Best 10 ways to get lean body in 2 weeks

Best 10 Ways To Get Lean Body In 2 Weeks – Tips To Become Perfect!

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You don’t want to hear about sophisticated food planning or periodized cardio, and weeks’ worth of fat-burners when you need to get tuned in immediately. You’re curious about what you can do right now to get a lean body, get your body tighter and leaner.

You won’t notice a night and day change, but there are things you can do to appear better in only a few days if you’ve truly slacked off on shredding. Of course, remaining near the beach at all times will be your best chance in the long term.

Here, our panel of top trainers, physique artists, and lab rats tell us what you can do to get the job done as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of the fat.

And today’s theme is “best 10 ways to get skinny in 2 weeks”! Let’s figure it out together!

Best 10 Ways To Get Lean Body In 2 Weeks

Don’t Worry

Do not worry
How to get lean body

“When attempting to become ripped, panic is the worst thing you can do,” says physique competitor David Sandler, MS, CSCS. “This leads to overdoing aerobics merely to sweat it off, which pushes your body to hold back its fat stores.” Instead, I limit my calorie intake somewhat and plan my carbohydrate consumption around my workouts. I increase the intensity and volume of my workouts to burn more calories while causing the muscles to suck up the water around them. To maintain muscle and metabolism, it probably goes without saying that you should increase your overall protein consumption.

I also conduct a water depletion cycle instead of attempting to dump it all at the last minute, which reduces total water and forces the muscles to pull it in. Even if I don’t reach my target body fat, the final result is that my muscles are tougher and leaner overall. Besides, you can always suck in your stomach, don’t slouch, and make sure no one is watching when you need to let it all out!”

Make It More Complicated

There’s no reason to ditch the barbells in favor of a cardio row, according to Josh Bryant, MFS, CSCS, PES,

“I advocate performing barbell complexes as rapidly as possible, progressing from exercise to exercise with no breaks.” To build a complex, do 5-8 squats, then 5-8 squat-to-presses (or thrusters), then 5-8 good mornings, 5-8 power cleans, 5-8 bent-over rows, and lastly 5-8 deadlifts.”

When creating your own fat-shredding complex, I recommend following these guidelines:

  • Make use of complex exercises.
  • You should complete the exercises as rapidly as possible while keeping correct technique.
  • Do not take a break between workouts.
  • Make every effort not to lower the bar.
  • Begin with an empty bar and gradually increase weights in 5-10 pound increments.
  • Perform 5-7 exercises each complex, with each set containing 5-8 repetitions.
  • Rest 1-3 minutes between sets and limit yourself to four sets. The overall time should not exceed 15 minutes.

Never Neglect Weight Training

lean body men
Never Neglect Weight Training – The way to get lean body

Although aerobic workouts are commonly linked with slimming down and leaning out, any qualified personal trainer will tell you that you should not ignore weight lifting and resistance exercises. Why? These exercises increase metabolism and fat burning.

Joy Puleo, M.A., PMA-CPT, Program Manager at Balanced Body Education says: “Weight training, bodyweight training, and general resistance training are all wonderful strategies to activate long-term fat burning,”. “Your body is amazing. Muscle mass is built when you workout against resistance. When you exercise against a resistance, whether it’s weight or gravity, you’re frequently exercising anaerobically, which means ‘not in the presence of oxygen.’ However, when the muscles heal and strengthen, the metabolism alters such that fat is utilized as energy even while the body is at rest.”

Lift First, Then Cardio

Lifting weights and aerobic activities, like salt and pepper or bacon and eggs, are two sides of the perfect exercise coin. Each kind is equally crucial for achieving and maintaining a slim body, but which should you prioritize?

Before you hit the treadmill, according to Josh Schlottman, CPT, CSCS, go to the weight room. “By lifting weights first, you’ll create more muscle because you’ll have more muscle glycogen [aka carbs] saved up to utilize as energy,” he adds. “It will be far more difficult to have a terrific, heavy resistance, weightlifting exercise if you’re exhausted of glycogen from doing cardio first.”

This study, published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, followed a group of volunteers and discovered that those who completed resistance workouts before moving on to cardio burned more fat than other subjects.

After a weightlifting workout, Schlottman suggests at least 10 minutes of cardio, and ideally 30-40 minutes. “You’ll be skinny in no time,” he continues.

