Welcome to Diziti’s Eat The Fat Off Review. Today Eat The Fat Off Review here is for people who want to burn fat and maintain a balanced body.

Our body has the ability to burn stubborn and diet-resistant fat easily. I know that a large number of people are trying to lose weight by starving themselves or follow strict diets. They lack of confidence and want to be more and more beautiful. But is there any other way to be thinner naturally? 

Lena is one of them who has the same situation. She is 46 years old and she has  kilograms in weight. She told me that after reading some sources on the internet, she tried different diets for middle-aged women, but it didn’t work for her. Then her friend suggested to her a program that could help her lose weight and be respectful to food. That program is Eat The Fat Off. And she wanted me to review it before making a decision whether to buy it or not.

I don’t know if this program really works or it is just a scam. I mean Lena had tried so many other methods and what she gained was nothing. So I decided to search for its information and write Eat The Fat Off Review to give her and my readers helpful advice. I can say that Eat The Fat Off Review contains all you need and it’s quite long, over 2000 words. If you aren’t interested in the program, I think you shouldn’t read Eat The Fat Off Review. But if you are concern about it, please keep reading. I believe that Eat The Fat Off Review will provide my readers the clearest view about this program.

What is Eat The Fat Off?

Eat the fat off program

Probably you have known this program but I still want to explain one more time. According to the official website, this is a digital guide book that will show you what to do on 21 days for your body to start producing Pancreatic Lipase/Lipase-P. This program is designed step-by-step to show how to lose pounds by increasing your body’s natural thinning enzyme. This online book shows you that starving yourself is a huge mistake. The eating habits in the book existed for around 2800 years ago. That was in ancient Greece, passed down from generation to generation. For some reasons, they were forgotten for a long time. 

However, they were rediscovered in Icaria, Greece, and now they can be helpful to you as well. You’ll discover the fatty foods and enzymatic-boosting foods you should eat (especially at night) to lose 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more.The foods are delicious and are enjoyable to digest. Furthermore, your body will require more types of foods like these to produce Lipase-P. This is the enzyme that helps to break down fats in your food.

Eat The Fat Off includes weight loss secrets that took a long time to research. A lot of work and money was spent on the research to make sure that the secrets could benefit you. Ideally, you would have had to travel to Icaria, but this handbook has made everything easy for you. The nutritional plan in the handbook has been tested and proved medically and practically. 

According to them, you do not need to worry about eating at night anymore. This made me curious, even suspicious. I mean, scientifically to say eating at night, especially right before bedtime makes you accumulate fat in your body. So what kind of method can help you eat freely at night without being fat? So I just kept researching Eat The Fat Off.


The first time I read the description of Eat The Fat Off, I have to say the truth that I was a little skeptical. I mean this is a long-existed method, I have no idea its practicality in our modern life. You should keep reading my review to find out.

About the program’s author – John Rowley

John RowleyThe creator of this program is John Rowley. Probably you have seen him on several channels like Fox News, CBS, ABC, in The Huffington Post and many others. He was the one who was shaking the whole system and enraging social media. Why? 

He shows how the political systems lied about diets which kept us all fat and sick and how thousands of folks are now losing weight and regaining their health by eating more fatty foods. He forced medical textbooks to be rewritten again just by traditional diets and thinning enzymes. 

This is quite unbelievable, isn’t it? People can really lose weight and maintain their health by eating fat foods? That sounds unreasonable so I have to keep finding the truth. Click here if you want to see more about John.

What will you learn from Eat The Fat Off?

By following the product’s guide, you will see what the book includes and gain some benefits:

  • This includes 3 bad lies which unintentionally attract you through the yo-yo diet that extremely devastates your health.
  • It explains about the ingredients consumed and how they mix them together to reach the best fat burning results.
  • The book also teaches you a thin, not public secret that is clinically determined by making fat cells smaller.
  • It will also provide you with a variety of tasty recipes and menus which are full of these amazing ingredients that weaken fat.
  • You will learn the wonderful truth about food and learn how to respect it.
  • You can find a way to speed up the process of burning fat by small and tasty Chinese food.

Wow it seems to have lots of interesting information for people to follow. If it really works, I think it will help many people. But what if it doesn’t work? So let Eat The Fat Off Review show you how the program works.

How does Eat The Fat Off work?

Eat The Fat Off

The book is written step-by-step so that readers can easily follow it. There are different phases to the plan that should be followed for it to work. It is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1 is where it activate the thinning enzyme. In this phase, you will eat a “ketone-modifier diet” that will include enzyme-producing foods. One note that “ketone-modifier diet” is different than “Ketogenic Diet” which you’ve heard before. The main purpose is to heal your gut and the basis for the production of Lipase-P. This is a fat metabolizing enzyme that will be produced by the pancreas. This will make sure the food gets digested fast. This phase lasts for 12 days.

