Best Yoga For Weight Loss – Special 12-Week Yoga Burn Challenge

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I guess that you might hear about yoga and all the health benefit it can bring to you. But do you know how to do yoga the right way to get the fastest and easiest results? Stick around till the end and you’ll learn the best yoga training system for weight loss.

The best yoga system to help you have your dream body

She is Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and a female body transformation specialist. She used to help thousands of woman all around the world to keep the shape of their body. And today, in her short presentation, you’ll discover an exciting little challenge you can try. This yoga helps you with weight loss, boost metabolism, tighten your stomach as well as shape and tone your body.

Zoe Bray-Cotton

This super easy to follow yoga challenge can help you get into great shape and allow you to finally experience the incredible feel-good energy and health benefit true yoga can deliver. The best part of all, is that you can do it right from the comfort of your own home. With this yoga, you can have both weight loss along with emotional, mental and metabolism boost for your whole day.

3 common yoga mistakes you may be making while using it to have weight loss

These mistakes are common with woman, which can directly responsible for injury, stress and even waking and female problems. You can find these mistakes completely shocking by the time she reveals it to you. Avoid these mistake or you will be the next victim of result sabotaging mistakes.

Mistake #1: Relying on generic yoga classes

If you’ve participated a local yoga class, you definitely know that the class is mixed of different people. From the young to the old of all the level of experience and the ability. That means young women who are doing yoga for years are learning the same things as the 60-year-old man who’s there for the first time. Yoga class has to be suitable for the average, many people are doing over their head to doing poses that they’re even not close to ready for. This not only leads to a lack of results but it can be dangerous and painful injury. And because of yoga blooming in popularity, many yoga teacher these days become instructors with minimal training and qualification. Maybe you’re wasting time, risking injury in your yoga classes.

In fact, the most effective way to do yoga is performing sequences of poses that are uniquely tailored to you. As a results, you can see the improvement in your flexibility, your physical ability. So that you can be able to achieve your goal.

Mistake #2: Thinking all yoga classes will de-stress and relax

Cortisol is one of the hormone in your body that you might not hear about it. It is known as the stress hormone. Simply, when you’re suffering from stress, the level of cortisol grows up. And when you’re relax, cortisol gets down. The important thing is when the cortisol rises,  your body tends to store fat in the problems areas like hips, butt, thigh. The more stressful you are, the more likely you are to get fat. Yoga can’t reduce the stress alone without the benefit goes along with it.

However, studies show that, participating in yoga classes even gets to more stress. Rushing to get to class, finding a spot for your mat, worrying about you’re doing a pose correctly or you’re being judged by the instructor. All those things can quietly raise your cortisol levels along with the chance of gaining weight. To fix it, you need a truly fresh environment for yoga, totally be free from the worries.

Mistake #3: Lack of progression

Because the generic yoga class has no idea where you are at, the class stays the same week after week. May be the poses change randomly but there’s no way of building from the last time. So, you’re stuck doing the same thing class after class. And of course, there’s no results.

The reality is any successful health and fitness program always include progression and upgrade. This’s been tried, proven to bring the undeniable results. So if you are doing the yoga that builds along with you, you’re on the absolutely best way to achieve amazing health, happiness and body shaping results

So how can you do yoga without making those mistakes?

There’s a way for you, Dynamic Sequencing. Dynamic Sequencing is a way of doing exactly the right pose for the right amount of time in the right sequence to perfectly challenge your body without pushing too far. So that you’ll get the most out of yoga every single time you do yoga.

And Zoe brings you the complete system to unlock the power of Dynamic Sequencing.

12 week yoga burn challenge free

The yoga training system specifically designed for you

This is the truly progressive metabolism booting, butty tightening, followed along with body shaping yoga system. It is designed exclusively for women. Yoga Burn is for you even if you’re an absolutely beginner and you have no flexibility at all. Or even you are the one who’ve tried all the yoga class today.

When the full of yoga is finally unlocked for you with the strategies of Dynamic Sequence, you can expect to see the best of amazing benefits the true yoga can deliver. It will dramatically increase flexibility, relieve the tight muscles, the aches and rejuvenate the feeling of being center. And in overall, to have happier, healthier, more positive and vibrant life. The Yoga Burn can naturally deliver you the power to manage your weight without dieting or cardio while it’s shaping, tightening and toning your whole body.

4 super bonuses to help you achieve your goal in yoga

yoga for weight loss

Bonus #1: Yoga Burn Follow Along Audio Classes

You can experience all the benefit of Yoga Burn even when you’re on the go. This audio classes are the perfect complement to the main Yoga Burn program. Because they give you the flexibility and motivation to follow the program in the way that perfectly fit your lifestyle. As long as you have a smartphone or i-pod, you can just pop in your earphone, and let me walk you step by step through any body shaping detail of Yoga Burn. When you have this bonus, Zoe is with you every step of the way to ensure you succeed.


yoga for weight loss

Bonus #2: Tranquility Flow

This is a very special and unique set of sequences and poses designed specifically to act in real life. It will help you whenever you want to relieve the stress that comes along with your busy, on-the-go life. So many Yoga Burn users consider it unique products and an absolute life-saver.

yoga for weight loss

Bonus #3: Immersion

Immersion is 100% one of a kind fitness experience for women. It is a community of thousands of real women that are either starting their own transformation or already find the answer to firming up their body. Like-minded women are always there to answer your questions and share supports for you during every step of your transformation. It’s also a community for you to receive individual help, attend coaching goals and much more as you see to have the fastest and easiest results.

yoga for weight loss

Bonus #4: Yoga Burn Monthly

Zoe put her heart and soul to create the Yoga Burn Monthly with to goal to help you master each of these amazing yoga. It’s totally fun and dynamic to follow up. And it’s designed with so much more than any traditional yoga class. Because of its well-rounded, thorough and true to traditional yoga. In this series of DVD, you’ll concentrate on mastering major styles of yoga. With the help of Zoe, you can learn to maximize the life changing benefits of yoga.

So, don’t wait to have a full yoga training system with a lot of bonuses.

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