YouTube is now pulling in over 1.8 billions users every month, which is near the monthly users number of the world’s largest platform, Facebook. That makes YouTube an efficient methods of making money. Many people has earned their living by uploading their videos on this free platform. But I guess you might not know how to earn money from YouTube without creating any of your own videos.

How To Earn Money From YouTube

If you want to make money with YouTube – but don’t know how, then this video for YOU…

What we usually have in mind when talking about making profits from YouTube is showing ourselves in the video talking about something then upload it. But in his video, Mike Williams will share us his ways to achieve success with YouTube without creating any videos. He is the one who gets paid of $10,000 per month from working online on YouTube. So, I believe that if you follow his direction, you can earn the amount of money just like he did. This way is completely worth to try.

gets paid of $10,000 per month from working online on YouTube

Mike Williams is the one who gets paid of $10,000 per month from working online on YouTube.

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How to earn thousands dollars per month without posting any videos on YouTube?

YouTube allow their users to access to massive of stocks of certain types of video and use the footage to create new videos. Don’t be afraid that you are lack of technical skill or no professional application to help. YouTube has an amazing video editor on their site with free music for the new videos. The editor is user-friendly and you don’t need to go through any training to use it. The process of making a new video from the source scene just takes you about 30 minutes. So, this is an easy and fast way to create a video on YouTube.

Receiving commission from YouTube

When I watched his video, I was wondering why YouTube will pay for the video that was made from other videos. However, Mike gave me the answer in the last part of his video. That is the more videos on YouTube, the more advertising they can show. As a results, the more money they can make.

Once an advertisement was displayed before your videos start, the advertisers have to pay for YouTube. Therefore, you can receive commission for creating contents to show advertisements on. That amount of money will be sent directly to your bank account every month as regular as clockwork. And with the video and video editor are totally free, those commission is really alluring.

Receiving commission from YouTube1

This method is perfect for beginners as well as more experience folks. No special technical required, no installing apps needed. You don’t have to spend your time considering what contents should be in the next video. The afraid of showing yourself in front of the camera will no longer weighs on your shoulder. So even you are totally rookie questioning about how to earn money from YouTube or an experienced one wanting to get to a higher level, you should try it yourself.

Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!

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