Biotox Gold Review – New potential supplement

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By Alissa Hale

Hi readers, these days, i have received many emails that tell me to find their owners some losing weight supplements. And yesterday while i was spending hours to find something that would solve your problems , my aunt sent me a very interesting product which’s called Biotox Gold. So i started to find every information about Biotox Gold and there are so many of them, but don’t worry everything i put in this review is accurate, simple and trustworthy. And i also want you guys to know that i had visited many  websites, blogs, articles like Biotox Nutrition, APnews, Super supplements review, Street insider, Facebook, Youtube,… to help you have the clearest vision  about the product. So, this review will be a long one, and it’s only suitable for who really want to study Biotox Gold. Now, let’s get started!

1.What is ‘Biotox Gold’ ?


Biotox Gold

According to my research, Biotox Gold, which is sold just few months ago,  is a weight loss  supplement by Biotox Nutrition which is breaking the market for its great result in its clients. It helps with the buildup of toxins in the body that can prevent it from adequately correctly using calories and utilizing the metabolism. It means burning away stubborn belly fat and detoxifying the body to eliminate excess metabolic waste byproducts from subpar digestion fastly. So Biotox Gold comes to solve overweighted problem of anyone who wants a fit body like woman after pregnancy, middle age people and even teens who can’t control their diets,… With 10 drops daily, it can replace your effortless strict diets. So it means you don’t have to worry about what you eat anymore because when you take them in, Biotox Gold will clear the junk thing out of your body. But it doesn’t mean you can eat pizzas 7 days a week, it will kill you even if you take a bottle of this supplement in 1 day. You should still get used to a healthy and delicious diet like Keto. This is a liquid form supplement, and i like the idea of the product; however, in my opinion, i’m considering because i don’t prefer its form much. So let’s check who made this product if he or she can convince us or not.

2.Who is creator of ‘Biotox Gold’ ?

Tonya Harris – Person behind Biotox Gold

Tonya Harris is a special education teacher from Henderson NV, the creator of the breakthrough liquid drop formula known as Biotox Gold. She together with some key people researched to find this losing weight formula. In their initial testing, they found out that the supplement really work on people around the age of 40. She’s also the woman in the representative clip when you open the supplement website. According to what i saw from the video, her husband left her for a younger woman and it destroyed her mentally and physically. She had tried many diets and taken pills, but they didn’t work until one day she accidently found an ancient Indonesian method which helped her create Biotox Gold. 

That’s all informations about her i can find on the internet, i tried to find her social accounts but it didn’t seem work. So she’s a teacher who is passionate about helping people with their weight problem. Personally, i think it’s kind of interesting because she used to be a victim of body-shaming, and now she’s totally changed prettier and healthier. So she’s trustworthy due to her experience of dealing with her heath problem.

3.Uses of Biotox Gold

Biotox Gold will attack the hormone that causes the body to retain more fat. In other words, it will attack the problem at the root and not like most supplements. It also provides your body full advantage of nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates. No more terrible diets or fight against that terrible appetite. Avoid problems such as sugar in the blood, that body fat causes the body.

4. How does Biotox Gold work ?

As my research, the Biotox Gold drops contain a kind of good acid called Motilin. It’s a little complicated to explain how Motilin works; in general, this acid helps you digest better and easier. You must be wondering ‘Is Biotox Gold safe to use?’. My answer is ‘yes’.  The thing i really like about this product is it’s 100% natural ingredients so it doesn’t make any side effects. I also have a clip of a woman who has tried Biotox Gold, i will put it in the feedback section.  The supplement is legal too, the ingredients are Non-GMO, it was supervised by the United States FDA, the laboratory and manufacturing method has the strictest hygienic measures. Now, i will show you guys the product’s ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is nothing more than the rind of a fruit home to South East Asia. In today’s society, its uses are evident within the weight loss supplement. Though research provides limited evidence for its benefits, one main thing that has since come up is its ability to reduce lipogenesis (i.e. fat production). Due to the fact that this ingredient can target fat metabolism, individuals might be left with diarrhea. This is simply a sign for high motility in the body. 

  • Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is widely known for its rich source of antioxidants. Primarily, its compound, “resveratrol” carries gallic acid, catechin and epicatechin. As a result, it could play a vital role in increasing the body’s bioavailability. In fact, this ingredient is also found to have a positive impact in achieving balance in the gastrointestinal flora.

  • Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract is a simple extract derived from crushed hot peppers, vinegar and some oil as a base. It is considered effective in digestion because it’s role entails signaling the stomach when more substances are needed to digest food. Other suggested benefits include eliminating gut bacteria (the bad kind of course), suppressing one’s appetite and reducing sugar cravings. The latter is crucial here as the gut is sensitive to foods high in sugar.

