My sister Amanda is very interested in music. She wants to learn about it but she where to start and what to learn. So I recommended her to start learning piano because it is quite easy than other instrument. Then she has found an online piano course called “Piano For All“. She knows that I am professional reviewer so that she asked me to a review about this  piano course.

Because of that offer, I have spent more than a day surfing many websites that were relevant to “Piano For All”. Besides that, I have watched many videos and read tons of customer’s feedback about this online course. After that, I spent about 4 hours to write a review about this piano online course for my readers. I confidently say that my review about “Piano For All” is the most specific and becomes the best version in 2020. It contains all the details you need to know about this course and helps you make your best decision. So if you are interested in playing piano, then you should read this online course review.

Piano For All Overview

Before going to the review part, you should have a general view about this piano course. Piano For All is an online course which teaches you to play piano. This program is very organized. They teach you things from the most basic to intermediate.The program contains 9 Ebooks, 200 Videos and 500 Audio lessons. You will know all the basic things from right at beginning of the course. The regular price is 79$ but they are having a discount with just only 39$. You will be taught by Robin Hall – a professional in piano and keyboard. These are all the main things you need to know about this online piano course. I will tell you the specific details below. Visit their official website at here.

Piano For All course

Who is the head of Piano For All?

The course was created and developed by Robin Hall.  He is a master in piano and keyboard. However, before starting Piano For All, he was a cartoonist but soon he changed due to the least interest of the modern world in cartoon and their true essence. Then he wrote stuff how to draw cartoon. During that time, he also taught piano lessons. But then, he decided to give all his mind and passion in teaching piano and started this online piano course Piano For All which about learning how to play piano and keyboard. He makes me quite surprise because cartoon and piano don’t have anything relevant to each other. But he still can learn it and balance 2 of them at the same time which is quite amazing.

Robin Hall piano teacher

Robin Hall – founder of Piano For All

What is in this piano online course?

I love how specific information this course provides. And you can learn it in many ways. The course contains 9 E books, 200 Videos and 500 Audio lessons. You can easily download them all to your phone or computer.

It has all these interactive E-books:
  •  1: Party Time/ Play by Ear/ Rhythm Audio: It tells you information about piano chords, 10 classic party rhythms, lots of keyboards diagram, tricks, bluffs and formulas.
  •  2: Blue and Rock ‘n’ Roll: You can learn how to play some great Blue and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano.
  •  3: Chord Magic: It teaches you more about piano chords using amazing memory tricks and play some progression style of popular songs.
  •  4: Advanced Course Made Easy: You learn advanced chords but in an easy way not the technical way.
  •  5: Ballad Style: Use your knowledge to create a great ballad style and apply it to melodies in 3 easy steps.
  • 6: Jazz Piano Made Easy: It teaches you easy techniques for any tune.
  • 7: Advanced Blues& Fake Stride: Advanced blues piano techniques
  • 8: Taming the classics: You will now be able to tackle some classic pieces.
  • 9: Speed learning: Contains tons of exercises and tricks to practice

If you want to know more about these books, you can click on this.


Besides, the course also provides 200 Video lessons which are all well-planned and specific. Many people find it easier to learn through video than reading. So it is very helpful for them. And in the video, they show all the techniques help you to learn playing piano. All the chord and everything is shown for learner to easy recognize it. And the thing is the video related to E books. Each concept in the E-books will have a video to demonstrate it so that you can not get lost in piano tutorials at all.

What are the pros and the cons on my review about this piano course


I want to say about the pros in Piano For All first.

Easily Access

Firstly, it is an online learning course. If you are busy and don’t have many time to attend to a real class, then this is perfect for you. You just need to download it on your phone or tablet or even your computer then you can access the course anywhere and anytime you want no matter you are online or offline. So you don’t have to worry about suddenly connection lost because the learning won’t stop.

Learn it on many different devices

You can download full package on your phone, on your tablet and even on your laptop or computer. You can access on what is the most convenience for you.

Learn Piano For All on any devices

Getting free updates

Every time the course have an update then you will get an email to download them without paying extra fee. You will not have to pay for them after buying the whole program.

Pay only once for the course

Some other course or program, you have to pay many times to access to their materials. Sometimes it is monthly or yearly payment. But not for Piano For All. Even after a long time, you can still access all the materials for free. You can get the whole course after one payment. Just one payment for a lifetime access. This is quite amazing because you don’t have to pay more extra money for the course.

Getting support from the instructor.

This is what special in Piano For All. It is easier to learn with a guide and the person who points out your mistakes and how to fix it. Robin Hall knows that fact too so that he leaves for his students an email. You can send him an email to share your problems to him and he will send back to you with a specific answer. You can consider it as a private teacher who is always on your side during the course.


Surprisingly, this course don’t have anything to complain much about.

Pros and Cons comparison

The Pros is way more than the Cons

However, there is still one small problem.

Ignoring the base of piano

Understanding the basic spirit of piano is very important for learners. This helps them to be sensitive when they are playing piano. The course doesn’t focus much on classical music.

