Are you having trouble finding a way to stop dog barking?
You know, barking is one of the most common dogs’ behavioral problems, and thousands of other people have problems like those.


Let’s take a look at the dog’s signs if he is barking anywhere at all times!
Your dog barks at the front door or when you are walking. It barks in the car, around your belongings. Not only that, but he also barks when he’s at home alone or when he’s too excited. You may notice if it is barks at people, barks at other dogs, barks to get attention, or when running near a fence.

If your dog does this, it is likely that he is having emotional control and behavior problems. You need to pay attention and find a way to fix it right away!

Luckily, there’s a solution to solve this incredibly annoying problem.

Stop dog barking


This method is quite interesting in that it starts with learning how to reassure your dog so that it can regain control of its emotions. Seriously, this method will calm your dog and keep his barking under control.

Will you get anxious about whether the method I share is applicable to your dog? Well, actually, before I share with you this method of calming dog, I have also read it and applied it to my dog, Buck. I have also read and learned quite carefully about this method. So it doesn’t matter if your dog is only 8 weeks old or an adult, he can learn to control his emotions so that you can finally put an end to its constant barking problem.

So What Can We Do To Stop Dog Barking?

I will share with you! In this method, we will have 5 emotional control exercises that will help your dog develop ‘cute life skills’, meaning they will stay calm and focused and listen to you when it does. really important, even when there is distraction going on around it.

So what are these exercises interesting about? Oh, these 5 exercises will give you the foundation to overcome any dog ​​or puppy behavior problems you may encounter, such as barking and these exercises will help you to become successful.

One thing I want to advise you on is that there really is no time to start because these dog problems will not fix on their own and they get worse. Then your dog becomes even more out of control, making it harder to control its behavior.

But what if your dog is quite docile and cute? Of course, if you already have a lovely and obedient puppy then congratulations. You can use these emotional control exercises to prevent the drama from occurring in the future.

Going back to the method I shared above. It’s a helpful five-exercise method for your dog to control his emotions and stop him from barking.

Then Whose Method Is That?

Let me share with you about a dog trainer named Doggy Dan. He was the one who came up with method that helps stop dog barking that I showed you above.

But wait! How I Knew About Doggy Dan?

Everything started about 2 months ago. I took Buck to my house for the first time. Even though my family loved the dog a lot, we still had problems. The first problem occurred when the dog jumped on our guest. No matter how I asked him to stop, the dog jumped uncontrollably.Next is the second problem. The puppy barks a lot at the sight of a stranger and cannot help but stop. And the visitor was really annoyed by that bark.

However, an accident happened to my lives. I once visited my brother’s house and he amazed me with how he soothed his dog as it kept barking while looking at me. To be honest, I was also surprised and curious. “How can he do that?” I wondered. I wanted to learn how to help my dog. And then he told me that he looked at some of the author’s methods called Doggy Dan’s methods. And now, I’m introducing this author to you.

So who is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan who is also known as Dan Abdelnoor, is an expert dog trainer for many years. He was born in the US. But then moved to New Zealand and started his career here. 


Moreover, he is an active animal campaigner for years. He appears on many shows and radio shows. Especially, Doggy Dan and the online course have received endorsement by The New Zealand SPCA. (SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Doggy Dan once owned 4 dogs. Those 4 were also his coworker in his training videos. However one of those, Peanut passed away. This is a very sad thing for the founder. You can find his dedicated lines for Peanut on his website.

Of course this is not all about Doggy Dan. In fact, Diziti had a review of about 2000 words sharing quite a bit of Doggy Dan and his experience and dedication. If you do not know Dan well, you can read that Doggy Dan review here!

What’s More To Stop Dog Barking?

So where did I find the method to stop dog barking? Actually, Doggy Dan is the founder of “The online dog trainer course”. This Online Dog training is a program that allows people to learn training tips online. Doggy Dan began to run this online course in 2009. The online dog trainer course contains more than 250 training videos. Moreover, these videos are about almost dog issues in every breed.

In “The Online Dog Trainer Course“, there is a section of content that Doggy Dan shares to help you stop the dog’s obsessive, annoying and frustrating barking habits.

I think you should check out the website that introduces this method if you haven’t seen it already.

Doggy Dan’s 5-exercise approach will help you have a lovely dog that not only listens to what you say, but also behaves and stops barking when you need it. This means headaches, frustrations and confusion are gone.

What’s in Doggy Dan’s course?

The complete package of the dog training program Doggy Dan shares is full of content including 6 more intensive courses that tackle dog’s problems!

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

Mention about “The dog training program”, you must be curious about the reviews of people who have applied Doggy Dan’s methods. Diziti has a review of this program, you can read The Online Dog Trainer Review here to better understand the reliability of the program if you do not understand it!

How People Think About The Course?

Actually, there were many people commenting and giving feedback on the course website. I think these comments and reviews will be the most honest review of the program. Read it carefully to make your own appreciation!

Watch the video review below for the truth!

Stop dog barking

Stop dog barking

There are lots of comments and reviews, please take a closer look to see how effective the program is!

Stop dog barking

You can read Diziti review about Doggy Dan’s course to know all about it and give decision!

Is It Expensive To Stop Dog Barking?

The answer is No. Doggy Dan’s course costs $37 for a month and $147 for 6 months. He also built an ask forum for user to send their questions, videos, and pictures. The course also has the 6 months guarantee to refund if the user finds it hard to follow these training tips.

That is the price for those who really believe in Doggy Dan and his program, but if you have doubts about its effectiveness, opt for a 3-day trial package for just $ 1. It’s true! Just $ 1, you can experience the videos that Doggy Dan used to help many dog owners through stressful times.

This is really a benefit that Doggy Dan gives you when you are hesitant, wondering about the reliability of the program. I, like all of you, was very nervous at first despite the positive reviews of Doggy Dan and his course. I also took the time to try the program for 3 days for only 1 dollar. After I experienced the trial period, I also switched to using the monthly pack to improve my dog’s emotions.




There is something more! When you sign up for the program with the full package, you get that extra bonus. Did you find it quite interesting? So not only the 6 main contents, Doggy Dan also gives you some bonuses.

What are they? They are:

You see, the bonuses cost as much as $ 287. It’s correct! They cost a total of $ 287, but Doggy Dan gives you all for free! It’s great, isn’t it?

Plus, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Then your risk is zero.

So there is no reason let you don’t try this program!

Let’s use the $1 trial!

Through this review, I hope to help you answer the questions about the method that help you to stop dog barking. 

I highly appropriate his dedication to the dog training field. Also, I admire his achievements. They are truly impressive. Once again, I suggest you try the 3 days trial with $1 to make up your mind before buying the course. 



I hope this review is helpful to you and you can make your dog obedient and obey you! Follow me for more topics.

Thanks for your support of you.

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