If you’re looking for a back pain relief product, congratulations, you’re reading the most complete and detailed My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews by Diziti that will make your back pain most effective.

Back pains affect hundreds of millions of people across the globe. According to statistics, at least 8 in every ten people experience back pains at some points in their lives. For instance, the US alone has more than 33% of its population affected by back pains. As you can see, the possibility that you or someone close to you is affected by back pains is very high.

A male reader of Diziti named Michael and he is 45 years old. He has had back pain for the past 4 years. He paid a lot of money for massages and went to the doctor. But back pain only gets better in a short time and back hurts again. Even when he walked, he felt back pain. And he was recommended by a friend to the My Back Pain Coach Program which would help effectively reduce Michael’s back pain. He knows Diziti we are experts in reviewing products to help readers have the best view of the product. So he sent a letter asking us to help him review this My Back Pain Coach Program. And because of that, I wrote this My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews.


When I read Michael’s request, I wondered if this online product would help to relieve back pain, even cure it. Because many people go to the doctor but it is still not cured and relieved. I absolutely do not believe the My Back Pain Coach Program.

Therefore I actually spent 12 hours looking for product information. I find through youtube and google as well as other social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram about the opinions of people,  My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews and find about the author of it. I must say that the Review is extremely long, reach more than 3000 words and lots of information about the product that you need.

And I also certain that this is definitely the most mindful and quality review that you’ve ever read about My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews. It will help you to have the most detailed and clear view of the product. Is it worth your money? This most in-depth Review will answer the question for you about My Back Pain Coach Program. I hope it will help you a lot.

What Is My Back Pain Coach Program?

Medications, patches, and ointments may bring relief but your back pain will occur again as they only mask the pain. Their formulations are not intended to address the cause of the problem so you use them again and again. With My Back Pain Coach Program, however, you don’t only get rid of the back pain but address the root cause.

Back Pain Coach is a video training system to show you a 16 minute, 8 movement exercises to cure your back pain. The exercises address the root cause of the pain, by releasing a flood of biochemicals into your system, healing your back pain at the source and relieve your pain. Just by adding basic movements in your life, you can cure the agony of your back pain, or at least these are the promises made by the program.

My Back Pain Coach Review- video

The Program Consists Of Three Ain Components:

First, Back Pain Relief 4 Life

The core of the program consists of a 28-minute online video. That video explains the unique sequence of 8 movements that will cure your back pain

Second, My Back Pain Coach – Video Coaching Sessions

The second component of the My Back Pain Coach program consists of 9 video coaching sessions. These videos provide you with additional tips – like how to get down to the floor and back up again – and help you get the most out of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life system.

Third, One-on-one Coaching

The idea here is to fix your back pain problems and even get you other benefits like a stronger core and abs, an improved posture, more blood flow in other parts of your body and reducing the pains on those areas too.

About Ian Hart, The Author Of My Back Pain Coach Program

You can search for his name on the internet, it will have a lot of information about him. And in My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews of Diziti, you will know much about the author.

The author- Ian Hart from Beaufort, South Carolina is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with many industry certifications and qualifications such as:

Equinox Tier 3 EFT

2 Kettle Bell Training

Integrated Stretching Techniques

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Specialist

Certified CPR Instructor

Featured in Men’s Health Magazine and on the Men’s Health website

Featured Health Expert on New York 1 News

Guest on the Mike and Juliet Morning Show

Wrote programs for and participated in the Men’s Health Urbanathalon and be Quoted in OK Magazine

He currently working on his Master’s Degree in Sports Science.

Hart also runs a personal training company with multiple locations in several states. Hart and his team have grown quickly because their fitness and pain-relief formulas bring fast and dramatic results in a safe and effective manner.

His programs and businesses have been featured in publications and TV stations such as Men’s Health Magazine, OK! Magazine, SELF Magazine, GQ Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, FOX Morning Show, NY1 News, CBS, plus much more.

People in over 27 countries have used his program to relieve their back pain. He also possesses the internet’s largest video database of client success stories.


