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Disinfection 2020 – Urgent tips to prevent Coronavirus infection

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Oh my god! Corona disease is taking place very complicated. There are so many infected people and deaths that make the whole world bewildered. There are lots of questions, and at this blog, I want to share with you one of them. Can cell phones and laptops infect Coronavirus for us? The answer is yes! So that is a huge concern. So is there any way to avoid getting infected from them? And the answer is still yes. It is disinfection!

Dears, do you worry about your health now? As for me, I am now confident about my health. Do you know why? If you do not know, I always ready to share with you the information to protect yourself. You know, I spent more than 4 days to collect the information. Therefore, you can read this blog carefully and follow the tips I shared.

To begin with, still the most general information about Coronavirus, I’ll share with you shortly.

Coronavirus 2019 is what?


Of course, that you know all things about nCoV is very good. However, it’s not redundant when we read information about them again. So, let’s see!

Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) is a new respiratory virus that causes acute respiratory infections in humans and shows a human-to-human spread. The virus was identified in an outbreak investigation that originated in a large market that sells seafood and animals in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. 2019-nCoV is a new virus that has not been previously identified. In addition to this newly discovered coronavirus strain, there are six other coronavirus strains known today that have the potential to infect humans.

How is it spread?

Well, you may hear about this information a lot, but I still specially emphasizes it. It is important to note that the spread from person to person can occur continuously. In humans, the virus spreads from person to person through contact with infected body fluids. Depending on the degree of spread of the virus, coughing, sneezing or shaking hands can make people infected.

So you know how Coronavirus spreads. We take the time to return to the issue of how we can get this virus from laptops or phones.

The virus can also be spread by touching someone on an object, then put on their mouth, nose, and eyes. Caregivers may also be exposed to the virus when handling the patient’s waste.

How to prevent Coronavirus- the disinfection

This is the main part that I want to share. I am sure, there are a few of you who do not pay attention to this issue. Please read and apply!
Mobile phones and laptops, computers, which are considered as the indifferent objects of many people because they are associated with many aspects of life: from work, communication to entertainment. However, this is also an item that is considered to be very unhygienic. The reason is because we bring them everywhere, holding them with our hands that touch all objects and all kinds of dirt in life.

Clean the phone

However, few people think about cleaning and sanitizing items regularly, even daily at the time of this raging epidemic. Therefore, phones and laptops are also reluctant to become sources of infection.

How to clean screen and laptop keyboard safely

If you regularly clean your personal computer, it will not be difficult to do this at all. However, if you own a machine that has been in an unhygienic way with smudges on the screen and a dirty, dusty keyboard, you’re probably in big trouble. Especially it is the latest MacBooks with extremely light keyboard surface with sand and dirt.

To clean and make disinfection for your laptop, you’ll need:

  • Wipes without lint and soft (using microfiber cloth (microfiber) is the perfect choice).
  • Gentle detergent.
  • Spraying dust cleaner.
  • Isopropyl alcohol used for scouring.
Clean the laptop

Before you begin, turn off your computer and remove any stickers on the screen and keyboard (if applicable).

The first area need to clean is the computer screen.

Mix a few drops of detergent (maybe a mild dishwashing liquid) with a few drops of warm water, then dip the crease into this solution, squeeze it, and wipe it onto the laptop screen. After cleaning 1 time, you should wash the towel with clean water, then continue to repeat. Finally, to avoid creating streaks of water on the camera body, you should wipe it off with a dry towel. The use of this cleaning solution is very effective in cleaning and disinfecting screens.

The next area is the keyboard.

The important thing here is that you should not let any liquid drip get under the keyboard. Use a blower to remove sand particles and dirt between the key slots. Then use an Isopropyl alcohol wipe to gently scrub the keys.

Clean the laptop

You can also use soap and water to remove the dirt on the keyboard, but using Isopropyl alcohol has two advantages. Firstly, it evaporates almost immediately, significantly reducing the risk of fluid getting inside the laptop. Secondly, effectively removing the amount of oil on your fingers, the keypad of this alcohol is extremely good.

