requesting Diziti’s assistance. Norma R. Bush is a mother of three girls who she really terrifies when they are late for dinner. Because there are now a lot of bad guys that attack and rape women in the middle of night.

Norma R. Bush discusses with her husband the purchase of self-defense weapons for their daughter. They want a compact, portable, camouflage weapon that they can carry about with them. After hours of browsing the internet, Norma R. Bush and his wife discovered the Strikepen Black program. Norma R. Bush promptly wrote to Diziti, requesting a thorough investigation of the Strikepen Black program. Mrs. Norma will then decide whether or not to purchase it. And, thanks to Mrs. Norma R. Bush, Diziti got a special topic review today. Diziti wishes that everyone reads this article, especially girls, because it is highly important and beneficial to them.

Diziti has spent 14 hours researching and writing this review, therefore we anxiously anticipate your comments below to provide Diziti with even more inspiration in the next articles.

What Is Strikepen Black Program?

It’s a pen, but it’s also a self-defense weapon.
Strikepen Black is a stealthy yet deadly weapon that may assist you in protecting yourself from evil guys or those that wish to harm you. It’s also designed in such a way that your opponents won’t see it coming.
It appears like a regular pen but can also function as a weapon and a glass breaker in an emergency. It has been verified and tested several times. Survivalists utilize this technique to ensure that you are prepared and confident when danger strikes.

Who Created This Program?

According To Diziti Searching,

Apesurvival is the original producer of the strike Pen. This is a firm that creates self-defense books, tips, and weapons.
Apesurvival’s webpage is shown below.

Strikepen Black Review- website of company

Web of company

I also found the Facebook of Apesurvival with more than 1k followers.

Strikepen Black Review- facebook of company

Facebook of company

Apesurvival is clearly a reputable and well-known brand. The Apesurvival Facebook page has a large number of followers and comments. As a result, I believe this is a trustworthy company. However, I need to gather additional information about the product as well as user comments before deciding whether or not to trust it.
If you have any further information on the firm, please leave a comment! We’ll include them in the Strikepen Black Program Reviews.

What AreThe Benefits?

Strikepen Black Review- benefits

Let’s look at some of the product’s advantages in my Strikepen Black Program Reviews below:
The strike pen is used to hit an assailant, but you must know where to strike in order to be safe.
A strikepen, like a ballpoint pen, may be used to write anything.
If an escape passage contains a glass, you can break it with the tip of the strikepen.
It can also assist you in obtaining an attacker’s DNA. You’ve made contact with the assailant since it has a stabby tip.
LED Flashlight — Having a flashlight on a pen may not appear to be a huge deal, but it is. There is no other device like the Strikepen as a tactical, self-defense tool.
Instructions – Each Strikepen comes with a set of instructions to help you use all of the product’s capabilities. Take your time reading them thoroughly so that you grasp all you need to know.
When you have it, you will feel more assured when you arrive home late. It is impossible for the evil guys to predict.
Aside from being useful for self-defense, it may also be used for lighting and writing.

How Does Strikepen Black Program Work?

One Hand, Let’s Together Find The Feature Of This Product.

The StrikePen Black program includes a variety of functions…

First of all,

It is an entirely working pen. It also writes extremely smoothly, and new ink is included.


The StrikePen is also extremely long-lasting. The pen’s main body is made of machined metal, and it features a sleek design and ergonomic grip pattern that makes it easy to grasp.


It’s named the StrikePen because it contains a “striker”…
The striker is a strengthened section of the pen that can be used to strike in self-defense or to smash a car glass in an emergency. The StrikePen’s striker is made of tungsten steel and is extremely powerful. So, whatever scenario you’re in, the ApeSurvival Strikpen’s tungsten steel tip could just get you out of trouble…


The Strike Pen also comes with a tiny flashlight known as a strong LED emitter…

If you have this pen, you won’t have to worry about being in the dark since the pen will provide you with a light to see; isn’t it very useful?


The StrikePen also comes with two interchangeable tools.
A tiny knife and a small multi-tool that may be fitted into the pen are included.
The tiny knife is extremely sharp and can take some strain. The same can be said about the multi-tool, which, while not as keen as the interchangeable knife, can definitely get you out of a jam.
The interchangeable multi-tool is made up of four parts: a flat head driver, a HEX wrench, a bottle opener, and a knife. Yes, there is also a knife. The first tool is a standard knife blade…


The StrikePen comes with a steel clip to keep it safe in your pocket or, if you want, in a bag or purse.

