Welcome to the Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews by Diziti. Have you ever imagined that burning fat could also be done without starving yourself? Do you think that is not possible? Many people still limit dieting to buy and the consumption of healthy foods. The major challenges many people face here are that those things they refer to as healthy foods are not actually healthy. Instead of losing weight, it adds to their weight.

A lot of people follow different diet methods to lose weight. Even working hard at the gym. But the problem is that after some time they gain weight again, and their health seems to decrease. Having symptoms such as painful or uncomfortable bloating, painful joints, digestive issues, dry, aging skin & hair or constant craving of carbohydrates. Do you know? The biggest culprits are the “health foods” you eat every day and have been told are the healthiest by big food corporations, your doctor, health teachers, and even the government.

A reader sent feedback to our Diziti website and was asked to help. Her name is Senorita. She is under pressure because of her health problem. She went to the doctor and was told that her liver and intestines were ill. And she knows that the reason is after following the dieting method that are extremely advertised on the internet. It made her health worse and she has not lost weight yet.


After having a family member introduce a book about foods that are really good for the body and the combination of them that can burn fat and also improve the digestive system of the user. That’s the Fat Burning Kitchen book. She is very worried whether the method in this book will improve her health and reduce fat. That’s why she asked us to review for her so that she could make a final decision on whether to buy it or not. So, I decided to write the Fat Burning Kitchen Review!

So I spent 14 hours in 2-3 days looking for product information. I find through youtube and google as well as other social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram about the opinions of people, many Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews and find about the authors of it. The Fat Burning Kitchen Review is actually long, reach out nearly to 3000 words and lots of information about the method that you need.

And Diziti also certain that this is definitely the most mindful and quality review that you’ve ever read about The Fat Burning Kitchen Review. It will help you to have the most detailed and clear view of the product. Is it worth your money? This most in-depth The Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews will answer the question for you. Please spend some minutes reading it all because it is actually good for you.

What Is Basically Fat Burning Kitchen? And Vs. Other Diet Plans?

Fat Burning Kitchen is basically a kitchen that contains healthy foods that are free from high-fat content or other poisonous nutrients that may be harmful to your health. It is a nutrition guide that will help you stop eating unhealthy foods and eat the necessary foods to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The book contains more detailed information about foods that promotes your metabolism and supports the effects of fat-burning hormones. So you do not have to worry about how many calories you consume each day. This is the best procedure, given that the right choice of your foodstuff helps in attaining the required level of calories, needed by your body.

Fat Burning Kitchen review - full packet


It also instills you with the required confidence as you walk through your kitchen or refrigerator knowing that you no longer have to be worried about the kind of food you should consume without having negative effects on your body health. Moreover, it analyses the best method that can easily help you in permanently losing body fats and also prevention measures of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and even heart diseases.


In this Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews, I will tell you a little inside this book that you will learn more knowledge about food. There are 3 reasons you should NEVER use Vegetable Oils. First, vegetable oils usually contain deadly trans fats, even if non-hydrogenated. Second, vegetable oils contain oxidized “mutated fats” that are worse than trans fat & CAUSE heart attacks. Third, vegetable oils cause massive imbalances with your Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats ratio.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This book is full of this type of “not so common” knowledge.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a program designed by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling. It is a 123 pages eBook and all of this information has been compiled into a 23 chapter book that covers all aspects of dieting. It looks at different categories of food that you should avoid at all costs. This is a pretty extensive list that has been carefully crafted to eliminate the harmful parts of your diet. Some things include whole wheat bread, vegetable oil, homogenized milk, energy bars, soy, and more.

Along with listing what not to eat, the guide also goes into detail about what you should eat. Higher quality meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dark chocolate, and more. Later chapters go into drinks as well as wrap up all the information provided.

I was shocked to discover it. And I am sure that you would be shocked too!

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Truth About The Fat Burning Kitchen Mike Geary And Catherine Ebeling. Who Are They?

Mike Geary is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist for over 10 years now. He had been studying nutrition and exercise for 20 years now, ever since being a young teenager. He is the author of the internationally best-selling book, The Truth about Six Pack Abs, with over 700,000 copies sold to date in over 160 countries. Mike is also the co-author of another top-selling book, The Fat-Burning Kitchen, and has published over 500 articles on nutrition and fitness. Subscribers of health magazines such as “Oxygen” and “Muscle & Fitness” have probably read many of his articles and tips as he’s one of their favorite contributing authors. You can search his name on the internet, it will appear a lot of results.