Embrace The Sprint If You Can

Claybrook, on the other hand, suggests that you get on board the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) train if you want to improve your fat-burning. “Basically, it involves completing an activity (typically sprinting) at full effort for roughly 20-30 seconds,” he explains. “Because you are exhausting your energy systems and hence demanding the usage of fat stores, this burns more fat per unit time than anything else. So, instead of jogging 10 miles (which would most likely take you approximately 2 hours), you could perform 10 sets of all-out 100 percent sprints for 20 seconds, followed by a 2-3 minute break, and potentially burn more fat. It also just takes around 30 minutes.”

Consider Moving Your Workout To Before Breakfast

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Moving workout before breakfast – The way to get lean body

Joe Vega, C.S.C.S., inventor of The Vega Method, recommends using a technique known as “fasted cardio,” which involves doing exercise on an empty stomach before breakfast. “Fast exercise can result in enhanced fat burning,” he claims. “It will also enhance motility, your ability to go to the bathroom, and your body’s capacity to eliminate waste.”

Vary Your Cardio Routine

Maintaining a slim physique requires regular exercise, but that doesn’t mean you have to run a 5K every other day. There are several speedier and less difficult cardio solutions available to assist you maintain your lean body objectives.

If you don’t have much time, try some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio. HIIT exercises are typically short, lasting 5-20 minutes, and are distinguished by intense, rapid bursts of action followed by even shorter rest intervals that are done cyclically. For instance, 30 seconds of jumping jacks followed by a 10-second break, five times.

According to one study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, HIIT workouts result in considerably more calories expended than other kinds of exercise such as weightlifting or running. Furthermore, the American Council on Exercise considers HIIT sessions to be the single most effective technique to generate extra calorie expenditure following a workout. In other words, your body will continue to burn calories even after you stop sweating!

Consider going for a more leisurely walk or jog on days when you need a little more rest. These aerobic activities, known as “low-intensity steady-state training” (LISS), are a terrific method to keep active while still allowing your body to recuperate from more severe workouts.

Make Exercise Fun

The way to get lean body
Make Exercise Fun – The way to get lean body

We’ve already discussed how consistency is essential for keeping a slim appearance, but consistency necessitates drive. So, where do you go to get motivation on particularly sluggish days? One research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology recommends a refreshingly straightforward approach to fitness: Forget about personal bests, distances traveled, or calorie tracking, and instead ask yourself, “What can I do today to have fun while also getting me moving?”

The researchers interviewed a group of people and discovered that those who were more regular with their exercise regimens had one thing in common: they loved their exercises. So, whatever it takes to make exercise more fun, do it. Begin working out with a friend, or attempt a new sport that you’ve always wanted to try. According to the research, if we find a sort of physical exercise that we actually like, it is much simpler to continue with it for the long haul.

Stay Active All Day

“This step is critical, simple, and has always helped me turn the corner,” Nadia Charif, RD, adds. “Exercising outside of the gym is a good way to stay active. Here, super light exercises can be quite helpful for short-term weight loss.”

In other words, you should move around throughout the day and maintain your body in a calorie-burning condition whenever feasible, even if it’s only carrying your toddler up the stairs. “For example, instead of ordering from Instacart, walk to the grocery shop,” explains Charif. “Plant some flowers. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Rather than pinging Amazon, walk to Walgreens. Take a stroll in the afternoon or at night with a companion or a podcast. Play a game of catch or Around the World with your favorite child. Take a relaxing swim.”

Try Something New To Get Lean Body

When committed exercisers hit the dreaded “plateau”—when their bodies have acclimated to their training routines and results seem difficult to come by—the best course of action is straightforward: Alter your routine. Similarly, if you want to observe rapid changes in your body, you need to try something new.

“If you would like to shock the system, offer your body something it hasn’t seen before,” explains Roman Fitness Systems’ David Rosales, NSCA-CPT, OTC. “There are so many different approaches to this.”

His one piece of advise is to vary your exercise regimen and rep to time-based training. It’s known as “density training.”

“The term is derived from the fact that with density training, you aim to finish more work in less time,” he adds. “If your training generally takes 40 minutes, stay with the same exercises, sets, and repetitions but try to do it in 30 minutes.” Also, don’t miss The Worst Abs Exercises You Shouldn’t Do After 40 for additional fitness exercises you should avoid.

My Honest Sharings!

My Experience

You know, getting a lean body is a process that demands dedication and focus. Try out the ten suggestions I’ve provided above.
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