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Stop Dog Barking Video Guide Explains Roots of Behaviors


Your dog suddenly barks endlessly although you try all resorts? Dan’s Video Guide can help you to stop dog barking by showing roots of this behavior and fixing it gently. Click to Play Video:

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online dog trainer Doggy DanAs a brief information of Doggy Dan, he is a “Kiwi” dog trainer and behaviorist who has been recognised by SPCA of New Zealand and many national communication channels. With his love for dogs and his comprehensive experiences regarding dog training, he starts his online dog training program called The Online Dog Trainer. With an aim to share his knowledge to dog lovers all over the world, Dan designs 6 courses that provide all things you need to train your puppy or dog. His methods are so gentle and non-violence, so you can ensure that Dan makes the best for your dogs. Thousands of dog owners have succeeded in dog training journey, particularly in the way to stop dog barking which could be a nightmare of dog owners. Here are some reviews:

Stop Dog Barking Review

This article, thus, refers to lots of information from Dan. See more on his site here….

1. Catch the behavior before learning to stop dog barking

Dogs are lovely, loyal members of many families, but they have their own drawback – barking so rudely all day. There is someone coming to the door, they bark. You get them into the car, they bark. They see or hear other dogs on the other side of the wall or the fences, they begin barking endlessly. Your friends come to the house, they bark and jump up to the visitors. Or maybe you get a puppy that constantly barks because they want this, they want that, they want to eat chips, not rice. Or the dogs start barking right when you leave the house.

Stop Dog Barking Video Guide

There are many situations in which dogs act like this. It is such an annoying problem because it can be so noisy and make you get head-ache. But it is not impossible to settle a dog down. In fact, there are simple techniques that could stop dog barking. You just need following Dan’s guide in his videos of the dog training program.

Before starting any search in details, you’d better understand what your dog is trying to tell you through that annoying voice.

2. “Decoding” dog barking sounds

  • Barking to get what they want

Dog Training with FoodYour dog sometimes is like a child who wants toys or snacks by crying and yelling. Instead, he/she barks. For instance, she wants you to bring her to the park to play because she is bored. To gain your attention, she starts barking and making noise.

In this situation, Dan recommends that we should not give them what they want right at the moment. Bad behaviors don’t deserve rewards. If you feel pity and “compromise”, that thing will continually happen in a worse way and you cannot stop dog barking.

Thus, instead of rewarding, you should just ignore your dog for a while. Particularly, you act like you don’t care anything about your dog barking loudly. No pain, no gain! Wait until your dog is calm and understand that you are the decision maker, then bring her for a walk as she wishes. 

  • Barking when feeling in danger

Dogs are like us. We shout when we are scared and panic; and dogs bark when they feel the same way. But the thing is, your dogs respond to danger based on their instinct, they cannot stop immediately – which means they cannot control it.

Let’s watch your dog while they bark. Sometimes, they just hear some noise outside your house, or they see someone walk by, they suddenly bark, jump up and run over. Everything you says cannot reach them to stop. At this moment, it is so wrong if you shout at them because it will make them more confused and panic, then bark more loudly.

Fortunately, Dan has an idea! He creates such a great tip for dog owners to stop dog barking. Firstly, calm your dog first, by simply say something simple and gentle like “Thank You”. If he still keeps barking, you look outside your house towards the “strangers” and softly say again “Thank you” then go away.

It sounds a little bit weird, doesn’t it? But your dog can catch your point that there is no danger and no need to worry! Dan utilizes our body language to express to our dog that message, rather than shouting at them. If he still barks, just ignore him for a while.

However, Dan stresses that you’d better win your dog’s mind first by becoming the pack leader. The more quickly they notice you when they get panic, the sooner they come back to their calm state.


  • Barking when being left at home

If you are a dog owner and have read about this on the Internet, you may be familiar with the term “separation anxiety barking”. This term illustrates the situation that your dog feel stress when you and he does not stay in one place closely. He feels worried about you.

Let’s imagine that you are inside the locked house, and a family’s puppy biting - bad behavior?member gets troubles out there. You cannot do anything except staying in the house. Then, you will feel anxious and start shouting for help. Dogs act the same way.  In addition to barking, your dogs may undergo many destructive behaviors like chewing furniture or trying to escape because they are too anxious and cannot control themselves.

Some people who don’t understand this reason use the shock collar to stop dog barking. But it is so brutal! Dan will help you to reach another solution. Training a dog without hurting them turns out to be not difficult when you follow Dan’s guide in his dog and puppy training videos. In brief, you have to become a pack leader to win your dog’s mind first, then you could show your puppy that: “there is no danger here, I am safe”, using soft and gentle approaches.

  • Barking when getting too excited

puppy training - Doggy DanHave you ever seen children become so excited and start yelling like crazy? Dogs do that, too. It is just like the way they show their excitement, however, it might become so noisy that you could not stand.

Dan has an effective technique for you called “Calm Freeze” that could help you to deal with this. The technique includes easy steps to calm your dog when getting over-excited. To see more about this technique and others, visit his Blog and find out all courses provided.

3. Anything else we can learn from Dan?

No, absolutely not. Those tips are just a tiny part of The Online Dog Trainer program. In this article, we just share 4 of 12 dog barking issues. But the whole program contains all things you need. Regarding all breeds, all shapes and sizes, and all ages from 8 weeks to certain years old, 6 courses that Dan has built and updated day by day will solve your problems.

You can easily see the effectiveness of Dan’s methods in details and steps by steps with this video:

Click here to watch Dan’s video guide…

However, you can refer to our article “The Dog Trainer Full Review” for details on this program.

FAIR Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeBesides the reasonable price of each course, the program has PERFECT Refund Guarantee policy that “no question asked” when you want to take your money back in 60 days. This will ensure that the program brings benefits to you, not just take your money.

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