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Welcome back to Diziti. How are you today? I am happy because I have something to share with dog lovers, dog owners, and dog owners. Before that, I also want to show you that I just brought home a very cute and lovely puppy . Its name is Buck! God, it’s so cute! However, I have some problems with training it. Sometimes I feel quite frustrated but just last week I got to know an online dog trainer and really made it easier for me to train a puppy. Therefore, I want to share it with you. It is the Puppy Obedience Training – the online dog trainer of Doggy Dan.

Some of you have problems when you first start raising puppies. Your puppy barks loudly, or even feels like being forced and cries like a baby. You see the situation and feel both anxious and stressed. So what will Puppy Obedience Training-the online dog trainer do for you?
Let’s first find out!

What it is?


Introducing a new puppy in the house is not only a correction for you, but also a big transition for your puppy.

Everything your dog ever knew is upside down and now it not only has to re-adjust new settings, but also define its role in your family and find out what is acceptable. And what is not within the limits of the new home.

And you see, the problem with most common puppy training solutions is that they jump right into command training, get your puppy to follow the rules or face the consequences …

As frustration increases, some users come to yell, force or even use harsh training aids like shock-resistant collars to correct the puppy’s unwanted behavior.
And these methods often work temporarily, until they are counterproductive because they often damage the inherent foundation your puppy needs to live a stress-free and docile life.


The Puppy Obedience Training program is a step-by-step instruction manual that provides everything you need to know, including how to train your puppy, puppy nutrition, exercise and health, puppy safety, and more!

Who is the author of Puppy Obedience Training from the online dog trainer?

Of course, the author information is indispensable when we talk about this product. As I mentioned from the beginning, Doggy Dan is the author of the online dog trainer. It was he who shared the free dog training videos for everyone to join.

How I Knew About Doggy Dan? 

Also very accidental that! That’s when I started to take my Buck home and train him potty. I am a patient person but I tell you frankly that training dog is not as easy as I thought. I went through the online guides and tried it out, but Buck still peed and pooped all over the house. When I came home from work, seeing that scene, I felt more tired and stressed. And those days passed when I visited my sister’s house. She has a dog named “Meow”. Meow is very obedient and has a very good potty position. She was very cheerful and I was amazed how well she trained Meow. And then she introduced me to The online dog trainer by Doggy Dan. Then I did some research on Dan and his videos. It is really helpful!

Come back a little bit about the author Doggy Dan!

Doggy Dan, also known as Dan Abdelnoor, is an expert dog trainer for many years. He was born in the US. But then moved to New Zealand and started his career here. He is the founder of “The online dog trainer course”.

Moreover, he is an active animal campaigner for years. He appears on many shows and radio shows. Especially, Doggy Dan and the online course have received endorsement by The New Zealand SPCA. (SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Doggy Dan once owned 4 dogs. Those 4 were also his coworker in his training videos. However one of those, Peanut passed away. This is a very sad thing for the founder. You can find his dedicated lines for Peanut on his website.

Actually, in 2009, The Online Dog Trainer Www.TheOnlineDogTrainer.Com is born to help support clients and to cope with demand from not just New Zealand but also overseas he set up The Online course, an online dog training video website designed to walk dog and puppy owners through the same training they could experience in a personal consultation. At present, it has approached over 27,000 people worldwide.

There is also a lot more information about him, and you can hear his voice and watch he shared!



What is included?

This is one of the content that the online dog trainer includes. The Puppy Coach Training Program is a step-by-step guide that provides everything and useful information you need to know, including how to train your puppy, puppy nutrition, training exercise and health, puppy safety, etc!

There’s also Project Moses Video Diary and The Perfect Puppy Show.

Puppy Coach

For Puppy Coach, when you sign up for this coaching program, you will have full access to Project Moses. It is a video diary recording the author’s dog named Moses. The author trained Moses from the time he was 8 weeks old to 8 months old.
This is a unique resource as it gives you the opportunity to see how the author overcame the challenges of bringing a puppy into his home.

This Project Moses Video Diary will include contents such as introducing your puppy to your family, what to do if your puppy cries all night, training crates, Introduction to chewing toys, toilet training , socialize, basic command training, split / puppy anxiety management at home, recalls and leash training, aggressive feeding and food, and much more!

