In our modern life, batteries are becoming indispensable things which help us approach more intelligent and convenient technology. We use battery-powered objects every day from the smallest like clocks, phones, watches, to bigger ones like laptops, cars, solar system and so on. My friend Ross often complains that the stuff on his house ran out of battery too quickly and they had to replace them continuously. Not only you have to spend lots of money on batteries, but the environment is affected seriously as well. According to a research, throwing a battery into the environment would pollute 500 liters of water and 1 meter of land. So that’s why Diziti have to write EZ Battery Reconditioning Review to help my friends save money and protect our environment as soon as possible.

After surfing some websites, watching a dozen of videos and consulting people around me, I eventually found a program which possibly could help me answer this question. That method called EZ Battery Reconditioning. I guess you are wondering the meaning and the practicality of this product. I totally agree with you at this point. What type of method has ability to revive dead batteries? So I spent about 10 hours in 2 days to research and write this EZ Battery Reconditioning Review so believe me, all information you need is right here.

In EZ Battery Reconditioning Review , Diziti will summarize in detail all EZ Battery Reconditioning‘s knowledge that you are concerned about. Warning, this post will be so long since I sought for the most helpful and understandable information from a hundred different sources. So if you are not interested, I think should be an end for you; if you are, let’s keep reading and enjoying! I hope after reading my EZ Battery Reconditioning Review, readers will have a clearer view of this method and decide whether to follow it or not. Now let’s move to the detailed review section.

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?               

EZ battery reconditioning

At first, let me tell you what degradation of battery is. Based on my research on Energy Storage, battery degradation simply is a serious economic problem which will vary according to how the battery is used. Besides, if you want to get more information about battery like lifetime, materials history, etc. here is a reliable source for you.

Here is some details about the product on the official site. EZ Battery Reconditioning is an informational product in the form of a downloadable eBook. Its content is how to recondition 10 types of batteries which is out of energy and its purpose is to help people extend the life of batteries, revive dead or old ones  and save hundreds of dollars each year, even people who have limited electronics knowledge. This is an online product, so you can not buy it at any stores.

Here is the official link of EZ Battery Reconditioning for more details. 

Who invented EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review - creators

Source: EZ Battery Reconditioning

The creators of this EZ Battery Reconditioning program are Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson. Tom told his story and journey very specific on the product’s site, I’ll just tell you here a little bit. Tom met Frank when Frank was collecting old batteries, then he showed Tom how to revive dead batteries to sell for a profit. Eventually, they partnered together and wrote the EZ Battery Reconditioning. Let’s see more about their journey!


To be honest, initially when I read their background, I had a little bit suspicion about them as well as their product because they had no technique knowledge in this field but some experiences. At that time I evaluated the level of trust in them as intermediate, and I will be very regretful if I did not keep searching what is in this eBook.

What does this book include?

The list below will show you generally what information the book will give you:

  • 21 chapters showing the step by step battery reconditioning process.
  • Various methods of testing the batteries.
  • Detailed pictures and diagrams designed to help simplify the process.
  • Important points about each type of battery and their uses.
  • Extra tips and tricks to recondition batteries with ease.

Seemingly it is performed clearly and easily for everybody to read with many images and methods. Now let’s move to more detailed parts.

What is this program’s function?

according to information I learnt from the website, the biggest function of EZ Battery Reconditioning is bringing old or dead batteries back to life and get it serve you again. Sometimes you find some old batteries that you don’t even know how long they have been in your house, or some batteries are useless after long-day working. Don’t worry, EZ Battery Reconditioning can revive them and bring them back to work! Therefore the lifespan of new and old batteries are increased significantly.

Obviously, that means you can save more money each year and buy less new batteries. Some types of expensive batteries like cars, phones, laptops, etc. may cost you hundreds of dollars, if you can reuse them, the money you can save is so numerous. Besides reusing old batteries, you can also make a profit from them. This is another good way to gain some more money: recondition dead batteries and resell them to people who need them for a nice profit.