While all these qualifications may be impressive, perhaps Hart’s finest achievement is the creation of My Back Pain Coach program.

His inspiration to develop the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program sources from his own predicament after suffering from back problems for almost a decade. He shares the life-changing story on his website as he introduces the therapy which saw him recover fully and resume his hobby.

My Back Pain Coach Review- author

Hart authored this innovative back-pain-relief program primarily because he suffered from chronic back pain himself. As an athlete, Hart couldn’t bear the thought that he had to give up sports because of his back problem. Fortunately, he met Bojan, a Serbian athlete with Master’s in Exercise Science that practically changed his life.

Bojan introduced to Hart a series of exercises that can help get rid of his back pain. This workout program was apparently a product of years of study. After trying out the workout himself, Hart used this as a foundation to develop the My Back Pain Coach system. Hart spent years of research to come up with the program. He believed that this is what many back sufferers require – a safer and more effective alternative to relieve pain.

Diziti also found the product’s account on Facebook. It has more than 13k followers. Let’s see below:

About Ian Hart, The Author Of My Back Pain Coach

You can also get more information through what thư author share below:


After I found his information, I thought he really professional and has much experience. And if you know more about the author, leave a comment below the review and I will add it to the My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews.

What Will You Learn From My Back Pain Coach Program?

My Back Pain Coach Review- what will get

When reading this many steps inside the program, I must say that you will learn a lot from this back pain trainer.

First of all,

You will learn how to effectively and naturally reduce back pain. And You will learn how to do it if you only teach a real personal trainer with many certificates.

You simply follow 16-minute videos – perfect for busy parents and professionals – and then find a way to better health. In addition, there are only eight methods in the video, so it’s easy.

This application contains many movies. The library is wide. They are run through three levels. Each level takes about 30 minutes. It’s about the time of basic education.


You will learn how this program relieves pain in various parts of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and ankles.  So, you will not only get your back on track but also the other parts of yourself.

Third, You also will learn the right stuff to do so that your problems can be solved. This is achieved through ten coaching session videos in which Ian Hart tells you about specific instances, like “How to Increase Your Back’s Flexibility and Mobility” or “ 8 Dangerous Mistakes That Make Your Back Pain Worse.” You will also learn about the right time to do these exercises-for examples Ian has created one that should be done at the start of the day. It is called the (spoiler alert!) Begin Your Day Program, and it is a full-body routine.

How Does The Program Actually Work?

Obviously, In My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews, I must explain how this program works for you. It actually is very simple to follow and it comes with a simple move. There are 8 of them and you will need around 15-16 minutes to complete them. At first, some people will take some time that needed 20 minutes to complete all of them, but after some time, I think you will get used to it and I needed less and less time to complete the task.

I must say that the secret isn’t on the movements you must perform or the duration. It is about the moves themselves. Each one is designed to provide the maximum back pain relief benefit and to re-balance the body. When combined, these moves helped my body release chemicals which were able to cure my body.

I was very intrigued by the moves available in the program so I did additional research. And yes, they actually work. Believe or not, this actually works and obviously, I will explain the 8 moves below. There are three main training video: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 with each video spanning 30 minutes long.

First, Day 1 – 14 : Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program

Second, Day 15-35 : Increase Intensity

Third, Day 36-Beyond – The Best Part

8 Moves Are:

First, Activating The Imbalanced Muscles –

This is the first movement. During which, I was able to activate the muscles which are imbalanced and which are the cause of the pain. The movement is designed to help your body prepare them for the pain relief.

Second, Activating Hip Muscles –

During this step, you will have to activate the dormant hip muscles. Furthermore, this is the part where you will continue to activate all imbalanced muscles in your back. This of it as preparation for the main thing.

Third, Improving The Blood Flow –

Now you will notice that the blood flow or the circulation especially in the lower back is significantly improved.

Fourth, Curing The Lower Back –

The 4th movement is basically the same as the third one. You will continue to send more blood to the lower back which will have impressive results. You will notice even more energy and warmth around the muscles.

