What do you think about this ad: Eat Stop Eat helps you lose weight in less time while helping you gain muscle without taking too much effort into your exercise programs. Do you find the ad quite attractive or not? You know, Corona viruses cause an epidemic that makes the whole world very nervous. Because of this disease, we are staying at home to ensure the safety of us and those around us. And what if you stay home a lot? I stay at home a lot, I will eat a lot. So, I gain weight, guys, it makes me nervous. Incidentally, when I was looking for ways to lose weight online, I was reading an advertisement about Eat Stop Eat. I was very curious so I decided to write Eat Stop Eat review.

Eat Stop Eat review by Diziti will follow up with reviews on my weight loss topic. I will help you answer the questions that you do not know or do not understand properly about the product. You see, the name of the product also makes you curious, right. Does it have to be to lose weight by stopping eating? Or to lose weight in some way? I hope my Eat Stop Eat review will not only help me know more about a product, it will also help you explain what the product is. From there, maybe you will find an effective way to lose weight for yourself. I spent a lot of time looking for information so Diziti hope you guys will spend time with my review. So let’s read!

What is Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat review

Eat Stop Eat

The Eat Stop Eat protocol is the ultimate diet guide to intermittent fasting.

What this simply means is you go into a fasted state for a certain period, usually for 24 hours, then break your fast and eat for another few days without fasting before going back on a fast.

Fasting can be once or twice a week. Eat Stop Eat does not restrict you on what to eat. What it does is focus more on when you eat.

This fasting promises to help you lose fat quickly with minimal effort, and improve your overall health.

According to the inventor of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon, the theory of intermittent fasting promotes weight loss and helps with the retention of muscles.

Brad said the program does better than most weight-loss programs where you eliminate some ingredients from your diet or cut down on calories to burn fat. Because it focuses on when you eat instead of what you eat, it can also be easier to stick to over time.


Who is the author?

Eat Stop Eat review

Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon is the man behind the Eat Stop Eat program. He works as a weight loss and nutrition expert in Canada. Born and raised in the small suburb of Burlington, Ontario Brad has always been fascinated with fitness and bodybuilding.

Also, an avid bodybuilding magazine collector, Brad Pilon mentions that he was greatly influenced by the 1980 bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno. He started selling supplements to his local supplement shops in his hometown engaging himself with the world of fitness.

Brad graduated with honors at the local university with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition. He became a Research Analyst after graduation opening doors to the world of bodybuilding. He currently authors several books about fitness and nutrition including Eat Stop Eat and several other workout programs.

Brad Pilon has always been consistent in helping people achieve their fitness goals. This eBook is a testament to his passion for helping people lose weight and make muscle building faster. Brad also brings a new meaning to intermittent fasting with the Eat Stop Eat weight loss guide.

I do not have much information about the creator of this system, so from my view, the credibility and reliability of this website is medium.

If I have more information about the creator, I’ll update immediately in this review. So please keep following us to update information. Don’t worry because Diziti will always stand by customers and protect the interests of customers.

To know more information, you can visit the official website here!

What are the effects?

Eat Stop Eat is a 212-page guide book with tips and instruction on how you can lose weight using the fasting diet plan. The primary goal of the book is to help you lose weight in less time while helping you gain muscle without taking too much effort into your exercise programs.

According to the author cutting down on meals does not directly affect your weight loss, but how and when you eat makes the cut. Dietary supplements and various other diet programs may help you succeed in taking an extra inch off your waistline, but the time and how you eat always has a significant effect.
The book proposes that most dietary programs take time to affect your body, but with the Eat Stop Eat protocol, you’ll immediately see results. The weight loss does not just aim to help you lose weight but also make you healthier and assist you in building muscles the most straightforward way.

With Eat Stop Eat, neither would you need to have dietary supplements to boost every workout gain nor do you have to undergo special diets. The weight loss program instills discipline because you have to follow a strict eating protocol and you have to maintain your motivation along the way.

How does Eat Stop Eat work?