Phase 2 is the stage where you start eating more and more. The foods in this stage will rebuild your hormones and restore Lipase-P to its natural levels. You will also enjoy your life and your higher energy in this phase. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Eat The Fat Off?


After walking through some sources, I see that the book has 4 pros below:

Increase Your Weight Loss!

With the help of Lipase-P, you will feel comfortable with the weight loss without counting calories. 

Delicious recipes and menus

The guide book will provide you numerous delicious recipes and menus which are full of amazing ingredients that burn fat quickly.

Save your time and energy

All information you need is on this online book so you don’t have to spend too much time and money on finding other ways. 

Online product

You can access the program anywhere, anytime you want. It is so convenient to apply in your life!


So what about the Cons of the program?

Online product

Of course, this is a benefit but it is also a drawback too. Eat The Fat Off is only available online so obviously you can not access it without the internet.

Take long time

This program requires a long time to see the real results. If you are not a patient person, I don’t think this book is for you.

Those Pros above are just a small problem with you, aren’t they? In the next section, I’ll show you some feedback from customers.

What Do Customers Say About It?

Save my sagnityWhen I visited the product’s website, I just saw some feedback from customers. I want to share with you what they think about this program.

Saved my sanity!

As a wife, mom and business owner I have little time to waste, which is why I started the Eat The Fat Off program. I got it to save time but it has really saved my sanity. I have gotten into the best shape of my life in a minimum amount of time.”

–Kristi Frank, star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, as seen on Oprah.

The best shape in minimal time…

As a busy mom, business owner and fitness professional time is very valuable to me. At 50 years old and being a nutritionist I can say without reservation that this is the best way to eat.

I am so thrilled that John finally came out with this program. It takes away all the fluff and what is left will get you into top shape in a minimal amount of time. It is really the foundational concepts that should be the focus and John has captured this in an easy to follow way.”

–Kim Shackleford, NTP, CGP, RWP

Just what the doctor ordered“Just what the doctor ordered…

“When your doctor asks what are you doing to stay in shape, you know you’re doing something right, especially at 69 years old.”

That is me on the right standing next to my son’s friend who is on the rowing team at Harvard.”

–Mitch Mayer



It seems that the above customers have had great experience with Eat The Fat Off. The product has brought amazing results to people of all ages, even a 69-year-old man. I thought “of course the seller always bring good comments”. So Diziti also read some comments on some other source such as Amazon.com, I’ll summarize here for you:

This book was more focused upon the psychology of dieting than actually providing a diet. He told us everything we already know. Eat unprocessed foods high in natural fats (ie nuts, seeds, avocados, etc). Stay away from starchy foods… the eating carbs cycle, workout more for lean muscle mass. While he provides some guidance in his book… it is essentially the same as everyone one else’s… The Sherpa’s, Paleo, yada, yada. I don’t need a motivator, I don’t need someone to tell me not to be a “victim” as I’ve never acted like one. I wanted something spelled out more. If you’re looking for a diet that tells you what to eat when, this isn’t it. This wasn’t it.”

-Jamie B
Feedback from Goodread.com (Jamie B)

Feedback from Goodread.com (Jamie B)

These comments show us what the book has inside as well as what kind of food. There were some complaints that they already knew the tips or the letters were too small. They probably are people who have knowledge in this field. You need to read those opinions carefully and consider them before buying it. Diziti will also report these ideas with the manufacturer so that they can adjust the product to suit consumers. However, there are lots of good comments of this program like the one here:

“This program is basically keto/paleo with legumes and seeds added. Clean keto for a set amount of days then clean paleo/beans added in after that. Great for a very new dieter or someone just learning about clean keto. He does allow some yogurt and cheese later on. I do not understand how fruits like bananas are ok after the first set of days following a clean keto and staying under 30 carbs. The author also allows a cheat day and explains why. I was surprised that he is in the camp of eating 4 to 5 times a day. Not what I was expecting.”

Some motivational info which is great and lots of common sense info also. The author does add a short list of foods for eating this way, shopping and suggestions for meals including the foods that help burn fat.”

 -Mr and Mrs MC
Feedback from Goodread.com (Mr and Mrs MC)

Feedback from Goodread.com (Mr and Mrs MC)

I think this program is more suitable for who doesn’t know anything about food or health than who does. If you work in these fields for year, I think this program may not be for you. But if you are a newbie, this book will help you a lot. So if you see that you do not have any knowledge in this field and you need this program, I’ll put the link here.

