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Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews – Really Work?

“Dear Diziti! I am a reader who has been following you since the beginning. Right now I’m feeling stressed with negative thoughts, actually what happened made me feel unhappy. Annie, Can you give me advice? I looked online and found Manifestation Magic program, can you tell me if this product helps me feel better? Please write a Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews for me!Looking forward to hearing from you!”.

This is a letter I received from an anonymous reader. I feel so happy when she likes me. I hope she feels better because I will make her request. By the way, I wrote this Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews not only to help answer questions for the anonymous reader, but I hope it will help you have the most accurate information.

One thing I can be sure of with you, is that this review is long and has lots of information around the product you are interested in. This is a dedicated and quality review that you have read. I hope it will help you to have the clearest detailed view of the product. This will help you confidently make a decision whether or not to buy Manifestation Magic Program. So let’s read with Diziti!

What Is Manifestation Magic Program?

Manifestation magic review - Diziti review
Manifestation magic program

Firstly, let me show you in my Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews!

Manifestation Magic program is an online Law of Attraction program that uses sound wave technology (or brainwave entrainment) to help rewire your mind to manifest your desires.

This program is created by Alexander Wilson, who is a spiritual guide with a masters degree in psychology and has been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 7 years now.

If you want to find out more information, you can read on!

Author & Creator? Who Is Alexander Wilson?


Manifestation Magic Review - Alexander

First things first, I’m sure you’re wondering who exactly is behind this entire program.

I decided to conduct a bit more research to find out who he really is and his credentials. Here are the details that I’ve gathered from his personal blog, websites, and social media channels.

Alexander Wilson is the man behind the Manifestation Magic. Alexander is like others out there and has gone through his share of ups and downs. To the outside world, it seemed he lived an ideal life. However, in reality, he drove a rundown, beat-up car, resided in a deteriorated dwelling, and lost his career. Also, he was engaged in an automobile accident and nearly lost his life. Many of us would have wanted to quit living. But, not Alexander. This series of “catastrophes” actually guided him to find his pathway and himself.

See, among all of this chaos, there was a constant that continued to appear in his life. It was his Uber driver he called Phoenix. Phoenix drove part-time and was an intuitive healer.


During one of Alex’s trips, Phoenix told him how everybody has a guardian angel. Phoenix also explained how everything on earth is formed from one key component. That component is energy. This bit of information showed Alex’s mind how to go about fixing his troubles.

From that moment forward, things in Alex’s life took a different path. His life began adjusting in positive ways. Then he no longer had to deal with one catastrophe after another. Instead, his writing work prospered, and he was collecting more checks than expenses. It was as if he rubbed a magic lamp and now all his wished were coming true.

What do you think of the above information? They are enough for you to trust the product or not. As for me, with the information I have found, I evaluate the reliability of the product quite good! However, to know more, you need to read the following sections.

How About The Effect?

Now that you have a better idea of what it is your about to get, let’s get down to how it can actually change your life for the better. Let see in my Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews!

1. If You’re Willing To Put In The Work & Effort

Many of these similar Law of Attraction programs are packaged such that it seems you don’t have to do any work and can still manifest your dreams. They make manifesting sound super-easy! Well I hate to break it to you, but you can never something for nothing.

A passive approach to manifesting certainly sounds great, but it doesn’t really work. The Manifestation Magic program requires you to read the books and listen to the audios. It isn’t really a ton of work – if you’re willing to take that step to towards your own abundance then this program will definitely benefit you.

2. The Manifestation Magic Program Helps to Change Your Thought Paradigms

If you’ve been a student of Law of Attraction long enough, you’ll notice that most teachers always preach a change in your old paradigms before attempting to create new ones. The only way to manifest new abundance is to remove all the old limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns of thinking that are blocking you from your own success.

The content in Manifestation Magic programhelps you to do just that! Particularly if you make full use of the 7 “energy orbiting” audio tracks (I found that these are really super-effective).

What’s Included?