Intermittent fasting, according to Eat Stop Eat reviews and numerous Eat Stop Eat success stories, works well for some people, while others might think that the idea of going without food for a whole 24 hours is torture. For those who adhere to the program, the Eat Stop Eat before and after trends show that it works.

When you are fasting, your body is empty. It has nothing to feed on during this period. For it to get energy—because you do need energy even when you are not exercising—it goes for your body’s fat reserves.

If you continue to fast for too long, though, your body will start pulling energy from your muscles. You don’t want that. The difference between other intermittent fasting methods and the Eat Stop Eat method is that the fasting only lasts for 24 hours.

That period is long enough to burn fat, but not so long that your body will start going for energy from your muscles.

What this can therefore do is make you lose fat quickly without doing anything at all. You did not carry out any workouts, follow any special diets or take any supplements.

What are the advantages?

Eat Stop Eat review

The Advantage

People who stick to this diet program generally find that Eat Stop Eat’s pros matter more than its cons.

Some benefits of the Eat Stop Eat program include:

Increased metabolism

The two days of fasting every week gives your body time to metabolize nutrients and food, thus improving your overall body metabolism.


The fasting method gets rid of unnecessary toxins from the body and reduces food-related stress.

With the Eat Stop Eat regime, there is no need to eliminate any foods that you are used to or adjust your meals, except for not eating during your fasts.

You can only do this if you choose to and aim for better results.


There is proof that intermittent fasting may prolong life, slowing down the aging process and eliminating frequent illnesses. Losing weight has many health benefits.

Weight loss

Intermittent fasting decreases body fat and overall body weight relatively quickly. Scientific studies support this method for weight loss, including a 2011 literature review in Obesity Reviews, which found that a 12-week program of intermittent fasting worked as well as daily calorie reduction for losing weight.

Muscle-build up

The regime maintains skeletal muscle mass; this was also supported by the research cited in the 2011 Obesity Reviews article.

Other benefits

Eat Stop Eat reduces insulin levels while at the same time increasing insulin sensitivity. When insulin levels are high, your body will not tap its fat reserves to get energy; instead, it will add fat to those reserves. Reduce your insulin levels, and you make it easier to burn fat.

Eat Stop Eat may improve growth of hormone levels.

What are the cons?

The disadvantage

Though not a drawback in itself, one should understand that scientific studies have not specifically evaluated the benefits of Eat Stop Eat. Most intermittent fasting studies have used either Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) or the 16:8 method.

However, this does not mean the approach does not work or has fewer benefits than other approaches.

Below are a few drawbacks of Eat Stop Eat you should know.

Insufficient nutrient intake

Certain people may have a difficult time meeting all of their nutrition needs on the Eat Stop Eat diet.

When it comes to dieting, it’s not uncommon for people to think of food in terms of calories alone. But food is much more than calories. It’s also an important source of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds that support your most vital bodily functions.

It’s essential for anyone following Eat Stop Eat to pay close attention to the foods they eat on their non-fasting days to ensure adequate protein, fiber, vitamin, and mineral intake throughout their diet.

If you have particularly high nutritional demands or currently struggle to eat enough food to meet your needs, removing 1–2 days’ worth of food could contribute to insufficient nutrient intake or unhealthy weight loss.

Low blood sugar

Some people use intermittent fasting diets like Eat Stop Eat to improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.

Most healthy people have no difficulty maintaining blood sugar levels during the 24-hour fasting periods required on Eat Stop Eat, but that may not be the case for everyone.

For some people, such as those with diabetes, extended periods without food may contribute to dangerous blood sugar drops that could be life-threatening.

If you take blood sugar medications or have any medical conditions that cause poor blood sugar regulation, consult your healthcare provider before attempting Eat Stop Eat or any other diet than includes fasting.

Hormonal changes

Fasting practices implemented on the Eat Stop Eat diet may contribute to changes in metabolic and reproductive hormone production.

However, the specific health outcomes resulting from such hormonal changes are difficult to predict due to a lack of human research.

