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In the dog training field, we are having many online courses nowadays. One of the most famous one is The online dog training course by Doggy Dan. If you haven’t known this course, you can CLICK HERE!

In fact, many of you are concerning about the course but still doubting. I can understand why. Therefore I decided to make this Doggy Dan Reviews to help you answer the question “Does Doggy Dan work?”.

A lot of people know about the online dog training course. However, not many know about the founder. So there are a bunch of questions around this guy. Like who is he? Why did he choose to be a dog trainer? And how did he create his online dog training website? etc. I will help you answer all of these questions. But firstly, I want to share with you again how I knew about him. And why do I have that much information to do this review.

How I Knew About Doggy Dan

Everything started about months ago. It is when my husband gifted me a Boxer puppy as my 40th birthday present. Though my family loves the puppy a lot, we still got problems. The first issue came when the dog jumped on our guest. No matter how much I tell him to stop, the dog kept jumping uncontrollably. Then came the second issue. The little puppy barked a lot when it saw a stranger and couldn’t help to stop. It was truly annoying with that barking sound.

However, magic came into our life. Once I came to visit my brother and he amazed me with how he calmed his dog when it tried to jump on me. Honestly, I was surprised and curious as well. “How could he does that?” I wondered. I wanted to learn to help my puppy, Max. And then he told me he joined an online dog training course. The name was The Online Dog Trainer. That’s when I first heard about his name and the course. I wrote an objective and detailed review of more than 3,000 words about his course.

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How I Gained Information Do Write This Doggy Dan Reviews?

After my brother introduced me, I decided to search for that guy. I wanna know if the course is trustworthy. And to know how he trains dogs and if the methods work. Not only about the course did I even search for information about the founder. I believe to know about something, we should know about the maker as well. So I have read anything about Dan. From what he says to all the articles. From all his videos to every comment. I looked for help from ques-answer sites like Quora, Anserbank, etc,…to collect as much information as I can. This took me about 10 days to finish. So I’m confident to give you the most detail review you can find.

This review is about 2000 words long. I would like to separate it into smaller parts. Below is the table of contents I give you.

Table Of Contents

  • Who is Doggy Dan?
  • Doggy Dan reviews on his life events
  • Review on the foundation of The Online Dog Training course
  • Dan’s 5 golden rules
  • My own opinion
Doggy Dan

Review on Doggy Dan and his Online Dog Training course will help you know more about him

Who Is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan, also known as Dan Abdelnoor, is an expert dog trainer for many years. He was born in the US. But then moved to New Zealand and started his career here. He is the founder of “The online dog trainer course”. You can visit HIS DOG TRAINING WEBSITE IMMEDITAELY here if you haven’t known it!

Moreover, he is an active animal campaigner for years. He appears on many shows and radio shows. Especially, Dan and the online course have received endorsement by The New Zealand SPCA. (SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Dan once owned 4 dogs. Those 4 were also his coworker in his training videos. However one of those, Peanut passed away. This is a very sad thing for the founder. You can find his dedicated lines for Peanut on his website.

Review On Doggy Dan Life Events

To answer the question “Who is Doggy Dan?”, I’m gonna show you his timeline in the following sentences.

1970s-80s: Growing Up Around Dogs In The UK

Living within the UK within the early 70s, he always loved dogs and located them regardless of where they were. Although his mum was scared of these dogs, it never put him off. Although it’s the rationale they never had a dog in their home growing up.

1990s: Lots Of Jobs But Not The Right One

The 90s saw him graduate from the University of Birmingham, UK with a degree in Civil Engineering. He tried his hand at several jobs but none of them filled him with the passion he was looking for (although working the streets as a British Police officer was certainly exciting at times!) After a short stint as a math teacher he found himself in the corporate IT industry.

2000: A Move To New Zealand

The start of the century saw him arrive in beautiful New Zealand. He arrived having never visited before, yet somehow he knew it would be his new home. In fact, he was so convinced that his future lay there that he only ever bought a 1-way ticket. he landed in Auckland and set up home with his wonderful wife to be Jenni.

