Healing The Body Naturally With Simple 3-Minute Exercise A Day

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Are you suffering from a continuous pain? And you are finding alternative pain relief in order not to suffer from pain-killers’ side effect? Discover one of the most effective way of healing the body naturally and cure most of your illness below.

healing the body naturally and fight illness

She is Emily J. Parker, a very successful professional pharmaceutical sales rep. And in her presentation today, she’s going to show you why both chronic and acute pain, skin conditions, migraines, and hundreds of other ailments all stem from the same root cause. And if you continue to ignore this root cause and only deal with the symptoms, you’ll never be free of your condition but will continue to suffer year after year. She’s going to show you a simple, non-invasive exercise that only takes 3 minutes a day. Which eliminates the root cause of 91% of diseases by restoring the natural balance within your body and unleashing a rapid healing response.

This ancient healing practice is based on the same principles as acupuncture but it’s far more effective, requiring no needles whatsoever. And because you can do it by yourself at home, you don’t need to spend countless hours and thousands of dollars. This simple 3-minute practice is like pushing your body’s natural re-set button, killing pain with the release of 4 different natural, pain-killing opiod endorphins at once.

The story of drug-fre pain relief

Emily is the woman who used to have dangerously high blood pressure. Thus, to cure her, the doctor gave her dozens of drugs to take. As a person who worked for pharmacy, she knew that most prescription drugs come with serious side effects like: weight gain, fatigue, headaches and nausea. And all these were just tip of the iceberg. The risk of prescription drugs can last much longer than the time you take them. However, without any other options, she had to start taking her meds.

healing the body naturally and fight illness

Drugs and massive damaged side effects

Of course, the side effects kicked-in straight away. A disastrous consequences of a prescription side effect came to her. She was injured in a car accidents, and suffered severe whiplash, a fractured vertebra, two broken ribs. And her left collarbone was shattered. All because of the side effects of stupid pills!

After her experience with the blood pressure medication, she wasn’t going to risk the side-effects or getting hooked on pain-killers. She would have to tough her pain out and find another way. She tried acupuncture, and it was the first taste of being pain-free she’d experienced in months. However, the high cost plus the time commitment and fear of needles meant that this was not the alternative she needed.

Until she met Dr. Lin Xiaoxi, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is the one who brought Emily the answer for her question. By combining acupressure with meridian frequencies, Dr. Xiaoxi calls the process: Acu-Frequency, one of the most effective natural remedies for pain relief. She explained that when you combine two acu-therapies,there’s a synergistic interaction between them that makes them exponentially more potent than either treatment on its own. And the best thing is since you can do it yourself, you’re not limited by how many treatments you can afford or how many appointments you can get to each week.

A Breakthrough Natural Healing Science – One of the most effective method for your body

Today, after more than two years of hard work and research, she’s happy to share the results with you.

healing the body naturally and fight illness

Natural Synergy, simply healing your body with acu-frequency

viewThe Natural Synergy Guide lists over 150 of the most common ailments, the precise acupressure points and meridian frequencies, and advice on how to heal them. It’s the first and only program in the world that shows you how to use Acu-Frequency to clear energy blockages, accelerating the natural functioning of your body and mind for ultimate health and well-being. You can experience a quality of life that may be unimaginable to you at the moment. Finally, heal the root cause of your pain, disease, and unhappiness by a commitment of just 3 minutes a day.

Here are a few other techniques you’ll learn: “Twisted Rope Release” which will finally free you from the grips of anxiety, stress, and tension. “Taming Wind” helps strengthen your immune system to fight colds, flu and prevent them from ever coming back. “Cracked Watchtower Bell”relieves blinding headaches and migraines without ever having to reach for a pill. Or “Calming Dragon’s Wrath”to eradicate nasty heartburn and reflux for good.

3 special bonuses just for you

Bonus eBook #1: East-West BP Balance

In the East-West BP Balance, you’ll find eye-opening ways to treat your blood pressure without the expense or risk of medications. This 142-page goldmine of information is broken down in two parts. Part one is the Western view of naturally treating high blood pressure and part 2 is the Eastern viewpoint. 

This book includes much more about blood pressure. It can save you a lifetime of struggling with blood pressure, dangerous and expensive medications. You’ll be able to show your doctor a difference in just a few short weeks.

Bonus eBook #2: Eastern Metabolism Miracle

This 79-page e-book covers how you can control your weight using acupressure and metabolism boosting techniques. Using acupressure, you can boost your metabolism, improve your digestive system, and balance your appetite while still enjoying the foods you love. You can lose the weight and keep it off by regulating the energy flow of fat governing meridians. Practice these pressure points after each gym workout to ensure your metabolism burns like a furnace for the rest of the day.

Bonus eBook #3: Acu-Facelift Revitalizer

This 153-page eBook shows you the acupressure points to the three organs essential to a youthful appearance and overall well-being. The eBook is a proven step-by-step blueprint that teaches you how to defy the aging process by using acupressure and ancient Chinese secrets. It also includes a handy glossary of Chinese medical terms so that you don’t get lost in TCM jargon. The information in this book alone has saved me hundreds of dollars in facial serums and concealers that I no longer need.

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Generally, I have introduced to you one of the most effective and natural ways of healing the body. Hope that it can help you fight all your illness. Finally, thank you for spending time with me. I will try my best to bring you more effective articles in the future and hope to see you there.

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