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews – about the author

And Catherine Ebeling,

on the other hand, is a co-author of this program. As well as is a registered nurse with a solid background in physical therapy. She holds two bachelor’s degrees. First is Marketing from Ball State University. Second is Nursing from ST. Louis University

She has more than 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. At the age of 20, Cat had several food allergies. She also had a serious autoimmune disease called the celiac disease that attacks the body’s digestive system. The condition drove her to conduct a 30 year-long series of in-depth research about nutrition, diet, and natural alternatives to medicines.

She also is an enthusiastic cyclist and covers a distance of almost 200 kilometers every week which is obvious to help her to keep fit all through the year. Catherine’s own fit and shapely body is a living example of the reliability and effectiveness of techniques exposed in the Fat Burning Kitchen programEbeling and Geary have repeatedly collaborated and produced the world’s best-selling books on nutrition and weight loss such as The Flat Belly Kitchen, anti-aging superfood recipes, LE TOP 100 Des aliments qui combattent le vieillissement .

mike geary catherine ebelling - Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Based on over 20 years of Mike’s experience in nutrition research and exercise. In addition, his published books are selling many copies and being adapted into several languages. It proves that his books lead readers to follow suit and get good results. And as you can see, here’s a picture of his body. Must be a person with deep knowledge of+ nutrition to make his body so beautiful. Do you feel they body are perfect? And Ebeling with 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. Both are reliable.

What You Will Learn From Fat Burning Kitchen? What Are The Fat Burning Kitchen Recipes?

fat burning kitcehn main banner

In the first stage, there are 10 chapters on different types of drinks and food. So, you will learn a lot about the food you need to eat, and you should not eat.


Some topics in the book also include margarine, vegetable oils, trans fats, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, energy drinks, energy bars, and others. So you can understand more about them. The reasons that you shouldn’t use them anymore. Even “never”.


Some amazing discoveries are shared with you such as fats that are healthy which are found in animal products. Furthermore, it also provide the BEST sweeteners to add to your food and drinks.  Yes, you CAN enjoy your morning coffee while getting incredible health benefits from it too! Coffee is a rich source of powerful anti-aging antioxidants, but most people make it WRONG. Even you can eat chocolate without fat. Another exciting reveal is that chocolate can aid your cravings and even contribute to improved blood pressure Amazing. I think you don’t believe that you can eat them without fat. Is this true? Yes. Sure


You’ll find detailed information on what foods to include in your weight loss plans, such as high-quality protein, dark chocolate, herbal tea, organic berries, avocados, nuts and more. These actually aid in burning fat and building more muscle making you leaner and stronger.


Suggestions included in the system will also help to improve metabolism and increase the number of hormones burning fat. So, you will become a natural fat burner.


You also know the way to how do you repair your damaged digestive system and start melting away your embarrassing belly fat, while also increasing your energy, & fighting joint pain

This Fat Burning Kitchen is your step by step program to not just a leaner body but also healthier and younger you.

How Does It Work?

Inside this brand new manual, you’ll discover:

In The First Part of The Fat Burning Kitchen Book, You Will Focus On The Effects of Various Foods and Beverages.

  1. the true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete — pg 1-2
  2. The truth about polyunsaturated fats (omega-6’s and omega-3’s) that most food companies don’t want you to know — pg.18
  3. which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars in disguise and which bars are actually good for you — pg.50
  4. the real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol — pg.59
  5. the “whole grain” deception and why whole grain crackers, breads, and cereals are packing more bodyfat on you — pg.9
  6. why that skim milk may not be so good for you after all, and the dirty truth about homogenized milk too — pg.29
  7. the one time when tilapia and salmon are NOT health foods– pg.36
  8. a healthy fat-burning burger option? Yes — pg.60
  9. why soymilk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat — pg.41
  10. are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning and making you AGE faster? — pg.46
  11. The ONLY truly healthy options for sweeteners … even non-caloric sweeteners — pg.83
  12. A surprisingly healthy fat in some animal products that actually helps you burn fat & build muscle — pg.60
  13. Why egg whites are actually WORSE for you than whole eggs — pg.65
  14. Do diet sodas and other diet drinks hurt your fat loss efforts? — pg.22
  15. Is whole milk actually better for you than skim milk? There’s more to the story — pg.67
  16. A type of saturated fat that actually helps to stimulate your metabolism — pg. 112
  17. The one time when delicious creamy chocolate can even help to prevent your sweet tooth cravings — pg.88
  18. Does green tea or oolong tea really increase your metabolism and help fat loss? The truth — pg.90
  19. Which fruits & veggies are okay to choose non-organic — pg.94

In Part Two, Not Only Are You Going To Finally Discover The Truth About The Foods In Your Kitchen And Grocery Store, But You’re Also Going To:

