If you own a home, you have probably experienced the shock of opening your monthly electricity bill in the mail and seeing a dollar total that is higher than you expect. It’s a common part of home ownership. However, there is nothing much you can do to lower your bill if you still depend on the power grid.  As a electricity consumer, I had to pay enormous money for electricity until I watch a video from Steven Perkins, who had show me the way he had powered with his uninterruptible power supply at home.

This guy is Steven Perkins, who owns a huge secret to power his own home without paying a dime for the power company.  So if you stick around with him until the end of his short presentation, he will reveal how you can save up to 67% or more on your power bill every month…

the generator

This’s how the smallest scale can do. With the larger scale, you can do more than that.

You may ask why Steven thought about creating this assiduous power supply. Here’s the story behind…

Arthur Mathews, the apprentice to Nikola Tesla,  was said to be his own secret son. And when this great inventor passed out in 1943, he gave his son a very important final mission. That is to develop a small, simple device that would cost under $500, and that people could use to get clean, cheap electricity forever. Mathews had spent all his lifetime to build a device that not only capture the immense energy that had never been taped before but also turn it into clean, green electricity that anyone could use to power up their home.  However, Mathews died in 1986 and didn’t have the chance to reveal his life work to the public. Arthur’s lifelong dream was buried and nearly forgotten.

Then years ago, Steven’father bought an evicted house near Quebec city. He found a notebook which was Arthur H. Matthews’ notebook keeping all of his records about the cheap and green energy generator. However, due to the short of engineering experience, Steven had no idea about it. The book was left in an old box till his friend, James dropped out for a dinner and found it when they were looking for something to light up during the blackout.

Being a DIY enthusiast and having some experience in engineering, Steven and James start to develop their own design according to the diagrams in the notebook. After a year of investigation, they finally came up with their uninterruptible power supply system.

What this small generator can do?

In the Mathews’ study, he asserted that there is energy which is surrounding the Earth but will bounce off the Earth’s ionosphere and lost forever into space. That source cannot be obtain before Mathew’s invention. And now, with his device and a few simple 21st century adjustments – you can grab a slice of this unlimited resource to ameliorate your electricity bill forever!



unlimited power supply

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With this power supply, no more paying through the nose on electricity. You can turn on the AC as often as you want without having to constantly hear that nagging voice inside your head telling you that you need to turn it off because you’ll end up paying a fortune.

The device is so small and versatile. There’s almost no limit to how you can use this simple generator to ….

Fuel up any electrical devices – from small clocks, to refrigerators or big screen plasma TVs

Power up remote cabins so high up in the mountain where the grid cannot reach to or the installation of solar system is impossible.

Take it with you when you go camping – and enjoy “mobile clean electricity” for your caravan or in your tent.

Steven and his dream to share this technology with the world

After supply his own home and being totally energy independent, Steven share the technology with his family and friends. The story of the best uninterruptible power supply spread quickly that people want Steven to teach them build the generator. With this in mind, Steven decided to write a detail manual. He want it to be easy to read and to follow, clearly show each step of building the system. Steve guarantees that the blueprints are so simple that you don’t have to be an electrician to build this small generator. Moreover, many of the materials in the original plans cost a small fortune when the device was designed. The investment today will save you money down the road.

The Guide to setting up an power supply system at home

Unlike solar panels, this power supply system won’t get blown off the roof by strong winds and hurricanes. And unlike conventional “portable” generators, there are no fumes. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fuel either. In fact, there’s very little to spend at all. You only need to give it a check every 4-5 months to make sure that it still works . And because the low-friction design makes it so silent, you won’t even hear it running! You don’t need a large space for installation. So you can install it in your basement or in your backyard and not worry about weather conditions for one second…

With the help of the Ultimate Energizer Guide, the setting up is just the matter of time.

So, you should try the Ultimate Energizer Guide today to…
  1. Get instant savings of 50%, 67% of your energy bills.
  2. Power up any kind of household appliances.
  3. Have the peace of mind that you will always be provided with power whatever thing happen.
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All in all, if you don’t want to pay through your noses for energy, this method is for you. Please let other people around you know about this incredible way to generate huge amount of energy by click the share button at the end of the page. Moreover, I’m always open to all of your opinions about my post. So if you have something to share with me, leave it at the comment section below. I appreciate all your thought and the time you have spent with me. Hope to see you again in my next blog.

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