Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review

Doggy Dan's online dog trainer review

Some people today can choose to hire a dog trainer as a way for correcting their dog behavior. This way is not only expensive but also leads to your dog looking to the trainer as the alpha dog. Maybe your dog want affirmation from them, not you.

By this way, besides causing some problems at your home, it can also make you disappointed because you are likely a stranger to your dog. However, have no fear, all problems will be solved by Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan, known as The Online Dog Trainer, is one of New Zealand’s famous dog training specialists. The most speciality is that he has his own internet portal for clients’s all over the world communication. If you wonder anything about your dog training, log in your account and all your consideration can be answered. He helps you train your dog online by providing videos for various scenarios, for instance, pulling on the leash, aggression, barking, etc.. You will not have to worry about any issue from your dog any more.

Let’s try this online dog trainer review to know whether it’s really good for you or not.

The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review

In order to know the satisfaction of  Doggy Dan’s online dog training program users, we implemented a survey on effectiveness, cost and use level. So, we collected and give a chart about some features of this program as followings:

  1. Effectiveness: 9.4/10
  2. Cost: 8.9/10
  3. Ease of use: 9.5/10

In addition, we also give you some advantages and disadvantages of this program for more detail.

Do you know advantages of it?

  • Trusted by the New Zealand SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Doggy Dan can train any dog he’s been faced with.
  • Uses positive reinforcement, no force or aggression in his training method.
  • Ask Doggy Dan questions and send photos and videos.
  • Weekly updates.
  • Inexpensive. You only pay $1 for 3 day trial. If you’re satisfied with this program, you will pay $37 every 30 days for access to all of Doggy Dan’s online resources. What an ideal amount of payment!
  • 60-day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • You get to train your dog yourself.
  • Hundreds of videos

With video format, the online dog trainer  from Doggy Dan is really great for use.


Does this program have disadvantages?

  • Monthly fee.
  • You need to be self-motivated.
  • Cannot download videos, must have internet connection to view content.

Totally, Doggy Dan’s online dog training courses get a high evaluation from users. Let’s see who is Doggy Dan’s Course for? Are you included in this group?

Who is Doggy Dan’s Course for?

We can say that dog training can be a long drawn out process. It will takes very long time for you to be fluent with it. If you want to let you and your dog in a local training class, I can be assure that it can take you about fifteen weeks to come home for work, get the dog, and drag to the class.

However, don’t worry. Training a dog is very necessary. There are always some emergency or disaster happening, so to get a fifteen-week uninterrupted run simply wouldn’t ever happen.

That’s the reason why the Doggy Dan online training course appeals to many users. It comes as an e-book, an audiobook, so we are even able to watch the videos on our cell phone.

In my opinion, if you are a gadget addict, who wants to learn how to train your dog properly, but you don’t have much time, I think this course is amazing and a good selection for you.

But on the other hand, I also can say that I don’t believe there is one course that will work for everyone. You need to find the training program that works for you and your dog.

Let’s join and experience with this unique course! A great may come to you soon.

For more useful information for you to choose the most suitable solution, I will supply you detail features and benefits of this program.

What are features and benefits of this program?


People say that using this online dog training system and course can bring you many benefits, more in fact than I ever really anticipated.

As I mentioned above, the first huge benefit is the diversified ways to access the course.

You can use every free minute in anywhere to improve your knowledge. Even standing in the line at the supermarket, for example, you can whip out your phone and watch the next section.

In addition, depending on your learning style, this certainly gives you much more flexibility than joining a puppy training class in person. Moreover, the course explains the theory of the training properly, which can be a huge benefit to implementing it.

Doggy Dan's course explains the theory of the dog training properly
Doggy Dan’s course explains the theory of the dog training properly


Regarding the feature, the only challenge remaining is to get your furry friend to understand and follow through. Because the program gets a monthly subscription, you can move along at your own pace.

In comparison to a traditional dog class, it means if your dog is a little slow on the uptake, you can save your time and perfect the process before moving forward. Selecting Doggy Dan’s online training course, you don’t need to feel embarrassed in front of all the other dog gurus within the class who seem to be finding everything so damn easy.

Finally, he also has a forum where you can communicate with other dog owners, share your dog training experiences, and even reach out to Dan for help when needed. He is very active in the community, so it is almost like having him as your personal dog training consultant. And with a 60 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose! That’s really a priority for your online training course.

Now, after time for seeking information about your dog training, you are considering what is included in this training course, right? So, I will let you know characteristics about Doggy Dan’s course.

Do you know about Doggy Dan’s online training course?

First, the Online Dog Trainer from Doggy Dan program covers everything from how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash – the simplest lesson to stopping them from barking at the door.

Secondly, the course constantly references Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules for dog training. The 5 Golden Rules might be worth the price of admission alone.

