How To Train A New Puppy – Amazing Project Moses

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Welcome back to Diziti. Today I am very happy to continue sharing with you the article on the topic of  how to train a new puppy that you are interested in. The dog training knowledge that I share here comes from a free puppy training program by an author named Doggy Dan. So let’s find out what’s interesting and what is the right method for your puppy!


Dogs need different training methods in each age stage. Have you ever wondered if we train a puppy since it’s little? Well, the truth is there was a project performing this. Project Moses is the project about Moses, a dog owned by Doggy Dan. Also, Doggy Dan is the trainer for Moses. He carried out to train Moses and record Moses’ timeline. Through this project, he shows you how to train a new puppy specifically.

Those are general information about the author. In fact, Diziti also has its own article about this author and if you are curious about who Doogy Dan is, whether he is trustworthy or not, you can easily learn more about him through Diziti.


I suggest that he is truly a talented dog trainer. Now let’s begin to discover his project.

Table Of Contents

  • About Moses
  • How Doggy Dan trained Moses during 8-12 weeks old
  • How to train a new puppy – Project on Moses

About Moses – The New Puppy To Train

To specify how to train a new puppy, Doggy Dan conducted to train little Moses. Moses is a male puppy of Doggy Dan. He took Moses home from he SPCA on Tuesday 29th January 2013. In fact, Moses is a real little mix of breeds. (Huntaway x Border Collie). Plus the puppy was 8 weeks old when it came to Dan. Therefore, it’s an inspiration for him to do the project. He decided to train Moses since it’s little. Also, he recorded everything in Moses’ life.

Project Moses – Training A New Puppy

One of the most important areas of the site is ‘Task Moses’, in which Dan recorded the raising of his SPCA Border Collie x Labrador doggy, Moses, from the day he brings it home at about two months, directly through to being one year old.

It gives you a course of events to follow, and information on what to do at what ages and phases of your doggy’s improvement. You can see and hear what you should do, being done continuously on film, with a genuine doggy.

In the arrangement you finish Dan each phase of Moses’ life, covering subjects, for example.

  • Bringing your new pup Home
  • Acquainting your pup with their new home and family
  • The most effective method to treat your pup crying around evening time
  • Approach to case train your new pup
  • The most effective method to house train your new pup
  • Which toys to utilize and which you ought to evade
  • Showing your little dog to be cheerful when taken off alone
  • Compliance preparing directions

…and more for sure.

It’s a dazzling film where you find a workable pace pup creating from a modest doggy into a serious astonishing, respectful, polite and skillful canine, seeing all the preparation and learning of directions.

Train A New Puppy
Moses is a male puppy of Doggy Dan. He took Moses home from he SPCA on Tuesday 29th January 2013.

Training A New Puppy In Addition To Project On Moses

Over the stunning task Moses, there’s more little dog preparing. For example:

  • How to walk your little dog pleasantly on the rope
  • Way walk your little dog WITHOUT the utilization of a rope
  • How to prevent your pup from hopping up on individuals
  • How to get your pup to cherish their carton and their pooch bed
  • Which nourishments you should abstain from encouraging your doggy
  • The distinction between mouthing and gnawing – and how to show your youngsters to know.
  • Why it’s so critical to mingle your pup and how to do as such.

… and a whole lot more.

Obviously, all the essential compliance preparing directions are there also. It truly is finished.

“What an extraordinary method to prepare your canine/little guy exceptionally supportive and you can re-watch.  If it slips your mind, to have the option to do the preparation in your own house is a genuine reward. I am as yet appreciating getting my recordings for the following stage in preparing my little guy.” – Vicky McCutcheon

How Do Doggy Dan Train A New Puppy During 8-12 Weeks Old?

This time table is based totally around somebody being present all of the time. He strongly recommends that you arrange to be home for a couple of weeks to establish some habitual with your pup from the very start. As you may see from the schedule below the schooling starts on Day 1 at 8 weeks old! Of direction, there are alternative options and you will want to adapt this to fit you and your situation however right here is Dan’s time table that he even has caught too with super results. He actually has broken the time table into 4 special activities…

Below are the best ways to house train a puppy.


