How To Be More Intimate In Bed – Revive Her Sexual Appetite

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Have you realized that the chemistry between you and your lady is slowly fading out? Has the passion in your relationship cooled down? Are you trying to impress your lady but she is not feeling your vibe? If yes then that is a clear indication that something in your relationship is not right. It is very frustrating as a man to do everything within your power to impress the lady that you love and adore. But she seem not to care or respond to your affection. This secret will help you to understand your women as well as help you know how to be more intimate in bed. So that you and your woman can both enjoy God given gift.

be more intimate with your woman

You can make your woman interested in you even more than before with these tips.

About the authors

This system has been created by Tim and Susan Bratton, relationship experts and real life couple who have had intimacy problems for a long period of time. However, instead of giving up and accept the fate of their relationship, they decided to do something about it. And after extensive research, they found a solution. Later they decided to share to help other people facing the same problem overcome it and have a happier sexual life.

more intimate

The program is actually told from a man’s perspective and it explains in details what causes a women to start losing sexual interest to point of no return regardless of the effort that a man put. Many men are suffering in silence and that is why Tim and Susan decided to create this program to help them spark their sexual life.

Ways to be more intimate in bed

The most efficient way to improve your intimacy life

The Revive Her Drive is a step by step guide that teaches men how to be more intimate in bed with their partners. This program come with numerous items including:

  • Interviews with experts:

    There are twelve audio interviews of 45-60 minute long with not just experts, but gurus in the relationship space with over 100 years of experience. You will get all of their best information and tips about relationship problems especially men who want more intimacy in their relationship. Some of the experts are Dr. Patti Taylor, David Van Arrick, Karen Brody, Alex Allman, Adam Giladand much more.

  • The relationship values Worksheet:

    This worksheet gives you a step by step process of how you should bring out the topic of lack of intimacy. You have to be careful not to make her angry, mad or shut you out.

  • 21 deadly mistakes guys make in a relationship:

    Most of the men keep making mistakes that derail women from their sex drive. Make sure to avoid these mistakes at once. This guide will help you know what mistakes to avoid most.

  • Overcome resistance:

    It’s a specific guidebook on how you can overcome her resistance in the bedroom. It starts by breaking through her barriers and getting to know the real reasons why she’s lost her desires.

  • Earn trust:

    It’s a quick-fire report on how you can get her to trust you enough so that she can surrender to you, and let you give her the orgasms she may even not be thinking about.

  • Know if it’s repairable or not:

    This helps you to understand if her sex drive is even repairable and if it’s not how you can deal with the situation.

  • Four elements of revival:

    An introductory guide to the 4 elements of revival which helps in breaking down different parts of the relationship. And these parts are where she needs to be in order to want to be that sensual woman you once dated or knew.

  • What the caveman knew:

    It’s a sex and biology for beginners guide saying all about how to trigger her primal urges for lust and sex.

  • An introductory workbook:

    It gives you the idea of how you can use the program in a different situation.

And there’s also bonus for you

how to be more intimate

Bonus #1: Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?

This free bonus will help you to seduce your woman again. The author is completely confident that the program can get the sexy back for the woman that you’ve married. To get her back in your arms and get her body back with you. You can see how other four men who received their woman’s drive using this system.

be more intimate with your woman

Bonus #2: Mistakes You’re Making

This is a compilation audio where the dozen experts who create the core program for Revive Her Drive explain common blunders guys make that actually prevent you from getting what you really want sexually in your relationship. Avoid these mistakes and you will soon realize that your woman is having a huge love and hunger towards you.

be more intimate

Bonus #3: Stealth Turn-around Tricks

Get 10 easy ways she’ll feel pleasurably romanced that you can do without talking to her about it. You just do them and watch her happily respond. This will turn you into his ideal husband. And she can resist to cuddle in your arms all day long.

Discover how to have more physical intimacy in the relationship you have now, even if she’s been resistant.
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If you are looking for way to be more intimate in bed, I hope that the thing I’ve introduced is helpful for you. Thank you for spending time here with me. And if you have any ideas about this, don’t wait to leave it at the comments section below. I really appreciate all of your thoughts. Finally, I hope that you will share this to the people around you. Hope to see you at the next articles.

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