Is Eat The Fat Off worth trying?

From those feedbacks of customers, I think Eat The Fat Off has good quality with clear purpose. However, it still has some points that are not suitable for all customers. At this time, with all the functions and benefits that the program brings, I can say that this is totally not a scam. I think this book is worth trying because of its usefulness. If you decide to try the program, please click here to get it.

How much does Eat The Fat Off?

Let’s imagine that you want to lose weight and you hire a nutritionist to help you build menu every day. As I researched on the internet, hiring nutritionist may cost you $150 – $225 for an appointment. Hypothetically you need to make 2 appointments per week, so you have to pay $1200 or more if you follow the service for years. That is so expensive and sometimes unaffordable.

This program is now public at a low price, $19. I think this is a reasonable price for a comprehensive and easy to understand like Eat The Fat Off. You just have to pay $19 then you have your own “nutritionist”.

Let’s do a quick comparison. Normally you can have a delicious dinner with your friend or your lover with $19. Instead of that, now you have a chance to save one meal to own a product that can help you maintain your healthy body. Then with just $19 and you will have all the knowledge and information you need to adjust your diet in your hand. It is so helpful, isn’t it?

I think this is a good opportunity to have a good price like this. You should take this chance to get it because the good price is only available in limited time and probably tomorrow there is no more price $19. If you want to keep the low price for you right now, click here to get the best care from the manufacturer.

buy Eat The Fat Off program


When I saw this discount of Eat The Fat Off, I gave Lena advice to take the book to enjoy the good price as soon as possible and she did. When Lena has the results, I will update here for you guys.

Extra presents of Eat The Fat Off

I was very surprised when I found out that besides the main book, you will receive some extra gifts if you get Eat The Fat Off. Let me introduce what they are.

3 bonuses

#1 Eat The Fat Off The Grocery Guide

This book will give you the list of foods you need to eat to achieve the maximum weight loss. These are foods on the street, foods that you feel tasty and foods that trigger Eat The Fat Off effects. Furthermore, it will help you shop for food faster and even save your money.

#2 Eat The Fat Off Meal-Planning Blueprint.

Have you ever had a headache because you always wondered what you ate today? The book is your savior from that situation. You will no longer have to think of the daily menu, which is now the work of this book. It will save you a lot of time especially on busy days.

#3 Treat Your Way Trim

Sometimes you’re too hard on yourself to eat, which leads to cravings as well as guilty feelings. Furthermore, if you are too strict with yourself, it will lead to the situation of eating without stopping when you are free. You should add some cheat days in the middle of your process to balance and be more motivated in the following days.

These extra books are very helpful programs that cost lots of money to get. But all these are free present if you get the main Eat The Fat Off. That means you can own all of them with just $19! What a bargain! I think you should take this chance to keep the good deal for yourself. If you have your own decision that you’ll get the program, here is the link to the official site.


Who should use Eat The Fat Off?

The program is very suitable for people who want to lose weight and maintain a strong healthy body. 

It provides various menus for each day. So people who expect to change diet and meals every day should get the book.

It is also for people who want to save money and energy for losing weight.

Click here if you see you are one of them and want to try Eat The Fat Off.

Who should not use this program?

Who still wants to starve themselves thin as I said there is no starving in the content of the program.

If you think you’re too old, the book is clearly not for you. Some customers at 49 like Lena, 69, 70 even 80 still had experience in the program. So why do you think you’re too old?

Does it have a refund policy?

You are still not ready to try Eat The Fat Off? Don’t worry because here is the guarantee the manufacturer will give you.

You have an opportunity to use the system for 60 days. Then after that time, if you are not satisfied with the program, they will give you 100% of your money back if you don’t exceed them, no questions asked… I think you should catch this chance so that you can experience the system without losing stuff.

Diziti’s conclusion about Eat The Fat Off

Honestly, when Lena told me about Eat The Fat Off, my mind was full of doubt about it. But after learning its benefits and the way it works, now I totally believe that it is not a scam. I think it’s very necessary for many people who have weight problems. With all the advantages that Eat The Fat Off and the 3 bonus books have, I think this is a product worth trying. Moreover, $19 is an affordable and reasonable cost.

I think you will very regret if you dismiss this chance. I advised Lena to get the program to enjoy the discounted cost and the money back guarantee. If you want to own the good price of Eat The Fat Off like Lena, get the eBook and the bonus here. 

buy Eat The Fat Off program



I hope that the Eat The Fat Off Review has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading the Eat The Fat Off Review, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. 

If you like the article, please like and share my Eat The Fat Off Review. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I will please to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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