 Manifestation Magic
Manifestation Magic program

Below is the list of what you will get with the Manifestation Magic program:

Quick Start Manifestation Guide

The main ebook guide that will show you how to make the most of the program including guided instructions for best usage of the audio tracks.

7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.

  • Twilight transformation
  • Daytime Wealth
  • 10 Minute Meditator (Part 1)
  • 10 Minute Meditator (Part 2)

Removes negative & limiting thoughts through the use of powerful theta waves when listening to the audio tracks. Studies show that the best time to do this is when you’re asleep, because the brain is more receptive to subliminal suggestions and this is the time where the subconscious can be most easily influenced.

How Does Manifestation Magic Program Work?

According to Alexander, the program is said to permanently raise your vibrations.

Therefore, to assist you to break free from past limiting beliefs, amplifying wealth, health and abundance in your life.

The idea behind this course is to “just push play” and let the “Brain Entrainment” audio tracks clear out any restrictive thought patterns through subliminal programming.

Each track uses sound wave technology developed with the help of a renowned audio engineer, musician and “Energy Orbiting” expert.

The tracks work much like guided hypnosis but have the added benefit of sound therapy to amplify the visualization process.

The Main Features?

Manifestation Magic program comes with the following key features:

  • Maintaining a high vibration, feeling inner joy and happiness.
  • Brain Entrainment to eliminate past fears, worries and limiting beliefs.
  • Meditative tracks to guide the subconscious mind toward abundance.
  • A step by step manifestation guide.
  • Practical activities to help you to gain wealth and freedom.
  • Sound waves to rewrite your future for manifesting.


Here are some things that I really liked about the course:

  • Manifestation Magic program is simple to practice. Alexander Wilson provided you with ways to make it simple for you to increase your frequency and train your thoughts to a positive level.
  • The program is very easy to follow and learn. Although it is difficult for some people to get into meditation, Manifestation Magic program makes it simple by teaching you a shortcut.
  • The effects of this program are not temporary. In fact, it is life-changing. Your life will keep changing for the better once you learn everything.
  • By having a positive effect on your subconscious, this program changes the way you think, the way you attract good relationships, and fortunes.
  • Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic program offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Alex is very confident in his product and the effects it will have on your life. If you do not think it is effective, he is willing to give you’re a full refund.
  • The price is more than reasonable.
  • This program was made by a professional with the help of others.

This product has many advantages. I think these advantages will satisfy you. However, you also need to know more about the disadvantages because not all products have only benefits. Let take a look the below section!


  • The e-book felt rushed and could have been better written.
  • The effect of the program varies depending on the person.
  • Can’t use while driving or operating machinery.
  • Takes a level of commitment
  • Sound waves are not for everyone.

Do you find it inconvenient to read the product’s disadvantages? I think the above disadvantages will not make you uncomfortable. Not all products can please everyone. But also can not rely on the disadvantage of product evaluation is not good, right? So let’s see what customers say about this product.

Customers’s Real Reviews About Manifestation Magic Program! The Tesmonials!

As Diziti searched, people rate Magic Manifestation quite high. The average score is 3.96 stars out of 5 stars. That’s a pretty good score when it comes to customer satisfaction with this product. I think these assessments are very necessary. That is the part that helps new customers have the most realistic and reassuring look.

In addition, I collect user comments and reviews on other websites like goodreads or quora, ect. I think the feedback and sharing from the people who bought and used the product will be very helpful for you. Here are the comments I found out!

“I love Manifestation Magic book and also the author! The author teaches us how to connect ourselves with the universe to attract what we want. The exercises provided inside are quicker than other similar resources, and so much more efficient, makes me feel there is positive energy flowing around me. It worth every penny, you will not regret buying it”. (Brianna rated 5 stars on goodreads).

“Success is all about focused body and mind. This book provides many useful tools to re-program the mind and body to turn wish to success”. (Onkara rated 4 stars on goodreads).

“Manifestation Magic is a program specially designed for an ordinary person. A person with their ups and downs and looking for some type of mental balance. The program can be finished within 24 hours”. (Lessie Wong rated 5 stars on goodreads).