Moses is fed three times each day at the moment.

When you first acquire your 8-week vintage puppy, you’ll be feeding him/her 3/4 of a cup 3 times a day (Purina Pro Plan Puppy food for Large Breed) soaked in hot water until it softens. Keep doing this for approximately 1 week, then taper off on time of soaking so subsequently he/she will be able to be ingesting dry food with a little water.


Rather than markdown each restroom stop He absolutely said that whilst It is up and about he’s taken outside every 30 mins. The puppy can sleep in the course of the day for an hour or without going. During the night Dan actually has marked on the dog’s toilet stops.

Moses usually does a poo within an hour of each meal, and also throughout the night time. After it’s first pooing he will regularly go again inside five minutes so it is best not to race again inside! So to summarize… Moses will go restroom about 25 times each day, that is why it is tremendous if you could be round to area him at the grass each time!

In addition, Doggy Dan also has interesting information about training puppies to potty. This is also a content that I think many of you do not understand and are also confused about how to train their puppies! So Diziti also introduced to you another knowledge about teaching puppies that Doggy Dan has shared for free.


Activity To Train A New Puppy

This is while the dog is genuinely up and approximately, (no longer necessarily transferring around) normally it will consist of a 10-minute casual walk around the garden accompanied by means of 20 minutes of awake time interacting with Peanut and Inca, ourselves or his toys and then a 30 minute lie down (in all likelihood snoozing!)


Whilst Moses is in his crate or pen generally asleep.

Just don’t forget that dogs are in need of sleeping greater than humans. In particular, the more youthful pup is, the extra it desires to relax. Generally, the bedtime routine of a puppy is made of 90% of every 24 hours. Have you wondered approximately the rest of its 10%? It is used for day nursing. Specifically, an 8-week pup needs to sleep around 14 to 16 hours every night.

Train A New Puppy
Understanding how to train a new puppy with eating, sleeping, and activities schedule.

Schedule To Train A New Puppy From 6-8 Weeks Old

  • 6 am – Wake Moses up and toilet! (I wake him up before he starts to bark – a smart trick) Activity – This first hour Moses is allowed in Peanut and Incas’ bed and climbs under the blanket with them so he is almost still asleep
  • 7 am – Activity
  • 8 am – Eat and Activity
  • 9 am – Sleep
  • 10 am – Activity
  • 11 am – Sleep
  • 12 am – Activity
  • 1 pm – Eat and Activity
  • 2 pm – Sleep
  • 4 pm – Activity
  • 5 pm – Sleep
  • 6 pm – Eat and Activity
  • 7 pm – Sleep
  • 8 pm – Activity till bedtime so it is tired and wants to fall asleep
  • 10 pm – Last toilet and then Bedtime
  • 2 am – Toilet stop in the middle of the night (Moses will often do a poo)

In total, an 8-10 week old puppy may sleep for up to 18 or even 20 hours per day. Therefore don’t be alarmed if they seem to be taking things easy and count your blessings!

On the other hand, if Dan sees that Moses is not tired or is up and raring to go. He will adapt to the schedule. However, it is loosely based around the above. Moreover, you can see how many videos he added to the video diary of Moses as it grows up. This is called Project Moses, and previous are of it between 8 and 10 weeks.


So today I have introduced to you how to train a new puppy through project Moses. Specifically, Doggy Dan has conducted to train Moses since it was 8 weeks old. Moreover, Dan recorded everything for the project so that he could share it with us. In this article, I also shared with you the specific time table he used to train Moses. Everything is in detail, from eating to sleeping.

To know more about another amazing training program off Doggy Dan, I suggest this review. And To know more about training a new puppy, click here to get more information.

I hope this information will help you train your new puppy. Be free to leave you comment And follow me for more topics.

Thank you.

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