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Guess What? New Approach To Puppy Training

Puppy Training Video Guides

Nowadays, people don’t need to bring their puppies to dog training centers. Puppy Training Video Guides appear to provide you all essential steps of raising your puppy at home.

Being initial to the trend, Doggy Dan – a dog trainer and behaviorist in New Zealand – has created the online puppy training program which contains 2 courses specialized for puppies. Thousands of puppy owners express their appreciation with the courses that help them win their puppy’s mind. To see more about the puppy courses, let’s read more information in this article, Or watch the video version here!

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Puppy Training Video Guides are designed for…

This new approach to training a puppy is applicable to almost all breeds of dogs. Even your puppy is 8 weeks old or up to 1 year, you can learn a wide range of knowledge at the fingertips regarding raising a puppy. If you are getting tired of bad behaviors of your puppies, Dan’s puppy videos will save your future from a poor-mannered dog. There will be no longer chewing shoes, barking and jumping up at visitors, going potty everywhere in your house or being unsocialized. As Dan solves all puppy problems with his videos, showing simple and effective tools and techniques for you to follow, and of course, with no violence or force. The dogs deserve happiness.

Develop Puppy's Socialization

Puppy Training Videos are like an innovation in the related field, during Technology & Information era. It provides better options for puppy owners who are too busy to arrange proper schedules with dog training centers. You can teach your puppies right in the comfort of your home and teach them whenever you have free time by just one click.

As Dan recommends, people should train their dogs as soon as possible. The earlier you win their minds, the more effective results you get. So, training a puppy is a fundamental step to develop a great relationship between dogs and their owners.

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Puppy Training Video Guides – Courses Introduction

In The Online Dog Trainer program, there are 2 courses which are specialized for puppies training. All videos that Dan shows in those courses are from live consultation and experiences with different breeds and owners.

1st course: Puppy Training (The Perfect Puppy Program)

There are around 6 parts in this course to help you step-by-step learn how to train them correctly. You can find general health of your pups, socialization part (Meeting The World) here. Moreover, Dan has recorded a huge number of behavioral issues with typical solutions, namely potty training and leash training. Moreover, the section Basic Command Training will help you to teach your puppy do something simple that you want.

These are customer feedback after experiencing this course:

2nd course: Project Moses (Diary of Raising a Puppy)

Dan recorded the whole period that he raised his own puppy named Moses for people who want to watch some references for raising a dog completely from 8 weeks to 1 year old. This provides you a real process of raising process through 68 videos, promising to provide all details and secrets of success raising a lovely, fantastic dog.

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Why Dan’s puppy training courses?

Doggy Dan’s reputationonline dog trainer Doggy Dan

He is well-known as a dog trainer who shifts to the positive methods when raising a dog. As you can search on the Internet, thousands of dogs in different breeds have been trained successfully by Dan. Therefore, he has gained many good feedbacks on social networks. In addition, SPCA in New Zealand has recognized his contribution to protecting animals and have been working with him in term of dog training for many years.

Then, he built The Online Dog Trainer site that provides a comprehensive program of sharing with people the way to train a dog correctly by winning the dog’s mind.

Read more about Dan and his methods of dog training Here

100% Risk-Free

Money Back GuaranteeDespite of his reputation, Dan doesn’t want to take your money for granted. He loves his job and want to share his knowledge and experiences with you. If the program seems to unbeneficial to you, you can get your money back in such a simple way! He names it “60-Day No Questions asked” refund guarantee.

However, the guarantee seems to be redundant here owing to the fact that most puppy owners succeeded with these courses.

Puppy Training Video Guides - Good Feedbacks

Generous Bonus

Hold on… There are 03 Free Bonuses if you sign up the program. Exclusive Community is where you can connect with Dan personally and share your thoughts with other dog lovers. Besides, Weekly Video Updates are available to make sure you engage all new stuff for dog transformation every week. Last but not least, full monthly members are also able to reach interesting materials of Dan’s Library. You can find “9 Advanced Vocal Commands” or “7 Secrets To Puppy Training” here.

Special Offer

1$ for 3 days getting access to the whole program – is it a trick? No. It is the real offer Dan makes for his worldwide clients to experience the program first before becoming monthly members. This is so helpful for you – dog owners, because Dan knows you don’t want to risk your money.

Start your puppy training with 3-Days Trial To Day!! 

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