  1. Discover how protein from these specific types of animals
  2. Delicious, nutritious, and mouth-watering meal ideas that not only satisfy your appetite but also burn stomach fat and FIGHT aging
  3. The 3 BEST types of wild-caught fish, as well as a specific type of fish you should NEVER eat
  4. The truth about EGGS. And Like cheese? You’re about to discover one of the BEST appetite-suppressants around… but you need to eat these specific types of cheese to get the benefit
  5. Coconut oil and stomach fat? The truth about coconut oil may surprise you!
  6. The best type of NUTS for fat loss
  7. Discover “nature’s vaso-dilator” and how this 1 nutrient can drastically improve blood flow and circulation
  8. The BEST sweeteners to add to your food and drinks.

What About Fat Burning Kitchen Pros And Cons?

Some Of The Pros Of Fat Burning Kitchen

Fat Burning Kitchen Review - Diziti Review

In this Fat Burning Kitchen Review, I have listed down some of the pros and cons of using this guide which will further help you in deciding whether the Fat Burning Kitchen 24 hour diet will be beneficial for you or not.

First, It contains very easy to follow instructions

You don’t need a college education to understand the information. Plus, it’s written in a step by step format that makes it even easier to get. One part builds on the previous.

Second, Created by two nutritionists: Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling

The program is designed by two experts in the field of nutrition and physical fitness. This information isn’t just based on the theories of someone who did a little bit of research, but rather by two people who live according to the knowledge they teach.

Third, It reveals the unhealthy foods that you should avoid

In reality, most people eat unhealthy foods that are labeled as healthy. The Fat Burning Kitchen exposes crucial details about these foods and their ill effects on the body. The available foods nowadays are mostly loaded with chemicals that harm the body. Be careful!

Fourth, There are actual steps to help you control your hunger cravings.

As well as protect you from nutrition as well as obesity, Diet program can help you avoid future obesity. This is one the best inclusions in the book in my opinion.

Fifth, Training exercises included.

Nutrition isn’t the only thing covered in this book. Along with healthy eating tips, readers are provided with various fat burning exercises as well. Therefore, your health as a whole will see much improvement.

Sixth, The program also comes with accompanying videos.

Along with the text, you’ll have access to videos that further dive into nutrition. These videos will help you understand how it all works and why it’s imperative to get your diet right if you wish to lose weight.

Seventh, Unparalleled customer service

Users who have questions that require immediate answers can always reach the authors along with the friendly CSR. The team welcomes queries 24/7. It is so convenient for your question.

At the end, The price so cheap and 60 Day Refund Guarantee.

If for any reason you don’t like the program and find it’s not for you, simply request a refund and get your money back.

Some Of The Cons Of Fat Burning Kitchen

Like everything has both a set of pluses as well as minuses, The Fat Burning Kitchen has them too. I found them then I wrote in this Fat Burning Kitchen Review. However, you know it’s the right one to try when the pluses overtake the minuses. Just some small cons.

One of the biggest cons and challenges of the guide is that it will involve having to change how you eat and approach food. A good example is getting away from corn, whole wheat, vegetable Oils… and related products. It is so hard for you to try! And f you have high determination, I believe you will quickly adapt to a new and healthier lifestyle.

One the other hand, only available digitally. This book is not available in any bookstore near you. This means you cannot buy it in any store. And you need smart digital as well as the internet to download the program and use it.

Is This Worth Trying?

Is This Worth Trying?- Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Read up to here, surely you still have questioned whether it is reliable or not? Is it worth the money? I used to worry the same way before learning about the product. But after spending a lot of time finding information about it, I realized that this was indeed a real product. It is well worth your money to buy it.

Based on the feedback, users showed success by following the program. Some reviews reveal that parents have embraced the diet to ensure that their children eat healthy foods. There are also some users claiming that they no longer suffer from arthritis.

There’s really no need to hype this book further. Get it. Apply it. See the fantastic results. You’ll never look back.

I recommend you buy it if you want to lose weight. And it is not a scam.

What About The Price? Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Book Free Download?

The regular price is $40. Nevertheless now have a limited time, you can receive $30 off. It means now you just pay $10 for it. OH MY GOD. It is extremely cheap. Just 14minute for a limited time.

You can buy it by PayPal, Creditcard. If you’re still wondering, I’d say that for $ 10. You can go shopping and buy a few things, even you eat a meal and it costs more than $ 10. What are you waiting for without buying it?

price - Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Try it out!

It Also Has A Bonus

The 23-day Advanced Nutritional Fat-Burning Free Download Blueprint, body fat will reduce from 10.2% to 6.9% within 23 days. This price is $34.95. But if you buy it now, it is free.

