The Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews – Really Safe Or Not With 28 Day Challenge?

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This is Diziti’s Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews for you! Is this a product that can assist consumers lose weight effectively? Is it truly as good as it appears?
Firstly, let me tell you that I am also blessed in this way. And, you know what, it was just a coincidence this time. I was on the bus at the time. Normally, I sat, but this time I stood since I offered a chair to a pregnant woman. As a result, I was able to view an advertisement attached to the back of the bus seat. Over 40 Keto Solution is a product brochure that assists individuals over 40 in maintaining a healthy body.

And because I’m an inquisitive person, when I came home, I sat for a long time and researched it. And I developed Over 40 Keto Solution to provide you with knowledge as well as to assist you in finding a product that is right for your body. So let’s get started!

What Is The Over 40 Keto Solution?

The Over 40 Keto Solution
The author founded the Over 40 Keto founded in 2015. This program takes pride in its ability to assist you shed and decrease your fat cells in just 12 minutes. That doesn’t seem right to me. Seriously? In only 12 minutes?
It claims that there is a secret twelve-minute technique that can boost your metabolic rate and awaken your dormant fat-burning hormones. It guarantees that both men and women will have a tighter stomach in just 7 days. Yes, it is exclusively for those above the age of 40.
According to their website’s warning:
“The report below is particularly for men and women over the age of 40 who wish to see their stomachs flatten and waistline slim down in as little as 7 days. If you are under the age of 35, this program is not for you.”

Hmmm.. Intriguing right. Now, let’s go ahead and talk more!

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Who Is Shaun Hadsall?

Shaun Hadsall is a fat loss and nutrition specialist, but he never explains how he got that title. All he claims is that he was a first-runner-up on Body for Life in 1998, which I tried to verify.
He also appeared on Amazon, the New York Times, and other elevated networks, but there is no proof. Feel free to do so. Examine it out for yourself.
Furthermore, he claims that his wife, Karen, managed a world-class training studio in Michigan for 5 years, but the name of the studio was never stated, so we cannot check the reality of it.

Hadsall stated himself in one Over 40 Ab Solution Review, and the following are some excerpts:

“I was not included on the Body for Life website when they removed the old one. The winners are the only ones featured on the updated site. I was the first runner-up, but Scott Nelson won, so he was the one that was featured.”
“I had a fitness studio for almost 5 years and we ranked #8 out of 350 franchisees worldwide. And I don’t reveal names since I’ve already sold my studio and the new owners won’t let me mention names after that.”
Shaun also showed paperwork proving that he appeared on several radio stations and even in the New York Times.
In general, I don’t know much about the developer of this product, thus the trustworthiness and dependability of this website are low in my opinion.
If I find out more about the creator, I’ll update this review right away. Please continue to follow us for information updates. Don’t worry, Diziti will always stand by its consumers and protect their interests.

The Effects Of The Over 40 Keto Solution

The Over 40 Keto Solution revises the standard Keto diet into a healthy, sustainable program that is beneficial to your hormones and nutritional demands.
You will learn about your aging body and how this treatment will operate to help you look and feel youthful again, without the awful side effect “Keto flu” that younger people are prone to.
And after you’ve mastered the routine, you’ll receive easy-to-follow action plans that include grocery shopping lists, sample meals, meal planning, step-by-step instructions, and more.
The program is all-inclusive, encompassing every aspect of your health. Hormones are essential for good weight loss, as you will discover throughout the program, and they vary as you age.
This approach gives you the information and step-by-step action plans you need to feed your body what it requires to flourish and lose weight.

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How Does The Over 40 Keto Solution Work?

According to their website, The Over 40 Ab Solution is a weight loss strategy centered on 12-minute workout exercises suited to the metabolic and hormonal circumstances of adults in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.
The foundation of this program is a wellness idea known as Metabolic Zone Training. This training requires only three sessions per week to generate the same benefits as three long cycling sessions lasting between 90 minutes and two hours.
This program’s three zones are to take your body through three distinct phases of fat reduction. The first zone “primes” your hormones to burn abdominal fat first and foremost, rather than last. The second zone “turns on your fountain of youth,” releasing imprisoned fat cells and burning them for more than 48 hours. And the last zone is to dissipate stubborn fat cells and flatten your stomach.
Actually, customers who apply this program and follow their five, 12-minute exercise regimens each week, as well as their extra food and lifestyle advice, will experience weight loss and a flatter belly in only seven days.


