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Prevent Coronavirus 2020-See How has Vietnam done it!

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By the end of February 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread outside of China. Up to now, the situation of Covid-19 has been particularly worrying in Korea, Iran and Italy, where it could spread to many countries in Asia, the Near East and Europe. I acknowledge that Corona is frightening the world. However, amidst disease prevention efforts, there is a very special country. It is Vietnam. On European and American channels and across websites, Vietnam is very popular. This is also an inspiration for me to blog about Prevent Coronavirus 2020-See How Vietnam did it! Vietnam -Prevent Coronavirus effectively.

Of course, first of all, I will share with you the most general information about Corona.

What is Coronavirus 2019?


Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) is a new respiratory virus that causes acute respiratory infections in humans and shows a human-to-human spread. The virus was identified in an outbreak investigation that originated in a large market that sells seafood and animals in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. 2019-nCoV is a new virus that has not been previously identified. In addition to this newly discovered coronavirus strain, there are six other coronavirus strains known today that have the potential to infect humans.

Coronavirus 2019 come from?

Corona is a betacoronavirus, like MERS and SAR, all derived from host species from bats. The corona virus is a large family of viruses. It is common in many different animals including camels, cats and bats. Genetic analysis of this virus is underway to determine the specific origin of the virus. SARS, another coronavirus that appears to infect humans, originates in civets, while MERS, another coronavirus that infects humans, originates in camels.

How is 2019-ncov spread?

Well, you may hear about this information a lot, but I still specially emphasizes it. It is important to note that the spread from person to person can occur continuously. In humans, the virus spreads from person to person through contact with infected body fluids. Depending on the degree of spread of the virus, coughing, sneezing or shaking hands can make people infected.

The virus can also be spread by touching someone on an object, then put on their mouth, nose, and eyes. Caregivers may also be exposed to the virus when handling the patient’s waste.

The systoms

Systoms of Coronavirus

Let’s remember! Fever, cough and breathing difficulties. These symptoms can appear 2 to 14 days after exposure. By the onset, nCOV can develop to severe pneumonia, progressive respiratory failure and death, especially in people with chronic illness, immunodeficiency.

Reality about Corona in the world

According to the latest update of the World Health Organization, more than 100,000 cases of Corona infection, more than 3 thousand deaths all over the world. Vietnam has nearly 40 cases of Corona infection and especially no deaths have occurred.

About Vietnam-where people together prevent Coronavirus

prevent Coronavirus

Vietnam is a country in the eastern part of Indochina peninsula of Southeast Asia. China is bordered by China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West, Thailand to the Gulf of Thailand to the Southwest, and the East Sea to the South and East.

Prevent Coronavirus-situation in Vietnam

Announcing the disease situation in the world and in Vietnam, experts and members of the Steering Committee said that although there are still complicated developments, the epidemic situation in China. The neighbor of Vietnam, is showing positive signs. The number of new infections, deaths and critical cases tended to decrease.

In Vietnam, implementing the directive opinions of the Secretariat and the Prime Minister, with the synchronous and drastic participation of ministries, branches and localities. Besides, it is accompanied by a sense of high responsibility of the people in cooperating with the authorities to implement disease prevention solutions. Vietnam has good control of the situation.

The comments affirmed that, up to now, Vietnam is a safe country!

So how well has Vietnam prevented the disease?

Vietnam has very well controlled the situation of COVID-19 epidemic. It is the country currently creating “wave” of solidarity against Corona epidemic in many countries.

Repeat and repeat

There are some recommendations of the Vietnam Ministry of Health that Vietnamese can hear everyday . Although there is no specific vaccine yet, Vietnamese are still aware of how to treat Coronavirus and remember what to do.

People and communities to well implement the following measures:

  • Limit direct contact with people with acute respiratory infections. When necessary contact with sick people must wear a proper medical mask and keep a distance when exposed.
  • Avoid gathering in crowded places.
  • Keep your body warm, keep personal clean, wash your hands often with soap, gargle with antiseptic water to prevent pneumonia.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Preferably, cover them with a cloth or a handkerchief to reduce the spread of respiratory secretions.
  • Limit close contact with animal or wildlife farms.
  • Need to immediately to the nearest medical facility for timely consultation, examination and treatment if there are signs of disease. We should pay attention to the following cases: contact with people returning from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Besides, the cases have close contact with a person with pneumonia in Wuhan City within 14 days.

Media and music

Ghen-Co-Vy (jealous-Coronavirus)

Are you familiar with the image above? Or do you know it? If you do not know, it seems you have missed a famous wave on social networks. Let me tell you if you don’t know.

Because the Corona epidemic is currently worrying, the Ministry of Health has devised many solutions to enable people to access information. The Ministry of Health regularly sends messages to all subscribers of each citizen. People will know what to do to prevent infection by reminder of the Ministry of Health.

And the image above is an illustration of the latest activity the Ministry of Health has done. The Vietnam Ministry of Health has asked famous singers and musicians to write and replay hot songs with lyrics about Corona. Thereby, Vietnamese can easily access and remember the recommendations that the Ministry of Health reminded. Since then, the entire population has become more aware of the prevention of Coronavirus.