Does It Really Work? Is It Worth A Try?

Manifestation Magic program guarantees result in as little as 24 hours. Alexander Wilson himself experienced an instant revelation such as this. The result for him was instant. And, these results kept coming in a succession of good fortune. When Alex first discovered how it is completed, he began considering his forgotten dream of writing.

The following morning the offer came. It wasn’t just a writing job, but the job came with a $10,000 pay. These instant results of good luck continued to come.

Alex shared his discovery and verified that it was not just a lucky turn of events for him. The author stated that there is actual magic in manifestation. What Phoenix, his Uber driver, and healer shared with can change your life. You will attract jobs, money, and relationships.

Based on what I have listed and shared above, I think you should try using the product. It will not waste your money!

The Price Of Manifestation Magic Program?

The normal price of the product is $247. And now there is a special time down to $ 47. Wow, you can save $ 200. Do you know? You can buy many things with less than 200$. For  example, The Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufsen is the stuff of dreams for audiophiles. Easy to pack, impeccably designed, with 10 hours of battery life. Or  you can buy the Alta fitness tracker combines slick, elegant look with sheer performance. It automatically synchronises to over 400 types of laptops and mobile devices, your workout will be logged before you’ve even had time to hit the shower.

When you spend $ 47, you get not just the main product, but also lots of bonuses included. For more details about bonuses, read the next section of the review. Come back a bit, so is the 47 dollar money too expensive?


Shopping is such a double-edged sword, because there are things we need, and things we think we need. When we buy new products we always have to consider cost, and how much we really need an item. There are terrific products out there, but when you are on a Spending Fast or a Spending Diet, your priorities are always at odds with your desire to buy unnecessary things.

So what do you think when instead of buying things that are not really needed to buy useful things, help you get rid of negative thoughts and stress. You will find that the amount of 47 dollars will not waste at all. In addition to the $ 47 option, you have the other option of $ 27 excluding bonuses. What do you think, it’s $ 27. If you feel the price of the product is worth it, you can buy it. Decide to avoid missing out on the best buying opportunities.

 Manifestation Magic price
Manifestation magic discounted price
Manifestation Magic Review - Payment interface
Payment interface

But wait, there is the deal if you do not choose the $47 choice. Only 27$, that’s real!

Payment interface for a deal - Diziti review
Payment interface for a deal

If you want to buy Manifestation Magic program with just 27$, you can visit the official website here!

Manifestation magic price

The Bonuses?

These were surprisingly my favorite tracks. Here is a rundown on the bonus content.

Chakra Power System Audios:

Chakra power system
Chakra power system

Each track is ten minutes long and is to empower you while aligning the energy centers within the body.

1.The Root Base Clearing Session:

  • Focuses on the first energy center (the base)
  • Frees doubt around money
  • Shifts a poverty mindset to a money mentality

2.The Sacral Chakra Clearing Session:

  • Focuses on the 2nd energy center (the sacral).
  • Ingrains positive energies around money.
  • Centers around being happy and accumulating wealth.

3.The Solar Plexus Full Potential Session:

  • Focuses on the 3rd energy center (the solar plexus).
  • Helps you to tune into your full money-making potential.
  • Expands your creativity to harness wealth.

4. The Heart-Gratitude Abundance Session:

  • Focuses on the 4th energy center (the heart).
  • Accesses and opens up gratitude.
  • Welcomes love and the flow of money energy into your life.

5.The Throat Chakra True-Self Session:

  • Focuses on the 5th energy center (the throat).
  • Tunes your mindset into an authentic wealth magnet.
  • Brings abundance into your life to express your highest self.

6.The Pineal Gland Intuition Session:

  • Focuses on the 6th energy center (the pineal gland or third eye).
  • Promotes intuitive thinking.
  • Helps you to follow intuitive queues toward wealth.

7.The Crown Chakra Highest Purpose Session:

  • Focuses on the 7th energy center (the crown).
  • Promotes intellectual thinking toward creating wealth.
  • Clarifies your higher purposes in life.

