How do you feel when your dog poop every morning, not in the right place where you want it to be? Looks like that would be a very bad thing, right. Potty training accidents often happen.

You know, your potty training in the right place can also ruin your relationship with your dog.

When your puppy is 3-month-old , I know that it’s hard to stay calm and relaxed about the whole thing. For many owners, they struggle and try to train a puppy in the right place for months and it can be seen as a lottery.

So in this article, Diziti will share with you some interesting things about the “online puppy potty training” so that you can help your puppy pee and poop in the right place and obey you!

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What is Puppy’s Potty Training Video Course?

This program will help you discover the author’s designated formula, which has been shown to teach a puppy to the toilet, which many people have failed to use correctly.

This program will guide you on how to set the puppy to pee fully according to your desired schedule. You have discovered some clever tricks that the author has used, even, you will know both shower puppies and how to motivate them to use the bathroom every time you go out. This is to ensure continuity and success throughout the night.

And it shows that your potty training is still on the right track and in the end the author shows you how to get your puppy to just the place in the garden you want. This will save a lot of your time.

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What Will You Get?

You know, you will learn to establish the perfect digestive tract so your dog can pee according to your desired schedule because this will work.

Besides, you will discover the tricks the author used to fight the most “shy” puppies in the bathroom and how to motivate them to be self-conscious every time you go out …

Not only that, but you also learn how to ensure complete overnight success and keep your dog’s potty training on track.

It’s fascinating that the author also shows you how to take your puppy away from just one place of your choice.

In particular, a full video tutorial on a live consultation so you can watch the author go through the whole process as he trains a puppy to never have an “accident” again.

Read the details of the course immediately!

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Who is Doggy Dan?

Diziti mentions the author many times, but do you know exactly who he is? Why is he so reliable to help our dogs defecate in the right place? To answer these questions, Diziti has put together some information that you can find out.

As far as I know, the author’s name is Daniel Abdelnoor, also known as ‘Doggy Dan’. He is a full-time professional dog trainer. In particular, he is one of the top dog trainers in Auckland, New Zealand. Besides, he is also a highly regarded author, an animal rights activist, media figure and even a famous dog trainer.

doggy dan review

>> Hear Him Talking About Potty Training For Your Puppies  <<

It is interesting that he has trained dogs of all types and breeds, with all kinds of problems. It’s amazing how thousands of beloved dog owners around the world are using his daily training methods with excellent results.

That’s what the author introduces himself and in addition, Diziti also has another article so you can learn more about the author of the videos to guide the puppies in the right place. You will clarify your questions when you know about this program. From there, you will easily see if this program is effective or not!

Read the Doggy Dan Review By Diziti.

That is just the author of this program and that information only helps you to evaluate the credibility of the author as well as the effectiveness of this program.

Alternatively, you can read the principles he applies when training the dog. That is also interesting information for those who are new to dogs and have been a dog for a long time.

How People Think About This Online Puppy Potty Training Video Course?

In addition to that information, Diziti also helps you know about the level of user satisfaction, they rated and left a lot of comments and feedback. You can easily read those useful information. This will be the foundation for you to find the right methods to help your dog poop in the right place.

“We tried 3 dog training courses and were dissatisfied because they all relied EXCLUSIVELY on treats. As an example, every step with the dog required a high value treat, so 10 steps, 10 treats.

We searched the net, and found Doggy Dan, and haven’t looked back! By the way we met a beautiful out of control rescue 3-year old Rescue Golden Retriever (not ours). We have a 3 month old Golden Retriever. We are going to recommend your videos to the new owner.” (from Cynthia).

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You can find plenty of comments on the home page of this free online program. And the majority of the comments there have been positive, and video adopters are quite pleased with what Doggy Dan shares.

What Inside This Puppy Potty Training Video Course?

Above is information about this online program and the author as well as what the users responded. Next, Diziti will share with you what you will get and they are completely free. Yes, you did not read the information wrong. These are the knowledge, sharing that the author gave you and they are completely FREE.

Puppy potty training


Surely you are also excited about free videos that are helpful in training your puppy to pee and poop in the right place. Diziti would like to share with you that, in addition to these free videos, the author also gives you very interesting bonuses.

I think the information that Diziti shared in this article is not enough, but you can still read about online puppy potty training in other Diziti articles. I think you will need that information.

Conclusion For This Puppy Potty Training!

Diziti is happy to introduce to you a number of free programs that will help you solve the problem you are having with your puppy. Don’t worry, there is some interesting information I have shared!

Hopefully, with the above information and related articles, it will help you get closer to your dog and your puppy is also obedient and obedient, able to pee and poop in the right place where you want.


For myself, I highly appropriate Dan’s dedication to the dog training field. Also, I admire his achievements. They are truly impressive. I suggest you can try to watch the free video of him. 

Thanks for reading Diziti’s blog!

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