2006: Peanut Enters Doggy Dan ‘S Lives

After Jen and he got married and purchased their first house in Auckland. His first dog Peanut came into his life and literally changed him forever. He immediately became a very proud dog owner, helped by the fact that Peanut was constantly referred to as “the best-behaved dog in the world” by friends and strangers alike.

2008: He’s Founded Www.Doggydan.Co.Nz

Finally, he made the decision to quit the corporate world and follow his passion for dogs. He set up as and the rapid success that follows is more than he could have dreamed of. Within a short time, he finds himself flying around the country and even overseas islands to work with people’s dogs. He also continues to develop his dog knowledge and gain experience working with large packs of dogs at K9 Heaven, a doggy daycare close to where he lived. He found my second dog Inca at the SPCA shelter.

2009: The Online Dog Trainer Www.TheOnlineDogTrainer.Com Is Born

To help support clients and to cope with demand from not just New Zealand but also overseas he set up The Online course, an online dog training video website designed to walk dog and puppy owners through the same training they could experience in a personal consultation. At present, it has approached over 27,000 people worldwide.

2010: TV, Radio, And Speaker

An increase in speaking events including schools leads him to be invited as a keynote speaker at the NZ SPCA National conference, a great hour indeed. Later that year Moses joins the pack and stars in the video diary of raising a puppy from 8 weeks to 8 months, one of the courses inside Dan’s online course.

2016: Auckland Housewives

He get approach by TV show Auckland Housewives to appear on the show and make an appearance. Not the only thing that he did that year but certainly worth a mention and of huge entertainment to friends and family alike!

2017 Dog Trainer Academy Www.DogTrainerAcademy.Org

The online training program, Dog Trainer Academy (DTA) launches. Teaching students all over the

world how to successfully set themselves up and become dog trainers. Able to watch

consultations, share in webinars and learn through multimedia online and become dog trainers

in their own right it is proving to be a huge success.

Doggy Dan

To help support clients and to cope with demand from not just New Zealand but also overseas he set up an Online Dog Training program

Review On Doggy Dan – The Foundation Of The Online Dog Training Course

With this Doggy Dan reviews, I would like to give you a brief about his online dog training course.

This online Dog training is a program that allows people to learn training tips online. Dan began to run this online course in 2009. The online dog trainer course contains more than 250 training videos. Moreover, these videos are about almost dog issues in every breed. The course has the separation into 4 sections.

  • Pack Leader
  • Dog Training
  • Project Morse
  • Dog Problems

Dan’s course costs $1 for 3 days trial, $37 for a month and $147 for 6 months. He also built an ask forum for user to send their questions, videos, and pictures. The course also has the 6 months guarantee to refund if the user finds it hard to follow these training tips.

Doggy Dan Reviews – Testimonials

A lot of people leave comments on the website. These comments may help you consider “Does Doggy Dan work?”. Almost all of them implement the results his course brought to them. Plus, you can find stories of those people on the website as well. They shared about how their dogs change after using Dan’s course. Not only comments but also videos and pictures from users can you find on the website. You can easily find dog problems the same as yours there. A high rating is also evidence of the quality of the online course.

Doggy Dan

You can easily find dog changing stories as well as dog problems on the website

For another specific review on his course, please click here to read and enjoy it.

Review On Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules

Here may be a small glimpse of the entire program and this substantiates why this is often important.

Body Language

Dan is an extremely cool and level headed teacher. As a result, you really learn tons from him. It must be mentioned that this is often the primary course that teaches about dog behavior in real. He asks you to seek out the basis cause and hit it. This suggests Coco-puff becomes a happier dog and you get to stop all of this in the future. Moreover, this takes care of hyperactivity, aggression, jumping (on people and furniture too), not responding and anxiety to call a couple of. In addition, this mainly comprises of command and rewards training. This is often very helpful for these folks that have adopted older dogs beyond a doubt.