Fifth, Decompression Of The Lower Back Muscles –

This movement is designed to decompress or decrease the pressure on the lower back muscles. The result is phenomenal and first results are instantly noticed. I liked this movement the most and I still believe it is one that makes a huge difference.

Sixth, Restoring The Alignment –

This is second most important part in the program. During which, I literally noticed that my muscles are better balanced and the pain started to decline significantly. All of which affects the muscles around your spine, which cause the actual pain.

Seventh, Pulling Spine, Back, And Hips Into The Natural Position –

And now you will notice that muscles around hips, spine, and back, in general, are restoring their natural position. The overall result is impressive no less and it will make you feel so much better. I know because I did get all of the benefits.

Eighth, Restoring The Blood Flow To The Spine Discs –

The last step in the program is also the most complicated and the most rewarding. What it does is restores the blood to the spinal discs and makes a huge difference. New blood which is rich in chemicals and nutrients will be present instead. The overall result is the complete elimination of the back pain.

I find that all of these movements may seem too simple or like an already known thing. And you too, right? But in My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews, I must repeat myself by saying that the combination of the movements, performed in a specific order is something that makes the whole difference.

My Back-Pain Coach Program Pros & Cons

Have a look at these pros and cons so that you know if this eBook is the right one for you.

My Back-Pain Coach Pros & Cons

Pros Of My Back Pain Coach

High-quality Videos

This package comes with numerous videos which are all presented in high-definition video formats. Besides, all have practical expositions and are neatly presented by the author himself.


Most of the concepts which the program brings out are relatable and apply in real-life. We all know back pains are common across all age groups. Again, all the techniques which the author shares have a firm and verifiable scientific explanation. Therefore, this program is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Easy To Execute

Ian’s instructions target everyone with a spine. That is to say, his videos will work for anyone who’s serious about the program. The exercises are not difficult to carry out and also don’t involve any workout expertise whatsoever.

Exercises Are Great For You.

The exercises are nice and easy to complete. They are not stressful on the body, like weightlifting, running or cycling. You will really feel like you are working out, which will surely boost your mood and make you feel ready to take on the day. Your body will come back stronger as it goes through the healing movements. The more you complete them, the better it gets.

Every Detail In This Program Is Based On Real Facts.

Also, the author always updates this program with the latest details. This, therefore, means that from the moment you buy it, you will forever receive the updates for free.

Low Price And 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ian offers to refund any buyer of My Back Pain Coach who feels he/she doesn’t benefit from the program at all. It’s rare to find such confidence in one’s work. But then again, Ian is an expert and has thousands of happy customers sharing testimonials all over his website.

My Back Pain Coach Review- About The Cons?

First, You will have to read through the whole e-book till you locate the sections that tackle your specific condition.

Secondly, This program is available only online, so internet connection is compulsory. You have to have smart digital and the internet.

Thirdly, it is only an eBook format. The videos all have to be watched on a device like a smartphone, laptop or tablet. So, you may have some trouble getting this hooked to your TV if you’re the sort that wants it on there. Plus, if you like physical books, that is not available.

Finally, the Program comes with very few written manuals

This might inconvenience users without video players from following the program. Not everybody wants to watch a video, and not all of us will be in a situation where you can watch the videos upon waking up (say the internet goes down). Therefore, having a manual to refer to might be nice.

What Do Customers Saying?

First, Diziti Show You Feedback Of Customers In Products Official Site,

I’m Walking Again.


The Muscles Are Holding Where They Ought To Be And My Activities Are Back To Normal – Full Golf, Full Tennis, Full Everything!


I Have Had Numerous Cortisone Injections And Nothing Has Helped Until I Started This Program.


What Do Customers Saying?

Source: Products official site

“After The First Two Treatments, I Felt Enormous Relief… It Was Unbelievable!”

Candy, the Therapist

“Anytime somebody tells me they’re having back pains, I tell them about Back Pain Relief 4 Life because I believe in it that much.”

