Knee pain is a common problem that affects both men and women after the age of 45. My uncle and aunt who are also struggling with that problem have just found out a secret to reduce knee pain. That secret is Feel Good Knees System. My uncle and aunt asked for my advice to buy this product. To be honest, I had no knowledge of this system. I decided to search as much information as possible about this product and write this Feel Good Knees System Review to help my uncle and aunt.

Diziti spent a lot of time reading various reviews and feedback from other users to summarize all necessary knowledge of this product. Therefore, in this review you may find a rich variety of useful information about Feel Good Knees system.

What is the Feel Good Knees?

Feel Good Knees is a system that only takes 5 minutes a day to do to reduce knee pain. Knee pain is a really common and terrible problem that most of the people must face. There are a wide array of reasons causing knee pain. However, there are three main reasons of this problem. The first reason is because of cellular Inflammation. This problem results in various symptoms such as aches, pains or fatigue, etc.

The second reason is postural misalignment. In other words, the way you sit, stand or walk, etc. may affect your joint and knees. And the third cause is cartilage deterioration. These above reasons result in various symptoms for patients such as fatigue, trouble walking and running, aching or swollen, etc. More seriously, your knees and joint may get worse day by day because of the above reasons.

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Feel Good Knees book

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The author of the Feel Good Knees System

The author of the Feel Good Knees system is Todd Kuslikis. Todd, a fitness trainer and an injury prevention expert, studied Nursing, Personal Training and Human Physiology at Western Michigan University. When he was small, he was always curious about how the human body works. He started to learn about human body at a very early age. He found out various knowledge of the human body. Todd chose to share his knowledge with everyone so that everyone can have better understanding about the human body and health. He has contributed to various online health publications and experienced in nursing for years.

With many years experiencing in health care, Todd developed Feel Good Knees System in order to help people have better knees and health. In the official website of the product, it says that “Todd Kuslikis MPA is an injury prevention expert. He specializes in using Eastern and Western holistic practices to speed-up the bodies’ natural healing processes. Over the past 10 years he has impacted the health of over 100000 people through his online health publications. His clients include every-day people, professional athletes, US military and even nursing home residents”

From the information above, we can see that Todd Kuslikis was very dedicated to his career of helping people have better health. If you have any further information of the Todd Kuslikis, feel free to leave a comment below so that everyone can have better understanding about him.

The author

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The benefits of the Feel Good Knees system

According to the information on the official website, the Feel Good Knees system was designed to help you reduce the pain of knees. This method doesn’t relate to any medicines therefore, you don’t need to worry about any side effects of the product

Besides, the price of the product is reasonable. Comparing to the price of medicines, the Feel Good Knees system is much cheaper.

How does the Feel Good Knees system work?

The Feel Good Knees system was designed to help people solve that problem. As advertised, the system contains simple exercise that can decrease your knee pain by 58%. Besides, it also helps you lose weight and have better health.

All you need to do is follow exactly the instructions and advice in the program to get the best results.

Review the pros of the Feel Good Knees System

In this part, I would like to provide you with helpful information about the advantages of the Feel Good Knees program. From that, you will have better understanding about the product.

Clear and logic structure

The Feel Good Knees system consists of clear parts to provide readers with simple understanding.

The first part is Feel Good Knees Companion Guide. This companion program includes pictures, instructions for performing the routine and exercise modifications to provide you with a visual guide of how to perform each of the exercises.

The second part is Feel Good Knees Pain Reduction Tracker. This part works as a reminder to help users follow their progress of reducing knee pain daily.

The third part is Feel Good Knees Video Library. This part includes a full video library to perform each ritual for users. These video makes users follow the system in a simpler and more efficient way.

Decrease knee pain without medical involvement.

Feel Good Knees contains the simplest exercise that everyone can do. The most efficient methods were combined into a 5-minute ritual called the Feel Good Knees. The system helps users cut the knee pain without medicine or surgery involvement. It makes the knees stronger and more flexible when sitting, walking or running, etc.

Feel Good Knees Review-benefit

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Easy to follow

Feel Good Knees system is designed in a systematic and easy-to-follow way. Most importantly, it is attached with many pictures, clear instructions and descriptions, which gives users visual illustration of the exercise.

Other beneficial side effects

In addition to reducing knee pain, the Feel Good Knees System also brings back many other beneficial side effects. As advertised, the system can help users lose their weight. In other words, with five minute exercise a day, you not only decrease you knee pain but also have a better body. Besides, it also improves your flexibility and mobility. You will find it easier to sit, stand or move around. In general, the Feel Good Knee System is very beneficial for your whole body and health.

