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Dog Recall Training – 5 Essential Tips You Must Know


Most dog owners never leave the leash for their dogs for the fear that they will never come back. Expert says dog recall training is not too difficult.

Are you dog owners who are afraid of taking the leash off your dogs owing to unpredictable consequences? This article is for you. We understand how it feels when you try to protect and control your loyal companion, and find out 5 tips from Doggy Dan to share with world-wide dog owners.

online dog trainer Doggy Dan

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Theory and Reality of dog recall training

Dog Recall Training

  • Theory

If you have not adopted a puppy yet, you may see dog recall training is something quite simple!? The dog is running around the park, and you just need to make a command and he will come back as soon as possible. You think it is the dog’s loyalty that fosters the dog to follow your recall.

  • Reality

But life is not easy – calling a dog to come is not a piece of cake. Almost all dog owners have struggled with this problem. When going outsides, the dogs are so excited to run around and may suddenly disappear without leaving any trace. Dog owners tend to become so panic at that moment. They are afraid of something bad could happen for their puppies or dogs. For examples, your dogs could be hit by a car, or be kidnapped by bad guys, or even get dead due to other aggressive animals.

Dog Recall Training - is it hard?

These are tragedies for dog lovers, we know that. Therefore, it is understandable when some dog owners decide to stick with the leash on their dogs’ necks, or even keep them inside your house forever! But friends, it is not good for the dogs’ health, then it will definitely affect you, too.

Don’t be panic when hearing these things. We got solutions for you. Actually, Dan has solutions for you in this situation.

In case you have not known about Dan, he is a well-known dog trainer and behaviorist. He has been recognized by the NZ SPCA (The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). With his love to share knowledge of dog training with dog lovers around the world, he has built The Online Dog Trainer for people to learn how to train a dog properly. Thousands of dogs and dog owners succeeded with this program and sent feedbacks to Dan:

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Now, we are going to discover 5 Tips of dog recall training that Dan suggests:

Five Tips of dog recall training – effective in every time

1. Become a Pack Leader

Pack Leadership - Doggy Dan

Well, although we mention about this term so many times, but we have to remind it again and again. It is the first and foremost thing you need to master before training a dog, including dog recall training. Becoming a Pack Leader means that you show the dog you are the only one who lead and make decision.

This video just a little example how being the pack leader counts for everything:

Read more about Pack Leadership here

Thus, before going outside with your dog, Dan recommends that you need to remind him that you are the leader. Since then, they will focus on you more and listen to you more. Even when they are so happy and over-excited with other dogs and the nature, they will not forget that you are watching them.

2. Amaze your dog with different treatDog Recall Treat

The dog’s mind is like ours. They will get bored if you just reward them the same thing for a long period of time. When they don’t like the boring treats, they will definitely ignore your voice calling them. Because there are so many things around them which are more interesting and attractive than your rewards. Imagine that your dog may think “Cheese again? Not my cup of tea!” if you only use this to feed them all times they come back.

Instead of repeating the treats, Dan suggests using various types of rewards. Sometimes the treat is small like a chip, or a hug, but sometimes you give them a huge gift to amaze them! Keep the curiosity inside your dog’s mind, then you will win in this “battle”. They will never leave you so far away!

3. Don’t call your dog too many times

Simply think that both dogs and humans like freedom. Your dogs need times to be free to chill and enjoy activities they want. So, let them be free. You’d better observe them, and call your dog come when they are coming towards you or looking towards your direction. It is so hard if you try to call them when they are full of energy and delighted at being free, Dan admits. So, you should know which time is appropriate for recall.

4. Use only 1 clear command

Many dog owners do wrong with the recall command. They try to call their dogs many times using different voices, words, or names. In fact, Dan says this could confuse your dogs and they will not get used to it.

According to Dan, it is not only the problem that your dog cannot understand you. Another problem of using inconsistent commands is that, you show the dog you are not a calm and proper leader. Thus, even if they don’t come back when you call, don’t lose your patient and calmness. Dog recall training takes time and efforts.

5. Motivate your puppy!

Dog Recall Training

How we can make our dog do what we want? The simple tip you should keep in mind that hungry dogs will “work” for you, not a dog with a full stomach. Therefore, Dan recommends that you should take your dog for a walk before feeding him. Let him burn his energy with excitement when going outside, then he will come back to you, looking for your rewards.

More Tips and Techniques to succeed in dog recall training

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