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Stop Dog Aggression? Video Guide Says We Can

Stop Dog Aggression Video Guide

You may shock to hear that among every 69 people in the US, there is 1 person bitten by a dog at least once in his/her whole life. But thanks to Doggy Dan, we now can learn how to stop dog aggression.

Doggy Dan – the name is not strange among dog owner community – explains all fundamental things (regarding dog aggression) that amaze thousands of dog owners. As a famous dog trainer and behaviorist, he shows us the best solution for this situation without using force in The Online Dog Trainer site. Follow this expert’s guide to understand the new method to stop dog aggression.

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1. Recognize aggressive tendencies?

Dog owners might see dog aggression as a daily issue because they get used to facing with it. But for people who have not adopted a puppy or a dog, or they don’t have “a chance” to interact with many dogs, they cannot imagine what an aggressive dog could be. However, not many people know how to stop dog aggression correctly.

If a dog becomes a bit crazy, he will express by constant barking, lunging whilst on the leash and put the whole body towards the “dangerous creatures”. They can even go aggressively at home. Your dog may suddenly keep barking and excessive mouthing when strangers or visitors come to your house. At that moment, you try to do all methods even it may hurt your dog to stop dog aggression. You have the fear that someone could get seriously injured. Your dog also threatens the safety of others like pet cats or smaller dogs living around him, because he could get crazy, chase smaller animals, and even bite them.

Stop Dog Aggression - Dogg Dan Video Guide

Supposing things may get worse, the dog owner is likely to feel it could be too risky for others if the dog stays. The dog owner considers it as a nightmare occurring day by day because nothing really works to stop dog aggression.

It is such a tragedy for both – the dog and you. In fact, dogs go aggressively for reasons, and it is not difficult to curve these tendencies. You just need to figure out the causes of problems with Dan’s help, through numerous articles and video guides.

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2. Why your dog become so aggressive?

There are many different reasons why your dog turns out to be aggressive. But Dan found that the difference in size, breed, color, or any aspect regarding appearances has no relevance to dog aggression. The root causes come from the dog’s mind.

As Dan concludes, there are 2 main types: dominant and fearful aggression, based on the stimulation leading to the response.

  • Fearful Aggression

This occurs when dogs suddenly feel threats of danger around themselves and their masters. They want to protect you and other members of the family from any harm that could happen. That is why we call them our most loyal companion.

Moreover, the aggressive responses are natural. The dog’s instinct tells their brain and body the moment to defend and fight against danger with an aim to protect their “pack” thousands of years ago – like members of the family nowadays. Therefore, it is easy to understand that your dogs may be so aggressive to other dogs when you walk them around the park. But, they may possibly enjoy socializing and relaxing when a stranger walks them (if they don’t feel fear of the person, of course).

  • Dominant Aggression

Dominant AggressionWhen you first see the name of this type, you may think that this one could be more violent and lead to serious injury. In fact, it results in slighter harm. There are some dogs who want to show their strength over other dogs, so they expose dominant aggression towards the others. But some just want to relax and are ready to be submissive! Thus, the strength “contest” may end very quickly.

This dominance-based aggression sometimes could become more serious when all want to build their hierarchy. There could be some fights, but once again, those often end with less injury than fearful aggression.

You may wonder if the size affects the dominance. The thing is, even your tiny chihuahua may want to be in charge of everything, while your husky just has submissive expressions like rolling over slowly.

3. Is there any solution to this problem?

Why not “solutions”? Following Dan’s guide, we just need one way to solve all problems. In order to stop dog aggression, even if it is dominant or fearful one, you should spend less time on training your dogs. Because both types prove that your dogs think they are in charge of everything that could occur. Instead, you’d better make them believe that you are in charge in all situations, not them. It is called “the pack leader”. Dog owners should show their dogs that you are calm gentle leaders, so your dogs will follow your guide.

Pack leadership - dog trainingDan has seen numerous times a dog thinks he is the leader and starts checking all corners and sides of the “potential dangers”. His tail and ears go up, he puffs his chest and acts like a professional detective looking for any suspect points. Or sometimes he is too fearful to face with the danger. Therefore, to stop dog aggression, all situations need to have a calm leader – you.

It is not difficult at all to become the pack leader. This solution is not only easily applicable but also gentle and effective in a long term.

To understand more about this new method, click here.

4. Where I could find more helpful information to stop dog aggression?

  • Dan is here to help

The Online Dog Trainer Overview As mentioned above, you can trust his reputation regarding dog training. In fact, it is more reasonably priced, comfortable (because you train your dog at home), and informative. Dan has recorded hundreds of video guides through his real consultation and experiences for dog owners to learn how to calm and train a dog without hurting them. Every video has useful tips and techniques that are easy like eating a piece of cake to follow. In additions, he designs 6 typical courses, each is useful for different situations. You don’t need to worry about your dog breeds or ages, because Dan’s methods are beneficial for all.

  • Real Results

Using positive methods are the way to show your love to this loyal friend. Besides, it turns out to be more effective because the calm situation lasts for a long term. According to thousands of dog owners having joined the online dog training program, they have experienced real results. Click Here to see how he changes an aggressive dog (Buck) to a calm dog with simple steps.

You can easily see the effectiveness of Dan’s methods in details and steps by steps with this video:

Click here to watch Dan’s video guide…

However, you can refer to our article “The Dog Trainer Full Review 2018” for details on this program.

  • And here are some reviews:

Stop Dog Aggression Feedback

  • Dan guarantees your satisfaction

Money Back GuaranteeIf you are worried about the quality of The Online Dog Trainer, don’t. Dan provides fair guarantee policies for all users: you can take your money back within 60 days joining any course. He wants everybody is happy with his sharing information about dog training.

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