  • Eleuthero

Which is also called Siberian ginseng, has been used as part of herbal medicine to increase energy levels and act as an adaptogen for stress. It can also help with the functioning of the nervous system.

  • Maca root 

Having been used in many different supplements throughout the years because of its many different uses. The native Peruvian plant has been used for fertility and libido, as well as for energy enhancement and stamina. In some circumstances, it can help with the fight against free radicals that can fill the body with unhealthy compounds.

  • Licorice root 

One of the oldest herbal remedies in the world, helping with the repair of the tissue in the stomach, as well as balance. The glycyrrhizic acid inside licorice helps with inflammation, as well as increasing the function of the immune system.

Biotox Gold also includes Guarana, Panax Ginseng, Irvingia Gabonensis.

So how to use this supplement? People who sell this product recommend their customer to take 10 drops everyday. For the best result, you should take it for at least 90 days because our bodies need time to adapt to every changes. And actually i don’t like its form as liquid much because no one tells me ‘how does it taste?’, ‘how does it smell”. But they say: “Bitter pills may have blessed effects”, and with what i show you guys in this part, i think this supplement is money-worth. 

5.Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

First, i like its appearance. It’s small and easy to take, attached with the tool to take liquid out. Second, they use all natural ingredients for the supplements so side effects is not the problem. Third, with Biotox Gold i don’t have to worry about what i eat anymore, but if i decided to purchase for this i will still follow my Keto diet. I think if you’re not too overweighted, take this supplement and follow a healthy diet, you will lose your weight in less than 90 days. Last but not least, Biotox Gold comes with a 60-day guarantee, you can request for 100% money back if the product doesn’t work on you, even if you had used all of them. 

  • Cons:

First, i don’t like its form as liquid because maybe it has bad taste and smell, and if the bottle is broken it will be harder to clean, Second, Biotox Gold purchase website is a little hard to find. And according to my experience, when i entered the official website, it made me watch almost the whole of an “1 hour 28 mins product’s introducing video”, then it showed you the purchase site. This really disturbed me so i tried to find the direct link for those who care about the product: The last thing is Biotox Gold is only sold at its official website and not anywhere else, so this is inconvenient for people who doesn’t know how to use smart devices, they can offer someone to buy for them but yeah you know what i mean. 

6. Customer’s reaction

Sadly, it seems like there is no comment section on the Biotox Gold website, and the product is still new, so i don’t see people talk about it much, but i have collected some feedbacks from trustworthy sources like Youtube and Facebook. But up to now, i haven’t seen any negative reaction to this supplement, so it’s a good sign. Here are some of them i hope it can help you to make your decision.

  • These are positive reactions from a Biotox Gold review page on Facebook.



And this is a Biotox Gold review video of a woman who actually used the supplement and please don’t believe the clickbait, she just did it for more views i guess

From what we see, i can tell you that this product is worth to try. They look really healthy and happy after using the supplement, and there wasn’t any side effects.

7. Price and guarantee

On the official web, they give us 3 options:



  • 1 Biotox Gold (40-day supply): $79
  • 3 Biotox Gold (120-day supply) + Free Colon Clear: $165
  • 6 Biotox Gold (240-day supply) + Free Colon Clear + Free Biotox Complete: $252

Here’s the direct link to the purchase page which i hardly found They only have one official site so there’s a little chance you get a fake version of the product. And a 15% discount coupon for coupon for every deals will pop-up right after you click to buy. But it doesn’t last for long so be quick.

I think option 2 is the best because it’s not too expensive and you also received a 100% free Clon Clear pill, and 3 bottle are enough for your trial.So that means, you have 2 products to try, you can use them at the same time to push your losing weight process.  After that, if it doesn’t work on  you still have 60 days guarentee.


If you need more details about the deals, you can reach out to them via email at support

In my opinion, this price is a little bit high for some people especially for whose salary is not high. I think Option 2 is Ok for everyone who wants to try the product, it’s not too high and we even received a free Colon Clear. And you still can request a refund offer in 60 days since you bought the supplements for any reasons.




After reviewing this product, i think it’s kind of worth to try although it’s still new and hasn’t been famous yet. So, Biotox Gold is a supplement which reduce our hunger, absurb nutrients, and clear the bad thing out of your body. It helps users lose weight and prevent some diseases. And the important part is it goes straight to the root of the problem not like most of normal products. Plus, the supplement is 100% natural ingredients and non-side effects. In the other hand, it also easy and convenient to use. Although, this price is not really reasonable, you can have a better body shape and health. But don’t worry they give us 60 days money back guarentty.If you are ready to start a healthier life and can afford for this, why don’t you just buy it now. And for those who couldn’t pay for it yet, i think you should find something else more reasionable. For me, i  will cut down on some of my favourite snacks to earn money for my bikini body. Have you made your decision yet? I hope this review will help you. Don’t forget to share your opinions below, like and share!


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