Steve P.

“The Next Morning I Woke Up And I Felt 100% Better. My Pain Was Completely Gone. I Couldn’t Even Tell That My Back Was Killing The Night Before.”


“Now that I have Back Pain Relief 4 Life, I have total comfort!”

Jerry P.

Jerry P. - Feedback

Source: Products official site

Second, According To Diziti’s sSearching,

In The Goodreads Site,

Amit Thomas

“It hurt my back L4-L5 twenty five years ago and I sort of struggled through different trainers, different processes. I’ve done anything from trainers to witchdoctors. After Back Pain Relief4Life, I am more flexible, my back doesn’t hurt, I’ve had three sessions here I feel that much better and I am excited to keep going so that I can actually get to the point where I can touch my toes. I am doing things that I thought I would never be able to do before. My back doesn’t hurt.”

Victoria Amy

“I had back pain off and on for ten years. Sometimes it was so painful I could not get out of bed. And It mostly radiated from my lower spine and I thought it was nerve pain. It would be extremely painful moved down my legs. Now, I still have back pain from muscle workouts, but there’s no nerve pain, I am a lot more flexible, I haven’t lost any work days. It’s been great there’s no more back pain.”

In the Goodreads site, - Feedback

Source: Goodreads site

In The Regionvavid Site,

Javier J. Marcum

“Actually, i do not understand how i can explain the benefits of this system. This is a program that has really helped me stop my back pains that i have been having for a long time. The most unique things about this system, it provides easy tips that are natural and will make sure that you do not suffer any side effects. However, this one work very well.”

Vernon Ibarra

“After doing the exercises mentioned in this program, I got full relief from my back pain. Now I can live a normal life again. Thanks!”

My Back Pain Coach Review- feedback 2

Source: Regionvavid site

Matt Winn

“They are easy enough that everyone can do them and they only take a few minutes per day.

The program offers you basic movements that you can add to your life so that you can cure yourself of the pain and agony that you feel.”

Kathryn Boyd

“You can try the routine for a few weeks.

This program uses several strategies to help relieve your back pain. The strategies all target different components of back pain. Appropriate for all levels of pain, mild-to-severe.”

My Back Pain Coach Review- feedback

Source: Regionvavid site

Well, I really have to say that this product is used by a lot of people. Because to avoid doing to write this review too lengthy, I can’t put all customer feedback on my review. But basically it’s mostly good feedback. Customers are successful when using the product. And I would also be pleased to write reviews of a product that received such compliments.

Is My Back Pain Coach Worth To Try?

Diziti wonder that has it a bad effect on the customer’s health? But after spending a lot of time finding information about it, I realized that this was indeed a real product. I think this may not be known to many, but the Product actually offers a lot of benefits for your back.

For now, I totally believe this product because it is reliable and helpful. The author also professional as well as have much experience. The product is famous on Facebook. Moreover, you see? Much good feedback that I have shown you. I must tell you again that it is worth buying.  And it is not a scam.

What About The Price Of My Back Pain Coach Program?

The price of My Back Pain Coach Program is $67. Initially, when I knew the price, I realized that it was too expensive? But after I found out the average price when you go to physical therapy sessions, massages or to hospitals … the price you pay is too expensive. Let me give you an example. You could expect pay:

$347 for an off-hours emergency session.

$250 for a regularly scheduled private session.

Or $150 for a group session.

If you come to the hospital, the surgeon’s new plan was to remove your’s degenerated disk or disks that were causing the pain and mechanically brace the spine with metal rods and bone grafts. Cost? $150,000. Extremely cost.

And even Kinesis Myofascial Integration (offered at a whopping $125 per session)

Do you understand what I mean? After I researched these average prices, I found that paying you only $ 67 was too cheap. The things you get are too much for this cheap price. And with a 60-day refund, I absolutely love this product. And you?

What About The Price Of My Back Pain Coach?

What Is My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews’s Bonus?