Manifestation Magic 360 Transformation System:

360 transformation system
360 transformation system

This bonus set is to guide you into your own natural state of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

The 360 Transformation System gives you all the benefits of the Brainwave Entrainment System without the voice over.

Wealth Awakening:

You’re supposed to listen to this track first thing in the morning.

Wealth Awakening contains rich tones and frequencies to induce a state of calmness helping to start your day on a positive note.

It’s supposedly meant to stimulate the creative sector in the brain to help with reaching goals and solving everyday problems.

Mystical Chi Gung:

This track is to help you unwind after a busy and stressful day.

It is to help you tap into your natural state of consciousness and rediscover your creative energies.

This encourages you to listen to this track whilst dancing or moving around to help guide your body toward self-expression.

Movement helps to release any visceral tension and restore energetic balance.

The Heartbeat:

Designed to help with your heart centers, this track stimulates deep thinking and intuitive decision making.

The Heartbeat is to help the listener to make choices from higher states of awareness.

Slow String Relaxation:

These frequencies are to uplift your emotional needs.

Slow String Relaxation contains subconscious rhythms that elevate your thinking and guide you toward higher vibrational states of being.


These space like sounds and audible textures are intended to promote the alchemical and creative energies required when thinking of new ideas and bringing forward your ingenuity.

Divine Tranquility:

These tunes are a refreshing burst of nature. They combine with frequencies that shift your focus inward helping you to find purpose and peace.

Divine Tranquility guides you towards your deeper truth in a balanced, healthy and abundant way.

Whispering Waves:

Whispering Waves is a preparation track for all of the radical but positive changes that the program brings into your life.


The best part about this program is the 60-day money back guarantee. Moreover, Manifestation Magic program is a product that is offered on the Clickbank payment platform which has stringent standards for customer satisfaction. So if you feel unsatisfied with the product within 60 days of purchase you can always request for a refund from Clickbank.

Also, the entire Manifestation Magic program is a full digital bundle. You don’t need to wait for the delivery. So you can get started right away!

A product that has so many bonuses, you consider and make a decision whether to buy the product or not!

Who Is Manifestation Magic Program For?

  • Feeling lack, or having undesired results in life.
  • Wish to meditate or master your visualizations.
  • Want to see your goals or dreams manifest.
  • Reprogram your belief patterns for abundance.
  • Want to improve relationships with your partner or others.
  • Stop negative thoughts and feelings towards achieving goals.
  • Want to feel happy, and maintain a high vibrational consciousness.

If you want to buy Manifestation Magic program, you can visit the official website!

Who Is It Not For?

In general, the product is for everyone, which is what I found out. However, you can compare the information above. Honestly, this product is suitable for anyone, it will help you not to waste money when buying products.

If You Have Never Used This Product Before?

Oh, this is also a problem. So you should read my Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews carefully. If you trust this product enough, buy it. The question of conditions to buy products is also worth thinking. If you are not eligible then please consider more.

You do not need to worry because as I mentioned above, the product has a refund if you are not satisfied. So please feel free to buy.

Conclusion For Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews

Actually, from the beginning, I had doubts about the quality of this product. However the more suspicious I am, the more curious I am about it. And after a closer look, I find this will be a right option for you. Moreover, I think this product will be suitable for my anonymous reader.

Manifestation Magic program is for everyone. There are no age requirements or gender barriers with this program. In fact, anyone that has an open mind and is willing to give Manifestation Magic program a try can benefit and change the way they live.

It does not matter if the change you are searching for is physical or mental. If you follow the direction completely and remain focused on your goal, powers that you never knew existed will uncover for you. You have nothing to lose with Alex’s 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you have any demand to buy this product, you can visit the official website here!


After reading my Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews by Diziti, how do you feel? Does it have enough information for you to make a decision? If you find my Manifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews good, please like, share and comment. I am very happy to hear from you. If you want me to review any product, don’t be shy, I’m always ready to help you. Thanks for reading myManifestation Magic Program By Alexander Wilson Reviews!

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