On The Other Hand, About How It Works,

Hand-to-hand fighting is ideal for the Strikepen. It was designed to last while still being efficient when you needed it the most. The Strikepen, with its numerous functions, may be used as a writing instrument as well as for self-defense.
In certain situations, the attacker is too swift or perhaps goes undiscovered, but with this Attack pen, you can simply obtain a DNA sample and send it to researchers. All you need is a penknife to get started. The single attack is enough to overcome the perpetrator’s DNA, allowing the cops to eventually bring him down.

The Main Pros And Cons Of Strikepen Black Program

Whatever product also has pros and cons of its own, Strikepen as well.

So, What Are The Advantages?

In my Strikepen Black Program Reviews, I will go through the following pros in detail:
To begin with, the Apesurvival Strike Pen is made of a sturdy and long-lasting substance. It will endure a long time and can be used well as a self-defense weapon.
Second, the product is an excellent multi-purpose tool.
Third, the Strikepen Black Program is so small, portable, and strong that you can easily slip it into your pocket or purse.
Fourth, it’s a slick, effective pen that comes with refill ink and batteries.
Fifth, It features a blunt edge that may be used to smash through obstacles such as glass.
Sixth, the LED flashlight is both brilliant and efficient.

Finally, it includes an accessory case for keeping the pen and its parts.

 What Are The Disadvantages Of Strikepen Black Program?

Strikepen Black Program has some side effects that are explained below, in addition to the amazing benefits:
To begin with, this strike pen is only available online. To receive it for free, you must email opt in and purchase any future accessories using a credit/debit card.
Second, while a strike pen may be used for self-defense, you’ll need a basic understanding of hand-to-hand combat to successfully perform the movements. Signing up for self-defense lessons, ideally, will provide you with the expertise you need to utilize this strike pen decisively and successfully.
Finally, When utilized, it may not write as well as previously.

What Are Customers Saying About Strikepen Black Program?

I don’t see any mention of customer feedback.
As a result, I believe the firm should alter the content of his website. There is one additional area, in particular, that provides customer comments on the product. There is also a comment box at the bottom of the product. That is why it gives readers more confidence.

According To Diziti’s Searching,

In The Quora Site,

Bunty Sahota

“If you want to get a good self-defense tool, check out the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black since it is simple to use and carry. As a result, it can greatly assist you in protecting yourself from harm.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback

Customer’s feedback on the Quora site

Davinder Saini

“If you want to get a good self-defense tool, choose the survival strikepen black since it is simple to use and transport.
So it is up to you to defend yourself from harm.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback2

Customer’s feedback on the Quora site

In The Regionvavid Site,

Moore,  Rating: 4 /5 stars

“Excellent pen for security.
The construction of the pen is very amazing. It is designed in such a manner that it seems to be a basic pen but functions as a powerful defensive weapon on the inside. It is made of sturdy components and has an ergonomic design. Furthermore, the strike pen is incredibly simple to use and manage. It is not like other tools that become tough to use.
It is light in the hand while still being powerful enough to be used as a defensive tool. I’ve used it and it’s fantastic.”

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site


Rating: 5 /5 stars

“A fantastic and unique tool
The pen appeals to me. I’ve used the strike pen, and it’s really useful. Thank you to the developers of this tool. It is lightweight and portable. It may be used anyplace without issue, and it is the best in terms of defense. The pen is well-made, with a clever, ergonomic design and sturdy construction.”

Bonnie S. Smith

Rating: 4 /5 stars

“I eventually got there.
You have no idea how hard I worked to obtain this smart pen. I wanted something that I could employ for self-defense. Something that would be concealed while yet providing me with some security. I was also searching for something reasonably priced. I’m glad I received the strike pen.”

Strikepen Black Review- feedback4

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site

Peggy Wyman, rating 5/5 stars

“To be entirely honest, I had no idea such a thing existed. It’s incredible what people come up with. In any case, I got it for my kid; plainly, the world we live in is dangerous. We tested it, and it works well and is quite sturdy. The best thing about this weapon is that no one will suspect it is a weapon, yet it is capable of being a deadly weapon if necessary. It’s a self-defense weapon, so use it accordingly.”

Customer’s feedback on the Regionvavid site

In Sloppi Site,

Dave Mathew

“I got it yesterday, and it came to my house in three days. And I loved it since the design is extremely interesting and the material seemed to be strong. But I didn’t know how to use it for defense, protection, or fighting in case of a terrible scenario, so I looked it up and watched a video on YouTube. Amazing, this tactical pen has multifunction, efficiency, and effectiveness. Guys, you should grab it as well; get it now while it’s still free! This is a great item to own.”