In my opinion, maybe I don’t need this book so much because in the book Fat Burning Kitchen there are also instructions to make me reduce fat with exercise and necessary foods to eat.

But it’s fine because it’s free! Perhaps there are things in this book to help you lose fat faster? Please buy to get this bonus.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Book Reviews – Real Opinions From Customers!

It’s important what customers say about any product. That is the basis for you to find out if the product really works or not. And of course, I took the time to find both negative and positive feedback so that you can understand The Fat Burning Kitchen.

The thing surprised me was the positive feedback on The Fat Burning Kitchen. Not only the positive feedback at the official page of The Fat Burning Kitchen, I also found some on the other websites.

Those positive feedback you can read right here because I researched them on Goodreads, very reputable. People also gave this book an average 3.83 star rating. That is a sign that can help you to know clearly about the reliability of The Fat Burning Kitchen . 

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

There are some customer feedback. These are comments they directly commented on on Goodreads.

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Of course, there are not only positive reviews but also some feedback that customers are not really satisfied with the book.

“This diet makes a lot of sense. I was aware of many of the things I needed to get rid of in my kitchen but there was some new information that I was not aware of and will try this diet. There were very few recipes. I would like to have seen a few more…….” Donna Dupree rated 2 stars.

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Actually some negative comments appeared a few years ago and I haven’t seen them yet. Please read carefully before trusting this book.

Who Should Use Fat Burning Kitchen?

I think this product is suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight without a bad effect on health.

When you practice follow this book, you will begin to enjoy many benefits such as firmer muscles, greater mental clarity, more energy, weight loss, strength. Better health, and more.

Well, the Fat Burning Program deserves a thumb’s up. This is primarily because; it does not require you to invest in several exercise tools. Aside from this, you are do not have to take any supplements. It does not also oblige you to follow a strict meal plan. Furthermore, you will understand more facts related to the food you eat every day. Is it really as good as in the advertisement media?

If you are a persistent person who is willing to follow this book, then I recommend that this product is extremely suitable for you.

Who Should Not Use Fat Burning Kitchen ?

First, it is difficult for you to adapt. Because if you’re an acquaintance of products like wheat, vegetable oil, nuts, sugar, low-fat foods … You will be shocked to read the truth of foods. You eat every day. They even exist in your fridge now. If you do not have high determination to change. I advise you not to buy Fat Burning Kitchen yet. Because you will quickly bore it soon.

Secondly, if you do not like reading online, or you do not like using smart things, then this book is a bit difficult for you to try.

But I have a recommendation that you can download and print it.

Final Diziti’s Conclusion For My Fat Burning Kitchen Review

conclusion - Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Fat Burning Kitchen Reviews

Before learning about the product to review for Senorita, I thought that this was just a product being advertised and did not work well at all. But then I found out about the author of Fat Burning Kitchen, I know that they are all really reputable people and have sold a lot of nutrition and weight loss books all over the world.

But I still don’t fully believe it. Must really believe when I read about the facts about wheat, sugar, bread, vegetable oil … that I use every day. I do not think it adversely affects such health. I am very sock. And I also discovered that this book shows me how to eat sweets and reduce fat. It is unbelievable. Even eating chocolate to satisfy your sweet craving can still help you lose weight. And finally, I read the feedback of the customers, I see they are all positive comments and Fat Burning Kitchen really helps them lose weight. Moreover, it helps to improve your liver and intestinal tract. Great!

One more time, Should You Get It?

I wanna say YES! This book is so good that it’s probably the only diet book that you’ll ever need. Everything you need to know to shed the stubborn fat and dial in your diet is revealed here. All weight loss begins in the kitchen. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. So, if you really want to lose weight quickly without spinning your wheels and going nowhere, Fat Burning Kitchen is the answer you’re looking for.

It is just $ 10( discount from $40). Attached one free book (it cost $34.95). I felt very satisfied and happy when I discovered a method like this. It totally suits me. I just wanna thanks Senorita. Because I knew this good book. From the above, I assure you that the Fat Burning Kitchen book is extremely useful and worth buying. You should buy it to try now. Again I recommend you should buy the product as it has up to 60 days refund. After I finish writing this Fat Burning Kitchen Review, I will also decide to buy it for use. And you?

When you have read this Fat Burning Kitchen Review by Diziti, I believe that you have enough information about this product. Because I spent a lot of time to learn, with such time and this article has many shortcomings and if you have any contribution, as well as if you feel that it is not good, please leave a question and comment below. If you know which products are similar and interesting and want me to review, please leave the information below, Diziti will review them for you. I will be more than happy to discuss this with you. Please like, share if you like this. Thank you for your reading.

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