What about the cons?

Many customers shared that some exercises in the system can be found in physical therapist’s modules. It means that people who already had physical therapist’s modules would not really need this product.

Secondly, the results of the program depends on efforts of each person. Therefore, the program requires users to follow the exact instructions and descriptions in the book.

We can see that the Feel Good Knees System has both advantages and disadvantages. I think that everything has two sides and this product is not an exception.

What makes the Feel Good Knees System efficient?

Now let’s talk about the way that makes Feel Good Knees work so well. The first secret is to regrow healthy cartilage in your knees. The author of Feel Good Knees system confirmed that the cartilage in your knee can be healed and improved. Todd Kuslikis said that increasing joint fluid will make knees recover faster. The Feel Good Knees system provides users with isometric exercise which increase joint fluid and reduce you knee pain more quickly.

The second secret is to decrease inflammation and promote healing. The author pointed out that not only medicine but also exercises reduce inflammation and promote healing. Feel Good Knees perform unique isometric exercises in order to decrease patients’ inflammation.

The next secret is better joint mobility that is painless. The knee pain prevents you from doing many things in daily life. The 5 Minute Ritual will help you improve your joint mobility and better your knee pain holistically and naturally without any medication.

Moreover, the Feel Good Knees focuses on enhancing overall strength. A good health will help you have good knees therefore, Todd’s system not only supports you in improving knees and joints but also better your overall health.

Last but not least, the Feel Good Knees helps you have knee-cap realignment and greater stability. An amazing combination of isometric exercises holistically and naturally in the Feel Good Knees system enhances your knees, joints and even your knee-cap.

From the above secrets of the system, you can understand why the Feel Good Knees helps many people reduce their knee pain and better body’s joints.

Review customers’ feedback on the Feel Good Knees System

On the official website

I read a lot of feedback of customers on the official website of the product. Most of the comments are very positive. Most of the customers reviewed that the system is very simple to follow and they can walk comfortably without any pain thanks to the product.

Clarence J. from Clearwater, Fl shared on the official website of the product that “I have been following your Feel Good Knees program for one week and already seeing a huge reduction in pain in my knees. Wow! I do the 5 minute routine in the morning. It’s so simple and feels so good after doing it. Thank you so much for creating this program. I am so excited because yesterday I took a walk in my favorite park next to my house and my knees didn’t give me any pain… like they normally do!”


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Jenette S. from Lamar, CO also said that “For most of my life I have felt stiff and have had to manage my pain using medications. I knew the long term affects they were doing to my body but have always had pain in my knees. I am always a bit concerned about trying anything new because I don’t want to hurt my knees more. But I started following your program and finding that I have much more strength in my knees and feeling really good! For the first time in years, I’m even planning to get rid of my pain meds!”

Feedback 2

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On Goodreads

Besides, Diziti also found out various feedback on Goodreads, a famous book review website. Many readers on Goodreads voted 4 to 5 stars for Feel Good Knees system. James Mcmahon wrote on Goodreads that “the beauty about the Feel Good Knees routine is not just about exercise. It’s a multi-discipline approach to having a healthier lifestyle. So aside from the isometric workout routines to make your knees stronger, it also incorporates the best practices employed by physical therapists and physical fitness mentors. Coupled with a healthy diet, you are on your way to pain-free retirement. The idea is you avoid spending your pension and savings on expensive medications and hospitalization”.

Victoria Amy shared on Goodreads that “Feel Good Knees manual will supply a look in the knee pain causes, signs and symptoms and also the management of knee discomfort for bicyclist. I have the ability to set up no matter whether I happen to be going through anterior, posterior or lateral knee troubles and also a protective activity for futures years”

Meanwhile, Michael Marcello just noted briefly on Goodreads that “I likes it. Very good for bad knees”.

From the above feedback, we can see that most of the people have positive results after using the Feel Good Knees System. If you want to read more feedback of customers about the product, you can visit the official website of Goodreads to find more facts.

Feel good knees review

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Review the price of the Feel Good Knees System.

The normal price of the product is $50. With only $50 investment, you can improve your knees and health as well as do everything you want with a comfortable feeling. More importantly, right after you complete ordering the Feel Good Knees System, you will have an opportunity to receive various bonuses from the program. Health is very important to people because without good health, people cannot do anything efficiently. Therefore, if there is any method for bettering your health, you should try that.