Especially when your computer is exposed to droplets of people with cough, fever or even COVID-19 infection, you can make disinfection for the computer with Isopropyl alcohol.

Finally, you need to clean the outside of the computer.

Use a dust blower to clean the slots, connectors of the machine. With the sides of the computer, you can clean like the computer screen.

Disinfection-What about cleaning and disinfecting phones?

Wash hands to make a disinfection, should “wash the phone” to disinfect? If you own IP67-rated water-resistant phones (make sure your device is underwater to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes or more), washing your phone under a small tap is not a problem. However, remember to dry the connectors, speakers, and mic afterwards.

Wash the phone
Wash the phone

If not, do not work that everyone knows will make this phone “go away”. You can use a damp cloth to clean, then use a dry towel to ensure the ports, speakers and secure voice mic.

The steps you can take to to make a disinfection for your phone

Here are the steps you can take to clean and disinfect your phone to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection through these everyday items.

Remove the “dirty” fingerprints on the screen

It’s very hard not to leave fingerprints on the screen because your skin is constantly producing oil. This means that whenever you touch the phone, fingerprints will appear on it.

Microfiber cloth
Microfiber cloth

The safest and most effective way to clean a monitor is to use a microfiber cloth. If you still can’t clean the screen, you can use a few drops of distilled water to dampen the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen (avoid directly dripping distilled water on the screen). We also can apply this method to clean the back of the phone.

Besides, you can also use a vacuum cleaner (use to clean the screen before applying protective film).

Wipe sand and dust off the charging port, speaker, and phone mic

Sand and dirt can clog the phone’s charging port, making it difficult or unexpectedly disconnected. With speakers or voice mic, they will reduce the sound quality of the phone.

Port of the phone

The best solution to remove sand and dirt is to use regular tapes, tape the tape along the charging port, speaker and microphone and press down gently so that the tape can remove all the dirt from your phone.

If the speaker or microphone is not really clean due to the small size, you can use a toothpick or a blower to gently clean these locations.

Disinfect phones

If you touch your phone after handling raw meat or a doorknob, you may immediately think about wiping it off with alcohol. However, do not do so, alcohol can destroy oleophobic screen protective layer (not sweaty hands) or hydrophobic (waterproof).

UV lamp to make disinfection for your phone

Alcohol and cleaning solutions can also destroy the phone screen because they contain corrosive substances. Instead, you can use a damp microfiber cloth or use a UV lamp, according to PhoneSoap. UV lamp companies also claim that their products can eliminate up to 99.99% of all bacteria.

“Remove makeup” for your phone safely

For women, especially those with makeup, when making a call, the entire makeup on your face will stick on the phone screen. At the end of the day, you remove your make-up for your face but forget about not “removing” your phone. That will not be safe, especially in a time when epidemics are complicated.

Remove makeup for phone

To “remove makeup” for your phone, you should not use makeup remover because it contains some chemicals that damage the phone. Use makeup removers specifically for your phone, it’s safe because it doesn’t contain alcohol, chlorine, ammonia or phosphates – substances that damage the screen.

Alternatively, you can also use a damp microfiber cloth.


Wow, so you know all the information I share. Are you less worried or not? Please apply the tips above immediately. About myself, I have read and applied. I feel much more secure about my health.

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I would be happy if you took the time to read my review and blogs. In addition, you can comment and rate that review. If you find my blog about the “Disinfection 2020- Urgent tips to prevent Coronavirus infection”, other blogs and reviews, you can like and share for everyone to read. I hope that all people have enough knowledge about the disease for themselves. I also expect that more people can read my review. From there people will be able to equip themselves with valuable knowledge. Furthermore, people can spread the most practical and accurate information. Then all know how to treat Coronavirus. Community together repel Coronavirus!

Let spread this information to the community to raise the awareness of the epidemic!

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