Do you want your puppy to behave nicely since it’s little? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. However if we don’t have a right direction, we never success. While elder dogs are easy to understand our orders, puppies are not. So what we can do? Today I will help you know how to train a puppy with easiest tips. Plus with little puppy, we should start with training it to do common things. Such as sitting, staying or coming when we call, etc.

For a specific instant, this is a video of Doggy Dan, an expert dog trainer. His sharing will help you understand more about how to train your puppy.

train a puppy

I guess you are ready now. Then let’s begin finding out the best way to train a puppy.

How I Started Puppy Training With My 8 Weeks Old Puppy – Max

My little Boxer puppy Buck came up to me when he was like 8 weeks old. As I know this is the best age to start training a pup. Therefore I learnt how to house train a puppy. In fact I knew I couldn’t start with big tricks with Buck. Such as playing games as with elder dogs. I wanted to teach him smallest things like sitting, holding, etc.

At first it was kinda hard for me to find the right way to teach my pup. Max was too active or sometimes did not focus. So I felt kinda confusing. Luckily by my brother’s introduction as well as suggestion from Quora site, I knew a bout The online dog trainer course. This program allowed me to train my pup by myself. Plus those training tips are super quick, super easy to follow. I can say that that course gave me the best way to train a puppy.

For you guys who want to know more about the online dog trainer of Doggy Dan, this review is the most specific for you. Now let’s move to training tips on how to teach a puppy.

How To Train A Puppy To Take A Seat?

Teaching your dog to take a seat is a notable area to begin with your education. It can be a without a doubt valuable behavior for them to learn.

For example, teaching your canine to sit down at kerbs could make crossing roads safer and asking your canine to sit down when greeting people approach they’re much less in all likelihood to jump up.

Train Your Puppy To Take A Seat In Six Steps

  • With your dog in a status role, maintain a tasty deal with close to their nose.
  • Keeping the deal with close to your dog’s nose, pass your hand in an arc over his head. As the dog raises his head to comply with the deal with, his bottom will go on the floor. The immediate he sits, praise him and give him the deal with.
  • Practice this a number of instances in quick but everyday sessions.
  • As the dog always receives a deal with for sitting you’ll soon locate he sits for longer. Be cautious not to mention it before your dog actions into position or they will companion it with the wrong movement.
  • Practice this a number of instances in quick but everyday sessions.
  • Give an ‘okay’ cue to permit your dog understand while their schooling has ended.

How To Train A Dog To Stay?

Teaching your pup to ‘wait’ or ‘stay’ is a simple conduct to educate and might be without a doubt accessible for preserving your dog safe, as an instance asking your dog to live within the lower back of the car whilst you clip a lead on to their collar. You will need your dog to be nicely practiced at lying down on command earlier than moving on to ‘stay’. This is our six step guide on how to train a puppy to stay using a superb praise system.

Training Your Puppy To Stay In Six Easy Steps

How To Train Your Puppy To Lay Down?

Once your dog has mastered ‘sit’ it’s time to teach them to lie down. This is a useful conduct when you need your dog to determine the floor, either at domestic or out and about. With your dog in a sitting role and a deal with on your hand, move your hand from your dog’s nose toward their chest then instantly down toward the floor.

Training Your Puppy To Lie Down In Five Smooth Steps

  • Your dog ought to comply with the treat right into a mendacity down role. Praise and reward them with the treat immediately.
  • Practice this a number of times in brief but ordinary sessions.
  • When your canine is easily following the treat into a down function you may start to say the word ‘down’ simply as your canine is moving into the down position.
  • Practice this a number of instances in brief but regular sessions.
  • While your pup is lying down supply him treats – this can increase the time he spends lying down.

Extra Tips

Practice frequently and in extraordinary places – as soon as your dog is happily mendacity down on command for your home, begin to practice in more distracting environments like the lawn or your neighborhood park.

How To Train Your Dog To Come When Called?

To train your pup to come back to you, you ought to learn how to be more interesting than the rest of the world! This is a definitely crucial conduct to teach your dog due to the fact it facilitates to maintain them secure and approach they can experience and gain from exercise off lead.

How To Train A Puppy To Return To You In Six Easy Steps?