Doggy Dan can solve all of your dog issues
Doggy Dan can solve all of your dog issues

Here is a more comprehensive list of the specific training platform, with more sections being added regularly:

Specific training platforms

  1. Pulling on The Lease
  2. Jumping On You or Other People
  3. Not Coming When Called (Recall)
  4.  Toilet Training Issues
  5. Mouthing and Biting Issues
  6. Crying When Left All Alone
  7. Not Responding To Your Commands
  8. Digging Issue
  9. Chewing Issues
  10. Problems With Stealing
  11. Separation Anxiety Issues
  12. Aggression Towards Other Dogs
  13. Agression Towards Your Other Dogs
  14. Aggression Towards Strangers
  15. Aggression Towards You
  16.  Aggression Towards Other Objects
  17. Aggression Towards Other Animal
  18. Barking At The Front Door
  19. Barking While You’re On Walks
  20. Warking While In Your Car
  21. Barking Around Your Property
  22. Barking When Home Alone
  23. Issues With Hyperactivity
  24. Excessive Licking or Chewing
  25. Attention Seeking and Following
  26. Issues With Tail Chasing
  27. Jumping up on your furniture
  28. A Fear of Objects
  29. A Fear of Other People or Dogs
  30. Issues With Running Away
  31. Fear of Loud Sounds (Fireworks etc.)
  32. Issues With Submissive Urination
  33. Unique and Unexplained Obsessions
  34. Eating Poop

For more evaluation from users, I collect some comments on Doggy Dan’s training course. “Thanks to this course, it teaches me how to “think like a dog”, I was able to get my mutt to obey much easier and faster than my normal punishing or yelling ever did.” This is one of the most impressive responses I got.

What is the attractive features of the training courses?

First, it is the quality and quantity of the video in the course. There are over 200 videos (with more being added constantly), so this is certainly not some quick fix training guide.

Once you buy into the system, you will make a time commitment, which is no bad thing, as long term both you and your dog will benefit.

The second attraction of the training course is that you get a three day trial for only a dollar. By this way, you can try the system, pretty much risk-free. In addition, Doggy Dan’s course is endorsed both locally and nationally (even by the SPCA), so it gives us confidence in the methods involved.

I thought that the Doggy Dan 5 Golden Rules, are extremely helpful and made the process move much faster once we understand the concepts.

Doggy Dan's online dog training has 5 Golden Rules to follow
Doggy Dan’s online dog training has 5 Golden Rules to follow

Finally, as long as you follow the instructions, you should have a well behaved dog in just a few months. You may not be able to get to the advanced stuff in that time but you’ll have a Fur Friend that doesn’t pee in the house, doesn’t jump on strangers, doesn’t bark at mailmen, doesn’t eat cat poop, and doesn’t pull on the leash like a sled dog.

What other say about Doggy Dan’s training course?

In this article today, I want to introduce you Mr.Kenton Osmond. He has problem with his dog’s jumping up anyone at everywhere. He found The Online Dog Trainer and realized that this course is for him. He followed 5 simple steps for his dog training. Extremely, at the first day, he saw effectiveness of this method. Since using The Online Dog Trainer, his dog become managable. He really trusts on this program. Let’s listen to his share soon.

Next, we will listen a share from another dog owner. She used to be very anxious about her dog’s barking everytime. She was really worried because her dog made noise, jumped up over the fence to her neighbor. However, after finding The Online Dog Trainer Program about 2 weeks, she can solve all issues of your dog. Now, she is very happy because all hee anxiety has gone and left from her.

Now, listen to her carefully to know more detail what did she apply this method!

Finally, I want you to listen to Lydia who has issue with her dog aggression. She used to keep her dog seperated in order to avoid her dog hurting everyone. However, since having The Online Dog Trainer’s theory, she becomes happy much more. Let’s listen to her share now. You will see how is she happy after solving her dog issue.

What is the cost of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training program?

Usually, the cost for Private consultations is $395, but currently, you can join the membership website and receive 250+ videos for a 3 day trial at the price of $1. Only a limited number of members will be allowed to take advantage of this promotion, so do not delay. Furthermore, I ask that you share your success story if you sign up to become a member at this bargain price.

Also, I want to mention in this online dog trainer review that there are 4 free bonuses being offered:

  1. Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Audio Library – “Knowing Your Dog PART 1”.
  2. Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series – “7 Keys To Puppy Training”.
  3. Doggy Dan’s Dog Talk Series – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands”.
  4. Membership to Doggy Dan’s Exclusive Online Forum.

What Guarantees Do I Have If It Doesn’t Work?

To make this offer even better for you, Doggy Dan is providing you with a 100% RISK-FREE, 60 DAY “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

You’re free to cancel your membership at anytime you want, and Doggy Dan’ll happily refund your purchase in full (within the 60 day period).



Is it guaranteed that Online Dog Trainer course will work for you?

In conclusion, The Doggy Dan’s online training courses is really good for every dog owners. It can solve every behavioral problem of your lovely dog. With theory on why it happens, how you can solve the issue, why the solution works and then a real life consultation where you see all of this demonstrated.

In addition, the methods are all force, fear and punishment free. They’re very gentle yet highly effective and you’ve no need to spend money on any expensive gadgets.

Moreover, it’s a complete training course from a highly rated and successful professional trainer that you can call up on your computer or mobile phone at any time you wish. And all this for a mere fraction of the cost of an in-person trainer.

Generally, everything you need to train your dog or puppy to become the well-behaved, good-tempered and loving companion you always dreamed about is there.

You are 100% guaranteed that the program will be effective. To check the site out for yourself, please click the button below to check out and potentially join the online dog training program!

Activate $1 Trial Program Now

Finally, if you have any questions about what I’ve written here, please leave your comments below. I will reply as soon as possible. I hope my “Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Reviews” will help your dogs and/or puppies become a joy to you and your family.


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