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Stop Leash Pulling with Simple Video Guide

Stop Leash Pulling Video Guide

This could be one of the most common bad manners you have experienced with your dogs. To stop leash pulling, however, is simple and gentle when you know how.

We know that most dog owners would love to lead their dogs and puppies for a walk. But the thing is, sometimes it turns to be so embarrassing because it is like your dogs lead you to walk on a zig-zag path. According to Doggy Dan, learning how to stop leash pulling is not difficult and non-violent.

Doggy Dan The Online Dog TrainerAbout Dan: in addition to being a dog owner (like us), he is famed for becoming a dog trainer and behaviorist. Recently, he has built a dog training program and put it on The Online Dog Trainer site with an aim to sharing his knowledge to dog owners all over the world. Thousands of people have followed his positive gentle methods to train their dogs.

So, let’s explore deeply this problem first before we point out the solution, following Dan’s guide. This video below shows how Doggy Dan stops leash pulling:

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Leash pulling and consequences:

How your dogs behave when being put on the leash? To name a few, you dogs often pull on the leash, try to move forwards in front of you, and lunge their heads and bodies ahead. Your dogs even try to jump forwards and chase other dogs, pets or animals near them even you hold the leash.

how to calm a dog with anxiety

These actions seem to make you feel exhausted because you have to use too many efforts to control the leash. Whenever the dogs pull on the leash, we start getting fear that other animals or people may be injured. Things might get worse if your dogs become bigger. You can lose the leash any time because your dogs are too strong (no longer were your puppies ever). Then they possibly cause serious consequences for anyone around them. To some extent, the relationship between you and your loyal companion may be affected. You may have an idea to give up on him/her because of disobedience.

Why your dog behaves badly?

In order to help us to stop leash pulling, Dan gives us deep understanding about the root causes. Naturally, dogs need to warm up their bodies. They have to run, jump and interact with the outside world to revive their energy. It is like humans as we have to do activities and exercises with an aim to stay healthy and fit. Staying inside the house could be quite boring, that’s why they become over-excited when you pick the leash and are about to walk them outsides.

Stop Dog Barking Video GuideApart from being over-excited, your dog also misunderstand that he is the leader! He thinks that it is his responsibility to protect you and himself from any danger. That explains for their weird actions including lunging ahead, smelling everything around, and even go aggressively against other dogs.

However, as Dan says about the benefits of walking outsides for your puppies and dogs, don’t give up on your best friend! Here are basic steps Dan shows you to stop leash pulling.

Step by Step to stop leash pulling:

1. Calm your dog down

Doggy Dan Leash TrainingAs Dan’s explanation, dogs are easily over-excited when you show them that you are about to get them outside for a walk. Thus, don’t push yourself to follow their excitement! Wait for a while until your dog goes back to the calm state, and is ready to follow your lead.

Does it work? Sure. You may underestimate how smart your dog could be. They can understand if you remind them that you are the leader and make the decision, not them. You just need to be patient and they will recognize your indication. This is called “the pack leadership”, which is highly recommended by Dan because of its positive and non-brutal approach.

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2. Get ready for a walk

Stop Leash Pulling Correctly

According to Dan, observing your dog and you will see when they turn back to be totally calm. Then, you can confidently lead them for a walk without being afraid of their bad leash manners.

However, don’t start in a rush! To stop leash pulling which could happen after that, dog owners should learn to become a calm and patient pack leader. A walk beginning with slow, enjoyable steps is better for both of you and your dog. It is an essential thing to keep in mind, or you will While you and your “friend” are walking, just remind him some time that who is the leader, so that they will not go too over-excited.

Learn how to stop leashing pulling in details:

The step-by-step solution above is just the brief, but cannot show you the whole process and different situations that you need help. 

To watch every video that helps you to solve all dogs’ bad behaviors, and fundamental steps to win a dog’s mind, you’d better join Dan’s program. The online dog training program contains 6 courses applicable to all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs. Particularly, The Dog Calming Code is the essential course which helps you to calm your dogs in all situations. Stop leash pulling is not impossible anymore!

You could read more The Online Dog Trainer Full Review in this article or this video:

And many feedbacks to his program, namely these:

Feedbacks - Stop Leash Pulling


Why the program is so outstanding?

For one, all videos are recorded in Dan’s real consultations with thousands of dogs and their owners. Therefore, you can learn how to train a dog as correctly as Dan did in those videos. Every tips and techniques that Dan has been using for a decade to help dog owners are in there. You will absolutely transform the relationship between your loyal companion when applying Dan’s lessons into reality.

Secondly, Dan amazes people with “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” refund guarantee within 60 days joining any course. He does not want to bring unbeneficial knowledge to dog owners all over the world. Thus, every cent counts when you join the program.

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