Let me explain how the method works in providing you with an excellent food plan that will work with your body despite your slowed metabolism.
Totally, the Program includes three sequential phases, each of which will get you closer to burning fat faster and easier, and for a brief explanation, see the summary below:

1st Zone

Zone 1

This zone is known as prime, and as the name indicates. Actually, it prepares the body to burn fat more efficiently by performing certain pre-exercises to prepare the fat burning hormone, while also stabilizing your insulin level to offer a boost to this fat burning method.

2nd Zone

Zone 2
After the body has been prepped and stabilized, it will release the fat burning hormone through this zone.
The following section of the prime zone, dubbed release, is a one-minute and twenty-second workout separated into three exercise movements.
  • 1st — A 20-second workout that increases your adrenaline surge.
  • 2nd – A 30-second movement to aid in the release of growth hormone
  • 3rd – The movement that aids in glycogen removal and improves your fat-burning session.

3rd Zone

Zone 3

Burn is the third and last zone of the 12-minute training routine that you’ll go through. Actually, this activity causes the body to prevent fat cells from returning, allowing you to lose weight more quickly and easily.

About What Include?

This includes all of the following:

Over 40 Ab Solution Training Manual:

Included are 50 pages of exercise charts (daily 12 minute workouts) for a total of 20 distinct exercises. Each workout is designed to work different sections of your body. Moreover, exercises do not require a gym membership or other equipment; all you need is your body weight and 12 minutes of spare time every day.

Follow Along with Success Tracker:

Allows you to keep track of your progress, objectives, weight loss, and accomplishments.

Fast Start Guide:

As the name implies, this is a condensed version of the program. If you have a busy schedule, it will make it easier for you to stay on track with the program. As a result, you may open the program and begin working out practically instantly.

Stubborn Fat Solution:

“Extract trapped fat cells from your problem regions” is the promise of this 7-minute daily exercise program.

Lean 19:

You’ll learn how to consume the correct meals to regulate blood sugar and maintain your body burning fat 24 hours a day with The Lean 19.
Furthermore, eBooks and physical copies are both available, however the physical copy comes with a shipping and handling cost.

The Over 40 Keto Solution Preview:

Preview Over 40 Keto Solution-table of contents

The program will include the following topics, please read carefully!

  • 3 Fat Burning Rules
  • Fat Burning Strategies
  • Pairing and Combining Your Meals
  • Food Combination to Avoid
  • 7-Day Calendar/Action Plan
  • Daily Meal Plan Overview
  • Meal Plan Sample
  • Carb Cycling Guidelines
  • Intermittent Fasting Guidelines
  • Meal Timing Templates
  • Intermittent Fasting Benefits
  • Ketone-Producing Breakfast Snacks
  • Grocery List
  • Food Swaps
  • Serving Sizes and Macronutrient Guidelines
    • Raw Nuts and Seeds
    • Dairy Fats
    • Fat and Protein Snacks
    • Proteins
    • Meat, Pork and Poultry (Protein and Fat)
    • Dairy Protein Choices
    • Wild Caught Fatty Fish and Seafood
    • Protein Powder
    • Vegetables
    • Carb Requirements and Serving Sizes
    • Starch
    • Fruit Requirements and Serving Sizes
    • Fruit


  • Other Foods to Avoid
  • Understanding the Importance of Including All Macronutrients For Long Term Metabolic Health and Longevity
  • Friendly Fats
  • Benefits of Eating Portion Volumizing Friendly Fats
  • 3 Types of Friendly Fats that Burn Fat
  • Benefits of High Protein Diets
  • Carbohydrates
  • Benefits of Strategic Carb Intake
  • Negative Side Effects of Cutting Carbs
  • Best Carb Practices
  • A Crash Course on How People Over 40 Should Consume Carbs for Hormone Optimization and Faster Fat Loss
  • How and Why Carbs Can Make You Fat
  • How Carbs Can Keep You Lean 365 Days of the Year
  • Carbohydrates Usage and Storage Stages
  • Carbs – Pros
  • 3 Tricks You Can Use to Eat Lots of Carbs and Never Store Them As Fat

Pros And Cons Of The Over 40 Keto Solution?

