If you are going through a breakup and in need of some help, you should read this article. I guess that you are feeling exactly the same as every other guy in this situation: heartbroken, hopeless, and at times, on the verge of an emotional breakdown. And the thought of her with someone else might send the toughest man to the brink of vomiting. However, even though you think it’s impossible, you can get your ex girlfriend back in your arms with just some simple steps. Below is the video which can help you win your ex- girlfriend back. Stick around until the end and find your way to happy relationship. 

tactics to win your girlfriend back

If you don’t want to lose the woman of your life and want her to think twice about the breakup

It’s not impossible for you to get your ex-girlfriend back

Brad, a guy into psychology, is our guy today. He’s so confident that he can teach you exactly how to get your ex girlfriend back. Even if she’s already with some other dude, or she’s told you she doesn’t love you anymore. You still have a very good chance of winning back her heart.

Not only can you get her back, but if you play your cards right and follow my advice, you’ll be able to turn the tables completely. She’ll be the one begging you to come back and give her another chance.  She’ll be the one texting you at 2 a.m to tell you how badly she wants you and calling you to explain how sorry she is that you two broke up. Not only can you get her back into your arms, you can start fresh and rekindle that ‘spark’ the two of you had when you first kissed.

But before you go through those tactics, three things you absolutely must understand right off the bat:

FACT #1:

In your current state – emotionally fragile, lonely, and possibly desperate – you’re simply not in the right frame of mind to convince her that she needs you in her life.  Chances are that anything you say or do right now to try and change her mind will only make matters worse!

But don’t worry, Brad will show you exactly how to overcome this. He will walk you step-by-step through his tried and tested techniques.

FACT #2:

You’re going to have to accept that your ‘old’ relationship is gone, and you can’t have it back.  And that’s actually a good thing, because your ‘old’ relationship sucked anyway. After all, if your relationship was going well, then why did you guys break up?

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have your ex-girlfriend back. He suggests you to start a new relationship. A healthy one, free of cheating and lies that led to your breakup in the first place.

FACT #3:

In order to win back your ex-girlfriend and establish a new, healthy relationship, you need to erase all of the negative memories and thoughts she has of you… and replace them with positive ones.  You need to tap in to her primal, subconscious feelings and plant the seeds of passion, romance, and sexuality so that she can’t imagine herself with anyone else.

The 3-R Sytem which can help you get your ex-girlfriend back

According to these 3 facts above, Brad pointed out that you need to follow this 3-R System to make her want you again.

3R system to win your ex-girlfriend's heart

Details about 3-R System in this page

In the first Recovery Phase, Brad’ll teach you how to retread your ex’s mental image of you. You’ll feed her a constant stream of vivid, passionate and positive memories of you. And force her to relive them again and again. You’ll suppress her negative memories and make her focus on the intimate experiences she enjoyed with you.

The second phase, Rekindling, is where you will learn exactly what to say to connect directly with her brain’s emotional center. You need to generate the feeling of attraction and arousal that are critical if you want to bypass her “defense mechanisms” and overpower her rational side. If you do this properly, she will feel like she needs to talk to you, to be around you.

The last phase, Re-Attraction, your ex will do most of the work. You will allow her to act on the intense sexual urges. Which have been building up during the first two phases. With a little casual flirting, you will give her the ‘green light’ for intimacy. And you will be able to give her what she’s been waiting for for so long.

Here are the tips to get your ex-girlfriend’s heart back

Brad will give you his 4-year research, which he call the step-by-step guide, The Ex Factor.

This is the system that he’s poured all his efforts into that teaches men exactly what to do, leaving no stone unturned. You definitely haven’t read or heard much of the stuff he reveal in his program. Surely, most of this will be new to you. You will know about 4-sentence Clean Slate email that will help you undo any damage you’ve already done since the breakup. Brad will unveil the magnetic attraction technique to ensure you will never be caught off guard or left wondering what to say. The three simple text messages you can send her right now that will tell her exactly how you feel. Without making you look needy and without revealing your true intentions. Do this right, and  she will see you as ‘husband material’. After that, you can easily win your ex-girlfriend heart without any effort.

To guarantee your success, Brad also give you his 2 bonuses

Bonus 1: Make Her Fall In Love Again

His first bonus is “Make Her Fall In Love Again” video series. In this comprehensive video series, you will learn exercises that will prepare for any encounter with your ex. This video series will show you a few, simple exercises that will shift the way you feel about your situation.Sometimes, you miss your ex so much that it can be almost unbearable. But these exercises will made the pain in your chest start to fade. You will finally be able to live your life without that depression.

bonus 2

Bonus 2: 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction

Here is your second bonus. This “10 commandments of Sexual Attraction” is written by world-class dating expert, Derek Lamont. He is the author of a multitude of best-selling e-books on the subject of seduction and attraction. This will teach you the 10 most attractive traits a man can posses. Apply these rules and you’ll develop a magnetic personality that women can barely resist.

bonus 3

Bonus 3: Simple Steps To Sex Appeal

Finally, this is how to make your girlfriend love you since her first sight. This bonus book, written by the world’s leading “appearance doctors” Mark Belmont, teach you 7 simple things a man can easily alter to his appearance to become “universally attractive”. Getting your ex girlfriend to come crawling back to you will be easier than ever before.

Turn back time and return to the days when you and your ex were madly in love.

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