LeptoConnect review- Weight loss in one week- Scam or Legit?

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Welcome back to Diziti. Today, we will review the proposed product is one of the hottest functional foods in the market recently: “LeptoConnect”. Look through the request in a letter from a reader sent to us.

“Dear Diziti,

For me, whenever I want to learn more about a product, Diziti is a website definitely I will visit first. This time I want to ask Diziti’s team review about “LeptoConnect” for me

I’m a woman and  this year I am over 35 years old. After a period of working from home, I’m showing signs of being overweight. So far my weight has always been at an ideal level and this time,  gaining weight makes me extremely upset. I am combining exercise and eating to try to lose weight, and saw some improvements. However,  I feel maybe the exercises seem to work for me, but the amount of food I consume is not so suitable with my body. Maybe I need a supplement to help me adjust my diet. I do not believe in miraculous weight loss pills and help me lose weight very quickly so, for me, a food supplement is enough.

I have heard my friend introduce about LeptoConnect and also quite interested in this product. She said her relative used it and it worked. I am kind of doubt about whether it also work for me as well? Could Diziti help me review LeptoConnect in more detail?

Thank you and have a nice day

Laura Maison,”


Upon receiving this letter, I also felt a bit interested in this product.  Recently my mother complained to me that spending too much time at home during this time makes her gain weight so easily in a short period. I will try to research  this product carefully and if it is really good, I will recommend it to my mom

Not much longer, the following will be about LeptoConnect Review. In this article, we will try to synthesize all the sources on the internet and bring it in the most understandable way to readers. Hopefully, the information in this review will help readers more or less, can learn and decide whether LeptoConnect is the right choice for them.

What is LeptoConnect

2 bottles of LeptoConnectYou may have heard of this product before, but first, let me say one more time about the preliminary information about LeptoConnect.

LeptoConnect is a dietary supplement that aids in the weight loss process. According to the company’s introduction, LeptoConnect will help eliminate bad fats from the body, and will also help the body when absorbing a bad amount of fat, and if it cannot be eliminated naturally, will convert it into a substance that is beneficial to the body. It uses a “fat-blasting” formula that can give users the desired weight gain in a given period.

This is a fairly general introduction to a weight loss support product that we might come across on the market.  When I first heard the use of LeptoConnect, I found it kind of suspicious. Converting harmful substances into a good one is a bit difficult to verify, and how do I know for sure that taking this pill will benefit my body? Unlike using topical drugs, taking drugs into the body can affect a whole body’s working apparatus. And one more thing,  I find quite interesting about this product is that the unique “fat-blasting” formula mentioned above, is it effective? Perhaps I need to learn more about this supplementary.

Who is the creator of LeptoConnect?

Image of Creator of LeptoConnect

About the creator, to be honest, I do not find much material about him on the internet. His information is largely available on the official website.

The founder’s name is Sam Henson. He mentioned that before that, his wife was an ordinary person with an ideal weight. After giving birth, she started to show signs of weight gain. At first, it was just 12 pounds, but after that, she lost control uncontrollably.

She was judged by her weight and of course, her health also was affected. Besides, she no longer feels energetic and always feels tired all day long. Although she has tried to use a variety of weight loss therapies such as incorporating a variety of exercises, trying to follow the diets, and even in the most extreme way, starving herself.  She combines exercise and weight loss support regimens, weight loss seems to become hopeless than ever when for a long time it has no results.

After two years of researching the underlying causes of uncontrolled weight gain, he finally found a way to control his wife’s weight gain.

He was not a nutritionist or an expert on weight loss, he was just a 911 operator, a normal person worry about his overweight wife. Of course, this product has been tested and certified by scientists for its ability to circulate as well as its safety. Sam Henson acts only as an initiator of the idea of ​​implementing this product. Details can be viewed here


The evidence from a specific case makes me quite convinced, at least I feel the sincerity in the story when he tries to find a solution to the obesity case of Sam Henson’s wife. I am quite confident that this product will bring quite a good result to the users

LeptoConnect Function

Here the author emphasizes that we are overweight by the brain. In many cases, even when we are fasting and trying not to eat greasy foods, we are still more likely to be obese, while there are people who eat hamburgers at 2 am, but their body weight remains the same.

Leptin is a hormone that controls hunger in the body, quantifies whether or not the body is full after eating. Weight gain begins when the body is unable to determine the amount of leptin in the blood, and this causes fatty cells to start starving, telling the brain that we need to recharge.

LeptoConnect makes those expressions impaired, adjusting the number of hormones that can cause us to feel hungry. Besides, it will help eliminate excess body fat, improve metabolism, and convert it from unhealthy fats into energy types. If it cannot be converted into a good substance, it will be eliminated by itself

Is the ingredient in this product good for health?

The constituents of LeptoConnect are all organic ingredients, and they are very effective for activities within the body. This is also what makes this product more prominent than other products out there. These ingredients not only have a strong effect on losing weight process but also have no side effects, because they are made of natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients in LeptoConnect

Maitake, known as “the king of mushrooms”, Maitake contains a magic active element known as “D fraction”, which helps your body to burn fat, instead of storing it.

Shiitake is a wild black mushroom that helps with brain tissue growth and has been proven to influence the dietary receptors.

Reishi, called “the supreme protector” is great because it supports brain receptors and mental health.