Some studies suggest that certain hormonal shifts may offer positive health benefits, such as improved fertility, while others indicate a potential risk for negative effects like inadequate reproductive hormone production and pregnancy complications.

Psychological impact of restrictive eating

While many people report feeling more dietary freedom when using fasting as a weight loss aid, the restrictive nature of such eating patterns could have a negative psychological impact.

Although Eat Eat Stop Eat has the above disadvantages, you should not worry about the product. Because the above information is not enough to conclude good or bad products. Therefore, you should continue to read the following to have the most accurate product reviews.

What do customers say?

For a more realistic look, I took the time to look for reviews and reviews on the product’s official website. Here are the customer reviews. I think this information is very helpful for you.

Eat Stop Eat review

Customer- before and after

Eat stop eat review

Eat stop eat review

Eat stop eat review

Eat stop eat review


Diziti are also happy to find user reviews and comments on other websites like goodreads, amazons,etc.

I bought this book a couple years ago off of Brad’s website as a little PDF e-book, though the first edition was published back in 2007. Little did I know the popularity that fasting was gaining and would continue to in the next couple of years. Brad’s background is as someone who left the supplement industry after questioning some of the practices within. He became obsessed with the simple science of losing fat, not the latest diet fad in the most recent edition of Muscle and Fitness“. (Joseph Mason rated 5 stars on goodreads)

It was simple and easy to follow. With all the information in the Eat Stop Eat guide, I was actually able to do the fast with no problems”. (Ryan Caracciolo rated 5 stars on goodreads)

“A short, yet interesting and very informative read. The author covers his own background, explaining his extensive education and experience in the nutrition field and the way he talks, he comes across not as someone trying to sell you something or make any sort of profit from a “diet program” or anything, but simply comes across as someone who wants to relay important information about eating and living a healthy lifestyle and give warnings about fitness and nutrition magazines that live to make business and profit.

If you’re into health and fitness and need a resource for shaping your own eating habits and fitness lifestyle, this is an excellent source”. (Adriel rated 5 stars on goodreads)

Eat Stop Eat review-Is this really worth trying?

Through information about the benefits and comments of users, I can say that Eat Stop Eat really effective.

The weight loss techniques presented by Brad Pilon in the Eat Stop Eat book is highly effective because it uses intermittent fasting to help you achieve your weight goals.
Interestingly enough, the book is critically acclaimed in the fitness world. People all over attest to its effectiveness. The author also presents an easy to follow a program.
The initial step might not be easy to follow, but the body quickly adjusts to the waves of hunger coming in. This step forces your body to utilize and burn stored fats for energy. You just wait for the designated hour where you can eat what you want and without the guilt.

Brad Pilon also discusses some of the myths surrounding intermittent fasting including arguments at how it slows down metabolism. He also touches on topics like fear or muscle loss during fasting, fears of hunger, and several other issues and controversies about fasting.

Therefore, you can believe in the effectiveness of the product and it’s not a scam.

How does it cost?

You have 3 different options when buying the Eat Stop Eat!

The regular price of Instant Access Digital Version and both free bonuses is $ 49.95. However, if you buy now, it will only be $ 10. That’s $ 10. So you will save $ 39.95.

Digital Version and bonus

Another option is usually priced at $ 59.95. It is Physical Book shipped and both free bonuses. However, if you buy now, it will only cost you $ 19. So you save $ 40.95. Compared to buying Digital Version, you save more.

Physical Book and bonus

Especially with the 3rd option: Limited-Time Offer! This option is Physical Book Shipped Plus Instant Access Digital Version and both free bonuses. Its regular price is $ 79.95. However, it is attractive at the present time if you buy. Because you only cost $ 19. So you save up to $ 60.95. Wow! Great. So compared to the other 2 options, this third option is the most beneficial for the customer.

Physical Book and Digital version+bonus

Depending on your needs, choose for yourself the most beneficial option. In my opinion, I recommend you to choose the 3rd option because it includes the remaining options that cost only $ 19. Then buy as soon as possible!
If you want to buy Eat Stop Eat, you can visit the product’s official website!