About The Pros:

Does Over 40 Keto Solution have any advantages for you? I’ve outlined the benefits of this product for you!
  • It’s easy to do at
  • The gym is unnecessary.
  • There is a 12-minute time limit for the entire routine
  • 100 percent money back guarantee
It seems that the advantages of the product are not as impressive as other goods with the same aim. As a result, this product has a number of advantages. Actually, those are also the benefits of purchasing the program, so give it some thought.

About The Cons?

Of course, there are certain disadvantages to this. If you want to make the right decision, focus on this section!
  • The exercises were said to be extremely difficult for people with weak bodies
  • People who are obese or have serious health issues may have difficulties with the program.
  • Poorly written book with little to no explanations, according to several reports
  • After a 30-day free trial, you’re automatically charged $7 each month.
Why don’t you have a look at its Well, don’t put any money down just yet. I still have more things to share with you!

What Do Customers Say About The Over 40 Keto Solution?

Feedback On The Official Website

Over 40 Keto Solution review
The Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews
The user feedback listed above is mostly good. There are also reviews on the product’s official website!
Unfortunately, there are currently very few user reviews available for this program. The bulk of the accessible evaluations are from affiliate or partner companies that will receive fees on the sale of this company, making it impossible to determine how biased or unbiased these reviews are.

Having said that, this company makes a lot of vague promises that it just cannot keep. Claiming that a 12-minute practice can duplicate the benefits of a six-hour aerobic workout routine, or that individuals may lose a substantial amount of weight in seven days — these are sales methods.

The fact is that certain diets work better for people over the age of 40, just as certain diet and exercise programs may work better for women than for men, and vice versa. However, regardless of the diet and exercise regimen used, clients must be prepared to commit to their weight loss journey for the long term.
People who commit to a program with the expectation of using a “magic trick” to lose significant amounts of weight in a short period of time are unlikely to be successful with any weight loss program, because the biggest hurdle is time and commitment, not the type of diet or exercise program you use.

More Problems

My skepticism about this product made me much more dubious of its themes. And it was only made worse when I saw other reviews saying that after downloading and reading the book, the buyer discovered that the book was so badly written that it made it impossible to follow the instructions provided within the pages.
Shaun Hadsall, on the other hand, is untraceable. He is the owner of one of the most successful franchises, but where is the proof? His interviews with major news outlets?
A quick search of his name to look for his interviews yields nothing. There is no record of Shaun Hadsall being interviewed by any major news outlet.
After reading the material above, I’m sure you’re wondering if the product is a fraud or not. In my opinion, you should not buy the product immediately. I’ll try to contact the author to get some feedback. Hopefully, the vendor will have better customer service and optimization. Please wait for feedback from the seller on these bad remarks from my contact. As a result, you should read this Over 40 Keto Solution review carefully. I hope I may become a great assistant to you. So keep reading; I believe it will be beneficial to you!

Is It A Cheat?

You can go through what I’ve said above and provide your opinion. This product does not appear to be a fraud to me, but you should investigate more. You can readily find information about this product anywhere, and you can also discover favorable comments and feedback from buyers. I believe the facts I provided may enable you to believe that this product is not a scam! So read and investigate thoroughly to make the best option!

How Does The Over 40 Keto Solution Cost?

Discounted price
This company claims that their program is usually worth more than $100, but they are now running a promotional deal in which consumers can get the entire program for just $37.00.
What are your thoughts on this $ 37? Do you think you’re expensive? In fact, based on what I’ve discovered about a comparable product, the majority of them cost between $35 and $50. And $37 is a very typical figure. And this is a figure that is appropriate for the demands of present consumers.
Actually, it is the same amount of money that you would spend on a cup of coffee with friends or on a shopping trip. And for a device that will assist you in achieving the body you desire, this is a decent price.
Another noteworthy thing I’d like to mention is that if you buy it now, you’ll receive a discount. That means you can get Over 40 Keto Solution for $19! This is just incredible! $ 19 and you lose weight and have the body you want, shouldn’t this be cheap? Please read the product description carefully before making a purchase decision. Therefore, be a smart consumer!
Let us think about it!
If you have any questions, visit the official website today: The Over 40 Keto Solution

The Bonus?