No Force Technique

This is often one among the foremost talked about part of this program. It clearly mentions that you simply shouldn’t coerce your companion into anything. Force shouldn’t mean to impose your alpha male character. You want to remain on top of things. But that has nothing to try to to with force. Dogs are very intelligent and my personal experience says that they know who is on top of things. You don’t need to exert it. And it’ll be a smooth ride for both of you.

Puppy Training

This is often what Dan calls Project Moses, which may be a part of training an eight weeks old pup from scratch. He has very painstakingly recorded all that for us to require lessons. Moreover, the videos have it all, potty training, leash training and supreme move from a crate to a bed. So believe it.

In fact, in puppy training, I saw Doggy Dan’s potty training. To be honest, I find it somewhat interesting because it’s a problem many people face when they first start raising puppies. I guess you are one of them too, feeling stressed because the puppies are not in the right place where you want them to be. And by the way, I’m going to introduce you to Dan’s potty puppy training here!

Read Doggy Dan’s potty training here!


If truth be told, not many folks would accept as true with this section. But this a neighborhood of coaching also. It specifies that you simply must eat first and let your friend watch you. In addition to this manner, you’ll make sure that they clearly respect the pack training. the upper positioned wolves eat first, followed by the remainder. Now for folks that treat them sort of a family or make that they erode a particular time, may find this annoying. One more point, the reality is you don’t need to accept as true with everything of a module. You’ll roll in the hay the way you would like. That’s to mention, make amends not war together with your canine comrade.


You want to comprehend what your friend conveys to you. There couldn’t be a far better thanks to roll in the hay. That said, you want to abide by this norm of creating an attempt to understand what he or she wants to inform you. However, being a dog parent is not any different than being a parent. So treat them like your baby and everything will fall in the right place. Neatest thing about this whole program is that you simply are asked to require things at your pace and work on them.

That is not all, you should read more informations about theses rules AT HERE!

My Own Opinion On Doggy Dan

To me, Dan is a real model of purchasing own dream. Though he has changed his Job a lot, he found out his life goal finally. Moreover, his dream joined his life by the appearance of Peanut, the one who passed away. Therefore his online dog training course means to dedicate Peanut. This is really touching. I truly feel empathy with what Dan does. I can feel he does the training course from his heart. He loves dogs deeply and wants to take care of them in the best way. In addition, he performs all training tips in his videos. Although the number of videos is more than 250, he never skips even one.

In addition, I highly appreciate how he charges the course. Specifically, you can try 3 days trial with one dollar, 37 dollars for a month and 147 dollars for 6 months. Isn’t it super cheap? One more thing we can see is he is serious about his training career. Till now Dan has operated in this field for about more than 10 years. Also, he gained a lot of achievements. He appeared in a lot of tv shows and radio shows as well. But the greatest must be the endorsement of the SCPA. Not many people can do this, isn’t it?

You may be skeptical about this program. If so, read reviews of his products as well as what he shares. You can see the pros and cons of the product that Doggy Dan shared!



Through this Doggy Dan reviews, I hope to help you answer the questions about him. I would like to generate the contents once again for you.

  • Doggy Dan is an expert dog trainer for more than 10 years. He is also an active animal campaigner a New Zealand.
  • He is the founder of the online dog training course.
  • The online course contains a lot of training videos to solve the dog’s problems. Moreover, its price is cheap with 6 months guarantee to refund if the course doesn’t work.
  • His 5 golden rules are contributed from 5 factors: eating, understanding, puppy training, no force technique, and body language. These 5 golden rules are the key to the success of his program. For you guys who wanna know about what those 5 golden rules are in detail, click here to enjoy.

For myself, I highly appropriate his dedication to the dog training field. Also, I admire his achievements. They are truly impressive. To be objective, I suggest you can try the 3 days trial with $1 to make up your mind before buying the course. 


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