Are you curious if you can control your emotions so that you can finally put an end to the puppy’s naughty behavior. In today’s Diziti article, I will share with you tips to help your puppy develop “life skills”, such as how to stay calm and focused and how to listen to you, even if he’s completely distracted. These are all I took from a puppy training program by a famous author.  This will give you the foundation to overcome any puppy behavior problems you may encounter – such as barking or worrying and will help you succeed.

Do you feel curious what puppy training program I am referring to? And don’t let you wait any longer, I will share with you “puppy program calming the emotions of over excited puppy” from the online dog trainer of Doggy Dan.

Of course to me, this program was no stranger when I took the time to learn it quite well. However, maybe among you there are people who have never heard of this special program. So first of all, let’s find out how this program helps us to calm our puppy!

About the program of calming puppy

You can get your puppies to come to you when you call them in, but when they are outside, they get distracted and completely ignore you. Your puppy can be the perfect puppy when it is home alone but when a visitor comes, the game continues and it jumps on your guest and scratches them, they put your guest at risk muscle injury.

You know, you can see how easy all these little behaviors are when raising a puppy.


To get rid of such unpleasant situations and you have a good puppy, the program will help you have a great puppy. You can enjoy it to its fullest potential, and you need to know that getting a puppy to its full potential takes a bit of patience.

The truth is pretty straightforward in training dogs as long as you know you want the best for them and pay attention to the video that Doggy Dan shares as he will show you how you can completely change it. It modifies your puppy’s behavior so that he is calm and obey you at all times using some simple yet extremely effective and powerful emotional control exercises. This is not exaggerating at all! Not easy, but a lot of fun.

This program is basically a video training guide from “The online dog trainer course”.

You can visit this dog training website here if you haven’t known it!.

The author understands that it is desirable for you to accompany your puppy when they first arrive in light to help him see more like a relative than having a puppy.
The program includes Project Moses video diary about the author’s puppy. He has been raising a puppy since it was eight weeks old. You can apply depending on what stage your puppy is at, you can watch the appropriate videos. They will tell you exactly what to do.

Interestingly, the section also has a very common puppy problem. This section shows how to prevent undesirable behavior around the food bowl. Not only does it cover issues, but of course there is also an in-depth puppy training section that includes things like how to teach your puppy to sit down, how to get the puppy to run closer to you for the first time, etc.

The calm training program includes five very powerful games or exercises that will transform your dog by teaching it to focus on you when it’s really important.
This is really the secret to help your dog get rid of all distractions and focus on obeying you.

About the author!

Doggy Dan, also known as Dan Abdelnoor, is an expert dog trainer for many years. He was born in the US. But then moved to New Zealand and started his career here. He is the founder of “The online dog trainer course”. You can visit Diziti review on Doggy Dan if you haven’t known him!

Moreover, he is an active animal campaigner for years. He appears on many shows and radio shows. Especially, Doggy Dan and the online course have received endorsement by The New Zealand SPCA. (SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Doggy Dan once owned 4 dogs. Those 4 were also his coworker in his training videos. However one of those, Peanut passed away. This is a very sad thing for the founder. You can find his dedicated lines for Peanut on his website.

Or you can listen to him by clicking the video below!

Here’s what he shared at his puppy training program official page.

What are special things you can get from this program?

The online dog training program has been shown to ‘undo’ even the most stubborn puppies

After years of working with thousands of people, helping them train their dogs, the author knows there is a better way to reach out to dog and puppy owners.
Author wants a way to help more people in a more efficient way so that they can not only learn author’s methods but also aplly so easily and comfortably. In addition, Doggy Dan wants to give dog owners the opportunity to implement these methods and techniques on their own, and they can do it on their own schedule.

The program makes you feel like you have a 24/7 dog trainer because it can be installed on all your devices.

Doggy Dan’s program is fully responsive for your laptop, tablet and smartphone.
This means you get an expert puppy trainer to help you and guide you exactly every step the author used to use.
In addition, all the author’s training programs and videos shared now have subtitles (subtitles) for those with hearing problems.

The online dog trainer is easy, fun, and suitable for all puppies and dogs.

Unlike many expensive puppy training programs or that give you information that doesn’t really deliver the desired results, Dogggy Dan’s guide will include methods you can learn step-by-step to train. Puppies successfully.

The online video tutorials are easy to learn and fun. Additionally, this training will be suitable for all puppies and dogs.

How do users think of puppy training program?

Of course it’s also important to think about the people who have adopted Doggy Dan’s program. Based on the reviews and comments, you will know whether to apply this program or not. And I also give you some real examples of customer reviews here.

You can find out about the negative reviews about the program by clicking the image below!

puppy training

Puppy training program review

puppy training

Puppy training program review

puppy training

In addition to these reviews, you can check out Diziti’s 2000 word review article about this program. It will help you better understand the program as well as its effectiveness.

Read the Doggy Dan program review here!

Is there any other surprises?

It sounds like something you can benefit from, but it’s true, the author will give you access to the entire show in 3 days for just $ 1.
That’s right, just one Dollar! This gives you a chance to join in and see how great this resource really is.
And you can be sure that the site and the method really work for you and your puppy.
During the trial period, you can cancel at any time, however, if you are satisfied, just continue with the subscription for $ 37 / month and again, you are free to cancel at any time. Come on. Or choose the 6 Month or Annual option to save even more.

puppy training

Puppy training program choices

This way, you not only always have access to all instructional videos, but also continuous access to the member’s forum choices.

You know, the author’s fee for a 3-hour dog consultation with a client is $ 440. Or close to $ 550 for people with more experience than the author has! Quite surprising, right?
But you see, now you can access to $ 1 for 3 days.  You can also complete access to all the information you need, easy step-by-step video tutorials and much more in membership-only zone with multiple monthly, 6-month or annual choices.

But that is not all in puppy training program!

We not only have a variety of options to suit each customer, but the author also makes this offer better for you.
Authors are offering you a 60-day with no risk, question-free and money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your investment, the supplier will be happy to refund your purchase in full. Isn’t it very satisfying?

I think you should get for yourself the $ 1 free trial option now!


puppy training

For myself, I highly appropriate his dedication to the dog training field. Also, I admire his achievements. They are truly impressive. I suggest you can try the 3 days trial with $1 to make up your mind before buying the course. Once you feel the program works effectively, then continue to subscribe with the option that’s right for you.

I hope this review is helpful to you. Follow me for more topics.

Thanks for your support of you.

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