That’s amazing  to prevent Coronavirus!


In general, many observers noted during this response to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnamese government has made efforts to make it more transparent to the public. First of all, on the official media and building trust with the people.

The treatment

There is no specific medicine or vaccine yet. Medical experts affirmed that, for the treatment of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus, Vietnam has enough capacity and experience. Vietnam confidently cures diseases by other treatments. If there is a new case, we have the capacity to localize and cure the disease.


Besides, Vietnam is also strictly controlling entry; the isolation and zoning of epidemics is strictly carried out according to regulations; There is no cross-infection in the treatment facilities; testing system, detection of disease also works smoothly and faster; …

Regarding the prevention of diseases, in the coming time, experts and members of the Steering Committee agreed that the epidemic situation in the country is under good control but not subjective and suggested. Phuong continued to well implement the instructions of the Secretariat, the Prime Minister on disease prevention. Continue to strictly control border lines and immigration to prevent risks; do well the work of screening, organizing isolation if detecting suspicious cases, …

Make a universal health declaration on NCOVI application


The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has launched 2 applications (app) including NCOVI application for Vietnamese people and “Vietnam Health declaration” application for people entering Vietnam. These two applications are used to make medical declarations, to help monitor and prevent COVID – 19.

The application has many functions such as: function of reporting risk factors (for people who come from epidemic areas, have contact with infected or suspected patients, helping them to receive timely assistance from health agencies. ); universal health notification function (for people to register their own health information and their family members’ health with the health agency).

In addition, the application also has a health monitoring function, information reflection function (allows users to report to authorities on suspicious cases, need to monitor disease), regional alert function. have translated …

Vietnam Health declaration

The second application is Vietnam Health declaration (developed by Viettel Solutions). The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications recommend that people who enter Vietnam use this application for medical reporting.

Accordingly, people entering Vietnam can declare by scanning the QR code via a smartphone to receive full information to be declared. When the declaration is complete, the information from the declaration will be updated by the system about the anti-epidemic centers and agencies of Vietnam for management.

What else to prevent Coronavirus

Every day, our hands come into contact with many objects such as door handles, elevator buttons, handles on public transport – places where viruses can exist. From accidental touching, the virus will cling to the fingertips and have the opportunity to infect our bodies through seemingly innocuous habits when putting hands on the face.

I collected a few tips to prevent Coronavirus. They also help you get distracted and remind you not to let your finger “land on the face”. This information has also recently been posted on the Corona Virus Shield page that you can immediately reference:

1.Keep a box of tissues handy

Keep tissue box beside you

You feel itchy on any part of your face, you are about to rub your nose, or use your hands to adjust your glasses … Get a tissue and use it instead of touching your face directly.

If you feel you need to sneeze but don’t have a tissue around, use your elbow to cover your mouth, not your hand to cover your mouth. Health experts has advised this advice in recent days.

2. List the things you have to touch your face, and replace it with another action

Prevent Coronavirus
List the things you have to touch your face, and replace it with another action

Pause for a moment to think about when and why you often touch your face? Knowing the root cause will help you be aware and have a treatment for each habit. For example, you may rub your eyes because your eyes are dry, use eye drops, or if you are using your hands to support your chin – change by crossing your arms … all of which should be noted seriously and to get rid of those bad habits gradually.

In addition, you can also stick small notes in places that your eyes often pay attention to such as working angles, study corners, on computer screens … to remind yourself to adjust your habits.

3. Keep your hands busy

Prevent Coronavirus
Keep hands busy

Doctors say to correct this habit of touching the face, you can also try replacing it with holding stress relief balls or other items that can help you reduce the frequency of the habit. down. And of course you have to regularly clean those items!

If you don’t have those items, try other busy ways like organizing emails, hanging out, or simply crossing your arms so you don’t have the habit of putting your hands on your face.

4. Relax and keep your hands clean

Prevent Coronavirus
Relax and keep hands clean

Stew Shankman is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Northwestern University. He advises people that it is most effective to always try to keep yourself and your mind comfortable in the present moment. Changing a habit is long-term. However, as long as you keep it in your head with seriousness and determination, you will gradually reduce it and do it. Until then, keep your hands clean and disinfected whenever you go out, go home, or before eating and drinking. Touching your face is a natural habit of humans, but at the present time, we need to realize that it is not good and protect ourselves in every way.

WHO calls on countries to see how Vietnam can prevent Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned many countries not to pay attention to curbing the epidemic of COVID-19, at the same time calling for countries to apply the prevention measures of Vietnam, China and Singapore.

Such measures include identifying cases of Corona virus infection and contacting infected people to conduct isolation, as well as propagating and mobilizing people to participate in COVID-19 disease prevention.

Vietnam is wonderful!


Did you find above information very interesting? These actions may be easy, but you cannot think of them. You may not have found a way to eliminate the habits that cause Coronavirus infection. Then reflect on what I wrote.

In addition, you may feel interested in information about Coronavirus. You should spend a lot of time reading. From there you can equip the knowledge to protect your health and the community.

Not only this blog, but also other blogs and reviews about Coronavirus Survival Guide. I insist that you need to read them. Those are articles that I spend a lot of time looking for reliable sources, tips and information.

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