Over 40 Keto Solution bonus

With the $ 37 above, you receive not just the core product, but also plenty of bonuses. Let’s take a closer look!

Bonus #1: The Keto Plateau-Buster Meal Plan

The Keto-Plateau Buster phase is the only nutrition plan ever created to assist anyone in their 40s, 50s, and 60s in overcoming any type of dietary adaptation response.

Bonus #2: Quick Start Checklist

Plan your first week in as little as 15 minutes, get started, and start optimizing your hormones right now.

Bonus #3: Kitchen Prep & Restaurant Cheat Sheets

It doesn’t matter if you dine out frequently or make the majority of your meals at home; this guide sets it all out so you’re ready for any scenario.

Bonus #4: Belly Bloat ELIMINATION Tricks

It includes a list of foods and herbs that may be added to your diet to function as all-natural diuretics and significantly reduce belly bloat in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Bonus #5: Kick-Start Results Accelerator Coaching Call

One-on-one, verbal conversation with one of our trained coaches almost assures you’ll see improvements faster than if you did it on your own.
Despite the fact that there has been a lot of good and negative comments, the product still offers a lot of reasons to buy it. It is not just the primary product, but you also receive extra as mentioned above. This, in my opinion, is a positive for Over 40 Keto Solution. For $37, you get a lot of stuff bundled together. It’s like purchasing a TV that includes a set of speakers, a controller, and a microphone for singing.

What do you think about the bonus? It’s so attractive, right?

Refund Policy

This is an excellent policy that appears to be highly advantageous to the customers. Most weight reduction products, in my opinion, are comparable, and most include a refund policy if customers are unsatisfied. This is also an advantage when purchasing any product. To be honest, I believe you will feel satisfied with the return as well. It’s the same as utilizing the product’s trial version. I appreciate this program.

Unfortunately, there is some uncertainty regarding this company’s refund policy. Customers can get a complete refund if they do not experience substantial weight loss within the first seven days, according to their sales website.

According to their payment website, buyers can return their product within the first 90 days after purchase, minus the cost of shipping and handling. However, their Terms and Conditions contain no mention of any Refund Policy, making it impossible for customers to determine whether or not this company has a legal responsibility to satisfy these refund requests.

1 year guarantee

This is also an issue so I would advise you to read and consider more. Therefore, I will try to contact you and have clearer information so that you do not lose your rights when buying.

Who Is The Over 40 Keto Solution For And Not For?

Who Is It For?

As previously said, there is a note on the main page: “The report below is particularly for men and women over the age of 40 who wish to see their bellies flatten and waistline slim down in as little as 7 days. If you are under the age of 35, this program is not for you “.
So the Over 40 Keo Solution is intended for those aged 35 and over. Use this factor to determine whether or not this product is right for you.

Who Is The Over 40 Keto Solution Not For?

This, too, is not for everyone. You may remember these details!
People under the age of 35 will, of course, be ineligible for this program. Furthermore, those who have been diagnosed with obesity or serious health conditions may face challenges while participating in the program. Besides, the program is not appropriate for those with weak bodies.

Advice For You!

You can think more if you are new to this profession or do not have enough money or knowledge at the moment. Moreover, you may get it now for $ 19. There is still a return procedure in place, so don’t be concerned. If you still have questions or concerns regarding the product, please contact me so that I can provide you with more precise information. Honestly, you do not rush, but rather think carefully before making a decision.
On the other hand, if you believe in the product sufficiently, you can order it!

Conclusion For The Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews

Actually, I did not know clearly about the quality of this program from the start. Then you know, I feel usually satisfied with the product, but there are some concerns that you need to address. Moreover, you should contact the seller for additional details.
If this product persuaded you and you believe in it, buy it right now. You may get the body you desire for $ 37 if you include all extras, or $19 if you buy the product today. On the other hand, if you are unsure or have a lot of unknowns, consider adding. After I contact the author, I will try to provide more specific details.

If you have any questions, visit the official website today: The Over 40 Keto Solution

Finally, I thank you for your interest in the Over 40 Keto Solution review by Diziti. If you find it interesting and helpful, please like and share it. You can also introduce your friends and relatives to the product. Read my review to find the right weight loss product. Thanks a lot for reading!

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