Those are some points I want to say about what are special in this course and what needs to improve. I hope that after reading it, you will get your own view about the course and helps you make your decision.

Piano For All is trustworthy.

After hours doing the research, I can confirm that Piano For All is a real course. From all the things like the teacher and the materials you get when you pay for it, I’m sure that it is all real. At first, I don’t believe that we can learn piano online. Because I think to become professional pianist, we should learn in a real course with a personal coach who is always along with you to tell you your mistakes and how to fix it. Just like do anything else, we all need a supervisor to know whether you are right or not. But I am quite surprise that we can all learn piano online. I have read some customers feedback. They all get good result after learning piano with Piano For All.

Therefore, I think Piano For All is actually good for people who really wants to learn piano but don’t have much condition. People who are busy is perfect for this course because it is an online course. Besides, they also provides the course even you are offline or online. Moreover, the price is also reasonable. If you not wealthy enough, the course is suitable for you.

Price of Piano For All.


So let’s talk more about the price. The regular price of the course 79$. However, they are having a big discount. You can just get the course with only 39$. That means it is on sale for 50$. It is very low-priced. It might just cost you for a shirt that you buy in supermarket.

Where can you get this price in a piano course? The normal piano course can cost you 1000$ or even more. I have do a research about a piano course in New York. It is even more than 1000$. But in Piano For All it it just only cost 39$. What a surprise! You can all things with 39$? You can learn piano with 39$? I think this is very reasonable price and affordable. To receive your discount, click here!!

What you can get in Piano For All with 39$?

You can get all 9 E-books and 200 Video plus 500 Audio lesson with just 30$. Besides, it it a one-time payment and you even get 60-days 100% money back. You don’t have to worry at all. If you feel like it is not perfect, you can get your money back. So why not get it now? It is lucky if you get this huge discount. You should hurry because I don’t know how long this promotion last.


Some customers review about Piano For All

I must say that after reading some review about this course, they are all compliment. Here are some feedback from their customers.

David Morgan , London: “Thank you for putting the enjoyment back and I have made more progress with this method in 3 days than I had in 3 years. I have already started on book 5 and will complete the set I just cant get enough of this type of learning, and of course apply all I learn from you to all the numbers I have tried and failed to get 100% right. You have remedied this and I am so pleased to have found someone who claims are more than justified.”

Gary Cook,UK: “I can confidently say this is the best tutor book I have ever come across”

Vivian Bell, USA: “Already being able to play popular song just amazes me. I’m having so much fun”

You can see that Piano For All brings people joy and knowledge when they play piano. They all think this course helps them to improve their piano skill. And I must say that Piano For All is all highly recommended to people who wants to learn piano. If you are one of them, why don’t give it a try?

Who are the customers of Piano For All

By the way, Piano For All is perfect for someone who really really wants to learn piano but don’t have time to attend class. It is an online course plus you can learn it even when you are offline so this is suitable for you. You just need to spend 2-3 hours a day to follow the course daily. Then you will become a professional pianist shortly. Besides, the price is very cheap. You don’t have to spend to much money for a course. Click here to get started.

However, if you are wealthy enough, attending a real piano class with private coach is still better. Because the class is more focus on you and gives you more specific about piano knowledge. They point out your mistakes and how to fix it. You will understand more about the basic piano spirit. When you know that, your music will better than ever. That is what Piano For All is still missing.

Conclusion on my review about Piano For All

My first impression about Piano For All

When I first attend to their website, I was overwhelmed about their design. It was beautiful. The color was perfect and blended with each other. When you first look at, you feel like you are looking at a real piano on the screen. And the part is separated and specific. You can easily find if you click on a right part that you are looking for. The site gives you all information that you need to know about the course. Besides, it has a place where you can put your questions about the course and they will answer it for you.

My personal review about the course

I think that Piano For All is a perfect course for everyone who wants to learn to play piano. It gives specific details and full knowledge about playing piano. Even you don’t know much about piano, don’t be worry. Because Piano For All will teach you from the beginning and help you become professional pianist. Besides, if you don’t have time to attend class then this online course will help you fix that problem. You can easily learn it anytime and wherever you want even when you are offline.

And the most special is that, the course is having a discount just for 39$. You can become a pianist just for 39$. It is very cheap and affordable. You can get all the materials and what you need to learn with only 39$. And it is a one-time payment. So I recommend you should get it fast. It is a great opportunity so don’t let it go away.

Moreover, to get to know more about this course, Piano For All offers you to see their sample video lessons. If you still have doubt then you should watch it to have a more specific view about how this piano course works. You just need to this to click to this link to see it.

Pianoforall sample video

Last words for my readers

Thank you for reading my review about Piano For All. I hope that my review will help you make your best decision. If you still have questions, please out a comment below and I will answer it for you. Besides, if you need help on any other products, just leave a comment with a name of the product, I will give you a full review about it. It would be my honor to help you all. Thanks you all. See you again next time.

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