Money plays an irreplaceable role in the modern money talks days. Thus, many of us want to earn money in the fastest and easiest way. Thanks to the development of technology, we are now able to make money without going anywhere but staying at home. Although getting money online seems easy and fast, there hides insidious danger. Some of those threats you haven’t known about before. One of them is using  illegal ways to earn online money, which may take you into jail.

illegal ways of making money online

Avoid those illegals ways of making money online or you will ruin yourself

5 Illegal ways to make money online

While normal ways take time to earn a lot of money, illegal ways seem to bring enormous profits in short time. Because of that, many people intentionally participate in illegal activities to earn money even though already knowing about the consequences. On the other hands, many people who was unconsciously taken to the wrong way and they even don’t know how dangerous it will put them in. Recently, I have watched a video about 5 illegal ways of making money online by John Crestani, who was an successful online entrepreneur . Thus, I would like to share with you my little knowledge about them to help you avoid including in illicit activities.

5 illegal ways to make money online
You should be aware of 5 illicit actions below to avoid being a victim

#1 Carding (Phising)

Carding, another name is Phising, is collecting people’s credit card. They will pay for advertisements somewhere said that you can easily earn money with their methods. They try to persuade you to click on a link which will take you to a fake page looks like PayPal. When you enter your credit card information or PayPal accounts, they will record it and steal it from you.

Stealing credit card information

Carding is stealing people’s credit card information

Once they have your credit card information, they can do a lot of bad things. In John’s video, he showed us the online black-market on Reddit where people sell other’s credit card information for $25-50 per account. Otherwise, they can use your credit card to buy products. They can print up a fake card, go to store and buy anything they want. Or they can purchase affiliate stuffs to make commission for themselves.

This way of credit card scam can make all your hard-earned money fly away in just a minute. So, be careful with sweet advertisement teaching you earn easy money or you will be a victim of carding.

#2 Black Hat Marketing

Black hat marketing is another way to earning illegal money. It is making false promises using false endorsements. There’s a forum named Black Hat World, which is mainly a SEO forum. The forum has many methods of using unethical strategies to promote online business such as: spamming, fake endorsements,…

Black hat marketing is illicit

Black hat marketing is the way using illegal methods to promotion

The small and new companies might be the one who use black hat marketing to get quick results or to establish a presence in the market. However, they might not know about the consequences of this illegal method. Using black hat marketing will cause damage to their reputation. For instance, Google can ban your website from its search results entirely, citing unethical web practices.

Whenever you want to use black hat marketing, keep in minds that big companies like: Google, Facebook,… always have their policies to deal with it. Besides, so many talent technicians out there are developing a lot of safeguards in places.

#3 Crypto / Ponzi Schemes

Crypto currency investment is another way to be a victim of online money

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In 2017, there’s a fad to start your own crypto currency. It is said that you could be a billionaire or a millionaire if you buy crypto currencies. But the fact that a lot of companies which are the publisher of crypto currency have no foundation, no company and no employees. It means that you can’t justify your investment on their currencies. Moreover, there are no commitments that you can earn your money back or maybe you can lose them all.

A lot of ponzi schemes have used crypto currency and Bitcoin in the last 2 years. They want people to invest in their currency and give them money. But the price of crypto currency is changeable and unpredictable. Thus you should be aware of risks when you want to invest in any kinds of currency.

#4 Selling drugs

Selling drugs is completely illegal. The U.S government has published Tasks Forces to combat people selling drugs. However, the majority of illicit drugs are sold online. The transactions between the distributor and the customer use currencies such as Bitcoin. Highly-protected platforms are used for safe transaction and keeping information of buyers and sellers secured. Consequently, selling drugs online requires technical skills.

In his video, John told us about a guy named Ross Ulbricht, who got sent to jail because he ran a site called the Silk Road. He had earned hundreds of millions of dollars per year from drug transaction online. That guy even hired hitmen to kill people that were conspiring to take down his digital world.

Online drug selling is completely forbidden in many countries

Online drug selling is completely forbidden in many countries

Because of the high requirement in technology, drugs selling online won’t come across in your day-to-day but you do have to watch out for.

#5 Piracy

Piracy is the act of downloading or selling software that is illegal. To illustrate, Jesse Wilms, who involved in everything: piracy, carding and black hat marketing, had earned hundreds of millions of dollars by copying Microsoft Windows and selling on eBay. As selling someone’s content without paying them for that, people who are doing piracy do have to pay for a heavy fine.

People shouldn't abet piracy

People shouldn’t either do or abet piracy unless they want to receive a call from the police

Incredibly cheap software may be a pirated copy. You should purchase software from a trusted source. For further information, Reddit has a forum where people discuss how to avoid being a victim of pirating. You should get there and provide yourself with methods to avoid abetting piracy.


Generally, there are still other illegal ways to make money online. But these 5 ways are mainly popular in the online world. Hope that you have got quite good awareness of illegal ways in earning money. Remember that John and I don’t want to advocate making online money through illegal methods but to show you what to avoid.

You must have enough knowledge to avoid being a victim of the bad guys on the online world.

Click the Next Page below to know all about those 5 illegal ways to make money online and save yourself from losing money right now!next pageThank you for spending time with my blog and don’t forget to leave comments below to tell me how you feel about the above illegal methods. I’m looking forward to sharing more and more things with you in my next blogs. See you again soon.