So Diziti was wondering whether it really works or not. Let’s see how EZ Battery Reconditioning work in the next part.

How does EZ Battery Reconditioning work?

Z Battery Reconditioning - Table of contents

Z Battery Reconditioning – Table of contents

To find out how the method works, the official site asks users to follow 4 steps below:

  1. Step 1: Remove the battery you want to recondition from your car or electronic device. There are 2 small notes in this step: wear eye and hand protection to avoid contacting to battery acid; and disconnect all power to the battery before removing it.
  2. Step 2: Clean the battery. This step is instructed in detail on the book, but basically, it involves using steel wool or an abrasive brush to remove any residue that has built up during the life of the battery.
  3. Step 3: Use a multimeter and a hydrometer to see if the battery can be reconditioned. Most batteries are still good for reconditioning, but the damaged ones may not be worth saving. These two tools work together to help you test the condition of the battery and their use is thoroughly explained in the book.
  4. Step 4: Follow one of the methods explained in the book: 
  • Remove sulfation from the lead-acid cells using a method called equalization. Sulfation builds up as a result of the reaction between lead and sulfuric acid. The book explains Frank’s unique equalization method in detail.
  • Remove sulfation using a chemical additive. The book explains the method of using chemicals and a high-frequency device to remove sulfation and recondition the battery.

Types of battery - EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

What are EZ Battery Reconditioning‘s advantages?

There are some typical advantages that EZ Battery Reconditioning has:

  • EZ Battery Reconditioning has proven to be effective by reliable methods.
  • It is easy to follow even with people who have limited knowledge about electronics.
  • It has separate guides for each type of battery to help people avoid confusion.
  • This is the most useful way that will help you save money from medium to long term.
  • The product helps to reduce wastage, the disposal of old batteries and contributes to environment protection.
  • The program is affordable, proven to work and deliver many satisfying benefits.

Wow it seems to have lots of benefits. So does it have any drawbacks?

What about it’s disadvantages?

Its benefits are quite awesome, so does it have drawbacks? Through different sources, I find that EZ Battery Reconditioning has some disadvantages and here they are:

  • This is an online product, you can not find it at any stores, so this could become a barrier for low-tech people.
  • You may need to buy a piece of equipment here and there depending on the type of battery you are looking to restore.
  • Safety precautions are compulsory as you don’t want battery acids cause harm for your skin or eyes.

However, you don’t need to worry a lot about them. Some people said that despite all drawbacks above, they still had ways to overcome them. Such as calling for shipping, always wearing protection and so on.

What are customers saying?

Some people have experienced EZ Battery Reconditioning for a while. Let’s see their opinions!

“I’ve Saved Over $400 On Batteries!”

“I can’t believe how simple your reconditioning steps are! My old (and once dead) car batteries, cell phone battery, drill battery, camera battery and tons of other batteries are all reconditioned and working great again! Since starting your program I’ve saved over $400 on batteries!”

–Jen Simmons
Source: EZ battery reconditioning

Source: EZ battery reconditioning

“Very Easy To Follow”

“Tom, your plans are great. I was able to bring my laptop batteries and several other types of batteries back to life with your methods. Your instructions are very easy to follow. I have a few more batteries I’m going to recondition today also.”

–Karl Howard
Source: EZ battery reconditioning

Source: EZ battery reconditioning

“My car battery was completely dead before I used your methods”

“I reconditioned my dead car battery a few weeks ago with your program and it’s been working perfectly since then! My car battery was completely dead before I used your methods. This just saved me hundreds of dollars on a new battery!”

–Michelle Jensen
Source: EZ battery reconditioning

Source: EZ battery reconditioning

They are such very good comments! But I thought that maybe the manufacturer just showed their good feedback. So Diziti also read customers’ idea from some other big sites like Let’s see their words!

Customers' Comments on

Customers’ Comments on

The testimonial above is real and was written by a person who actually used EZ Battery Reconditioning. Results may vary due to differences in a battery’s condition, history, and other factors. Those are all positive responses from customers all over the world. So I think this product may be a good measure to follow. If you see that it’s useful, you can get it here.