According to information from the official website, this product has a special discount with only $15 for a limited time. It means that with only $15, you can get the Feel Good Knees videos, the full program, the pain reduction tracker, two free gifts and 60 day money back guarantee. However, this discount is limited therefore, if you are lucky enough, you may receive this special discount of the product. If you want to find more facts about this discount, you can visit the link I found below.

Discounted price

After you order the product in the website, you have 2 choices of receiving the product. You can get instant access to the product online or physical product shipped to your address. This policy of the product is very convenient for you to choose the type of approach you want.

If you are interested in this product, you can click the link I found below. After you click the “Add to cart” button in the link, you may see a form to fill in your information. Just complete the form if you want to order the product

Feel Good Knees Review- instant access

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There is still another choice for you. You don’t like reading online and want to receive the physical book and videos shipped, you can add your shipping information in the given form. The product and bonuses will be shipped to your home as required.

Bonuses of the Feel Good Knees System

It is said on the official website that you may receive two free bonuses. The first bonus is 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers. This gift valued at $29.95 however, you may have this bonus for free after ordering Feel Good Knees. These 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers can be performed whenever you have free time and help you reduce knee pain faster

The second bonus is Postural Alignment Guide. Usually it will cost you $29.95. But now you own this for free after buying Feel Good Knees. This bonus provides you with a video tutorial to guide you how to relieve your pain more quickly.

Most importantly, you will have 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This amount of time gives you an opportunity to read through and try the system. If you find this system unsuitable and useless after two-month trial, you can get a refund.

The price and bonuses are so great. Is this a scam?

Feel Good Knees only takes you 5 minutes a day to decrease knee pain. You do not need any medication or operation. The system provides you with suitable and efficient exercise to have better knees and health. All you need to do is follow the instructions and descriptions in the system.

Besides, after 2 month trial you totally can get you money back if you do not see any improvement. Therefore, you lose nothing if you find the product unsuitable and useless.

However, it still depends on yourself to make your own decision. You should think carefully before doing anything. If you really trust the quality of this product, you should buy it. If not, don’t waste your time and money thinking about it.

Who is the Feel Good Knees System for?

If you are struggling with knee pain, you had better try this. You only need to spend 5 minutes a day to reduce your pain without medical involvement. That is so great and convenient!

Moreover, the price is reasonable. Most of the people can afford Feel Good Knees. Good health is very crucial so it is totally worth buying this product if you are having troubles with your knees or joints.

Knee Pain

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Besides, if your relatives or family members also face knee pain problems. You can buy this product as a gift for them. The product has 60 day money back for guarantee. So you totally can get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product.

Who is it not for?

If you are confident in your health, you don’t really need to buy this product. Or if you have your own method to reduce knee pain, that is great! You don’t need to buy Feel Good Knees.

Besides, if you are too busy and cannot spend 5 minutes a day for exercise, you should not buy this. Because you must make sure that you follow the instructions and rules of the system, if not no one can guarantee the quality of the product for you.

If you are new users?

If you are still wondering about this product, just bear in mind that this product has 60 day money back guarantee. After two-month trial, if you do not see any improvement or you find the product unsuitable, you can ask for a refund. Two months is enough for you to read through and understand more about the system. After that, you can have your own opinion about the product.

My advice

In my opinion, you should buy an ebook to read first. The product has a great refund policy to bring you an opportunity to go through the program. I believe that 60 day time is enough for you to understand more about the product.

However, if you are suffering from any serious health problem but still want to follow the program, you should ask for your doctor’s advice first. Your doctor is the person who understands your health problem and can give you the best advice to use the product.


Actually, when I first heard of this product, I did not believe in its quality. I have never thought that knee pain can be reduced without medicine or operation involvement. However, after reading various information about the Feel Good Knees system, I changed my mind. Knee pain can be decreased if you seriously implement instructions and descriptions in the system. That was the reason why I decided to write this Feel Good Knees system review in order to share with everyone.

If you are struggling with knee pain, you may try this product to relieve your knee pain. With only $15, you can own not only the full program but also great bonuses. Most importantly, you can have 60 day refund if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product. So it means that you lose nothing when you find the product useless.

I would advise my uncle and aunt to buy this product. After two month trial, if my uncle and aunt cannot see any improvement in their knees, they can get their money back.

Thank you so much for reading this Feel Good Knees system review by Diziti. Liking and sharing this review is a great motivation for me to create other new useful products. Your friends and family members may be concerned about this product so sharing is completely encouraged to provide everyone with better understanding and knowledge of Feel Good Knees system. If you have any question about the product, feel free to leave it below. Thank you once again for spending your time reading this Feel Good Knees system review.

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