The author asserts that the video diary is the most complete puppy training resource available, covering all the basics of puppies as well as providing effective and easy-to-implement solutions for The most common puppy training problems you may encounter.

Next is “My Perfect Puppy Course”

This is followed by the second part of the Puppy Coach training program called My Perfect Puppy Course. It includes all the answers to the most common questions about your dog, as well as additional basic training resources that can be used to prevent and or put an end to any problems. Your dog behavior is experiencing today, or on the road.

Especially the author designed the perfect Puppy Program content to provide you with the information you need to ensure your puppy stays safe and happy in the new home.

This section will help you answer questions like “Do you know if you’re feeding him the right diet?”
“Do you introduce your puppies too early when they get sick or are in danger of getting hurt?”
“Does your outdoor garden contain poisonous plants that put your new puppy at risk of disease or death?”
And so many more realistic follow-up questions you need!

But that’s not all.

In addition, the author also gives more interesting and useful knowledge to those who are having problems when training the puppy.

Puppy Obedience Training

What customers think about Puppy Obedience Training?

I think when I recommend this product to you, I will give some insight into the minds of people who have applied the free videos shared by Doggy Dan. You must also be curious whether what this author has to offer is really as useful as everyone says!

Puppy Obedience Training

Besides, there are many other reviews about this program and you can see, then you can give the decision!\

Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy Obedience Training

This is information about Puppy Obedience Training of the online dog trainer and the comments or reviews of the people who applied this program. To be honest, Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is indeed a channel that gives you a lot of useful knowledge and you can completely apply Doggy Dan’s methods thanks to the video tutorials of he.

And the above information is just some of the benefits that Doggy Dan’s guide brings. In addition to the main tutorials that I have shown you, Doggy Dan also gives you some bonuses included. So what are those bonuses? Let me introduce to you!

The bonuses!


Potty Training Made Easy Videos

A familiar problem that every dog ​​owner has is potty training. The good news is that with Puppy Obedience Training from the online dog trainer, it’s not as difficult as is commonly seen.

Puppy Obedience Training
As a bonus for signing up for the Puppy Trainer Program, the author will grant you access to 4 of my most powerful potty training videos. These videos will help you set up your puppy for successful potty training.
In these videos, you will discover how to set up the perfect potential path for your dog to pee according to your desired schedule.
The tricks I use against even the most “shy” puppies in the bathroom and how to motivate them to “pee” every time you go out. Besides, you will know how to ensure complete success overnight and keep your potty training on track. And yet another guide is how to get your puppy away only in a place you choose.



Doggy Dan’s Puppy Class Bonus Video

Puppy Obedience Training

To make sure your puppies don’t develop an aggressive or fearful tendencies toward other dogs as they get older, proper socialization is key.
For that reason, the author also included his puppy school socialization video to show real footage from one of his puppy classes. This video specifically focuses on introducing puppies to each other so that they get to know other dogs around and learn to have fun and play with other dogs.
You will learn how to safely introduce your puppies to new dogs, helping to prevent fearful or aggressive behavior from occurring when your dog is around other animals.

My opinion!

That’s what a dog lover and a dog owner like me would like to share with you. In fact, I did a pretty good look at the program and I think everyone needs to know Doggy Dan’s instructional videos and apply his methods.
My puppy, Buck, is very good now and has the right potty. I no longer feel stress when I go home. All I have to do is clean up the potty where I trained the dogs. How wonderful it is!
Doggy Dan also shares some free videos for you to apply and review.

In addition to sharing free videos, you can also buy his program for a very reasonable price of $ 19.

Not only that, When you sign up for the program you will receive a refund policy within 60 days. You can both watch free videos and get a refund upon registration if you are not satisfied with the author’s instructions.

In addition, besides the above useful knowledge, the author also gives you bonuses. All of these are very attractive and you should not ignore it. Check out Doggy Dan’s free videos and have great experiences, get rid of your troubles with your puppy!


Puppy Obedience Training


Access the link https://diziti.com/ to read interesting reviews!

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