Is EZ Battery Reconditioning a scam?

If EZ Battery Reconditioning really has all above benefits, then I think this product will be worth experiencing once. Peter, a youtuber who tried the program and shared his story, said that although it was not excellent as described (about 70 to 80 percent compared when batteries were new), it still saved him a significant amount of money buying new batteries. When I heard this book the first time, I was suspect its quality and its real effect. Then I spent lots of time searching it, now I can say I have no doubt about it.

Every thing of this product is quite good, the only thing I need to concern about now its cost. How much is it and do I have ability to afford it?

How much EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning is currently selling for around 47 dollars, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Let’s do a quick math, for example your car battery is out of energy, instead of buying a new one which could cost you up to $250, you completely can bring the old one back to work with just $47, cheaper over 5 times! What a bargain!

After analysing the cost, I realised that it is a rare chance to get the good price like that. So I told my friend Ross to try it and this is the image of the bill:

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review- Diziti

You should take advantage of this discount opportunity to get the best deals. Click here to get!


Gifts included

According to the seller, there are some attractive gifts attached with the product, let’s see the value. You’ll get the main eBook, you will also receive 3 bonus items if you order EZ Battery Reconditioning:

  • How to Start a Battery Business at Home. He’s been earning a nice income from reconditioning batteries for the past five years. So in this bonus book, he will show you how to earn money by reconditioning batteries.
  • Double the Life of Your Batteries. This guide provides all the tricks you need to double the life of your batteries before you recondition them.
  • Lifetime updates and access to the EZ Battery Reconditioning members’ area, are also included in the purchase price of EZ Battery Reconditioning.

Gifts included

These two bonus books have price $97 and $67 in retail, but if you get EZ Battery Reconditioning, they are your gifts and of course they are FREE!

>>> If you don’t wanna miss the free gifts, you should get it! <<<

Who should or should not get EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Despite of its amazing function and advantages, EZ Battery Reconditioning is not suitable for every one.

Who should try it?

  • People who doesn’t know much about batteries or electrics. The book has very detailed instruction so you will easily understand as long as you follow its step-by-step system.
  • People who usually use battery-powered stuff and have to replace them continuously.
  • People who have limited finance and want to save money to do other things.
  • Everyone should because batteries are affecting negatively so much environment. We have to protect our “house” and help Earth at greater extend.

And who should not?

  • People who are not fluent in technology. You should ask more competent people to help you.
  • People do not have International payment cards or have unstable internet connection. As EZ Battery Reconditioning and the bonus books are online products, therefore all steps must be performed online too.

Free trial

If you are reading here and you are still hesitant to decide whether to buy or not, don’t worry because EZ Battery Reconditioning has free trial version for you. They allow you to pay, download and experience in 60 days. If you decide you don’t like it, you can contact the company and get a full refund. That is so attractive, isn’t it?

My conclusion

Honestly, at first when I heard about EZ Battery Reconditioning, I did not really trust its benefits, it made me curious and now, I can say EZ Battery Reconditioning is a product worth trying. With all the benefits that EZ Battery Reconditioning brings, I think $47 is an affordable and reasonable cost. There is one point that I need to highlight one more time, this book is very convenient and easy to understand, moreover, if you do not like it and request a refund, they will give your money back. That means there is no real risk involved trying it. It would be beneficial to those without knowledge of batteries or their functions.

I think you will very regret if you miss this opportunity. If you decide to buy it, get the eBook and the bonus here.


Hopefully the EZ Battery Reconditioning Review by Diziti has given you helpful and necessary information that you need. I expect after reading EZ Battery Reconditioning Review, readers can confidently make suitable decisions and feel comfortable with them. Please like and share my EZ Battery Reconditioning Review so that more and more people can approach review if you see that it is helpful. Do not forget to leave questions on the comment box below. Please suggest the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and see you later.

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