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Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. He has years of experience dealing with every type of behavioural dog issue and has worked with all breeds and ages of dogs. Over the last decade, he has helped over 25,000 people successfully train their dogs using the exact method found in the Dog Trainer Academy and has thousands of testimonials to show for it.


Since establishing himself as a respected dog trainer, Doggy Dan has written the book What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent, published by Random House.

On top of a successful book, 75,000 people from around the world subscribe to Doggy Dan’s blog site, and he has been featured in a number of magazines, including Women’s Weekly.

Dan has also appeared as a regular guest on a number of radio shows and made several TV appearances, recently showing up on TVNZ

Let’s take a look at this video:

Have you ever seen any similarity and difference between raising a child and training a puppy? We have got an analysis for you after reading dozens of Doggy Dan Reviews. All ideas have been accumulated from Dan’s book (named What the Dogs Taught Me About Being A Parent) and many coaching videos he has made over 20 years as a dog trainer and behaviorist.

  1. Concepts

  • Pack Leadership

A great portion of dog owners may know about this term. According to Dan, Pack Leadership is the state that you become the leader of your dogs. You can get your dogs’ obedience in the way that they always look for your decisions after taking any action. Even when things around you and your puppies are so annoying, if you show your dogs that there is no danger, they will stay calm (not go panic or aggressive like other dogs).

Puppy Training - Pack Leadership

  • Parenting

Everyone knows what it is. It is the process we raise, nurture a child to become an adult.

  1. Doggy Dan reviews: unsurprising similarities

  • Same process to win their mind

We guess that anyone is about to say “yeah, I think so” when others ask the question whether there is any similarity between puppy training and parenting. But what are exactly the same points here? Dan’s book touches this aspect in a harmony way after raising Peanut (his dog) and 2 cute children: you have to be their parent/pack leader first before becoming their friend. The process helps you to build a peaceful household and raise a child or a dog to have good manners. Many Doggy Dan reviews discuss this aspect and share their thoughts on the Internet.

  • Same period

Pack Leadership and Parenting

Dan provides helpful information regarding the age of both species when showing up on ONE’s Good Morning TV show in New Zealand. 7-year period of the human is equal to 1-year period of the dog (It might be roughly owing to different dog breeds). But the 1st year term of the puppy counts double, which means your dog has the teenage hood within 12 months. That is why people feel similar struggles when raising a dog or a child during the same period that need the leader/parent involving. Both children and puppies at that time cannot make their own decisions to huge problems.

  1. Differences

  • Approaches, exercises, and methods

Doggy Dan Reviews - Different instincts

Dan admits in the video analyzing the difference between dogs’ and humans’ instincts that humans’ brain and body work differently from dogs’. Particularly, children and we have the same psychology. We can communicate, understand each other, and control our emotions based on our assessments on various situations. In contrast, the dog cannot learn emotional self-control unless anyone guides them. Their brain and body react naturally, following their instinct that appeared since wild ancestors’ period.

Thus, we cannot tell a puppy to do what you want and they cannot understand you as when we tell a child. The more you tell them, yell at them, the more they get confused, panic or over-excited. We should use proper approaches and exercises, then step-by-step lead them to do the right thing.

Children become adults, but how about puppies?

“Adults-to-be” children will leave us and have their own families in the future. At a certain age when they are mature enough, they can make their own big decisions and take their own responsibilities for everything they do. That’s the time we let them go.Training a puppy is different from teaching a kid

Puppies will grow up, too, but they remain “friend-to-be” guys! They stay with us for their whole life, and we keep them besides. Dogs cannot always control themselves without us reminding them regularly. In addition, when we adopt a puppy/dog, we take our responsibility for taking care of them and making sure they have good manner. In another way to say, they are always our “puppies”. Don’t misunderstand that we can apply the exact exercises and methods of raising a child on training a dog.

  1. The precise detailed and real guide for puppy training

Doggy Dan Puppy TrainingDan insists that the sooner you learn how to calm a dog and train a dog, the fewer efforts you need to win a dog’s mind – as teaching a person since their childhood. Following hundreds of Doggy Dan Reviews, we have found the series of raising his puppy named as the Project Moses for dog owners. We can easily observe the puppy training process with the course. It is like the diary that Doggy Dan reviews the whole time he nurtured the puppy. You can find tons of beneficial information here, from stopping puppies bad behaviors like jumping up, chewing objects (your shoes, maybe) to tips and techniques used for potty training and socialization with other dogs.

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