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Hi everyone. It’s Diziti and today we want to introduce to you another betting review, Betting Gods Review.

Today’s letter is from a friend, Alex, from Manchester. He is 24 years old and is currently an office worker. The email is quite long so I will not post it here but I’ll just summarize it for you.

He told me the story of a month ago, his cousin came to visit his house. At first they talked normally, then Alex saw his cousin open something about football betting. Alex is also a big fan of football so he was immediately attracted to the site. He found this site very interesting because it only requires a small investment of money and can make a very high monthly profit. He later went online to search for information, but there were not many comments on such sites. Then he asked his cousin and was referred to Betting Gods. Alex wants Diziti to review the site so he can decide whether or not to use it.

Honestly, I don’t know much about betting or investment. So I didn’t believe that there is a website like that. Whether there is a scam here or not? Then I decided to research it and write Betting Gods Review. I have to warn that my Betting Gods Review is quite long since it contains all information you need. If you are concerned about it too, let’s get started!

What is the Betting Gods?

The Network of Professional Sports Tipsters

The Network of Professional Sports Tipsters

Before going to learn about Betting Gods, let me tell you what it is. Betting Gods is one of Europe’s leading providers of professional sports betting advice. It is an online service that brings together a number of different expert tipsters in one place. With this program, even newbies in betting can start placing bets with confidence. By that way Betting Gods can manage their tipsters and make sure that you have quality tips.

Betting Gods was founded almost 2 years ago. Currently the Betting Gods Network has 25 tipsters under their name. You can find them from popular betting markets like horse betting and football to smaller markets such as boxing and European basketball. Moreover, you can find more games you want in this network such as golf, rugby, tennis, etc.

Here is just some basic information of Betting Gods that I summarize from the website. If you want to know more about it, you can go to the official website to find out.


Who is behind this system?

Darren Moore

Darren Moore

The founder and owner of the site is Darren Moore. He is also a director of Geeky Bonus Malta Ltd. This company is behind the likes of GeekyGambler and BonusBible. As I read on the website, Darren Moore has lots of experience in the field of operating tipster services. He said that he started this site with purpose to help punters have a better chance of beating the bookmakers. 

Darren also speaks a lot about the need for good customer service. He is proud of how they treat their customers and of how good their tipsters are. In addition, he says that the best approach is to stick to a tipster’s advice rather than skipping some bets.


Besides the information in the video, I searched Pete’s information on the internet. He turned out to have an interview on SBC News to discuss the advantages of operating from a Malta office, the reasons behind the company’s recent growth in 2017. It’s so amazing, right?

Darren Moore's interview on SBC News

Darren Moore’s interview on SBC News

With his long experience and reputation, will Darren Moore bring a useful program for tipsters or not? 

What are Betting Gods’ benefits?

So what things will you get from the Betting Gods? I am going to show you 3 benefits of it in this part of Betting Gods Review.

  • First, you’ll have access to 18 separate tipsters on the Betting Gods. You can look for any sport that you’re concerned about easily.
  • It covers many of popular sports including football, horse racing, golf, greyhounds boxing & e-sports. 
  • Finally the network will provide you free betting tips so that you can become the winner and bash the bookies.

If this program really has all these benefits, I think it will be a helpful program to many people who want to win betting in those sports. But if not? Is it just a scam? Let’s Diziti show you in the next part of Betting Gods Review.

Betting Gods is an online tipster service

Betting Gods is an online tipster service

How does Betting Gods work?

So how can you access Betting Gods and get their tips?

The very first step is you need to sign up for the free mail newsletter. Then you can use the service without any risk. If you want to sign up for a paid service, you need to register for it by clicking the “Login” button. 

When you complete all these steps, you will see a list of available experts on the website. It’s time for you to think carefully and decide which tipsters to follow. At this step all you have to do is consider carefully before choosing. 

Then it’s your turn to choose the service that you want. There are 18 separate services including football, horse racing, golf, greyhounds, boxing and e-sports. And here are the most popular services:

  • Golf betting expert: As I learnt from Betting Gods website, this tipster averages £306 a month to £10 stakes. Probably you need to be a little patient as this service involves betting at long odds up to 200/1! The bets are all E/W so the odds will be lower than others. The Golf Betting Experts current strike rate is just under 9%.
  • Quentin Franks racing: This horse racing service has a long track record with 99% of other tipsters. According to Betting Gods’ statistics, this tipster made over £10,000 profit using just £10 stakes. His strike rate is 23%.
  • Chloe’s football focus: This football tipster reveals 1 to 2 tips a day. It has made a profit around £7,000 and the strike rate of the bets is 28%. 

So with all these kinds of tipsters, will Betting Gods really bring you the benefits it says? Let’s see some pros and cons of it!

The top performing tipsters on Betting Gods

The top performing tipsters on Betting Gods

What are Pros and Cons of the system?

So what advantages does this network have? After learning about it, I see that Betting Gods has 3 Pros:

  • It concludes many helpful tips which can help you win a bet and earn profit.
  • The tipsters are divided into several services so that users can find your favorite sports or tipsters easily.
  • All the tipsters networks are transparent and you don’t need to worry that that hide any results or issues. You can go to their network and have a look at any of the 25 tipsters’s results. 

So does Betting Gods have any drawbacks? The answer is yes. After I research, I found it has the following 2 Cons:

  • Lots of people said that they can match the odds which are quoted for the Quentin Franks horse racing service.
  • The program is available only online. You need an internet connection to access it. 

What do customers say about the Betting Gods?

So what do other users say about the Betting Gods? Are they comfortable with it or not? I saw some users left their comments on its website and I’ll rewrite here for you.