Graviola Leaves or “the Brazilian Pow-Pow”, which come from a small evergreen tree, and are rich in antioxidants.

And The Pygeum Africanum or the African Cherry. This small fruit contains special phytosterols, nutrients that support improve intercellular communication and may help support the leptin “satiety” signals.

Red raspberries – Full of powerful antioxidants to help support good health

Cat’s Claw supports a healthy digestive system.

Saw palmetto which also has numerous health benefits.

Furthermore, this product also contains different vitamins

Vitamin B6 – helps to attain glowing skin

 Zinc- balances hormones and improves the immune system

 Vitamin E- promotes a healthier vision and stronger nails

 Copper- strengthens bones

 Green Tea- has soothing and anti-oxidative properties

What is Pros and Cons of LeptoConnect?


  • Firstly, it has all-natural Ingredients
  • Secondly, this product helps lose weight gently and quickly without side effects
  • Thirdly, Lepto Connect can improve metabolism and balanced diet
  • Fourthly, it is also easy to use and convenient
  • Finally, it is suitable for any kind of age


  • Besides, it is just product support for losing weight
  • In addition to this, you must order online on the homepage

What customers talk about this product:

 When searching on the internet, I found a video from a YouTuber on youtube.com, who made a clip review about LeptoConnect and succeeded, along with a lot of comments below saying that they would order this product in the future.

Video reviews and Comments about LeptoConnect

“It is only thing that moved my weight. I lost 3 lbs in 3 days. I have never been able to lose weight. Just use official site. Love product. It’s a miracle for me.”

Barbara Kasparian


“No more scams! I read in the comments that you reached your goal weight…that’s wonderful! May I ask how long it took you to reach your goal and how much weight did you lose?”

Valin Smith

In another video, it also has  a comment review about LeptoConnect:

Account name: Don’t give up Ever:

“IV been on it 1week now as need to loss 2stones

Due to menopause

Hope I can have positive experience

I have been sleeping better


LeptoConnect comment


“I been on for a month and I lost 35lbs I love it so much”
Michael Shivers

In my opinion, along with the comments above, Lepto Connect is really a quality product and deserves to be tried in the future.

What is the price of the product?

At $ 69 and used within 30 days, I think this is a reasonable price.  However, for best results, you need to use it continuously for 90 days, but of course, you will see the change of yourself within the previous 30 days, then you can decide whether to continue or not. This gives us a reasonable amount of time, to determine if this product is right for us

And there is a special deal from the manufacturer:

If you buy 3 bottles of LeptoConnect, you will receive a special 30 day supply of the LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser, worth $ 89 free

If you buy 6 bottles, you will get 2 bottles of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser, worth $ 179, and of course for free.

This deal is too good and means that the more you buy, the more benefit you will get. Therefore, with the above utilities and reviews, investing in such a functional food is not bad ideal if you are ready for changes in the future with your weight

Special Deal of LeptoConnect


Who should buy LeptoConnect:

In my opinion, these people should buy this product:

  • Firstly, you are losing weight process and need a supportive supplement
  • Secondly, you care about their health and want to lose weight quickly have no side effects
  • Thirdly, you want to save time and economy in losing weight

And who should not buy:

  • The one who needs to lose weight quickly do not care about the consequences
  • And the one wants to buy directly and try a sample of the product. Currently, the product has no trial mode for customers

Besides, this product also has a refund policy after 60 days

An interesting thing about this product is, when you are not satisfied with the product, especially within the first 60 days, you can be refunded whether you have used up or not, the manufacturer will still give the whole amount of money back to you immediately.

This 60-day refund policy, in my opinion, is a quite beneficial policy for users when for a product when within 1 week you can know if your body is suitable for this product or not. Meanwhile, you have 60 days to experience this product. Even at 59th, you feel this product is not suitable, you will still get a refund from the manufacturer.

When I read about the refund policy, I was somewhat surprised. While other products are often found, manufacturers only leave the refund for 15 days or 30 days, LeptoConnect gives users up to 60 days of experience.

Pretty attractive, isn’t it? But besides that, I feel that the manufacturer really put in effort and enthusiasm to build this product. That shows that they believe in the quality of the product that will make the customer absolutely satisfied. Through some LeptoConnect review I read, I also feel certain effectiveness for customers who have used this product.

My conclusion about LeptoConnect

When I first heard about this product, I felt a bit suspicious. As a normal customer, definitely I always have some questions like  Is there a dietary supplement that not only helps with weight loss but can also convert unhealthy fats into good energies? But after learning more about this product, reading all LeptoConnect review on the internet as well as knowing who has been successful in losing weight and using these, also, the component from organic ingredients and all with reasonable prices, without a doubt, I understand why this product is different from other products in the same market. So I think that not only should Laura try and experience, but you guys who are reading this review if you are stuck in the weight loss and do not know how to figure it out, this is a product worthwhile to try on.



I feel that this is a truly quality product. In addition, the company also has a refund mode within 60 days, which is a beneficial policy for consumers. If you are interested in losing weight, this will be your powerful assistant in your difficult weight loss process.

I hope this review about LeptoConnect has brought you all the necessary information about the product. Hope you will have the right decision in considering whether this product is really suitable for you or not.

Leave a comment if you have any inquiries about the product below, and do not forget to like and share this article to help us get more motivated to write the next quality review. Along with that, please suggest to the products you want us to review in the future. Goodbye and see you again

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