  • You need an incentive to encourage your dog to come back – a really tasty treat or a fun game with a toy. Show your dog the toy or food.
  • Run away multiple paces then name your dog’s call and say ‘come’ in a friendly, exciting tone – getting down low can also encourage them to come back.
  • As your pup involves you, gently hold their collar and both feed them the treat or let them play with the toy.
  • Gradually growth the distance which you are from your dog, until eventually you may name your canine in and out of the lawn or from room to room.
  • Ask a friend or associate to assist take it in turns to gently keep your canine’s collar at the same time as the alternative one walks a distance away and then calls the dog over. (Don’t forget to praise the dog every time this is a success.)
  • Once your dog is constantly coming to you when called round the residence and lawn you can start to practice in secure outdoor spaces. Long schooling leads can be helpful for practicing keep in mind when outdoor as they allow your canine a few freedom with out giving them complete free-range at this stage.

Extra Tips To Train A Puppy To Return

There are some things you should remember on how to train a puppy to return to you.

  • Only call whilst you’re going to praise your dog. Do not name your canine and then inform them off as it approach. They may be less likely to come back subsequent time you name.
  • Don’t simplest name your pup to place them again at the lead. They will soon make the affiliation and be reluctant to come back returned.
  • When practicing this command on walks, continually take your dog’s favorite treats and toys with you. So you can preserve to praise him when he comes back.
train a puppy

As your pup involves you, gently hold their collar and both feed them the treat or let them play with the toy.

How To Train Your Dog To Leave Something Alone?

Some puppies can find it pretty worrying and threatening while we take some thing away from them, in particular something they cost such as meals or toys.

But from time to time as proprietors we do want to take matters away, for instance when they’ve picked up some thing risky or whilst they’re playing together with your favorite scarf in place of a toy.

Teaching your dog to ‘leave’ is set teaching them that it’s OK to have something taken away as it approach they’ll be rewarded.

Teaching Your Dog To Depart Some Thing Alone

Below are six tips on how to train a puppy to leave something alone.

  • Offer your dog a tasty treat and encourage them to “take it” in an upbeat, friendly voice.
  • Hold a deal with in your hand with your fist closed round it. Your canine will likely try to nudge and lick your hand to get the deal with out. Don’t respond to any of these attempts.
  • Wait patiently and don’t say anything. Wait for your canine to back-off from your hand, even just slightly/momentarily. As soon as they back-off and there is a small hole between your hand and your dog’s nose. Open your hand, launch the treat and supply them masses of reward.
  • Repeat these 3 steps until they always make the choice to transport far from the treat.
  • Once your canine is continually moving away from the treat you can start to add within the cue-word ‘go away’. Say this as they backpedal in a mild tone after which open your hand to offer them the treat and plenty of reward.
  • Practice this frequently in short, everyday sessions.

Advanced Lesson To Train A Dog To Leave Something

  • Once your dog has made the affiliation between the word ‘leave’ and backing off from the treat, you can begin to make it harder:
  • Place a treat on your open palm – that means your canine can see and smell it. Ask your canine to depart it with the aid of saying ‘depart’.
  • If your pup stays away from the treat you ought to praise them with masses of praise and a treat from the opposite hand. If your pup is going to take the treat from your open palm, sincerely close your hand up and await them to back-away.
  • Give them a deal with from the alternative hand while they efficiently control to depart the deal with for your open hand.

Conclusion On Training A Puppy

Before are top tips on how to train a puppy. I have suggest you top tips to train your dog on 5 issues. Including sitting, staying, laying down, coming when called and leaving something alone. I can say that what we have learnt today is the best way to train a puppy.

My little puppy Max has changed a lot after using this best way to house train a puppy.

  • Max always comes to me when I call his name
  • He doesn’t keep anything for himself anymore. Instead if i say let go, he will leave that stuff alone.
  • Max follows my lead to sit down or lay down when I give him command.
  • Moreover, it’s great when I feed him. I needn’t worry if he would be over excited for food and jumps up. Max holding staying till he hears me say ‘ok’.
I hope these training tips today are helpful to you. Don’t forget to follow me for more effective tips.
Thanks for your support.