Customer’s feedback on the Sloppi site

Wilson Mollison

“I loved the design and the materials utilized to construct it. However, when compared to other tactical pens, it falls well short. But I’m glad I can receive it for free. Overall, three stars!”

Customer’s feedback on the Sloppi site

To summarize, I discovered all positive reviews after looking on several websites for Strikepen Black Review. Many people receive good results from many websites. Customers are really pleased with this product. A lot of parents buy it for their daughters.
And I have complete faith in this product. I urge that everyone, especially women, get this to defend themselves.
Please notify me if you come across any further bad reviews for a product. This review will be improved as a result of my contributions.

Is It Legit And Worth?

It is, without a doubt, not a cheat. Because a large number of customers have purchased and utilized it. They make comments on a variety of websites, which I have listed for you.
It is well worth your money, and it truly improves your confidence on the road.
If you or a family member is using this product, please give your feedback in the comments area so that others may learn more about it.
And now, in this Strikepen Black Program Reviews, we’ll look at the product’s price as well as its bonuses.

How Much Does Strikepen Black Program Cost?

The Strikepen is worth $54.95 according to the Ape Survival website, but it is now completely free.
ApeSurvival, you see, is giving away its Strikpen as part of their National Survival Awareness Campaign, with the stated objective of:
“Educate and inform American families on how to withstand natural catastrophes and terrorist assaults, as well as enhance self-defense and outdoor abilities.”
The only catch is that you must pay a little shipping fee.
Personally, I believe that the tiny amount of shipping is well worth it, and that this is a fantastic value.
Furthermore, they may consider this Strikpen offer as an excellent way to promote their survival store…
This simply means that you may get the opportunity to have one of the greatest self-defense tactical pens for free…
However, when you purchase the second pen, you will be charged $19 for this. If you wish to add a Q5 Taclite or a Folding Money Clip Knife to your order, they’re both $19.
I can’t emphasize it enough: for $0, everyone can obtain this weapon for protection. There is no danger. You should buy immediately since the offer will stop after 500 people have purchased it.

So if you feel the price is great and it is suitable for you, you can buy the product as soon as possible!


Who Can And Can Not Use Strikepen Black Program?

Who Can Use?

This product is suitable for both men and women. Even youngsters can carry on in their pockets to defend themselves from bad guys.
I believe it is appropriate for those who:
They want to use this weapon to protect themselves throughout the year.
To get through the dark night, you’ll need something bright and sharp.

Who Can Not Use Strikepen Black Program?

The Strikepen Black program is not intended for those who:
Want a large weapon, such as a gun or something like that.
It’s a shame to have to spend a few dollars for shipping.

Does It Have A Money-Back Policy?

The good news is that your order is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. This implies that if you are unhappy with the solution, you can request a refund within two months after making your order.
However, the first order is free. If you are unsatisfied with the second product, you have 60 days to return it.

My Final Conclusion About Strikepen Black Program Reviews

Before looking for information on the Strikepen Black program, I knew nothing about it, including its form, color, material, and features.
Then I started I’d look up this name on the internet. “Oh, no! It is, in fact, a pen.” I’m surprised since I don’t believe a pen can keep bad guys at distance.
Following that, I attempted to explore various websites for the benefits of the product and user comments. I’m seeing a lot of positive feedback. And I had faith in it. The firm is well-known and sells everything related to survival. Customers are pleased with this product. And I’m really impressed with this little weapon.
The price is much more shocking. I can’t believe the cost is zero dollars. It does, however, have limitations. When 500 people have purchased the product, the price will be reduced to $ 54.95.
Furthermore, the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
I recommended Norma R. Bush to purchase something for her daughter. And she did so because she had faith in the firm. She was eager to acquire it, especially since it cost nothing.
I propose that all of you buy it for $0.


It is critical to be able to defend oneself in tough and dangerous situations, and the Strikepen Black program may assist you in doing so. Having a Strikepen Black program is a wise decision for individuals who value their protection, refuse to be victims, and want to fight back and defend their right to feel protected. It provides you an advantage when confronted with a difficult situation.

Thank You

Surely you have read all Strikepen Black Program Reviews. I believe that you have enough information about this product. Because I spent a lot of time learning, with such time and this article has many shortcomings and if you have any contribution, as well as if you feel that it is not good, please leave a question and comment below. If you know which products are similar and interesting and want me to review, please leave the information below. I will review them for you. Thank you!

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