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How To Potty Train A Puppy? 6 Secrets Revealed


Tired of your puppy peeing randomly in every corner of your house? We help you to learn how to potty train a puppy with the best 6 tips ever.

Those tips are shared by Doggy Dan – a famous dog trainer and behaviorist who has created The Online Dog Trainer Site to share dog training knowledge with the world’s dog lovers. He has worked with SPCA in New Zealand for many years, and thousands of dog owners and dogs have succeeded with his methods. In term of potty training, Dan also shares free videos. One of them is as below. In this video, Dan was training a young poodle and finally, this lovely poodle peed on the grass:

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Now, “how to potty train a puppy correctly” is not a tough task any more. Here are tips for you.

Learn how to potty train a puppy with 6 Tips

1. One word – one action

Dog Training Near Me - Dog BreedsWe have mentioned the same point in another article about recall training. Right potty training needs only 1 constant command, too. There is nothing more confusing for your puppy that everybody says a different word when she has to go toilet. In addition, when your dog become more confused, they gain more stressed, then they cannot pee!

Therefore, Dan suggests we just use 1 simple word to indicate the command with your dog such as “Toilets”. They will catch the idea more quickly.

2. One fixed area

how to potty train a puppyDon’t ask “how to potty train a puppy in a certain area” because it must be a certain area so you’re your dog could pee. Before reading this article, you may think that your puppy cannot pee because he doesn’t like that area. Then you change different area for him to pee. But that is totally wrong! According to Dan, your puppy does not pee because of other reasons.

So, just insist on potty training in 1 and only area. Your dog will gradually associate this place with toileting.



3. Play a waiting game

A waiting game - pack leadership

Make sure you have enough time to do it, you’re not in a rush, like rushing out the door ready to go forwork. You need to be able to say the word “toilets” nice and gently. Dan warns that if you start to become stressed because you’re in a rush, your puppy can quickly pick up your stress and become tense and unable to go.

When you starting waiting for your puppy, you could feel like giving up sometimes. Normally, many puppies can hold on even 15 minutes or half an hour. But hang on in there. According to Dan, if u have been outside for maybe 10-15 minutes, take the dog inside, put them in maybe a crate or a penned area safe place or put them on a surface which is easy to clean and try again half an hour later.

But, remember to be a calm pack leader!

4. Schedule

Dan reveals a secret that like young children, puppies are not able to hold on for long so you have to make sure your puppies outside every time that needs to go.

That is right when it comes to toilet training, the emphasis is firmly on you. Make sure your dog is in the right area when it needs to go to the toilet. That is your responsibility. Once your dog starts toileting inside, there is nothing you can do.

If necessary, set up a planner write down the hours of the day and the times your dog went to the toilet and work out when it’s going to have to go next. Or, you can even set an alarm or a timer to remind you.

5. Prepare everything

Dan notices that we should have treats ready. Maybe you have the treat in a jar and place the jar close to the potty corner.

If you suddenly realize that you’ve forgotten them, it’s too late then. Remember to bring that leash down that long line if your dog often runs off into the wrong direction wrong area. 

Read more about dog leash training HERE

6. Treats and praise immediately

Dog Food TrainingTreats and praise your dog as soon as it goes to the toilet in the right area with a lot of affection and of course treats.

Let’s imagine as Dan does. Your dog thinks if he goes to the toilet on the grass, he will get the most amazing piece of chicken. He never gets chicken for just lying in its basket and looking cute. Therefore, make sure you save that chicken and your dog realized that only going toilet in that area will they get a tasty chicken wing.

Then, your puppy will realize that those treats and praise are something really special that he never gets unless he goes to the toilet outside.

That’s the key. Dogs love food as humans love money.


More Tips to learn dog training

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