Have you ever noticed what the first thing you do when you wake up every morning is? Many of you, even me, are having the habits of checking our phones as soon as we wake up. Smartphone nowadays has became an essential item in our daily life. We are using it for many different purposes such as: keeping in touch with family and friends, surfing the web, listening to music, … And as a smartphone users, you have used several mobile apps. However, do you know that using apps can also be a powerful tool to earn money? Many people around the world are getting paid to test apps. Follow me to know how to earning money from testing apps.

you can earn money from testing apps

Test apps – A new and easy ways to earn money

According to some statistics, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were released through the Google Play store everyday from the third quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018. The number of newly-released apps has risen in the incredible pace. As a results, the market is getting more and more competitive. Only the apps with good design and satisfied experience-giving platform can be profitable. The companies need users’ feedbacks in order to improve their apps before officially publish them.  That is your chance to make money online through apps testing.

a new platform to test apps

AppCoiner is a new and convenient platform to start getting rich with app testing

To start getting paid to test apps, I strongly recommend you with AppCoiner. It is an ideal platform for people to find apps testing recruitment. When you first get to the website, you have to enter your name and your email address to start. After that, all you need is your own smartphones or tablets. Follow these 3 steps to finish an app testing work in AppCoiner.

Making money with AppCoiner is totally simple

AppCoiner makes earning money from testing apps simple than ever before!

1.Choose an app to test:

You can simply choose any kinds of apps to test

You can simply choose any kinds of apps to test

AppCoiner provides its users with a review database which is free to access. You can find abundant of apps which are in various of types.  Even you like the news app, games or any other kinds of apps, you can surely see them in the AppCoiner’s database. Choose any app that you like, download and install it on your smartphones or tablets. You can access to all features of the app and explore it by yourself before it is officially published. To me, it feels like you are going before every one.

2.Write your review:

After testing the app, you should log in to your account at AppCoiner to write your review.

an interface to write your review online after testing the apps

AppCoiner provide you an interface to write your review online after testing those apps

Honest review of the app should be written. It shouldn’t be like: things work perfectly or something the same. You need to write about good stuffs that the app provides or give compliments on positive sides of the app. Besides, don’t be hesitate to point out improper things with the apps. Frankly speak out your opinions about the interface problems, designing issues and good-experience-giving ability. Your opinions is precious to the developers because they need them to improve their applications.

3.Earn money:

The companies are desperate to understand how you think or shop and why you buy certain products. Because it will help them improve their services or products. And in return, they pay you good money for your opinions, especially your constructive comments on their products. That’s how you can have a regular income just by using your phone. Getting paid to test apps is easier than ever before!

easily get paid cash with testing apps

Easily get paid cash with testing apps

AppCoiner is definitely helpful for people to start earning online money from app testing. The users will need to pay a small fee because the website provides the service and technology platform. But don’t worry, you will get your money back soon.

With testing apps, you don’t need any special technical skills. You can work from home, and earn easy money comfortably. Remember that, the more apps you test, the more reviews you write, the more money you make.

So what are you waiting for?

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