Samuel Mwangi rated 5 stars:

For sure, Betting Gods is the best tips provider

Andrew rated 5 stars:

“This has got to be the best site for winners by a mile.The free tips are good very good with the last 3 tips all winning at fantastic prices 15/2 6/1 and 7/2.The service offers a selection of tipsters all with a proven track record.

David m rated 5 stars:

Excellent service

GeoH rated 4 stars:

Honest and reliable

Valire08 rated 4 stars:

Great service – I have been really pleased and would certainly recommend Betting Gods

Frode Lia rated 5 stars:

Professionell and transparant advices. Easy to use. Highly recomended.

Customers' feedback on Betting Gods website

Customers’ feedback on Betting Gods website

Wow, besides all the good comments, these people also rated 4 to 5 stars for it. It means that they really appreciated the good results that Betting Gods brought to them. It seems that this network did work and had an effect and benefits. However, that is just what I saw from the official site. So I also looked for customers’ feedback on other reliable websites such as Quora, Goodread, etc. But I couldn’t find any of them. But don’t worry, I’ll keep researching and update more comments and ideas in this Betting Gods Review. If you know any positive or negative comments on this program, please let us know so that Diziti can notice to other readers.

Is the Betting Gods A Scam?

At first I thought that the Betting Gods was not effective as they said. I didn’t believe that many tipsters could make a quick buck like that. But after learning Betting Gods, I know I was wrong. Its creator, Darren Moore, is a reputable person in this field and he has lots of experiences. Moreover, Betting Gods have sponsored a number of different races and courses. It was born to ensure that punters stop getting scammed. In my opinion, this tipster service is absolutely not a scam. I advised Alex to get it to see the result.

How much is the Betting Gods?

If you join a class or a betting course, I believe that a session will not be cheap. As I researched, a session like that could cost you between £50 and £70. That means you will spend about £200 per month. That is a huge amount of money! Are you sure that you will have the ability to afford it? I believe that not everyone here is willing to spend that much for it.

Right now Betting Gods is offering you a price of £30 – £50 a month or £70 – £110 a quarter. You don’t need to spend a huge number of money on such expensive courses like that anymore. This is a very good chance for you to access this tipster service with just £50! It’s just less than a normal meal at a restaurant! 

If you register for a quarter, you just have to pay a maximum of £110 instead of £120 as normal. Not to mention, almost all of the services offer a trial period where you can test a service for a full 30 days for just £1. And as I mentioned earlier, there is also a free daily tip for you. This discount offer will save you 10%.

You should know that this is a good chance to get a bargain like this because with the discounted price you can save 10% and it is only available in a limited time. I do not want to see you feel regret because you missed this chance. So I think you should get the service now to keep the good price for yourself. 

Get the Betting Gods


Frequently Asked Questions about the system

When I visited the program’s website, I saw some people left their questions about Betting Gods and the author. I think maybe you have the same questions with them and you’ll be concerned about Darren’s response. So I’ll repost some Q&A here.

Why Do You Provide Free Tips?

We know you’re probably sceptical about us providing free tips. Can you really get something for nothing? Well, yes! In all honesty, we provide our free tips to showcase our pro tipsters.

Which Sports do the Betting Gods Cover?

We’re fortunate to have tipsters who cover a range of sports. The majority focus on horse racing but we have other tipsters who cover football, ice hockey, cricket, basketball, greyhound racing and more!

Why Was Betting Gods Created?

Unfortunately, the betting industry is full of rubbish and scams. Betting Gods is here to provide punters with reliable and vetted tipsters that can be trusted.

How Do You Pick Your Tipsters?

Every tips on the Betting Gods network must first go through our rigorous vetting process. The majority of tipsters FAIL at this point. Only the best of the best make it onto the network.


Who is the Betting Gods for?

So who is this system suitable with?

  • People who keep losing to the bookies or who love betting but aren’t completely confident in their own ability to make good decisions.
  • Who want to raise their money and earn some profits from betting.
  • And who just have limited time to spend on betting. 

If you see your situation in those cases, then this is probably a good service for you. I’ll put the link of the website here for you in case you want to try the Betting Gods.

Who is it not for?

This is a service which is only available online so people who don’t have international payment or stable internet connection shouldn’t get this book. 

If you’re confident in your betting ability or you’ve had lots of experiences then probably this service is not right for you.

£1 for a full 30 days Betting Gods Trial

Betting Gods does not have a refund policy. However, the manufacturer offers you a month trial. In 1 month you just have to pay £1 then you can try any of the Betting Gods Services. After that, if you don’t like the service or you see that it’s not right for you, you can cancel it anytime. So you really have nothing to lose while you have everything to gain, right? It is a case of you make money, or you pay anything else, and either way the only risk to you is a single £1 for a full 30 days worth of tips. 

My conclusion about the Betting Gods

Now for what the Betting Gods brings about, Diziti believes that the Betting Gods is a real program. I think the Betting Gods is a very helpful product for people who want to win money or follow sport’s betting news. With all the advantages that the Betting Gods has, I think this is a system very worth trying. Furthermore, its price is also very low, just £50 for a month.

I really don’t want you to miss this rare opportunity. I advised Alex to get it to enjoy the discounted cost and the trial time. If you want to own the good price of the Betting Gods like him, please go to the website and get the full system.

Get the Betting Gods


I hope that the Betting Gods Review has brought you helpful information. I expect after reading the Betting Gods Review, readers can confidently make right decisions and feel comfortable with them. If you like the article, please like and share my Betting Gods Review. Leave the questions on the comment box below and I’m so happy to answer them. Please recommend the product you want me to review and look forward to my next posts. Thank you so much for reading and  see you soon.

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