Bonus1: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

Bonus2: Free One on One Coaching

Special Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

In effect, when you throw your back out, it’s because you’ve “shocked” your back. And naturally, it recoils.

The Begin Your Day Program is a short but essential routine that prevents this from happening in the future. So when you do lift something heavy or twist your back during the day, it doesn’t “bite” you back in pain.

The Begin Your Day Program pre-activates specific muscle groups, waking up your back, shielding you from unnecessary time off, doctor visits and mind-numbing medication.

Extra Bonus 1: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

Extra Bonus 2: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Personally, I think these are great bonuses that the program offers. Many people think if these videos not good because they are just bonuses. Actually, I had the same thought in the beginning. But it contains relevant and additional lessons for the main video. From there ensure you can achieve the best results.

My Back Pain Coach Review- Bonus


Who Is Program For?

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is definitely for you if…

1.You’re in severe pain and conventional treatments utterly failed you…

2.You feel less of a person because of your pain…

3.You have a job where back pain is considered a normal occupational hazard…

4.You’re concerned about the effect pain medication is having on your body and brain…

5.You’ve discovered you’re unable to do things you used to do when you were younger…

Overall, This program is made for everybody who suffers with problems on their backs. If you have been feeling sharp pain or discomfort on your back that doesn’t seem to go away, this product is for you.

This program is also for those of you who have been having issues with your posture after you have been on your computer, seated for hours; you are also going to get help here. And if you have had any pains you feel have something to do with your back

Who Is Program Not For?

Who Is Program Not For?

First, If you enjoy pushing yourself and working rapidly for results, this program may seem a little slow-paced for you.

Secondly, if you do not like reading online, or you do not like using smart things, then this book is a bit difficult for you to try.

But I have a recommendation that you can download and print it.

Finally, if you have muscle or bone disease, as well as suffer or are recovering from tendon, connective tissue or muscle injury. If you suffer from permanent back injury and pain, I would also advise you not to buy the product yet. I recommend that instead of buying and follow the program, please ask your treating doctor for the direction that best suits your back.

Does It Have Guarantee Policy? Diziti Will Tell You

Well, The good news though is that your order is backed with a money-back guarantee for 60 days. This means that if you are not content with the solution, then you can have your money back within about two months of placing your order. This is really good policy.

Does It Have Guarantee Policy?

 Final Conclusion Of My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews

Before learning about the product to review for Michael, I thought that this was just a product being advertised and did not work well at all. If it is a scam, it will have a bad effect on the health of the customer. And I still believe doctor more.


I found out about the author of My Back Pain Coach Program, I know that he is really reputable. And the product in Facebook has a lot of followers. Therefore, I believe in the author as well as the product. If you’re suffering from back pain for many years, you probably know that pain relievers do not provide safe and lasting relief. If you’ve been waiting for something to help get rid of your misery, My Back Pain Coach program is here. This system targets and corrects the root cause of the problem and not just deal with the symptoms. Apart from providing effective and long-term relief, this innovative program also makes use of natural and safe means. You can never go wrong with My Back Pain Coach program. Using this system will not only get rid of the pain but will provide countless health benefits as well.

It is just $ 67. Attached some videos. I felt very satisfied and happy when I discovered a method like this. It totally suits my father. Because my father also is back pain. I just wanna thank Michael. Because I knew this good program.  Again I recommend you should buy the product as it has up to 60 days refund. So the risk is 0%. And for such a low price, it would be silly not to give it a try, especially since you can get all your money back if you don’t feel any improvement. And you can buy it with PayPal, Creditcard.

I asked Michael to buy it for a trial, and he did as he believed in Diziti and Clickbank. His back is definitely improving.

Final Conclusion Of My Back Pain Coach Review

Last Words

When you have read My Back Pain Coach Program Reviews by Diziti, I believe that you have enough information about this product. I spent a lot of time to learn, with such time and this article has many shortcomings and if you have any contribution, as well as if you feel that it is not good, please leave a question and comment below. Please like, share if you like this.

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