Is there any bonus?

Besides the main product, you will also get a bonus. That is Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide.

Eat Stop Eat review

The bonus

And below is the message from Brad:

Have you ever skipped the complicated instructions when setting up some new software on your computer, and then regretted it? That’s me… I always want to skip ahead and just get started. So I created the Quick Start Guide for you. You’ll get a running start while so you can quickly enjoy the benefits of Eat Stop Eat within minutes of receiving the book“.

With purchase options, which include a completely free bonus. So you only cost $ 10 or $ 19. That is indeed beneficial to the customer. So if you have read through the price, let’s see who this product is for.

Who is it for?

This product is for those who can fast because the main method of Eat Stop Eat is fasting. Products for those who are really serious with their weight loss. Besides, we also need to know the product is not for anyone to avoid wasting money.

Who is it not for?

This approach is not suitable for diabetics, pregnant women, and those with eating disorders.

Because of the mixed data and limited total evidence, Eat Stop Eat is not generally recommended for anyone who’s pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive.

If you have a history of hormonal dysregulation, irregular periods, or amenorrhea, consult your healthcare provider prior to starting an Eat Stop Eat diet.

Proponents of intermittent fasting often say that mood issues resolve after you have become accustomed to your fasting routine — though these claims haven’t yet been proven.

Restrictive dieting may also contribute to disordered eating behaviors, such as bingeing or obsessive thoughts about food and weight.

Because of this, Eat Stop Eat is not recommended for anyone with a history of disordered eating or a tendency toward developing these behaviors.

What if you have never used it before?

Eat Stop Eat provides a simple solution with an easy to follow guide on how you can lose your excess body weight fast. The initial process of keeping food out of your mind during the first few days can be a hard topic, but it gets easier to adjust during the succeeding days as your body adjusts.

Moreover, the book provides a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied. You can just ask for a full refund if you do not find any changes in your body weight or overall fitness.

In general, you do not need to worry about the product. If you trust it enough, buy it. You can buy the product at the official site!

If you do not have enough belief, you should read and consider more carefully before you buy Eat Stop Eat.

Eat Stop Eat review-Some frequently questions!

Q: I want to lose fat and gain muscle. Can I do both with Eat Stop Eat?

Absolutely. In Eat Stop Eat I outline exactly how you can build muscle while also losing body fat, just like Doctor Kevin. You can check out the chapter ‘Fasting and your muscle mass’ for more information.

Q: I’ve heard that women shouldn’t follow diets that involve missing meals, is this true?

A: The Eat Stop Eat style of eating has helped thousands of women lose weight. In fact, there is an entire chapter in Eat Stop Eat devoted to helping women get the absolute best results possible from Eat Stop Eat, you can check out the chapter ‘Fasting for women’ for more information.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will lose fat if I buy your book?

A: No. Eat Stop Eat does not have a weight loss guarantee. Any diet that does is scamming you. Any effective Weight loss program requires you to eat less and exercise more. when you purchase Eat Stop Eat what you get is a book outlining all the principles you need to be very successful at losing weight and keeping it off, but it’s up to you to actually put these principles into action.

Eat Stop Eat review-Conclusion!

Eat Stop Eat was originally just a name that intrigued me. I have doubts about it whether it really works or not. I guess you guys are just like me. Surely the first of you do not know whether this product is a scam or not. However, after reading the information I shared, do you feel confident about Eat Stop Eat or not. I think, based on the knowledge gained, you can trust and buy it.

When you buy a product, you have 3 options and you only have to pay $ 10 or $ 19 depending on your needs. In general, you save from $ 40 to $ 60. Then there is no more hesitation, let’s buy it. You can buy the product here!

I have a brief message for you. That is if your health is not very good or you have your own doctor, please consult them before buying the product! Make sure your health is good and the product is right for you.

And finally, I highly recommend that you like and share Eat Stop Eat Review by Diziti if you like it. Moreover, I would be happy if you comment and make suggestions on my Eat Stop Eat review. Thank you once for reading!

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